No. 910 Chapter Woe

Better to die than to be a drifting man!
The medicine promise is hit by this sentence mercilessly, his breath becomes hasty.
He knows the truth and knows that all this is the conspiracy of the Mie Palace. Now he is the "controlled" person, pinning all hopes on Mu Yu, in order to continue the Dan Ding, and to protect the Dan Ding Those unwitting disciples, he chose to bow in front of the sky.
However, Yundan Taoist’s phrase “Ning’s death is not a squatting person” deeply hurts him!
He is also a pulse of the Dan Ding faction, but also the bloody nature of the Dan Ding sent the leader, but also is willing to stand up brightly and honestly, and Dan Ding sent the same life and death, like the Yundan Taoist people will die unyielding!
But now the Dan Dingpai has already disappeared. The five veins have already left two. The Yundan Taoist is also difficult to protect themselves. If he has another accident, then the Danding party will be completely controlled by the time.
There must always be someone who needs to bear the burden of humiliation. There is always a need for a person to understand. For the future of the Danding School, all the disciples of the Danding School will not be suppressed by the time, and the medicine must be such a person!
"Brother, I see you farther than you. ”
The medicine calmly calms down its own mood and tries to suppress the inner generation.
Yundan Taoism is not clear about the truth of the matter. He would rather die than compromise with the traitor, but the medicine knows the truth, he must accept it all silently, even if it is a blind person!
"coward. ”
Yundan Taoist said contemptuously.
The medicine was infinitely stunned, and then slowly turned and went to the sky.
"Brother, the character of Yundan’s brother, don’t you understand? He is not a person who is willing to bow his head, it seems that it must be hard! ”When Deng Tian took a shot of the promise shoulder.
The medicine is extremely revealing a humble smile: "You are right in your brother."
He is very tormented in his heart. If he does not know the truth, he is willing to do the same unyielding person as Yundan Taoist, and will not yield to the time.
When Deng Tiantian looked at Yundan Taoist coldly: "Yun Dan brother, don't blame me!"
Qianshange and Wanshuiqi have already stepped forward. However, at this time, a figure fell in front of the Yundan Taoist people and kept the Yundan Taoist behind them.
"No one can move the head! ”
It turned out to be awesome!
With a strong gaze, holding a sword, and looking awkward, it appeared in front of everyone, flying in white, arrogant, without any fear.
His appearance made all the disciples of the Danding School unthinkable, and even more shocked the medicine that had already returned to the heavens!
"Exalted, you -"
The Yundan Taoist never imagined that it was not his disciples who appeared at his side at this time, but it was a drugless pro-disciple. The alchemy talent was very high but very lazy!
"Dan Ding has only one head, and that is Yundan Shibo. You are not worthy of anyone! ”
The screaming voice was powerful and echoed throughout the Dan Ding School for a long time.
The fluctuations of Kai Ding Ding have already attracted all the Ding Ding disciples here, and the reluctant figure is also reflected in everyone's eyes, so that those disciples who are very self-satisfied on weekdays suddenly feel incredible.
Is this person really blazing?
Which one is hanging around to find wine and drink?
"Gambling! what are you doing! Am I not letting you think about cliff cultivation? ”
The medicine is extremely angry on the face, but the heart is panic. He knows the character of his apprentice. Although he always likes to be lazy in practice, he never makes any mistakes when facing important things.
The Promise of Medicine is because of the fear of making such a thing, and then the spirit is turned to the cliff, so that he is not allowed to come. However, I did not expect that the singer had escaped from the cliff at this time and came here.

Looking at his master with a stern look, his eyes are more puzzled, because his master has never been a person who is greedy and fearful of death, but he does not know why he would choose to betray the Yundan Taoist at this time. When I got to the sky!
"When this happened, how could I stay in the cliff? I don't understand why you chose the running dog that was going to the sky at the time. This is not the master I know! ”
For the morality of the heart, for the Dan Ding faction, he stood on the opposite side of his master in a fearless manner. Unlike other disciples of the Dan Ding School, he was usually tired and lazy, but once he got serious, he There is a bone that other disciples can hardly match.
"evil creature! How dare you be so rude in front of so many predecessors, I will teach you a meal today! ”
The medicine is endlessly anxious, he must rush to the front of the sky, and will seize it and dispose of it. Otherwise, once Qian Qiange and Wan Shuiqi are both hands-on, they will not survive!
They didn’t wait for the time to go to the sky and they opened their mouths. The medicine was rushed out again. He grabbed his apprentice with one hand and wanted to restrain the sorrow. He could not persuade the Yundan Taoist who died as if he was dead, but he did not want to take it. Take your own life.
However, he took the hand and took a medicinal herb. A strong breath instantly covered him. His repairs kept rising and he was in constant agreement with the medicine. The sword in the hands of the spirit has been squirted, and a sword has greeted his master!
The medicine has infinitely blocked the sword, but the sorrow has taken another remedy again. His breath has skyrocketed again, and a giant force has come from his arm to repel the medicine infinitely!
Seven-order medicinal herbs, Jiu Xuan Dan, you can upgrade your own to the nine heavens in your own realm in half an hour!
Sixth-order medicinal herbs, Optimus, can let you have the same level of invincible power within a quarter of an hour!
"Dash, do you dare to take the remedy for you as a teacher? ”
The medicine is extremely annoyed!
Jiu Xuan Dan is a seventh-order medicinal herb. It should have been rehearsed only by the comprehension of the fit period, but the master of alchemy of the master of medicine is very superb. He has already refined the seventh-order remedy during the distraction period. Jiu Xuan Dan, this is also a famous remedy for him to become a seventh-order alchemy teacher during the distraction period.
This medicinal medicine can make a person rise to the highest in his own realm. It is like a sacred sacred one, but relying on Jiu Xuan Dan, he will promote his cultivation to the distraction. day!
The promise of medicine is worrying about the accident, so the seventh-order medicinal Jiu Xuan Dan was given to the spirit as a life-saving thing, but he did not expect to take it out to deal with him!
The chest was undulating, and the spiritual power of his body was violently violently walking, but his expression was very stubborn: "Master, you said that alchemy must first refine the heart, only the heart is right, in order to produce the best medicine. The same is true with medicinal herbs! I put Dan in the right place, this is what you taught me! ”
The medicine is extremely angry and swears: "But I didn't let you go to death!"
"But you let the head of the division go to die, sorry! Master, I don't know what happened to you, but I can't look at the head of the division and you are murdered. If you want to hurt the head of the division, please kill me first! ”
He was extremely reluctant. He remembered Master's teachings and remembered his identity as a disciple of Dan Ding. He couldn't watch the Dan Ding faction being touched by two outsiders, and he couldn't look at the head of the division.
All of this he couldn’t stand idly by!
There is a thousand pains in the medicine of the Promise, and the disciple will die and be unyielding. He has a proud and proud bone. As a master, he should be proud! But he understands that many times there is arrogance means no life! He humiliated the burden is to protect the Dan Ding faction like these disciples can have a better future, rather than let the people such as Cai Lie to die!
"Hahaha! It’s ironic! The pharmacist, I did not expect even your apprentice to be seen by you! ”Yundan Dao laughed and put his hand on the shoulder.
"Let's go, let's go! You have this heart, but I can't make you risky today. ”
Yundan Taoist patted the shoulders of the sorrow, and felt very emotional in his heart. I did not expect that this time the drug-promising apprentice stood up to defend him.
He also has some disciples, similar to Biewenxuan and Lian Tianyou and others. He knew that the next thing would not be good for a while, so he did the same thing with the medicine.
The reason why the day I met the cliff will meet the promising medicine, because he also found a reason to punished his two disciples to face the wall, do not want them to involve these things.
However, he tried to find a way to escape from the cliff, standing in front of the Yundan Taoist, confronting his master, confronting the heavens, and confronting everyone in the Danding school!
"No, Shibo, I won't go back! ”Shaking his head.
"Go on! If you have this heart, it is much stronger than your master. You are the future of Dan Ding, I don't want you to have an accident. ”Yundan Taoist said a little tired.
However, the spirit still shook his head: "The head of the division, if the Ding Ding is in the hands of the villain, then what is the difference between living and dying? My master often said that the husband is standing on the ground, UU reading www. What kind of person is, what to do, to die for the sake of loyalty, is to die. I am willing to be honored with Dan Ding, and die! ”
The spirit has been watching the medicine promise, watching this elder who is extremely respectable.
The medicine was silently listening to the words of the sorrow, but my heart was so sad but so pleased.
The singer remembered what he said and did it, but he could not perform it himself. The medicine is very eager to stand up, standing in front of Yundan Taoist people, standing in front of the sorrow, telling them that they are standing on their side, and he is willing to coexist with Dan Ding!
But the medicine has no endurance, and he can't use it. The people of Lie and Yundan did not know the truth, he knew.
"A good one is glory, and it is dead! Hahaha! it is good! If you are not afraid of death, then we will face it all together. ”
The tired face of Yundan Dao suddenly gave off a strange look, which seemed so free and easy in everyone’s eyes. He scornfully looked at the medicine's promise, and looked at the younger brother who abandoned the principle in order to survive, and suddenly felt a burst of happiness!
The singer did not stand on his master's side, but stood on his side, like a face that was fighting medicine. This is the morality of the spirit to be adhered to, and the Yundan Taoist do not want to destroy the determined determination of death.
At the moment when the camping station came out, Yundan Taoist people understood that this time, even if they lived, they would be remembered by the time of the day, and in the end they would have to be squeezed out, and even they would be killed by the excuses!
When Deng Tiantian does not allow Dan Ding to have such a person who is not afraid of death to live, it is better to do it, to be a person who does not fear life and death and gives up his righteousness. )Download the free reader!!

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