Chapter 912 800 Loyalty

When Deng Tiantian’s face had been mad since the beginning, he became extremely gloomy. He never imagined that he really stood up so many people were against him, as if he was provoking his majesty and making him feel extremely angry. .

The remaining disciples are still watching, and the eyes of Biewen Xuan, who is surrounded by Yundan Taoist, suddenly fall on Lian Tianyou who is watching the crowd.

Bie Wenxuan frowned.

"Brother, what are you doing there?"Biewen Xuan Shen Sheng.

Even Tianyou did not stand up. He was not a member of the 800 people, but a waiter. Yundan Taoist also turned his eyes to Lian Tianyou, and suddenly sighed.

Even the look of God Blessed, he was avoiding the eyes of Yundan Taoist and Biewenxuan. A few days ago, he and Biewenxuan were taken to the cliff by Yundan Taoist. He guessed what would happen today. thing.

Even Tianyou is a great disciple of Yundan Taoist, but he is different from Biewenxuan. He has no courage to stand up and has no courage to make a determination to die.

Liantian, a young master of the Dan Ding faction, was called the first of the young disciples of the Dan Ding School, his future is still very long, alchemy talent is singular high, this year but 28 age, it is already distracted bougainvillea days of the fix, in time can step into the fitness period, become the most young seven-stage Dan Ding's alchemist.

He is deeply valued by the Yundan Taoist people, and is also cultivated by the Yundan Taoist as the next pulse master and head. If there is no such thing happening today, even the road of God Bless will be smooth and smooth, and everyone will admire in the realm of comprehension. Fengyun people.

But even Tianyou did not dare to stand up. He was not willing to end up on his way to the alchemy teacher. He was unwilling to die with the Yundan Taoist and the people such as Cailie for morality. He believes that he will rely on him when he is going to heaven with his talents. As long as he is standing on the side of the sky, he will have the opportunity to become the head of the Danding School after he has retired in the future!

"Teacher, I have my own plans."Even Tianyou said with a bite.

When the Yundan Taoist was sent to think over the cliff, even Tianyou guessed what happened to the Danding faction. He also knew that the Yundan Taoist was protecting him, but he did not want to go to death with the Yundan Taoist. He originally wanted to stay in the cliff, waiting for this to pass, but Biewenxuan came to pull him here.

At this time, Biewenxuan was asking him, everyone looked at him and made him feel uncomfortably uncomfortable.

When Deng Tian also discovered the Lian Bian in the crowd, he suddenly laughed and waved his hand to Tianyou, saying: "Lian Tianyou, it seems that you don't want to stand on your master's side, then you stand up and show your attitude. !"

Even Tianyou slowly came to Dengtian, watching Yundan Taoist, and then said: "Sorry, Master, I don't want to die, I am willing to support Shishu as the head."

Even Tianyou did not hesitate to go down to the sky: "I am willing to chase the uncle."

As a younger generation of Danding's younger generation, even Tianyou's choice is undoubtedly crucial. As a collector of Yundan Taoist, he betrayed the Yundan Taoist at this time, no doubt giving other swinging Danding. Send disciples to find an excuse for being afraid of death.

Even the masters have chosen so, how can they make such a mistake?

Yundan Taoist sighs in the heart, only in the moment of crisis can see the essence of a person, even Tianyou and Biewenxuan made different choices, so that his heart is also in vain.

Lian Tianyou is a master, all kinds of dazzling halo, and he will be the candidate of the Dingding head in the future. Even Tianyou is not willing to let these utilitarian things go away from him, so he would rather choose to go to heaven, only this way God blessed has the opportunity to continue to be his respected master in Dan Ding.

When the sky rose smugly: "Yun Dan, your apprentice is a person who knows the time!"

This is a very strange situation.

Yundan Taoist and Cailie chose to go to death, medicine Wuji and even Tianyou chose to yield. The two pairs of teachers and apprentices made different choices, but among the four, the apprentice and the master stood in different positions.

Made a different choice.

However, the Promise of Medicine is for the sake of humiliation and burden, but even Blessed is greedy and afraid of death and squat!

It is a pity that no one in the room understands the Promise, and regards him as a weak person.

"Who else? Hurry up and stand up, but I can't wait to punish some stupid people! ”When the sky sneered, he is ready to close the net!

When Deng Tian glanced at all the people standing behind Yundan Road, these more than 800 people are the elites of the Danding School, and they are also outstanding disciples of all veins and high-level alchemists, but they are the pillars of the Danding School. But the future of Dan Ding is pinned on them.

But now these people have chosen to stand on the side of the Yundan Taoist, rather than chasing the sky, the alchemy teacher who wants to go up, their faces are showing a persevering expression of death, it seems that death looks like in their eyes. Insignificant. This look of disregard for death is like ridiculing the sky, laughing at his own power!

People can have a variety of ways to die. When they are alive, few people will consider how they die, but when they want to make their choices, some people choose to live, and some choose to die for morality.

The Yundan Taoist people looked at the people behind them. They felt sad and proud in their hearts. At least the Dandings were not all afraid of death. It was a pity that these genius disciples had a prosperous future. But he wants to go to death with him generously.

"When you go to heaven, don't you understand?" You can't get people's hearts by hard means! ”Yundan Taoist smiled with pride.

When Deng Tiantian coldly shouted: "Yundan Taoist, the people you get from this head are only 800 people in the district? We have more than 6,000 people in the Danding School, and only 800 people support you. Don't you think it is too ironic? ”

The Danding School is a big sect, but it is only a nominal martial art. In fact, the total number of Danding parties is no more than 6,000. Because the Danding School’s requirements are very strict, not everyone is qualified. Become a disciple of Dan Ding.

In keeping with the principle of lack of indulgence, the number of Danding parties is incomparable to the other eight, but the Danding faction can be maintained until now, not relying on the advantage of the number, but their admirable alchemy.

This time, because of the great events of the Danding School, almost all the Ding Ding elders and disciples who were outside were rushed back. Today, except for some people who can’t come back, they have basically arrived.

More than 800 people of more than 5,000 people stood up, and it was particularly ironic when they boarded the sky.

Yundan Taoist smiled: "You are wrong, we Danding can stand in the realm of cultivation for thousands of years, relying on those who dare to sacrifice for morality behind me, not your wicked villain. ! Look at it yourself, no one behind me, where is the Dan Ding faction under your leadership? ”

When Deng Tiantian’s eyes swept over the faces behind Yundan’s people, his mood became more and more angry. The Yundan Taoist is right. The disciples behind him, be they disciples or elders, are among the best in the alchemy divisions. They are other excellent alchemists.

Most of the more than 800 people are very talented, and the rest of the more than 5,000 people are threatened by the time, many of them are just the disciples who are just getting started, and they are assigned to the Batangtang of each city to be an pharmacist. However, it is not an alchemy teacher.

Among the more than 800 people who stood out, there were no fewer than three hundred alchemy divisions, and there were dozens of sixth-order alchemists, and four of the seventh-order alchemists, almost all of them. Characters!

Once these people die, I am afraid that the Danding faction will be severely hit. It is impossible to support the Dan Ding school by relying on the time and the remaining low-level alchemists.

"Do these people want to kill?"Qianshan song asked indifferently.

As a person in the Mie Palace, he does not care about the lives and deaths of these people. He just came to the sky to deal with the troubles, so that the Dan Ding faction is in full control.

When Deng Tian bites his teeth, his eyes flashed a hot gaze: "Kill!"

If you let go of these people at this time, it is undoubtedly an affirmation of the leadership of Yundan Taoist, and a denial of the time to heaven. UU reading leaving these people will also give him countless troubles in the future, it is better to directly scribble the roots, even if you break your own arms!

Hongyuan Taoist hesitatedly asked: "When you go to heaven, have you thought about it, killing these 800 people, how much is the loss to our Danding party?" What do you think about the Dan Ding School in the realm of comprehension? ”

Although the people of Hongyuan Road are controlled, they still stand on the Dan Ding party’s standpoint. If the Dan Ding faction degrades more than 800 people, it will undoubtedly let Dan Ding in this moment when they have been questioned by the comprehension community. The reputation of the faction has once again been severely hit!

"The identity of our Danding School Alchemy is inherently lofty. The question of the cultivation of the real world is not to be disrespectful to us. I don't believe that without these people, our Dandings can break the inheritance!"When the sky went cold, it snorted.

The medicine has been quietly stood up silently. He lowered his head and no one could see his expression. At this moment, Deng Tian and others did not care about the medicine. In their eyes, a drug that was "controlled" was It is insignificant!

But the medicine is promise, but now he has clenched his fist. Among the fists is a spiritually overflowing seventh-order remedy!

When Deng Tiantian made such an opening, Hong Yuan and Hong Yi would not say anything more. They were only supported by Qianshange and Wanshui to support the heavens. How to deal with these people is naturally Day decided.

"The spirit of the alchemy is very strong, and 800 people are a big force."

Thousands of mountains and songs reached out indifferently, and the hands shone in a holy light. When the light came out, everyone present felt an unspeakable sense of awe, as if Qianqian was performing a trial of justice. It’s a correct thing.

He is going to kill these hard-boiled Dan Ding people! (Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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