No. 911 chapter of the Grace Break righteousness absolute!

Mining bold courage, standing there dazzling incomparable, the light covered all, as if the moment became the whole Dan Ding faction of the core.
His choice makes the medicine prosperous and feels relieved, but it also makes the medicine endless.
The medicine has a sigh, and if he doesn't know the truth, he doesn't know that there is a wooden feather in the open market. If he wants to get the inheritance of the open market, he will also give up his life and die in order to defend the dignity of the Dan Ding. Nowadays, Dan Ding sends this situation, relying on him and Yundan, they can't recover.
The medicine is promising and does not want to take the life to this end.
"Gambling! I will never allow you to do this stupid thing! ”
The medicine promise also took out the remedy. He must rely on the tough means to get the slain back, and then shut him up again, otherwise it would be more than Yundan Taoist!
However, when the day went to stop the medicine is endless.
"Teacher, don’t worry! ”When Deng Tiantian thought of something, lazily said.
The medicine is extremely eager to say: "Senior brother, he is just unintentional, and he also asked the brother to give me a chance to give a chance to rehabilitate."
"Not urgent. ”
When Deng Tian had stood up, he scanned all the disciples of the Dan Ding School and sang: "It’s a slap in the face, I’m really looking away! Then let me see how many stupid disciples like Ding Lie in the Dan Ding faction. If you want to stand on the side of Yundan, you will stand up boldly without fearing. Our Danding party is a Enlightened sects, everyone can express their position to the fullest. Just like a sigh. ”
When Deng Tian revealed a false smile, his smile made many people have a deep chill, and the smile was hidden under the smile, which was extremely threatening.
When Deng Tiantian was the most feared pulse of all the disciples of Dan Ding, when Ming Hui was still alive, he indulged in Ming Hui’s arrogance. After Shi Minghui’s death, almost all the disciples dared not approach again. He is afraid of being severely punished by him.
Today, when Deng Tian smiled, no one thought that he was sincere and knew what this smile meant. Once he is eyeing his eyes, the career of the alchemist will come to an end in the future.
At this time, the vicinity of Kaixing Ding had already stood full of people. They all looked at the head of their persecution with trepidation and looked at the only one who stood up to maintain the head and was suffering.
Most of the Ding Ding disciples are not willing to go to the head of the day, but nowadays, when they come to the sky, they invite two great immortals, and the prestige of going to heaven makes everyone feel jealous, not all Danding. The disciples are as courageous as they are to death.
There was silence in the Dan Ding faction. For a time, no one dared to stand up!
When Deng Tiantian screamed wildly, he looked at the stunned face with a sly look: "There is no such thing as a fool, you don't have a second person!" Pharmacist, you show to everyone, and tell your apprentice, in this case, who is qualified to be the head! ”
The medicine has a clenched fist, and his humble eyes hide endless resentment, and I want to go to heaven when I kill it! But he understands his ability, there are thousands of songs and thousands of miles, he has no chance.
The medicine was slowly and steadily rushing to the sky. When he buried his head in the sky, his eyes shone with endless shame, but his voice was surprisingly calm: "Danding can be the head of the post, naturally non-timely. The brothers are all."
The medicine has closed his eyes, his heart is shaking, he is doing something involuntarily, and he feels extremely humiliating. But now Dan Ding has only him to protect these disciples, he can't go wrong!
All the disciples of the Danding School looked at the medicine, and the heart was extremely shocking!
In the eyes of many Ding Ding disciples, medicine is the best way to get along with the medicine. He is very generous and has no shelf. He treats all disciples equally, but will never do anything wrong. But this is the slogan of a profound and profound righteousness.

Let the other disciples of the Danding School understand that the Danding School has changed!
"Hahaha! ”
When Deng Tiantian smirked, the laughter was so hypocritical, echoing in the ears of all Ding Ding disciples, letting everyone feel timid at the bottom of their hearts: "Hello, have you seen it?" Even your master is kneeling in front of me. What are you resisting? ”
He looked at the medicine in front of the sky in silence and slowly closed his eyes. Then he slammed open and saw a fine light in his eyes: "My master is a man with courage and principle, this weak People, not my master."
– This weak person is not my master!
The promising face of the medicine instantly became extremely pale. The words of the singer were like a knife. The thorn was stuck in the medicine's promise. His heart was bleeding. For Danding, he chose to bear the burden of humiliation, but he was taken by his own apprentice. Called a coward!
The blood of the Promise is boiling, and anyone can insult him for the future of the Dan Ding School. However, he does not want his most beloved apprentice to look down on him. It is his apprentice. He is looked down upon by his apprentice. This is a piece. What a ridiculous thing!
But I don’t understand it, he doesn’t understand anything!
The medicine's Promise, the internal organs, and the six organs are all shrunk into a group. He also wants to stand up and tell all the truth. He can do things with the Dan Ding faction. He can stand in front of the apprentice and be a unyielding person. People!
But he can't, he doesn't know when Mu Yu will come out. If Mu Yu spends a few months, he must be a controlled person within a few months to protect the other people in the Danding. persecution!
"Master, you raise me and teach me to be a man. You are the most respected person in my heart. I thought that at this juncture, you should make a more correct choice than me, but I didn’t expect you to change. In this way. You shouldn't be such a person. I thought that you have a hard time, but you are in front of you when you are kneeling. You make me feel strange. This should not be you. No matter what you have, you should not Make this kind of thing without dignity. ”
The tremble is also shaking, and the voice of his voice is shaking. What is it that will make Master a corrupt and fearful person? He can't figure it out. When Dan Ding is born and died, how can he be a person who is a good person?
The medicine is endlessly enduring the inner grief. He tries to keep his emotions from changing, trying to make himself look indifferent to the words.
"Master, I will not forget your kindness, but I can't repay you. Today I know that I can't live. My life is used to pay for your many years of parenting. I don't want to be a coward. ”If you are angry, it is absolutely okay.
The medicine is infinitely stunned, and the whole person is like being struck by lightning!
It seems that there is a stone in the chest that presses him to make him unable to move. It seems that an invisible hand has caught his neck and made him breathless. It seems that someone has hollowed out his heart and made him lose the whole. world!
The most beloved disciple told him the words of grace and degeneration, and his soul seemed to be shattered.
He buried his head very low, and there seemed to be a wilderness beast to rush out of his chest. When he rushed out, he would bite into pieces and rush out to stand up with his apprentice. He told the singer loudly, what was he like? People, rushing out and living together with Dan Ding!
"Is it true? ”
But the medicine is infinitely refusing to tremble and not let yourself be perceived as abnormal because he must survive! Must survive to protect the other people in the Danding!
The bitterness in his heart cannot be said, and he cannot tell the truth to his respected Yundan brothers, and cannot tell the truth to the disciples who do not understand everything!
When Deng Tian looked at the sorrow, and looked at the medicine that was in his feet, he smiled and said: "Pharmacist!" I will use this kind of disciple to clean up the portal for you. ”
"Do not! ”The medicine raised his head in a fierce and violent manner. He said: "Brother, please give a chance!" Don't hurt him! He is young and energetic, and I will definitely let him correct it. ”
The medicine is infinitely incapable of letting the accident happen, and such a disciple must not have an accident!
"Shut up, there is no part of you talking here! ”Wanshui suddenly turned his head and said indifferently.
"Yes. ”
The medicine has been lowered, and he has held his fist. The nail has penetrated deeply into the skin, and there is blood flowing out. He felt that he was so powerless, he couldn't guard the sect, he couldn't guard his master, and he couldn't guard his apprentice!
When Deng Tiantian lazily looked at the sorrow: "Since there is no one, then we will not delay the time, Yundan brother, you can only be with the spirit…"
"And I. ”
Among the disciples of the Danding School, a person suddenly flew out. This is a gentle young man with a white face. It is the second largest disciple under the seat of Yundan Dao, Bianwenxuan!
"Wenxuan, you–" Yundan Taoist is also stunned.
"Master, sorry! I am late. ”
Biewenxuan went to his master for a ceremony, then turned to the singer and said: "Let the younger brother, next time you must tell me how to break away from the cliff seal, I am not good at doing this kind of jailbreak. ."
The grinning smiled hard: "Brother, I have done more than you, and I have experience."
Biewenxuan stood by the Yundan Taoist, his expression was light and dark, and he was not very serious about life and death.
"Wenxuan, standing out, just like the singer, there is no room to look back, you understand? ”Yundan Taoist sighed.
"Master and the disciples are not afraid of death, how can I be afraid? ”Bie Wenxuan's eyes are still very easygoing.
"it is good! it is good! it is good! ”Yundan Taoist smiled heartily, there are such apprentices and teachers, there is no regret in this life!
When Deng Tiantian looked at Biewenxuan, he smiled jokingly: "Good, there is another person who has done something stupid, who else? Nothing, stand up boldly, I am very patient. ”
As long as he dares to stand up, he will kill all of them, and they will get rid of the aftermath. They will be more straightforward than they will do in the future.
"And I. ”
The coldest peak of the most famous female disciple, the knife and the moon, also stood out from the crowd. Her temperament is the same as cold and snow, and it seems to be a thousand miles away. However, her look was very awesome. When she saw the first sentence of the singer, she said: "You should tell us the quickest way to break the seal."
Cold and snow are not there, Yundan Taoist people can't bear the sorrow of the moon, and they also punish the knife and the moon to the cliff.
"And me, just a little late, I missed so many things! ”
This time, the one who stood up was the Yuanhua Taoist.
"Uncle Shi. ”Yundan Taoist smiled bitterly.
"You are doing right, but unfortunately, Yuan Cheng has not yet rushed back, do not know where to go, or he should let him see his own apprentice and good grandchildren. ”
Yuanhua Dao patted the shoulders of the slap, and looked at the medicine in the distance, shook his head and sighed.
Yuanhua Dao is the younger brother of Yuande Dao. He was also a person who was favored by Mu Yu. He was in a state of retreat in the past few days, but the Danding faction had such a big event. He had to come out in advance.
Looking at the master who was lying on the side, he was lost in his heart. He was not impressed by the fact that Master was such a person who was greedy and fearful of death, but he did this today.
However, he believed that his own practice was correct. He did not want to live in the case of the Dan Ding faction being controlled by outsiders. For the morality of his heart, he said his own words to his master, and his heart was also very tormented.
He hoped that Master would also stand up and stand on his side. When they resisted with them, they would go to heaven. UU reading Even if it is dead, it should die, at least stand dead, not squatting!
However, he did not understand the fact that his master was squatting for the future of the Danding School, in order to protect the other outstanding disciples of the Danding School from being persecuted. Only when his master survives, the Dan Ding faction has the possibility to live!
"Very good, even Yuan Yuan Shi Shu is so stubborn, then who else? ”When Deng Tian continued to ask.
"I. ”
Another elder stood up.
"I. ”
A cold-blooded disciple stood up.
A disciple of Dan Dingfeng stood up.
A disciple of Xuan Hongfeng stood up.
It seems that the loyalty of the people such as Lie and Lie inspired the sense of responsibility of the disciple of the Ding Ding School. In a blink of an eye, more than 800 Dan Ding disciples stood behind the Yundan Taoist, and they clamored with the sky. .
They also prefer to join the Dandan people in the same way as the Yundan Taoists, and they are not willing to live under the threat of the sky!
Yundan Taoist people are gratified, but they also deplore these are the loyal disciples of the Danding School. They are willing to take the righteousness for the Danding School. They all have the spirit of not being afraid of death, but they have also ruined the future because of their choice.
The medicine Wuji looked at the 800 many people, he endure humiliation, kneeling at the foot of heaven, to be "control" the identity of living, is to secretly protect these more than 800 outstanding disciples, so that they will not easily be pushed to the exclusion of persecution, but now he wants to protect people have planned to Shing, choice for the moral and go to body, and Dan Ding pie.
If these people die, what hope does the Dan Ding party have?
If these people die, then where is the meaning of his humiliation and weight bearing? )Download the free reader!!

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