The No. 906 Zhang Danding faction changes

"Daddy?"Mu Yu can't help but scream.

The figure in front of him was a dead wood at a young age. At that time, the dead wood was still wearing the costumes of the Dan Ding style. It still had a messy hair, but it was black, and it looked like a tall man.

In other words, the ability to use dead wood does indeed bear the four words of "getting the best."

"Old? You call me my father? ”Dead wood frowned.

"what? Can you hear me talking? ”Mu Yu asked in surprise.

"I am using the seal to seal the consciousness of the open market, and belong to the last master of the open market. When you come here, it means that you are also a member of the Danding School. But why are you calling me old? ”Asked the dead wood.

Mu Yu thought about it and asked: "I said that I am your son. Will you let me pass the test directly?"

"will not."The dead wood answered very simply.

"Then, when I haven't said it, then."Mu Yu reluctantly waved his hand.

"You are not my son. You don't have my blood in your body, but how can you…"The consciousness of dead wood appeared a little surprised.

"Blood protection."Mu Yu sighed.

"I actually put this kind of art on you."There was a strange light in the dead wood eyes, and then continued. "No matter what, I am just a consciousness, there is no way to interfere with anything, I am only responsible for guiding you. Opening the market is very important for the Dan Ding School. I will not tell you anything until you have passed my test. Everything will only be waiting for you to pass the test. ”

Mu Yu was not surprised. He did not treat the dead wood in front of him as a real person, but he was able to see the old man who spoke again. His heart was also delighted.

"What do I specifically do?"Mu Yu asked.

"If you want to get the array of the opening of the market, you must first have a chance to open the market." I won't point you to anything, everything depends on your own creation. ”

The dead wood was simply finished, and then a wave of the hand, the huge gossip at the foot of Mu Yu began to slowly deform, and the mist suddenly flashed from the front. When Wood Yu saw it, he was surprised to find that he had already Came to the front of a ladder.

"When you climb the ladder in two hours, I will let you enter a chaotic void, and if you can climb the sky within fifteen steps, I will let you temporarily contact Chaoyang Yinyang."The dead wood looked at Mu Yu indifferently.

"real or fake? Dad, the test you gave me is this? ”

Wood feathers are awkward! Who can think of the dead wood old man who actually moved the ladder of the temple to here!

"The ladder is a test of a person's ability to play against the array. If you don't have this ability, you are not qualified to inherit the market."The sound of dead wood is very impatient.

Mu Yu still feels incredible, and the ladder has nothing to do with him. Who can think of the dead wood in order to test the disciples of the Dan Ding faction, even borrowed from the ladder of the temple, and moved the ladder to this place.

In the perception of Mu Yu, the ladder here is not as complicated as the temple, but it is by no means a person without any deductive ability can easily get up.

Xiaoshuai has already laughed: "Hurry up, the dead wood must not think that we are smart enough to be the top, and show it to him!"

To be honest, in the Dan Ding School, which is dominated by alchemy, if an alchemist has the ability to climb the ladder, it is estimated that it will be buried, because the formation is completely despised in the Dan Ding, otherwise it has been for many years. It is not only that the dead wood old man successfully entered the open market.

"Daddy, are you getting such a ladder, isn't it going to push the alchemy master to the road?"

Mu Yu was dumbfounded. Originally, the alchemy teacher was very contemptuous of the game. He would not know the knowledge of the gossip. He also set up a ladder here and did not give the alchemy alive.

However, Mu Yu actually understands that the ladder is actually the best embodiment of the performance of the gossip. The length of time and the number of steps on the ladder are related to the deductive ability of the squad. The shorter the time spent, the fewer the steps. ,

It means that a person's talent for the formation is higher.

Mu Yu was eight and a half hours old, and dead wood was eight steps, but it took a quarter of an hour more than Mu Yu. If the dead wood is based on itself, the two steps of fifteen steps, it seems to be a relaxation of restrictions, but the requirements for the alchemy who entered the open market are still too strict.

This kind of condition is not among the innate strategists of the sect, and the first time it can meet the requirements, the wood feather is a rare phenomenon.

Mu Yu immediately stepped out and has already landed on the ladder. He walked the ladder with the light, and this time it took only a quarter of an hour, and the nine steps went straight to the top.

The top of the ladder did not see the counterfeit temple, only the dead wood stood there.

"Good, barely qualified."The dead wood waved and said without a shock.

β€œJust barely qualified?”Mu Yu was stunned by the words of dead wood, and he thought about the praise of the dead wood, and the result was a barely qualified word.

"Forget it, I know you won't exaggerate."Mu Yu shrugged and said helplessly.

He came to a white cloud, and a waterfall fell from the sky, as if it had poured out of the cracks of the sky, falling on the clouds, and it was crisp. There are birds flying around the waterfall, the sound of birds singing one after another, the breeze smashing, the clouds are slowly floating.

Black and small white diamonds come out and seem to like this place very much.

"No, you are already the master of a Taoist. You have the atmosphere of the temple?"The dead wood frowned, then angered: "You are not a Danding person!"

But it was too late. Dahei and Dabai seemed to recognize the wood feathers that passed the test. They suddenly got out of the clouds, rotated around the wood feathers, and then rushed straight into the body of Mu Yu. This time, Xiaohei and Xiaobai did not resist the big black and the white, but instead entered the wood feather body.

Mu Yu felt that his body suddenly formed a strange space. The four chaotic airs hovered and intertwined. Then Mu Yu was surprised to find that everything around him became very strange.

The waterfall above the nine-day sky is like a sudden stop. The water splashes in the clouds and splashes into the air, like some strange power to settle. Half of the wind seems to disappear too,

The floating clouds are no longer moving, and the birds are also parked in midair, still retaining their wings.

The consciousness of dead wood disappeared.

"How is this going?"Mu Yu said with surprise.

Xiaoshuai also touched his head and shook his head: "I don't understand, time seems to stop here."

"The time has stopped? Big black and big white have such a powerful ability? ”Mu Yu asked.

"It's not big black and big white, but big black and big white and little black and white. They come together in this space. Maybe different black and white Peter Pan come across together. thing."Xiaoshuai bit his fingers and said thoughtfully.

It is estimated that even the dead wood did not think that there will be four chaotic yin and yang appearing in this space at the same time, creating a strange phenomenon.

Mu Yu immediately sat down directly.

"what are you doing?"


"But the dead wood old man may not let you practice, he should let you go to inherit the alchemy and array of Dan Xianxian."Xiaoshuai said.

"The old man's battle inheritance has long been on me, alchemy is even better, I am not very interested. What I am missing now is time! ”

After Mu Yu sealed the power of killing, his cultivation was only the period of the fit, and the strength of the fit period was that he could not compete against the four people outside the robbery period. He must hurry to repair himself. Give the promotion up.

The four chaotic yin and yang swayed in the wood feather body. Mu Yu felt that he had to do more with half the effort in this moment of practice. At this time, Dahei and Dabai suddenly heard some secrets about the opening of the market. The secret of the Dan Ding faction, this is the thing that the dead wood wants to tell the successor.

"How could this be?"Mu Yu was shocked by this news!


Dan Ding.

Today is a very important day. All the Ding Ding disciples are very solemn, and many alchemists who have been practicing in the realm of the real world have also rushed back. Everyone has different moods.

The Dan Ding faction today has to follow the rules of the door to let all elders decide whether Yundan Taoist people still have the qualification to continue to be the head.

Many elders or disciples who have just returned from the outside are puzzled, because in their eyes, Yundan Taoist is a very wise savvy, easy-going temper, but rewards and punishments are clear, and they have the demeanor of the master of the faction. The famous reputation is everyone's admiration. Why do the two seniors of Hongyuan and Hongyi suddenly make this decision?

However, after the Yuande Dao’s accident, the two predecessors of Hong Yuan and Hong Yi were already the only remaining two alchemists in the Danding School, so their decision was even more important than the Yundan Taoist.

On the Dan Ding faction's Dan Dian, Yundan Dao was sitting on the head of the door with a tired face. Now his head is already in name only. After the accident of the Yuande Dao, he continued to receive Hong Yuan and Hong Yi. The blame of the elders has come to this step.

There are two distinguished seats on each side of the head, which is the usual position of the four veins. Nowadays, both Qingzhufeng and Lenghanfeng are not in the same position. Therefore, the two elders, Hongyuan and Hongyi, sat in the top two and majesticly scanned everyone in the Dan Hall.

To the surprise of all the elders, the other two were originally in the position of the time of the heavens and the medicine, but they were sitting in the other two people wearing robes and hiding their faces.

Although the two men were covered by robes, they had an atmosphere that was unmatched by ordinary people.

Many Dan Ding disciples and elders saw these two mysterious people with unknown origins sitting in this position, and they were very dissatisfied, but when they felt the sacred atmosphere of the two men, the dissatisfaction in the heart did not even know. The feeling disappeared, as if this is the location where two mysterious people should sit!

The medicines that should have been sitting in the pulse of the Lord and the time of the two, but they sat down to the two, and there was even a hint of disappointment on the face.

The medicine has a smile on his face, and his eyes are full of awe, but his heart has already been twisted into a ball. Hate is filled with his heart, so that he is not affected by the two Miegong people, but he can not show it, he can only pretend to be respectful.

Yundan Taoist sighed.

"When did our Danding party fall to this point, let the two outsiders sit in the main position?"

Yundan Taoist looked at Qianshange and Wanshuiyu, although there is a sacred breath on these two people that can affect other people, but he can't influence him alone, because he has a seal in the body.

He was bitter in his heart, but in the face of the two elders, Hong Yuan and Hong Yi, he could not oppose anything. Once he opened his mouth, he would be scorned. The two elders even expressed their humility to the expressions of Qianshange and Wanshui.

Yundan Taoist looked at the medicine promise. He didn't understand what happened to the medicine promise. His younger brother had always supported him this unconditionally. However, even the medicine has changed, and his eyes are full. Disdain and ridicule, this can't be the eyes of the medicine.

The Promise of Medicine does not reveal this kind of eyes to anyone. He has always been a highly conserved person. Even if the other side is repaired to be lower, he will be courteous.

"Yun Dan brother, I am sorry!"

Medicine Wuji Heart guilt extremely, he can't stop all this, can only watch the Dan Ding sent down the rules of the founder of this villain to destroy, UU read and he can do nothing.

"Wu Yu, Mu Yu, you must save our Danding pie!"

The medicine is in the heart of blood, but he can't say anything. He is a person who is "controlled". He needs to survive and survive to protect the disciples of the Dan Ding.

In time, when you are in the throes of the sky, Dan Ding has many talented disciples who will be suppressed by the time, especially the Yundan Taoist and cold ice and snow, will definitely be killed!

Dan Dian is very grand, can accommodate thousands of people, can enter the Dan Dian in addition to the elders of each pulse, is the elite disciple of each pulse.

"Everyone, I’m bringing everyone back today, it’s a big event for Dan Ding!”

The people of Hongyuan stood up and glanced at everyone in the Dan Palace in a majestic manner. The whispering of the whispers suddenly stopped, and the atmosphere of the entire Dan Temple became very quiet.

"In recent days, the Yumeng Mozu has been arbitrarily arrogant in our Dan Ding party's territory, and it is cruelly killing our Yuande elders, which makes people sad! It is even more difficult for us to question the Danding faction in all aspects of the comprehension world. We believe that our Dan Ding faction cannot be regarded as a big fact at all! ”

The voice of Hongyuan Road was very loud, and he glanced coldly at Yundan Taoist: "And after this incident happened, the Yundan Taoist who was the head of the Danding School did not find the attack of the Yumeng Mozu in time. Even if he did not make timely ambulance measures, he was seriously derelict as the head!"

Yundan Taoist clenched his fist.

"So let everyone gather here today to discuss whether to remove the incumbent and re-elect the new head!"

Although they are already aware of this matter, but these words are spoken from the mouth of Hong Yuandao people, so that everyone feels shocked!

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