The No. 921 Chapter soul will

Mu Yu looked at the giant palm that was covered, and the sword in his hand turned and greeted him!

However, the appearance of Helian’s predecessors made Mu Yu’s heart chaotic, and the sword in his hand had no previous power. His swordsmanship was still a partial deviation, and he could not fall on He Liankong.

The biggest wish of He Liankong is that the soul has returned to his hometown. Now his wish has been reached, but he did not expect to appear in the Danding faction in this way. Mu Yu does not know that He Liankong still has no rescue. He does not want to hurt He. Even empty.

However, the palm of Heliankong was still photographed down by Mu Yu. At this time, He Liankong had no consciousness at all. Mu Yu could give mercy to him, but He Liankong would not!


Heliankong has gathered thousands of souls, and it has been terrible. This palm seems to be able to make a mountain to be nothing. Mu Yu went out, but the mountain below him was once again razed to the ground, and a huge palm print appeared.

"It seems that you look like you are worried. It seems that my luck is really good. I chose a good soul, haha!"Qianshan song has already floated up and fell on the shoulders of Heliankong, looking at the wood feathers.

Mu Yu resented. The last time he failed to save He Liankong, he was already worried. This time he couldn’t bear to hurt him again. However, at this time, Qianshan Song controlled He Liankong and refined He Liankong into his own soul, so that Mu Yu could only escape.

boom! boom! boom!

He Liankong took several palms in succession, and each palm ruined the earth. When the palms went down, the entire Danding faction moved to the mountains, and several deep palm prints and cracks of 100 meters wide appeared on the ground. Very terrible.

At the foot of the wood plume of the pattern surging, fast to Dodge, the sky in the sword gas has already disappeared, away from the great hand of the mighty strong, even empty, at this time, even the empty body and strength are very terrible, Mu Yu the spirit of the body has been lost a lot, now struggling to cope with the occasion, or was Helian a palm clap, the whole person to heavily photographed the ground , and smashed the ground out into a huge pit of kilometer-deep!

"Wu Yu, if you don't fight back, something will happen sooner or later!"Xiaoshuai shouted on the edge of the open market.

Mu Yu flew from the ground, but the palm print of He Liankong fell to the wood feather again, and once again slammed on him, the ground cracked again, and he was buried in countless mud.


Mu Yu has already emerged from another direction, his body is getting weaker and weaker, and the remaining spiritual power is constantly overflowing.

"No, I can't."

He can watch the disciples of the Danding faction being killed by Qianshan songs, because those people are betraying the Dan Ding faction and dying in the hands of the people they trust. However, Heliankong is different. Heliankong is a very good elder for him. He can't start with Helian.

"Herlen’s predecessors have always said that they want to be relieved. If you haven’t killed Qianshan song today, he will never be able to escape. Have you forgotten it?”Xiaoshuai shouted.

Mu Yu clenched his fists. In order to leave the demon island, He Lian was willing to pay the price of life to pursue freedom, but now he is still banned, and he is unconsciously standing on the opposite side of Mu Yu.

Mu Yu closed his eyes and slowly calmed his heart.

If He Liankong still has consciousness, he will definitely let Mu Yu do it, because He Liankong is not willing to be a beggar, and there is no freedom.

"Little handsome, you are right."

Mu Yu slowly opened his eyes and his eyes became very firm. Here is the Ding Ding faction, and the hometown of He Liankong. Nowadays, because of Qianshange and Wanshui, the Danding faction has been destroyed. If Mu Yu does not fight back, the entire Dan Ding faction may be destroyed in the Qianshan singer.

He Liankong will not allow himself to become an accomplice of Qianshan Song and become a sinner who destroys the Danding School!

"The people of the Mie Palace, the most damn!"

The shadow sword re-aggregates, and the chaotic yin and yang surrounds the sharp point of the sword. The strong undulations fluctuate from the tip of the sword, and the fierce sword is once again rising!

Mu Yu’s toes step on,

The void under the feet is like a wave of air, the waves of the wind roll out, and the shape of the wood feathers is like the arrow of the string, and the air is rushing toward the body.

"The soul of the law, the soul of the soul!"

Qianshan sings and laughs, he extends his right hand, and Heliankong under his body also sticks out his right hand, his four fingers are bent, his index finger is through the sky, the sky is moving again and again, lightning and thunder, all the breath is full of The empty fingertips are gathered together.

This refers to the power of the smashing soul that has been condensed by the blood and fog of the original Qianshan song.

When the sequel of He Liankong refers to the formation, the blood of Qianshange is constantly passing to Helian, and the face of Qianshan is becoming more embarrassing. Obviously, using the soul will make the soul of the soul, the soul consumed. The power is enormous, and he can't use it a few times!

However, Qianshan Song has already let go, he has not completely revived the soul, but it is so great that the strength of the soul will be enough to destroy everything!

"Mu Yu, today is your death!"

The only right-handed tip of Qianshan song slammed down to Muyu, and the one-hundred-hundred-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-death-pointer also pointed to Mu Yu.

At this time, a constant stream of swords rises from the ground, visible from the air, chaotic yin and yang disillusionment, the surrounding swords are like the vortex sucked into the tip of the sword, to the soft, to the yin to the yang, the power is incomparable .

The endless swordsmanship seems to have taken the purest yin and yang between the heavens and the earth, violent and peaceful, complicated but simple. This sword brings together the swordsmanship of the sword to the top of the world. When Mu Yu integrates the sword into himself In the heart, the next move is the Tianjian nine!

The two horrible breaths are approaching in the air, but the power of destroying the soul is still stronger than that of Mu Yu. The Qianshan song once again kills many disciples of the Dan Ding, and the blood soul provided is enough to sustain him to kill Mu Yu. !


The tip of the sword and the fingertip collide again, and the rolling waves are coming out. The Danding faction has been destroyed into a flat land!


Mu Yu’s sword gas came from a broken sound. It was only a moment, and the original sword air that was originally breathed out was annihilated by the evil spirits of He Liankong. The wood feathers that were seriously injured could not be stopped. At this time, the soul is pointing!

"Haha! This time I see who can save you! ”

Destroying the soul means destroying Muyu’s endless swordsmanship and continuing to go towards Mu Yu’s whole person!


The fingertips of the Destructive Soul point to the forehead of Mu Yu!

An overbearing soul force instantly invaded the body of Mu Yu, Qianshan song has already laughed wildly, destroying the soul into the body, it is the real soul of destruction, destroying the soul of the comprehension!


The body of Mu Yu was suddenly blown apart, and numerous fragments of the pattern flew away.

Qianshan song suddenly slammed, this turned out to be the illusion of Mu Yu!

He turned his head violently, only to find that Mu Yu did not know when he had come behind him, and the endless sword stabbed himself!

"The insects are small, I want to kill me too tender!"Qianshan song screamed.

The appearance of Mu Yu was discovered by Qianshan song in a flash. He turned around and had already gathered the soul-defying fingers in his hand. At this time, He Liankong under his body also raised his right hand and grabbed it toward Mu Yu.

Overwhelming pressure from all sides shrouded the real wood feathers, blocking the back of the wood feathers, Qianshan song stunnedly raised his right hand, his momentum is still stronger than the wood feather!


The giant hand of Heliankong wrapped up in the wood feathers, and the murderous soul of Qianshange also attacked Muyu on the front, but at a certain moment, the fingers of Heliankong stopped at the top of the head of Muyu. The murderous soul of the folk songs also stopped at an inch in front of Muyu.

"This, how is this going?"

Thousands of mountains sang wide eyes, his forehead was centered with an inch of sword tip protruding, and the tip of the sword was still flashing chaos. The endless swordsmanship spread from his forehead to the remaining broken body, quickly Devouring the soul of his body.

Not only him, but also a huge break on the forehead of the body of Helian’s high-definition soul. The swordsman who couldn’t afford it would wear the soul of He Liankong!

"I said that I want to kill three people today, you are the second one."

The sound of Mu Yu came from the left side of Qianshange!

Mirror, Tianjian nine lead!

To the virtual to the real, unpredictable, Jianqi everywhere, mirroring all directions!

Qianshan song wants to turn his head and look to the left, but the sword on his forehead keeps his head firmly, and he can't turn his head.

"I, I am not willing!"

Qianshan song hardly spit out the last few words, UU reading The endless sword gas has invaded him, so that his vitality has skyrocketed, his skin gradually shines dazzlingly, Arrived at a peak, Shengji will decline! Then his skin began to age, dry, and peel off!


Mu Yu took back the sword, and the whole person of Qianshan Song has been twisted into a dust by the sword, and the blood is also instantly dispersed, and everything is returned to peace.


The body of He Liankong, who is a hundred feet high, is also instantly shattered, turning into a thousand bloody fogs. Countless souls are escaping everywhere. They are screaming to find a shelter that is escaping. The air is filled with thousands of blood-red souls. The wind is blowing.

"Predecessors, forgive me."

Mu Yu’s mood is extremely low, and he’s only greeted the powerful sword of He Lian’s soul. It’s not a magical array, but it’s actually a reality. It’s just because the mirror array has changed the orientation of the sword, and the wooden feather’s sword is still worn. Through the forehead of Helian.

He must do this, because Mu Yu knows that only by breaking the way of the soul will he be able to destroy the soul.

"Premier, sorry, I really want to save you."

Wood feathers slowly fell on the open market, sitting on the edge of the open market, watching the souls of the escape, he was very upset.

He Liankong’s leg bones appeared in the hands of Mu Yu. This is the soul device of He Liankong on the demon island. Before leaving the demon island, He Liankong entrusted Mu Yu to send the Horcrux to the Danding School and buried it in the Danding School. In the cemetery.

Mu Yu looks at the Daning School's cemetery, which has become a ruin.

The soul of the old man returned to his hometown as he wished, but he did not see it all clearly.

But one hand suddenly fell on the shoulder of Mu Yu, like a piece of ice suddenly smashed the wood feathers, and won the wood feathers all the way!

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