NO. 913 Chapter Lightning of the firmament

White light One out, Dan Ding pie Sky Suddenly change, thousands of miles Sky seems to appear a horror incomparable whirlpool, as if to the whole world inhaled in that whirlpool, so that the Dan Ding sent all quake, no one dared to move, in this vortex, they feel as long as they moved, the whole person will be sucked into the whirlpool!

"So that no soul can escape." โ€

Thousands of mountains and songs are like talking to themselves, and then suddenly a light beam is smashed out of the vortex, falling from the sky, trapping all the more than 800 people, and the light column is deeply submerged, like a cage. Let these more than 800 people no longer have the possibility to escape!

Then there was another tremor in the whirlpool, and a lightning bolt fell. The lightning was a few hundred meters thick, like a horrible breath in the sky. It was so swift, sacred but ruined, and turned to Yundan. Waiting for someone to go down!

"It seems that I am going to die in the sky!"

The Yundan Taoist was also shocked by this lightning. No one has ever seen such a scene. Even if he is the head of the Danding School, he has never seen such a terrible attack. He has no doubt that once this lightning flashes down, I am afraid that more than 800 people will not even have the residue in an instant!

The attention of all the Ding Ding faction was attracted by this lightning like a catastrophe. Even if it was even in the sky, he was shocked to see the lightning, and his heart was shocked. Sure enough, the major sects in the realm of comprehension can resist!

The look of the disciples behind Yundan Daoโ€™s face was also shocked by this lightning, but no one flinched, they greeted death without fear, and knew that they could not be good at the moment they stood up, but Which one who dares to stand up is afraid of death?

"Master, I am sorry."

At the last moment, Lie did not go to see the lightning, but turned his attention to the medicine promise. The person who raised him for more than ten years, he did not understand why his formerly humble master became a greedy and fearful death. For generations, he only said something so sensational to his master, and he still felt embarrassed.

He wants to look at his master again before he dies, even if the master has become another stranger.

But when he saw the figure behind Deng Tian, โ€‹โ€‹he was even more shocked than seeing the lightning that destroyed the earth!

This white lightning attracted everyone's attention, but only two people present did not go to see the lightning, that is, the medicine promise and the sorcerer!

The medicine promise has already taken the seventh-order Jiu Xuan Dan in his hand. In addition to the sorrow, no one noticed his movements. His whole person's breath suddenly rose in an instant, and it was a faint breakthrough to the fit period!

There is a sharp sharp blade in the hands of the medicine Promise. The breath of the medicinal herbs is violently walking around him. The powerful spiritual power gathers on the sharp edge and brings a whistling whistle, like the sigh of death.

This sharp blade is a weapon that he has long been ready to use when he is assassinated. It is covered with a powerful poison. This poison is called bloody blood. It was left by the dead wood and was tempered by his spiritual power. As long as you get into the sky when you pierce, you will spread the whole body blood between the two breaths, and you will die in a quarter of an hour! Even if the training in the time of the fit-in period is impossible, you can't lift this poison!

The sharp blade flashed a shadow in the air, and it was incomparably simple, and slammed into the heart of the sky!

"If these more than 800 people die, then the Dandings will not have to continue to exist!"

The murderous intention of the medicine's endless heart was released without reservation at this moment. He humiliated the weight in order to save the 800 people in the future. But if more than 800 people die and this lightning, then he does not need to disguise it!

When you kill, go to heaven!

As long as you kill when you go to heaven, let the time to go to the sky and the more than 800 people to bury together, then the medicine is promising is not to be killed!


The eyes widened,

In the crowd, the promise of the drug seems so decisive, so fearless and dying, completely different from the coward who was kneeling in front of the sky.


As if he was aware of something, he clearly felt that there was a vengeful tiger in his masterโ€™s body that would rush out, rushing out of his chest, possessing a sharp blade in his hand, and piercing the heavenly villain. Body, everything that Dengtian wants to win when it is destroyed!

He never saw his master's amazing killing. In his eyes, Master's thin body suddenly became so stalwart, like a mountain, his heart trembled, and he suddenly understood what!

The sharp edge of the medicine is a slap in the face, and it is about to sneak into the sinful chest, but a hand suddenly pokes out from the side, firmly holding the medicine's hand, so that the sharp edge in his hand is no longer The law advances one point!

Wan Shui's hand prevented the endless assassination of the drug and shattered the hope of the medicine!

"Do not–"

The medicine is extremely angry, and his sharp edge is only a millimeter away from the back! As long as another millimeter, his sharp blade can pierce the body when he pierces, pierce the dirty heart of the sky, let the time and the more than 800 people go to the funeral!

"You actually got rid of the control of the soul?"Wan Shui ่ฐฃ frowned.

His hand twisted, the medicine armless arm was twisted, and the bone was instantly twisted. Wanshui was the repair of the robbery period. It was not the medicine that could resist it. He took another shot and banged it. In the medicine of the Promise, the ribs of the ribs of the chest of the medicine are broken, and the entire chest is also sunken.


Unwilling blood splattered in the air, reddish the medicine's white beard, dyed the red medicinal robes, and made his eyes red, he couldn't kill himself when he killed it!


Everything happened between the electric and the flint, and the lightning in the air rushed toward them, but the singer completely ignored it. He saw that his master was seriously injured and flew out, his eyes became red, and Wanshuiโ€™s palm was in the medicine. The promise of the body, but like a blast in the heart of the heart, let him tremble the whole person!

He wants to save his master, but he is so weak, can't do anything, he is trapped in the light column, the top of the head is the white lightning that destroys the earth!

Despair spreads in his heart.

However, at this moment, a voice mixed with endless anger spread throughout the Dan Ding!

"The chop of the Mie Palace, you damn it!"

This sound is breathtaking, like a Hong Zhong ring in everyone's mind, even more shocking than the lightning in the air!

Yundanda on the body of the Dan Ding array printing suddenly exudes an ancient breath, then dan Ding array printing has been automatically flown out, circling in the air, behind the huge 300 feet of the giant Dan Ding again and Dan Ding array printing linked together, the ancient Guanghua from the Dan Ding faction dispersed, into a pattern of rapid Yundan, to the human center, Instantly enveloped in the 800 people!

At this time, a thousand-foot-long swordsmanship came from the east, and the green mans rose from the ground, smashing the clouds of the sky, as if to pull out a crack in the sky, and the swordsmanship destroyed the earth. I, the whirlpool of the sky is even worse than the sky!

The swordsmanship swept through and whipped up a strong hurricane. The Danding disciples who did not stand out were flew out of the earthquake and splattered in the air, but no one was going to take care of their lives. Above the lightning!


The swordsman swallowed, and the long lines of the plaques bloomed. The original unstoppable lightning was instantly torn into nothingness in front of the sword, just like the ice and snow melted out, but the sword went away. Reduce, continue to the vortex of the sky –


The earth shakes, the sky breaks, and the vortex above the sky is smashed by this horrible sword. The sky cracks through countless dark cracks, as if it can't bear the horrible power, but the cracks are fleeting. The sky was once again raging, as if it had been bombarded by the sword.

A figure took a step from a distance, but this step is like crossing the time and space of the hustle and bustle. There is a pattern in the air, as if stepping on everyone's heart, the steps are very heavy, but again. Lightweight.

Reappeared, it is already around the medicine, and the medicine is held indefinitely!

"Master of medicine, the next thing, give it to me!"

Mu Yu silently looked at the old man in front of him, UU reading This is to protect the future of the Dan Ding school and bear the nickname of the predecessors, when found that can not save the future of the Dan Ding school, it is even more The mortal determination to go to the sky when killing, to remove a great evil for the Dan Ding, such people deserve respect.

"Wood feathers…youโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

There was an uncontrollable excitement in the eyes of the medicine, and he pinned all his hopes on Mu Yu. He was a "controlled" character and waited for Mu Yu to come back. Even if he was misunderstood, he was not cared for by everyone who was greedy and fearful of death. He only hoped that Danding would be able to survive this disaster.

Now I finally saw the light, and the stone in the heart of the medicine suddenly fell to the ground.

"Tell me, I am proud of him…"

The endless mouth of the medicine overflowed the blood, the ribs of his chest were smashed, and even the internal organs were displaced. Wanshuiโ€™s palm almost killed his life, but he did not regret it, as long as he could see this light, He does not regret even if he is dead!

It was the only regret in his heart that he had misunderstood him and regarded his master as a person who was greedy and fearful of death. He didn't blame his sins in his heart. On the contrary, he felt very gratified. Because the spirits recorded his usual teachings in his heart, he practiced it in a fearless manner. Even at the last moment, he said that he was arrogant. I also feel proud.

"Unfortunately, I can't tell the truth about the truth, but I still have the nickname of being greedy and afraid of death, oh…"

The master of medicine still couldnโ€™t let go of the words. His eyelids became very heavy, and the blood in his mouth overflowed again. His biggest regret was that he had misunderstood him, but he believed that Mu Yu could save the Danding. This is enough.

The endless darkness invaded him, his consciousness gradually blurred, and he fell backwards…Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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