Chapter 920 Unexpected old people

In the face of Qiangshange, a powerful enemy, the same array can not be used twice. Qianshange will always pay attention to the wind and the sky, and will not be brought into the battlefield of Muyu by no means for no reason.

However, Mu Yu is not only a layer of unchanging fighting style. He has the shadow of the sword shadow dust and the dead wood and the inheritance of the three people in the sky. Whether it is sword or array, it is first-class!

Qianshan song screamed: "I will end your life first!"

Eleven blood beads are more vigorous. After killing hundreds of Dan Ding disciples, the power of blood beads has increased to a higher level.

"The soul of the law, the sound of the sky!"

Eleven blood beads are intertwined in the air, arranged in a regular orientation. The size of the blood beads begins to skyrocket in an instant. At this time, it is like a blood ball with a diameter of nearly ten meters, and there are countless souls in the blood ball!

"soul? The means of ghosts! โ€

Mu Yu angered, never imagined that the ten beads of Qianshange actually imprisoned the soul, and the means of the ghost gates were exactly the same, but they were more than a hundred times stronger than any of the ghosts that Mu Yu saw!

"The means of ghosts?" Haha! The ghosts of the Ghostmen also dare to compare with our Holy Spirit? โ€

Qian Shan song disdain to drink, and at this time each of the blood cells become larger suddenly each extended a few of the blood long hands, these were made up of scarlet spirits, long hands in the air, and 11 of blood cells were connected together, far from looking like a giant Skynet, and the sudden fury of the blood Mist swept out again, Out of the way, the soul is monstrous, covering the past with the wood plume!

Mu Yu looked angrily at the so-called sacred technique, and hated the extremes of the genocidal technique of Qianshange! The ghost gate man controls the soul, and the same is true of the Mie Gong people.

He closed his eyes and calmed his heart.

There is already a sense of self in the mind of Mu Yu. His consciousness is quickly interpreting the nine swords that Tianjian Jiu cited. Each sword is very powerful. After sealing up the killing power, he must let himself re-recognize the heavenly sword.

The sword that used to be a young manโ€™s sword left him too deep. No matter how he used the sword of the sky for a while, there was no sword that was handsome and powerful. He couldnโ€™t reach the original of Xiaoshuai. The extent of the sword, his understanding is not enough.

But the more he used the sword of the sky, the more he controlled the sword. Now when he launches the sword, the power becomes stronger!

Tianjian nine cited, with the meaning of nine days of the sword, to annihilate the enemy!

– "Heart, sword, heaven. Although there are nine swords in the Dust Sword, it is not limited to this. The road to Jane, when you understand me one day, then a sword that you randomly throw is also part of the Dust Sword. โ€

In the mind of Mu Yu, he recalled what Master said to him when he taught him the sword. At that time, Mu Yu could not understand what this sentence meant, but now he seems to have a hint of insight.

"Heart, sword, heaven, avenue to Jane, a sword that is arbitrarily thrown is also part of the dust sword."

Mu Yu pondered this sentence, suddenly it was like the empty door was pushed open, he suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes seemed to have a fierce sword light flashing, as if there were nine people in the eyes Illusion of the sky sword nine cited!

He remembered the sword that Xiaoshuai used that day and had already realized what he had learned again.

Towering sword gas up, stirring the clouds above, all the aura towards the sword gas gathered in the past, the whole sky is like being Mu Yu by the sword gas picked out of a continuous black and white vortex, in the sword gas in the illusion of disillusionment, that a broad vortex exudes a great fear of the suction, Dan Ding faction of all the trees, soil, gravel, Everything between heaven and earth seems to be sucked into the whirlpool!

"A sword breaks the sky!"

The swordsman in the eyes of Mu Yu turned to the Tianshang network composed of the blood balls of Qianshan Song.

The others have not moved, but the swordsmanship above the sky has already been killed by thousands of songs!

In the past, Xiaoshuai was launching the power of that sword, and Mu Yu had already realized six points!

The maddening expression on Qianshanโ€™s face finally disappeared. Instead, it was a look of horror. The sword was like the punishment of God, mixed with Huanghuang Tianwei, and his soul was shaking!

"Don't be a kid!"

The Tianwang of Qianshange and the sword of the sky are banging together!


Suddenly, the sky was bursting, and the violent swords burst out, and the blood was shining, like a stormy wave, drowning the entire Danding faction!

The mountains and houses around the Danding School were completely destroyed by this horrible impact. Even the magnificent and simple Dan Temple was smashed by the sword of Mu Yu!


Qian Tiange's Skynet did not have any ability to resist in front of Mu Yu's sword. He was suddenly crushed by Mu Yu's sword, and Jianqi continued to go to Qianshan.


Qianshan song screamed screamingly, his body was slanted down from the left shoulder by the sword of Mu Yu, running through the whole body, cutting off the body of the lower body!

This sword, Mu Yu has basically not realized the power of the Tianjian without relying on the killing power. When he completely uses the sword of the sky, the power of the Tianjian has once again raised a level, but the power is great, the spirit spent The force has also become more!

Mu Yuโ€™s sword is a gas, he did not expect to use this sword, costing nearly two-thirds of his body's spiritual power, just like when Xiao Shuai fully played the sword of the sky, the energy of Xiao Shuai was consumed. Light, the deeper the understanding of the wooden feathers on the sword, requires more spiritual power.

The sword gas was so good, Qianshan song seized the opportunity, and roared backwards. At this time, he was very miserable, leaving only the right arm and the upper half, but the blood mans flowed around him and wounded his wounds. Sealed!


Even if he suffered such a heavy injury, Qianshange still did not fall down. He waved his right hand, and eleven blood beads turned into a phantom, once again running through more than a thousand Ding Ding disciples, directly The person squeezed the blast, turned into a blood fog, and was sucked in again by Qianshan song, and the eleven blood beads returned to their place!

This time, even if Qianshan Song absorbed the bloody essence and soul power of more than a thousand Ding Ding disciples, he could not make up for the injury he suffered, but he also let him continue his life!

Mu Yu can't save the lives of these Dan Ding disciples. Qianshan song kills people very fast, he can't stop it.

"Tianjian nine lead really powerful! But I have the disciples of the entire Danding faction as a supply of soul power. Why do you fight with me? โ€The momentum of Qianshange slowly rises back, and it is faintly surpassing the breath of Mu Yu.

Mu Yu looked around and was a mess. At this time, all the Ding Ding disciples had escaped far away. When he was the fastest one to escape, he could not see his figure, and those repaired were low. If you escape slowly, it will become the help of Qianshange, and it will become a stumbling block for Muyu!

The black and white spirit of Dantian is flying fast, and the lost spiritual power is restored, but Qianshange has re-aggregated eleven blood beads!

"I will let you know what is called Soul!"

Qianshan songs smirked, and the blood beads in his hands suddenly blasted openly, just like smashing the general, and then the souls of one by one smashed out from the blood, and the claws danced over the Danding party, as if the ghost gate was opened. Countless and fierce grievances are screaming.

Many of these souls were trapped in these blood beads, and they were liberated at the moment and began to flee everywhere.

But these souls did not escape far, and one of them had a very powerful soul leaping high, and the bleeding red glow on his body shrouded in all the escaped souls!

The blood-red light drives a powerful suction, and all the souls that want to escape are sucked into the soul of the head. Every time you inhale, the soul of the head becomes bigger, and the original unreal body becomes more Condensed.

Only for a moment, all the souls have been sucked into the soul of the head, and at this time the soul is actually a thousand feet high, the whole body is full of blood red, and the powerful soul force is rolling over him.

Mu Yu looked at the soul in front of him, suddenly shocked!

"How come – how come -"

Mu Yu incredulously looked at the body of the soul that exudes a powerful power, which turned out to be the soul of Herlianโ€™s predecessors!

"Impossible, UU reading His soul has been annihilated!"

Mu Yu is furious!

In the demon island, Mu Yu clearly remembers that He Liankongโ€™s predecessors said that his greatest wish in this life is to leave the demon island and pursue freedom. Even if the smoke is gone, he never regrets, but Wu Yu did not expect that Mu Yu would be here again. See the soul of Helianโ€™s predecessors once!

Qianshan song also saw the reaction of Mu Yu, he smiled and said: "Do you actually know my soul?"

"What did you do to him!"

Mu Yu was shaking all over the body.

He has always been embarrassed to fail to help He Liankong's predecessors. In order to protect him, Heliankong was tortured by ghosts. In the end, he finally got to know, but he did not expect to become a soul in the Qianshan singer. !

"Haha! I almost forgot, when you let go of the souls of the demon island that have been trapped for more than 5,000 years. It is the mysterious machine that traps the soul. It is the master of the Mie Palace more than 5,000 years ago. He has trapped these souls and made these souls extremely powerful. How can we let these souls directly enter the cycle? โ€

Qianshan song laughed!

"You damn it!"

Mu Yu clenched his fist and looked at He Liankong, who was now expressionless and unconscious. His heart was filled with deep shackles and could not help He Liankong, but instead made He Liankong become the tool of the other party. Those who originally wanted to leave the demon island are extremely cruel!

"I was lucky, and I picked up this soul before the birth. It is the soul of the robbery period. The quality of this soul is the best of the souls trapped by the mysterious machine. It is a perfect fit for you!"

Qianshan song waved, and the tall and powerful Heliankong had already waved the giant hand and shot down to Mu Yu!

This palm, let the void collapse, destroy the earth! (Tianjin novel network https://)

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