Chapter 91: The Resurrection

"Looking for deacons?"

Mu Yu exclaimed, and the sound of deacons was still remembered. When I was in the school, it was the deacon to maintain Mu Yu in front of Xiaohu. It was precisely because of this that the deacon was hated by Xiaohu, and was eventually forced by the tiger to go to the demon forest, with his training period. In the deep forest of the demon beast can not survive, these are all told by the tiger.

But how did he appear here?

"It turns out that you know me, cough, give me a dress."

Looking for a deacon seems to have a very serious illness, has been breathing, the gasp sound and Mu Yu just heard the same in the drainage channel. Mu Yu quickly took out his own robes from his sleeves and put on his deacon.

Looking for a dejective sneer, leaning against the wall, looking at Mu Yu: "You look familiar, which martial art disciple?"

Mu Yuโ€™s shock was overwhelming, and he did not expect to see the deacon here. At this time, the white hairs of the deacons were all huddled together, and some blood was frozen on them. His face was very awkward and looked like he had been sick for a long time.

"Looking for deacons, I am Mu Yu, we saw it when we were in the school."Mu Yu squatted down and carefully touched the forehead of the deacon. He was very hot and felt a high fever.

Looking for a dear, he smiled miserably, revealing a yellow tooth, saying: "I don't know, I have seen so many self-cultivators, and I will remember everyone."

Mu Yu is dumb, he does not know what to explain. The deacons have almost seen all the disciples of the martial art. It can be said that each martial disciple will test with the Lingshi in front of the deliberate before entering the realm of comprehension, and then the deacon will guide them where to stand.

Mu Yu is also one of them. He only talked twice with the deacon in two years ago, and then he left the school with the wind and dust. It is normal to find the deacon without remembering Mu Yu.

"I have some impressions of you. You seem to be a disciple of the Dust School. The Dust Party has never been in the school. You seem to be the first."Looking for a derelict wrinkled his brow.

Mu Yu nodded desperately, and he felt a sense of guilt in his heart. It was because he found the deacon to be hated by Xiao Hu, causing almost death, but it was hard to die, and he returned a life. If there is anything to make up, Mu Yu will not hesitate to do it.

"Why are you chasing me? Are you coming to kill me? โ€Ask the deacon to gasp.

"I thought you were the murderous Soul Eater, wait, are you the one–" Mu Yu's eyes widened, how is this possible? How can a person be the Soul Eater?

Looking for a deacon, a glimpse of the cold: "Those people should kill."

Mu Yu was silent. He didn't know if those people were damned. Maybe the dead comprehension had a hateful reason, but he still felt a bit too much.

But all this confused him, how can the Soul Eater find a deacon? Looking for a deacon is a person, he was killed by a tiger, but how did he appear here at this moment?

"You are not coming to kill me, I have not felt your killing."Looking for a deacon to look at Mu Yu.

Mu Yu nodded: "What is your relationship with the Soul Eater?"

This problem caused a bit of pain in the eyes of the deliberate. He was somewhat resentful: "The little boy of the pines swindled me to the forest of the beast, and attracted a group of monsters. He made me like this. Cough, but I finally revenge, and I have a heart. โ€

Mu Yu knows that he is definitely a small tiger. Xiaohu is now dead. He never dreamed that he was dead in the hands of a Soul Eater. This Soul Eater also has a great relationship with the deacon.

Mu Yu put his hand on the back of the search, and put his spiritual power into the search for the body. The body of the deacon is very bad. The whole body seems to be worn and worn. It seems that it is squeezed, and the meridians of the body are also seriously damaged. The internal organs are crowded together, I really don't know how he persisted to the present.

"Why are you going to give me a cure? Since you know me, you should also know that I am just a gray disciple? โ€The face of the deacon is slowly getting a little blood.

He looked at Mu Yu with some surprises.

"Maybe you have forgotten it, but I was also a member of the gray disciple. When I was humiliated by the little tiger, you stood on my side, so I didn't look down on any gray disciple, and I also regarded you as an elder. โ€Mu Yu said softly.

Looking for a deliberate glimpse, he did not expect anyone to respect him. The general martial art practitioners will not be so polite to the gray disciples, and all the martial art practitioners are in the high voice in front of the gray disciples.

"It's rare that you have this heart. You are very smart. So many people have not found anyone who has disappeared from the school. It was discovered by you."

Mu Yu sighed: "Those people are killing you! Can you tell me what is your relationship with the Soul Eater? โ€

"I am the soul-snake wolf!"Looking for a deacon to laugh at himself.

Mu Yu is already prepared, but he still can't accept the fact that how can a person be a soul sorcerer? Unless this Soul Eater is a demon, but the deacon is not like a demon, he does not have the characteristics of a Soul Eater.

"After being abandoned in this forest, I was attacked by the monsters, but I didn't die, and a Soul Eater and another Green Lion were probably fighting for this food. The Soul Eater won, but it was also dying, ignoring me and hiding in the cave, I climbed in, killed the Soul Eater, and swallowed its demon spirit. โ€

Looking for deacons is light and bleak, but Mu Yu can imagine the desperate situation. Two third-order monsters are shot, and the deacon is only repaired during the training period. He only has to wait for death. However, there is no way to go, he actually found a chance to survive, swallowed the demon spirit of the soul-slender.

"The demon spirit of the Soul Eater is not something I can bear. Its power is too overbearing. I felt that the whole person was about to explode. There is a strange fruit in this cave. I don't know what it is, I only Knowing that I want to quench my thirst, I ate the fruit, but I was unconscious."

Looking for a deacon, he continued: "When I woke up, I found myself into a wolf. That feeling was terrible. I thought about killing. I want to eat something. I lost my mind and rushed out. I don't know. After killing a lot of monsters, after I recovered my mind, I will be here again and become a person…"

Mu Yu silently, he heard the words that the Soul Eater's cave will grow a Soul Eater flower, and after the Soul Eater bears the fruit, the Soul Eater will eat the Soul Eater and grow a second tail. As a result of skyrocketing, the general third-order monster is not its opponent.

The deliberate deliberately inadvertently swallowed the demon spirit of the soul-slung wolf, and also took the soul-throat. This power is not something that human beings can bear. I am afraid this is the cause of his change. Itโ€™s just that this kind of change is rare. Mu Yu has never heard of human beings becoming a monster.

Looking for a little bit of pain in the deacon, he did not know why he would become a human being, not to be a beast, in order to survive, he had to hunt the monster, the feeling of killing was terrible, almost let him lose his life. Reason, fortunately, his will is more tenacious, and he can always restrain himself in time.

"That was a year ago. I now find myself able to control the shape of the human form and the form of the Soul Eater." I know what my food is, I need the heart of a demon beast, I eat only the heart, I've been fighting in this forest for months, finally one day I met a fix the real person, that fix the true person once in educate of all kinds of torment us these gray disciple, I control oneself, then killed, that is my first taste human's heart … …โ€

"So you are out of control, go to the school to hunt those who insult the gray disciples?"Wood Yu said.

"Yes! I like the heart of mankind, but I am still sensible, I know that I can't kill anyone. Every time I look at the high-level comprehensions to beat the gray disciples, I am always angry. I always think that this place should not exist in the world.

I know everything about the school. I stayed there for a lifetime, and I know everything about every inch of land there. I know the structure of the school, and I know how to enter the school without knowing it. You also see the passages I have dug, so I decided to start looking for the heart of the self-cultivator as my food. โ€Looking for a deacon, his face was a bit stern.

"So how do you know who is insulting the gray disciple? Don't you dare to appear outside the school every day? โ€

Mu Yu feels that the practice of finding a deacon is very extreme. Mu Yu has never liked to kill people. However, it is a fact that the life of the gray disciple is regarded as a mustard. It is often the case that the gray disciple is injured by the comprehension. Many of the martial art practitioners are extremely excessive.

He doesn't know which side he should stand on.

"I have been managing the school for so many years. Is there still no trusted gray disciple? I asked them to throw the names of the self-cultivators who insulted the gray disciples into the drainage channel every day. Every night I went into other hospitals, fainted them with drugs, dragged them into the drainage channel, killed them, and ate their hearts! At my speed, I have more than enough to deal with the disciples who built the foundation period. โ€Looking for a deacon to smile, revealing a mouth full of yellow teeth, there is a trace of embarrassment.

"Why do you kill the tigers and Jiuhua disciples directly and kill them without dragging them into the drain?"

"they? Humph! They are usually the most arrogant, and the gray disciples who punish us are also the most embarrassing. I simply let the world know their death, so it is good to export bad luck! Especially the person like Xiaohu, his death, can be described as a heavy slap in the Qingsong faction. โ€

Looking for a deacon to laugh, was bullied, and suddenly found that one day has the ability to fight back, this feeling is very wonderful.

There was a chill in the heart of Mu Yu. The deacon was no longer the old man who was arrogant. He became a bit sultry. In his eyes, those peopleโ€™s lives are simply worthless. He only wants revenge and revenge. A self-cultivator who does not see him as a person.

"Why didn't you kill me when I was in the drain? Tell me about these things again? โ€

Looking for a deacon, he shook his head and said: "I don't want to kill innocent people. You didn't bully the gray disciples. I can't kill you. Besides, someone told me that the day before yesterday you taught the disciples of the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions. How can I kill you?"

He is still paying attention to principles.

Mu Yu stood up: "You said that you don't want to kill innocents, but you are already killing innocents!" Although those people are abominable, there is no reason to die. You should not easily take the lives of others. You killed the tiger, and the Qingsong Taoist Yuan Ying period was repaired. Do you think he could not find it? โ€

"Qingsong Taoist? Humph! He never dreams that I will kill people underground? โ€Looking for a deacon to disdain.

Mu Yu sighed: "This is not so beautiful. I have seen it before. You are in a bad health. I am afraid that you will suffer a lot when you become a wolf and become a person." Your musculoskeletal and internal organs are deformed. How can you endure this pain? After you change back to humanity, there is no strength at all. If you go down like this, how can you lose your hand one day? โ€

Looking for a deacon to bite his teeth: "I know that I am going to die, I am afraid that I will change again a few times, and I will exhaust myself." My body is too weak to carry the power of the Soul Eater, but as long as I have a sigh of relief, I will kill a comprehension who insults the gray disciple. I only hope that the treatment of the gray disciples will be better, not the whole. Heaven is called as a dog! โ€

As a gray disciple of a lifetime, he knows that the life of a gray disciple is not a human being at all. After he had the ability to have a Soul Eater, he thought about revenge, thinking about doing what he could, and improving the situation of the gray disciple. This is the most simple way to find a deacon.

The deacon is not a Qingsong Taoist. He has no ability to say a word to change the status quo of the gray disciple. He can only rely on himself.

The horror of the gray disciple makes Mu Yu's heart very unpleasant, but he is also unacceptable for finding such an extreme measure. Mu Yu also believes that this place should not exist in the school, but how much can it be changed by finding a deacon?

"Do you know that I will stop you?"Mu Yu was silent for a long time, and UU read the book

Looking for a deacon to smile: "Of course you can, you can kill me now, that is a relief." I am a servant in the school, I have been practicing my dreams for a lifetime, but I have fallen to this end. This is more uncomfortable than death. If I donโ€™t eat my heart, I will lose my mind. I canโ€™t live like a normal person. I have given my school to my whole life. I always want to leave something before I leave! โ€

"Looking for deacons, do you still remember a child and what you said? If one day he is capable, he will definitely come back to take you away from the school. I am the child. I don't want you to leave the school in a way that is dead. I hope that you can go back to the dusty school with me. I will definitely find a way to cure you. I will make you a true self-cultivator, a decent person. The identity of the self-cultivator, isn't that what you want? โ€

Mu Yu sat down again and looked at the deacon in earnest.

Looking for a deacon, he hopes to get the favor of a certain elders in his life, become a follower of the elders of the sects, or a servant, at least that is also the identity of a comprehension, not to be exhausted by everyone in the school, but No one is interested in his qualifications.

Many times he is thinking, what is the purpose of pursuing the dream of pursuing a dream?

Mu Yuโ€™s words made him feel a little bit, but he still shook his head.

"No, I know that my limit is coming. I don't want anything at all. I just want to kill a few people. I want to vent the grievances of this life. This is enough."

Looking for a dejective scream, so desolate, such as the residual candle swaying in the wind, can be extinguished at any time, but he still hopes that he can change something for those gray disciples.

"I brought you here, it is to trap you."Look for the deacon to continue.

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