Chapter 92, 1 field creation

Mu Yu stood up, and the strange stones on the surrounding walls shone on him. These lights made the wood feathers like being in the mucus. Then he found that he couldnโ€™t move, and it was a little hard to run the spirit in the body. .


Mu Yu was shocked. There was a terrible force that forced him to suppress him, so that he could not move his body. He raised his arms and felt very strenuous. He felt that he was carrying thousands of things.

"Don't struggle, you can't break free of the repairs in the base period."

Looking for a deacon to help the wall, I want to stand up, I tried it twice and failed. He is too weak, and he was injured by Mu Yu. The situation of the whole person is not optimistic.

He gasped for a long time and said after a long time: "The soul of the soul-soul wolf is very precious. The shiny stones on the surrounding stone walls are not simple. If I didn't guess wrong, this is the legendary Zijin Lingshi, which contains a thousand times the aura of ordinary Lingshi."

"Zijin Lingshi?"

Mu Yu gasped, he naturally heard Zijin Lingshi. This kind of thing is precious and precious. A Zijin Lingshi is worth tens of thousands of ordinary Lingshi. The aura contained in it is very majestic. It has a great effect on improving the cultivation speed of the comprehension. It is the treasure that many people dream of!

This kind of thing is extremely rare. If there is a tens of thousands of people competing in the realm of comprehension, there are so many people here, and I donโ€™t know how many years have been buried. This is a huge fortune!

If it is known to other people in the realm of cultivation, it will certainly cause a storm, even if the Qingsong Taoist and Jiuhua real people can not help but fight for it.

"A lot of people think that I am just a servant's head, but I don't know that I am obsessed with cultivation of immortals. I have studied the many things in the realm of the real world very well. I have also made some research on the law of the law, even the various schools in the school. It's all designed by me. It's not difficult for me to put a lineup. No matter what method is based on Lingshi, I can still do it with these Zijin Lingshi. โ€

"I have tried to use these purple gold stone to make a gathering, gather all the auras in the place where you stand, but unfortunately my body is too old, the qualifications are poor, can not bear the mellow aura, so I have to give up .

Later, I randomly adjusted the position of a few purple gold stone, and made it a pressure matrix, which would make it impossible for people in the array to mobilize the aura in the body. โ€Looking for a deacon to laugh.

"Are you going to trap me?"

Mu Yu asked, his eyes darting at the branches of the hole, trying to pull it over, but unfortunately he could not control them without touching the branches. He regretted that he should not let the branch leave. There is a root grass in his sleeve, but he can't get into the roots in the face of the deacon.

"I see!"

Looking for a deacon to sit for a while, and finally recovered the physical strength of standing up, he walked along the wall slyly, pulling out a purple gold stone from time to time, and stuffed it into another stone. This process took him a lot of time. He had to breathe a few breaths after pulling out a Lingshi, and he continued to move. After he had made up the Zijin Lingshi, Mu Yu suddenly found himself moving, but he was surrounded by an invisible barrier around him, still unable to get out.

"Give you a make-up! Thank you for not killing me, but also to help me heal. โ€

Looking for a cough, a few coughs, his face paled a bit, he moved a piece of purple gold Lingshi, then the aura around Mu Yu began to become extremely mellow, pure aura continuously wash the body of Mu Yu, the body The spiritual power also began to turn.

The array method pushes out the aura contained in the Zijin Lingshi and pours it into this array. Practice under these conditions will almost achieve twice the result with half the effort!

Mu Yu was shocked to feel the strong aura around him. He felt that if he cultivated a day here, it would be equivalent to practicing for a month outside! So many Zijin Lingshi are spent on themselves.

It is really a luxury.

"You are here to practice!" I have estimated that these Lingshi will probably trap you for a month. You are a good boy, I don't want you to die, you should be out of trouble after a month. And I – "Looking for a smile," I think my body can't last for a month. โ€

"Do you still have to go to school?"

Mu Yu was very sad in his heart. There was still kindness in his heart. He knew that there was not much time, and he gave such a big chance to Mu Yu.

He will be less bullied for the sake of the gray disciple, and he plans to take away a few pretentious comprehensions when life is about to come to an end. He believes that there are fewer such comprehensions in the world, and the gray disciples will be better. He can't liberate all the gray disciples. He can only rely on this means to alleviate the pain of the gray disciples.

"A month later, if I am still alive, I will come back here and wait for death. At that time, I hope that you can bury me in the mountains after I die. It is best to see the place where Qingshou City is. I hope that one day I will see the school in Qingshou City destroyed."

Looking for a deacon to look at Mu Yu quietly, his greatest wish in this life is to hope that he can become a comprehension righteously, and now it seems impossible.

He understands that all this is caused by the university's gray disciple system. His current paralysis is that there are no more gray disciples in the school, and the gray disciples are no longer so humble to serve all the self-cultivators.

But now Qingsong Taoist and Jiuhua Real People have become Yuan Yingzun, even if the establishment of the Qingsong Alliance and the Qingsong Alliance will not improve the status of the gray disciple. There are Qingsong Taoist and Jiuhua real people, the school will not disappear, and the gray disciples will continue to come in.

More and more gray disciples went to the school, and each of the gray disciples silently endured the face of the high-ranking league disciples with the purpose of becoming immortal. They were not allowed to resist and were unable to resist.

The deacon has already looked at other people's faces for a lifetime. He knows the sorrow. He hopes that this kind of sorrow will no longer appear in the poor afterlife.

Mu Yu looked at him, this old man who was so sad all his life, kind, clear-minded, and with his body full of killings, used his remaining life to harvest the life of the comprehension, so that the days of the gray disciples were slightly smoother.

Looking for a deacon can not change the injustice of the realm of cultivation. Only by relying on his own meager strength to maintain a little justice, his justice is bloody, but he does not know whether it is the right way?

Should the gray disciple be called to call?

Does the comprehension bully the gray disciple and damn it?

Is it correct to find deacons to kill those proud self-cultivators?

The Tao in this world is the evil, who can be clearly divided? Mu Yu remembers what Master often told him: "When you feel that you are innocent, your way is positive."

Looking for a deacon to do this is innocent, he only kills those who insult the gray disciple, does not kill Mu Yu, in his eyes, his way is positive.

"Do you really think about what I said?"

Mu Yu is very heavy. He understands that if he continues to do such things, he will soon become a public enemy in the realm of comprehension. The people of the school are not idiots. One day they will find the deacons, and they will also seize the deacons. When they look for deacons, I am afraid that the end will be very miserable.

"Where are you going to the dusty school, be your servant?"Looking for a deacon to laugh.

He gradually remembered the wood feather two years ago. At that time, Mu Yu told the deacon very seriously. If one day Mu Yu had the ability, he would definitely come back to help the deacon to leave the school.

"You know that I don't mean that, I just want to help you."Mu Yu shook his head, and the grace of the dripping water was reported by the spring. When he looked for the deacon to help him, he would never forget this.

"Actually, I have heard of you. I know that you are called Mu Yu. I also know that you have defeated the singularity of the Qingsong genius tiger. Your future is limitless. I can't have great achievements. I have been a servant for a lifetime, and it is no different to me to be your servant.

However, I know the situation in the realm of cultivation today. Those disciples have said to me. After the cultivation of the real world, only the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions are left. I am following you. I am afraid that those people will not let me go, but will even hurt you. . โ€

Looking for a sigh, perhaps Mu Yu has the ability to rescue him from the deep sea of โ€‹โ€‹suffering, UU reading, but what he is doing now means that he can no longer stand in the realm of the realm, once things are revealed, greet him It is the disaster of extinction, he can no longer drag anyone.

"When I was bullied by the little tiger as a gray disciple, you talked to me. Do you know how important it is to me? You let me see the other side of the comprehension world, I have always been grateful to you. I just want to repay you. I dare to provoke the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions. Can I be afraid of being hurt by you? โ€Mu Yu said.

Looking for a deacon to be silent, he did not expect that his original move would make Mu Yu so grateful to Dade, but he was not willing to let go of those people. For a quarter of an hour, no one spoke, the two were silent, and then the deacons broke the silence: "One month, I will close my hand after one month, and I will still be alive after one month, then you will do it with you!"

After looking for a deacon, his face suddenly showed a painful face. He screamed and leaped high, his whole body trembled, and then re-invented as a soul-snake wolf. There is no fierceness in the eyes of the Soul Eater. It is only the vicissitudes of life and tiredness of the deacon, and it is full of desolateness.

He shook his body and turned back into the wolf to make him less painful. Sometimes it seemed easier to be a wolf than to be a human being. He slowly left the cave. After an hour, he searched for a series of fruits and a few monsters, and screamed twice, then never returned.

Mu Yuโ€™s mood is very complicated. He looks at this mellow gathering, and he understands that he will stay in this array for a month.

Now that Masterโ€™s whereabouts are unknown, his cultivation is not high. It is impossible to compete with the Qingsong Taoist people, let alone the young people in red behind the Qingsong Taoist. The most important thing for him now is to improve his strength.

Itโ€™s not a long month, but for the talented Mu Yu, the Gathering may change a lot.

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