Chapter 919 Swordsman’s Superb Master

The wind is the first day of the Mu Yu, is the creation of an array, after the dead wood father's guidance to improve, so that all the operation of the track force was changed into a line of attack.

Mu Yu rarely use this self-invasive array, and it is easy for the array to break free when confronted with a person who is almost or above himself. This array of skills is very necessary to grasp the timing, only the surprise or opponents to avoid the time to use is the most correct choice.

And in the mountains of the song and million water ballad two people at the same time to launch the soul, they can not stop hand, also gave Mu Yu this opportunity.

Although Qianshange and Wanshuiqi have discovered that the technique of Muyu is not right, they quickly realized that this technique did not let Muyu break free. On the contrary, the location of Muyu is also in this array. On the straight line, it will become one of the spearheads!

"Be quiet!"

Thousands of mountains and songs shouted, destroying the soul is limited by the array of deformation, can only be in a straight line, but the power has not decreased, his attention firmly locked the wood feather, as long as the wood feather changes shape, he will Change the power of destroying souls.

Wanshui’s ten-party killings came from all directions, but they were brought into a straight line by the wind and the sky, and all the blood was concentrated together, but the power was even stronger.

Mu Yu did not move. He did not intend to use the Scorpio to move to the rear of any person, and let the Qianshan song and Wanshui’s technique collide. These two people are not grass bags. They are repaired to reach their level. The use of the technique has already been freely retracted. Even if they collide with each other, they will not cause harm to either side.

He flashed a flash of ripples all over his body, invading into the chaotic yin and yang of his feet, and then the fluctuations of his body seemed to be cut off by the flowing water, becoming extremely mysterious. He faced the thousand mountain songs, his hands intertwined on his chest, his left hand was white, and his right hand flashed black mans, like two groups of Taiji yin and yang, transformed into a yin and yang vortex.

The whirlpool was originally black and white, but then the white brilliance suddenly disappeared, leaving only the black vortex spinning, and the vortex exudes a very powerful suction, as if it can devour everything around you. Drop it.

At this time, Mu Yu’s eyes condensed, and the soul of Qianshan’s songs was approaching, and the black vortex also ushered in, but Mu Yu turned around, and the shadow sword in his hand had already risen, but he did not care about the destruction of Qianshan song. The soul refers to the ten-party killing of Wanshui.

Swords stunned, a sword stabbed, spiritual power and formations gathered at the tip of the sword at the same time, the violent breath swept out, forming a whirlwind on the sword front of the shadow sword, and then the sword gas has been stabbed, mixed The thunder of the wind, like a broken void, greeted the ten-party killing of Wanshui!


The dying light formed by the twelve blood awns simultaneously with the sword of the wood feathers, and a sound of earth-shattering sounds, the violent breath did not spread out from the surrounding, but the stalemate in the air, they want to put each other's The move is pressed down.

At this time, the soul of the thousand mountain songs also hit the black vortex, the moment the black vortex greets the soul, the speed of the rotation suddenly accelerates, like a bottomless pit, the soul of the thousand mountain songs All the absorbed into it.

Thousands of songs were also shocked. His soul art was completely absorbed by the other's black whirlpool. He didn't think of it, but he felt it was wrong when he carefully felt it, because the power of his own soul is not disappearing, it still exists. It is going to be sent, what is going on?

A white whirlpool appears quietly from the back of the water, the white vortex is opposite to the black vortex, the black vortex is filled with powerful suction, and the white vortex has a powerful eruption, whirlpool There is a terror-suppressed breath circulating!

Then the Defendant has already rushed out of the white whirlpool and headed for the back of Wanshui.

Array, wind and rain to pick up the wood!

Wanshui put all his energy on the blood of the ten-party killing in front of him.

Because the windy days of Mu Yu limit the fluctuation of the technique to spread in all directions, it also leads to strong fluctuations only forward or backward.

Both sides of the wave naturally want to knock down the opponent, but the white whirlpool that suddenly appeared behind Wanshui really surprised him!

This is tantamount to letting him suffer from the enemy!

Million water rumor in the eyes of a trace of panic, Mu Yu Sword and his Fong kill comparable, the two sides of the original stalemate is not necessarily who better, but did not think that the original attack to the Mu Yu of the soul refers to will inexplicably appear in their back, if at this time he to deal with the mountain of the soul of the song, will be Mu Yu Sword Qi killed!

"Thousands of mountains, what are you doing!"

Wanshui screamed, and the power of destroying the soul was on the verge of exploding, and he had already arrived at his back in the blink of an eye. Thousands of mountains and songs finally found out that the wood feathers were not right. In the moment when Wanshui sipped his voice, he understood the situation of Wanshui, and immediately forcibly recovered the attack of destroying the soul.

However, the white whirlpool is too close to Wanshui, and Qianshange has already destroyed his own soul. However, the powerful aftermath of the devastating soul is still on the body of Wanshui, and Wanshui is shocked by the aftermath of the devastating soul. The whole person's breath is chaotic, and the ten-party blood-killing mans that are maintained in front are directly smashed by the sword of Mu Yu!


The spirit of Wanshui was broken by the sword, and it was too late to make the spirit to resist the sword. He quickly wanted to jump high and avoid the sword of Mu Yu.

However, the wind and the heart of the heart are connected with him, even if he flies to the ends of the earth, still in the envelope of Mu Yu Jianqi! In desperation, he can only put twelve beads on his chest, trying to block the sword of Mu Yu!


Mu Yu’s sword gas is on the verge, the white tip of the sword appears, and the shadow sword is still swaying in the air, but when I look closely, I find that I don’t know when the sword has passed through the chest of the water. Twelve beads, continue to go to the body of Wanshui –

Array, the end of the world!

Just for a moment, the shadow of the sword is like crossing the void, ignoring the distance of the space.


Wan Shuiyu was furious, but at this time he wanted to avoid it. He looked at the wood feathers in the distance with horror. Then he lowered his head and looked at the sword in his chest, twisting his chest out of a shocking Blood hole.

This blood hole is terrible, and the diameter is up to one foot, almost destroying his entire chest. Not only that, Jianqi has invaded the body of Wanshui, and the violent sword gas destroyed his meridians and heart for a moment, so that Wanshui could not help but widen his eyes.

"How can this be–"

Wan Shuiqi spit out his own doubts. Even if Mu Yu had the help of Kai Ding, he and Qianshange’s team wanted to deal with Mu Yu’s original tense, but he did not expect Mu Yu’s formation. Unexpectedly, he will hit him, and even a sword smashed his chest!

The endless flow of swords into the body is like speeding up the vitality of Wanshui’s body. His whole body skin has become extremely dry and old. It seems to be the image of a young man, but in a blink of an eye has become The old man with the wind and the candle, his face wrinkled into a group, and his eyes dried up.

"Kill one."

The sword in the hands of Mu Yu is alive, hehe!

Wanshui's body quickly withered, and then the skin began to peel off, and the whole body was instantly shaken into a pile of powder by the sword!

For those who killed the Mie Palace, Mu Yu never felt soft.

"There are two more."

Mu Yu turned around again, watching the thousands of songs and the sky when lightning strikes.

Qianshan song eyelids violently, still incredulously watching the Wanshui smashed by Mu Yu, although Wanshui is weaker than him, but it will not be weak, I did not expect Mu Yu to face at the same time. When they were two, they were killed by Mu Yu!

Even if the wood feathers rely on the power of the open market, they are only similar to the strength of any of them, but Wanshui and Qianshan are all careless. When they are connected by the windy days of the array, they have already Forced to follow the way the wood feathers fight. Mu Yu did not kill the power, but he was still a superb swordman!

Wan Shuiyu is not so much under the Muyu sword, but it is better to be affected by Qianshan song. Although Qianshange has recovered his soul skills in time, the aftermath is beyond his control. UU reading

In normal practice, this fluctuation will not cause substantial harm to Wanshui. However, when both Wanshui and Muyu are evenly matched, any one of the two sides will be affected by the slightest effect, which will cause irreversible and serious consequences. Wanshui It is because of this, it is impossible to catch Mu Yu’s sword.

"You dare to kill me in the Mie Palace, I will never let you go!"

The face of Qianshange was violently distorted. Wanshui and him were companions who came out to perform the task. At this time, the companion was killed. How can Qianshan song be willing to give up?

"The people who killed the Mie Palace are nothing new to me."

Wood Yu cold channel, when he was in the desert, he and Luo Wei jointly killed the ancient dynasty wind, but also killed the night Fei An, and now killed again with an enemy two. Wanshui, so that his heart is very happy.

All the things that Mie Gong did to his master and the dead wood dad, he will come back one by one, this is just the beginning!

"I just wanted to give birth to you, but now it seems that killing you is the best way!"

Qianshan song was furious and angry. He understood that Mu Yu just used the dexterity of the array to deal with them. They were too small to marry Mu Yu, and they were killed by one person. But then, Qianshange will never let the same thing happen again!

The bloody man on his body has already left the lineage of the wind and the sky, and the eleven blood beads are floating again. The whole person's clothes are windless and automatic, and they are extremely mad!

The celestial sign in the body of the dead Wanshui quickly emerged toward Muyu, and wanted to attach to the wood feather body.

But Mu Yu grabbed the logo of the fairy.

"I said that I want to kill three people today!"

The symbol of the immortal in the hands of Mu Yu is broken and turned into a stream of light! (Tianjin novel network https://)

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