Chapter 906 Master of the Ding Ding

    "Little handsome, come over, don't play."Mu Yu shouted in the air and chaotic yin and yang playful little handsome.

    "Ok. You all come with me! ”Xiaoshuai turned over several heads in the air and then landed in front of Muyu.

    The four chaotic yin and yang qis are slowly spinning around the little handsome, and they also touched Xiao Shuai’s hand from time to time.

    "what's wrong? Wood feather. ”Xiaoshuai touched the big black and white head and asked.

    Mu Yu is also deeply troubled. When Chao Chao Yang Yang recognized him as the main, he did not kiss him so much. Xiao Shuai is a good guy and has fun with anyone.

    "You gave me the chaotic yin and yang named black and white, right? That can tell me how I want to conquer the big black and white here. ”Mu Yu stared at the chaotic yin and yang that did not belong to him.

    However, when Mu Yu finished this sentence, the so-called big black and white turned his head together, like watching the wood feathers, and then he noticed something, and he rushed toward Muyu.

    "Hey! Please, what do you want to do? ”

    Mu Yu didn't think that he just said that he had to accept the service. It was like angering the big black and the big white. When he saw that the big black and white would hit him, he still thought about whether to use the array to drive the two guys. The black and white of Mu Yu rushed over and suddenly opened the big black and the big white.

    "Yes, I thought I had two white-eyed wolves. It turned out to be two good children."

    Mu Yu was surprised to see that Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai were entangled in annoyance and big black and white. Every time Dahe and Dabai would rush to him, they would be opened by Xiaohei and Xiaobai.

    "Oh, don't fight, don't fight!"

    Xiaoshuai ran over and wanted to persuade, but Dahei and Dabai seemed to be irritated, and he ignored the little handsome, and he wanted to rush to Muyu.

    "what happened? Just saying a word, as for a big fire? ”Mu Yu said in confusion.

    "No, big black and big white already have masters!"Xiaoshuai jumped to the big black body and tried to stabilize the big black emotions.

    "what? Big black and big white have masters? ”

    Mu Yu was surprised to see the big black and white that was comforted by Xiaoshuai, and then asked: "Who are their owners, will not be you?"

    "not me,

But Big Black and Dabai say that you have the smell of their masters. ”Xiaoshuai rode his big black, and Dabai shook his head beside him, topping Xiaoshuai’s cheek.

    "I have the smell of a big black and white master?"

    Mu Yu widened his eyes: "Is it going to be – dead wood old man?"

    The master of medicine said that so far, the Danding party has been able to enter the open market, only one dead wood, and his soul is still sleeping in the jade of Mu Yu.

    "Did the dead wood ancestors have already taken the chaotic yin and yang of the open market after they entered the open market?"There is no small shock in the heart of Mu Yu.

    The dead wood is a powerful alchemy teacher. Although alchemy is not his strength, his array is one of the strongest people in the realm.

    If the dead wood old man came here to conquer the chaotic yin and yang of the open market, then it means that the dead wood old man is the real master of the open market!

    It is estimated that the entire Dan Ding faction does not know the character of the dead wood, who does not like to talk to people.

    "probably! However, the big black and white said that their owners did not take them away, they stayed here to protect the Dan Ding. ”Xiaoshuai touched the head of the big white.

    "Guardian Dan Ding? How to guard against them? ”

    Mu Yu is not very understanding of the practice of the dead wood, because he knows his own chaotic yin and yang, if there is no master, chaotic yin and yang will not obey the orders of other people, perhaps in addition to Xiaoshuai.

    "I don't know, anyway, big black and big white want you to hand over their owners."Xiaoshuai said.

    Mu Yu hesitated for a moment, because the dead wood old man was sleeping in Yu Pei's fixed soul array, he was very worried about the problem, he said: "Do you tell them about the situation of the dead wood old? Let them be both hands-on. ”

    Xiaoshuai nodded.

    Wood Yu carefully took out the jade that portrayed the soul of the soul, and placed it on the palm of his hand. Dahei and Dabai suddenly excitedly left from Xiaoshuai and wandered in the hands of Mu Yu. Then he seemed to be confused about the jade in the hands of Mu Yu, and did not understand what happened.

    "Your master has been framed by the bastard of the Mie Palace. I almost lost my soul, understand?"Mu Yu didn't know that Big Black and Big White couldn't understand it. Anyway, he said it.

    Dahei and Dabai collided with each other, as if they were discussing something, and then suddenly went into the jade.

    "Hey, wait! Don't break the jade! ”

    Mu Yu wants to stop, but the speed of big black and white is very fast, and I don't care about Mu Yu, so I disappeared into the jade and disappeared. In the heart of Mu Yu, he quickly entered his spiritual power into Yu Pei.

    Soon the image of the dead wood old man appeared in the mind of Mu Yu, and the chest of the dead wood old man still looks so shocking.

    Dahei and Dabai entered the soul of the soul without any hindrance. Some souls around the dead woods were turning around at a loss. Dahe also went to the top of the dead wood, and seemed to want to wake up the dead wood.

    However, the dead wood did not show any signs of waking up, but his soul seemed to be a bit solid, and it also exuded a strange wave.

    Big black and big white seemed to have no way to wake up the dead wood, and then the two guys rushed out of the fixed soul array again, spinning anxiously over the open market.

    The attention of Mu Yu also followed them from the dead wood, and the two guys, Big Black and Big White, collided a few times on the wall of the open wall. Then they fell in front of the wood feathers and began to wrap around the wood feathers. It seems that I want to let the wood feather do something.

    "Little handsome, can you translate it?"

    Mu Yu feels that if he can speak loudly and white, he must say something at this moment.

    But before the Xiaoshuai translation, Mu Yu's little black white has already landed on his shoulders, conveying the meaning of big black and white to Mu Yu.

    "You mean, what are they left behind in guarding the old man?"

    Mu Yu was surprised.

    "Yes, because you have blood protection on your body, dead wood is equal to living on you, big black and big white reluctantly recognize you."Xiaoshuai continued.

    The big black and the big white whirl around the wood feathers, and there was a wave of fluctuations in the body.

    "So what are they going to do next?"Mu Yu felt a lot in his heart, and blood protection covered him innocence.

    Xiaoshuai said: "Daihei and Dabai can only fully activate their abilities with the help of dead wood, and they stay because the dead wood wants to test the Danding faction and can enter the descendants of the open market. ."

    "So, is the dead wood old man wanting to leave the chaotic yin and yang to the Dan Ding faction?"Mu Yu asked.

    "Yes."Little handsome.

    Mu Yu sighed slightly, and the dead wood was recognized by the open market. He became the master of the open market, but did not take away the chaotic yin and yang that should belong to him, but left it here to other descendants.

    Mu Yu does not know what the meaning of the dead wood old man is doing. The chaotic yin and yang have a chance to live. If he brings chaos and yin and yang, he will not have to consider the problem of the base, but the dead wood is to stay. Come down.

    "Chaotic yin and yang seem to have a close relationship with some of the Dan Ding faction. Dahei and Dabai refused to say that they had told them that it was the secret of the Dan Ding faction before they left."Xiaoshuai said.

    "Do they also have a way to protect the Dan Ding?"Mu Yu asked.

    "They are not guarding Danding here, but the dead wood wants to pass on to the younger generation."

    "inherited?"A look at the wood feathers.

    Next, Dahei and Dabai also said that because the opening of the market is not strictly a wooden feather, so Muyu wants to get the inheritance of the opening, first of all, it needs to pass several tests.

    "I have smashed the sword and the sea, I am afraid of what test, and directly say the steps."Mu Yu said without thinking, there is no thought of hesitation now.

    Dahei and Dabai seem to understand the words of Mu Yu. After hovering around the wooden plume for two laps, they then spread out in the air and began to violently hit the wall of the open market!



    It is like a morning bell, a heart-rending, clear and melodious voice echoing in the opening of the market, each sound makes the spirit of Mu Yu a point.

    Big black and white are not random collisions. The positions where they hit are inscriptions. The inscriptions will be highlighted when they are hit by them. The inscriptions that are hit by the big black will turn black, and the inscriptions that are hit by the white will become white.

    Big black and big white together add up to eighty-one, and none of these hit inscriptions are repeated. UU reads They all represent one meaning, but the positions are arranged differently.

    Seen from the bottom of the open market, these black and white inscriptions are like irregular gossip. When the big black hit the last time, the open market trembled fiercely, and a quaint and breathtaking atmosphere came from all directions. Then the four walls that were clearly visible around it were like broken, and there was a vast expanse. world.

    Mu Yu stood in the endless void, and there seemed to be a flash of stars in the distance, and there were countless streamer splashes. In this void, the big gossip at the foot of Mu Yu was slowly flowing.

    At this moment, the two guys, Big Black and Big White, hugged tightly together, chasing their heads and quickly rotating them to form a yin and yang fish. After the yin and yang fish were fused, the speed of rotation gradually slowed down and finally stopped completely.

    There is a road pattern around the Taiji yin and yang fish, just like the undulating water pattern. Then the yin and yang fish are like a door, separated by left and right, and a figure slowly steps out from the void and falls in front of the wood feather. .

    "You are a disciple of Dan Ding?"

    The indifferent sounds sounded, echoing in the wood feathers, let the wood feathers slightly.

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