Chapter 908 Dan Dian Fengyun!

Numerous arguments have once again sounded on the Dan Dian, and it is of great importance to replace the Ding Ding faction. This is related to the reputation of the Ding Ding in the realm of cultivation. If it is true, then the Yundan Taoist will become a Dan Ding. The head of the first time ever to be dismissed!
To be honest, the leadership of Yundan Taoist can be admired. Whether he is a master or a person, he is one of the most important people in the real world. If he is dismissed at this time, the reputation of Yundan Taoist will be destroyed. Once, it will also make the comprehension world oscillate!
Despite the arguments in the Dan Dian, no one dared to stand up and say something against it, because the decision was made by Dan Ding's highly respected Hongyuan Taoist, who was the younger brother of Yuande Dao.
Hong Yuan and Hong Yi both have better talents than Yuande Dao. They have already entered the robbery period for more than ten years and have been retreating, so they rarely come out. However, not walking often does not mean that their majesty does not exist. If the two elders of the robbery period said that they had a considerable voice in the Dan Ding School.
Now Hongyuan people have said that they have to change their heads. The disciples of the Danding faction, apart from some anxiety and shock, no one dares to show their heads.
"According to the rules set by our Dan Ding, when a head is deemed unsuitable to continue to take over the Dan Ding faction, then there are two choices. One is to quit the position, designate an heir, and then all The elders decided whether to agree to this person to become the head. Second, all elders agree to dismiss the head, and then the highest-ranking person will designate a person, and everyone will jointly determine whether the person is qualified to become the head. ”
Hongyuan Taoist turned and stared at Yundan Taoist: "Yun Dan, we now think that you have no role during the Dan Ding School, so that Dan Ding sent a name to be hit one after another. After my deliberation with Hongyi, I think you No longer qualified to continue to run the Dan Ding party, what do you have to say?"
Yundan Taoist raised his head silently and looked at the people of Hongyuan. He slowly exhaled a breath and said: "Yundan is innocent in his work. The Umon Mozu has not found out the truth. It’s anxious, I don’t know where I am?”
"Bold! How dare you question us! ”On the other side, Hong Yi angered.
"question? The rules of the Dan Ding faction have been destroyed by the two divisions. Isn’t it allowed to be questioned? ”
The Yundan Taoist did not have any fear. He knew what it meant. The point was not the question of who he was in, but the two unidentified people who brought him back.
Even if they know that these two people are the thirteenth and the fourteenth-ranked Qianshange and Wanshui, they don’t know their details. From the two of them to the Danding, everyone Did not see the true face of the two of them, even when they saw the Yundan Taoist, it was also a look of no one.
And whether it is the time to ascend or hung-long and Hong-yi Two people are respectful to both of them, even a little took direction feeling, this is obviously contrary to common sense, Yundan Taoist worried about Dan Ding pie is not fall in the hands, but by these two unidentified outsiders control, so he will not easily put this master of the bit let out.
In fact, the ideas of Yundan Taoist are correct. These two people really came to control the Danding. The alchemy's medicinal herbs are very important for the self-cultivator. Once they have played against the Yumeng Mozu, there is an alchemy teacher who can quickly help the comprehension to recover the injury and greatly reduce the degree of death and injury.
There are fewer dead people, and the soul power is relatively reduced. This is not something that people in the Triple Palace are willing to see.
The cold eyes of Yundan Taoist people fell on Qianshange and Wanshui, who were sitting in the pulse of the Lord. They continued: "No matter how great the two are, they are outsiders. They are not qualified to participate in our Danding School. It’s a matter of deliberation, what are the two uncles and you are free to let these two people sit here?”
For the future of Dan Ding, the Yundan Taoists are not allowed to compromise so easily.
"Gambling! Is the face of Dan Dingpai still not enough? Your dereliction of duty allowed the Yumeng Mozu to make trouble on our Danding site.

It is to let Yuande’s brothers die and see what our Dandings have become like today. The five veins of the Lord are all inconsistent. If it wasn’t for the arrival of the two great immortals, how can our Danding School become a big door with eight doors? ”Hong Yuan angered.
"With eight doors? Our Danding team relies on alchemy, not outsiders! The two masters are the predecessors of the robbery period, but they are still the seventh-order alchemy teacher. They do not want to upgrade their alchemy skills. Instead, they think that relying on outsiders to upgrade their status is really ridiculous! ”
Yundan Taoist has been out, even if he is not an opponent of Hongyuan and Hongyi, but he has nothing to fear.
He understands that Hong Yuan and Hong Yi suddenly came out of the mountain, I am afraid that it is a relationship that can't be separated from the sky. These two people are the elders of Dan Dingfeng, and they will support Tianjifeng when they are in the sky. Too much to say.
"You let go! ”
Hongyuan heard that Yundan Taoist mentioned alchemy and his face was flushed. Obviously this is a thorn in their heart.
Although the Yuande Dao people are a little bit worse than Hong Yuan and Hong Yi in their cultivation talents, his alchemy is the leader of the Dan Ding School! The reason why he has not broken through to the robbery for so many years is because he is too addicted to alchemy, not paying attention to cultivation, resulting in the accumulation of countless wood residue in the body. This is why he has not surpassed the two younger brothers.
However, after all, the Danding School is an alchemy-based martial art. The alchemy is the king of the alchemy. After the Yuande Dao people stepped into the robbery period with the help of Mu Yu, both the cultivation and the alchemy became the Danding. One person is sent, so Hong Yuan and Hong Yi are unable to compare with Yuan Dadao. Therefore, when the Yuande Dao people had an accident, the Danding School no longer had an eighth-order alchemy teacher.
At present, Hongyuan and Hongyi pin their hopes on two outsiders, instead of focusing on improving their alchemy to consolidate their status. The original is upside down and it is extremely ridiculous in the eyes of Yundan Taoist!
"Yundan! You are no longer suitable as a head, you are still abdicating yourself, and then designate a person to inherit, let us directly agree whether to agree! ”Hongyuan people don't want to make unnecessary arguments.
Yundan Taoist glanced at everyone, then fell on his eyes and sneered: "Do you let me designate a person to inherit?" If this person you are against it? ”
"Then let us two to specify the right person! ”Hongyuan Taoist said without thinking.
The Yundan Taoist stood up and snorted: "Why are you so inconsistent? If you don't directly indicate that Tiantian is the right heir?"
When Deng Tiantian also looked at Yundan Taoist, it was a calm look. He stood up and said: "Yundan’s brother, who is the person who is in charge of the head, needs to be well thought out. The two masters are now the highest. Naturally, there is the most right to speak."
Yundan’s eyes flashed with anger and his eyes shifted to the medicine. Medicine Promise is his most trusted person. He knows the general and the sex is stable. This should not be the case, but he said the inhuman words to him that day.
Yundan Taoist still does not believe that these words will be said from the medicine's mouthless mouth, he looked at the medicine promise, asked: "Pharmaceutical brother, do you still mean this?"
The medicine has a twitching heart. He wants to tell the Yundan Taoist directly to the truth. He tells his brother that he is only forced by the situation. No matter what he says, what he does is not his intention.
But the medicine is not promising, he must stand on the line of the sky.
The medicine infinitely forced his eyes to show a playful look, said: "Yun Dan brother, I see you still directly abdicated! Bring out your own body, Danding, and you will not be hurt. ”
Yundan Taoist took a deep breath and his eyes were dimmed. He hoped that the words of the past medicines were just a joke to him because he knew the most promising medicine. His own younger brother is modest and steady, and everything will be considered from the perspective of the Dan Ding faction. However, this time the medicine is promising but chooses to stand on the side of the sky. Once this is done, the Danding party will fall into a land of annihilation, cloud Dan Dao people can't understand how the medicine is going to treat him like this.
"Did Danding print? ”
Yundan Taoist took a deep breath and said firmly: "I am doing things in Yundan, I have no worries, I will not hand over Danding!"
Dan Dingzhen is a kind of token from the head of the Dingding School. It comes from the sacred mark of the Ding Ding. Having this seal can protect the head from any control, which is why Qianshange and Wanshui can't control Yundan.
With the seal of Kai Ding Ding, Yundan Taoist can control the secrets of the entire Dan Ding School, and all the formations of the Dan Ding School can be controlled by him. Although he did not understand the array, he could only launch the basic guardianship method, but Dan Dingzheng made him the real master of the Danding School!
"Don't you want to hand over Dan Ding? Then we will do it now! ”Hong Yuandao people shouted.
"how? Are you now skipping the steps that all elders have jointly identified? ”
Yundan Taoist satirically watched Hongyuan and Hongyi, two people who couldn’t wait to support them, and then laughed!
He looked at everyone in the hall of Dan, his eyes swept over all the elders below, and the elders he was staring at did not dare to look at him, avoiding the eyes of Yundan.
Many of them were chosen to stand on the side of the sky because of the benefits of going to heaven, and some were because they were threatened by the time and feared that they would endure the persecution when they were in the sky. Heaven here.
"You are no longer worthy of being the head of our Danding party, why do we have to carry out the unnecessary steps! Are you really not paying? ”Hongyidao people drink cold.
Yundan Taoist whispered in vain, and said as if he died: "If I handed Danding to the hands of your wolf ambitions, then the Danding School will cease to exist!" You can kill me, but I will not be the sinner of the Dan Ding School! ”
Yundan Taoist exudes a breath of unyielding, like a round of tomorrow, so that everyone is trembled, it was shocked by the Yundan Taoist!
Their head is the alchemy division of the fit period. They are born with a leadership temperament, and what is the time when they can compare with heaven?
The medicine is in a hurry, he understands what the end of the Yundan Taoist is doing. If Yundan Taoism does not want to surrender Danding's seal, then Hongyuan and Hongyi will exert a tough measure against him and forcefully detain Danding from the Yundan Taoist. Once this is done, then Yundan Taoist Will definitely hurt the foundation and become a waste person!
Medicine Promise can't let Yundan Taoist fall to such a end!
He stood up and said: "Yun Dan brother, I advise you not to do stupid things!"
As long as the Yundan Taoist take the initiative to hand over the Dan Dingzhen, the Yundan Taoist will not be harmed at all, and at most they will only be controlled and will not be killed. As long as people are alive, Dan Ding will have hope in the future, but if the Yundan Taoist is abandoned, the medicine will be regrettable!
"fudge? Hahaha! Pharmacist, do you think who is doing stupid things now? ”
Yundan Taoist people do not know that Mu Yu is in the Dan Ding faction, and it is not clear that medicine promise is just a person who is "controlled." In this case, he can't back down. UU reads and surrenders Danding. The Danding party will be controlled by outsiders. As a head, he will never allow him to easily hand over Dan Ding. Convenience, I would rather die than watch the destruction of the Dan Ding.
For the Dan Ding faction, the medicine has no choice but to bear the burden of humiliation, because he knows the truth and pin his hopes on Mu Yu. But for the Dan Ding faction, the Yundan Taoist chose to live together with the Dan Ding faction. He did not know any truth. In this isolated and unhelpful situation, he wanted to live with the Dan Ding faction!
When I went to the sky, I said, "Sister, you are not so wise!" The decisions made by the two elders, Hong Yuan and Hong Yi, even the pharmacists agreed, why should you love the power? It’s no wonder that people like you will make the reputation of Danding’s reputation hit. ”
When Deng Tiantian maliciously slandered Yundan Taoist people, he was surrounded by Qianshange and Wanshuiyu. With the support of Hongyuan and Hongyi, he began to reveal the fox tail.
"I am never in love with the position of the head. As long as anyone has this ability to take it, it is. But the only thing I know is that your guy who is a wolf-hearted dog is not worthy of being the head of Dan Ding! ”
Yundan Taoist people floated up, and their body shape flashed, and they immediately went to the sky.
He wants to go to heaven when he wants to kill!
However, Qianshange and Wanshuiqi have already expected that Yundan Taoist people have this idea, and they have already stopped in front of the sky. The Qianshan song is just a raise, and the Yundan Taoist people will fly back!
Under the force of the alchemy division, the Yundan Taoist did not have the ability of Zhuge Xiaosheng to repair the Yumeng Mozu during the war period. He could not stop the thousand mountain songs!
At this time, Hong Yuan and Hong Yi have also taken the shot, and the Yundan Taoist people are firmly fixed. The spiritual power of the robbery period is imposed on the Yundan Taoist people, so that the Yundan Taoist can no longer move! )Download the free reader!!

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