The No. 922 Chapter is robbed

This familiar feeling, Mu Yu jerked his head up!

The face of Heliankong suddenly appeared in front of Mu Yu.

"senior!"Mu Yu was pleasantly called out.

"Oh, weird, am I not entering the cycle?" How can I still see you? what! Is it that you are also dead? ”He Liankong exclaimed.

Mu Yu stood up and stared at the unreal soul of He Liankong. He looked at He Liankong incredulously: "Predecessors, are you really okay?"

He Liankong once again touched Mu Yu’s shoulder and asked in confusion: β€œMu Yu, you are not dead! So how am I here? ”

Mu Yu looked at He Liankong's puzzled look. The stone in his heart finally fell to the ground and smiled: "Predecessors, do you remember anything?"

"I remember! I remember that when I floated to the sea, it seemed to float soon. Later, it was as if I had encountered someone who was covered in white awns. It might be black and white, and then we took us away, saying that we would bring it to the reincarnation… …"

Then He Liankong looked at Mu Yu seriously: "I will not give the wheel back to the demon island again?"

Mu Yu did not know how to answer He Liankong. He was not even aware of what he was controlled. Although he did not know how He Liankong survived the sword of Mu Yu, Mu Yu said: Seniors, this is not a demon island, but a Danding pie."

"what? Dan Dingpai? ”

Helen stunned and glanced around in a mess, and there were cracks and gullies underneath. No mountain was intact.

"Dan Dingpai was killed?" Who did it? Who made a few big handprints on the ground? I have to cut his hand! ”He Liankong suddenly sullenly shouted.

Mu Yu held back his smile and said in a serious way: "Predecessors, those big handprints were taken by you."

"impossible! If I shoot, it is a landslide, and the power is far more than that. ”He Liankong categorically denied.

Mu Yu shook his head helplessly, but he remembered that if the soul did not return to the original protection, it would most likely dissipate again, and quickly said: "Predecessors, your soul is all right?"

"How can the soul body have something…Huh? Strange……"He Liankong looked at his body.

"what happened?"Mu Yu quickly asked.

"I don't know, it seems that someone helped me reshape the soul. I feel that my soul suddenly has a texture."He Liankong said in confusion.


"I will show you this!"He Liankong did not say a slap on the shoulder of Mu Yu.

It was the feeling of being smashed by ice. It was only this time that the palm of Helian’s hand seemed to be actually photographed on Mu Yu. It was not illusory.

Mu Yu was amazed: "Are you a different soul after you were smelted into a so-called soul lord by Qianshan song?"

He immediately looked at the souls who fled in the air, but found that many souls in the air had begun to collapse and dissipate, turning into a little bit of debris.

However, the body of Herzen in front of her eyes is intact!

"Who is Qianshange?"He even asked curiously.

"I said seniors! You really don't know what you have experienced! ”

Mu Yu feels sorry for the dissipated souls in the air, because those souls were not sacrificed by Qianshan songs, but they did not expect that He Liankong would be a blessing in disguise and become a different soul.

He simply said what happened just now, and heard Helen’s glimpse of it. When he heard that Mu Yu emphasized that the desolate place that was bombed here was the Danding party, he I still don't want to refute two sentences, but when he saw the opening of the market below, he was shocked and could no longer speak.

Because the opening of the market has existed in his time, this is the symbol of Dan Ding's glory, that breath can not be faked!

For a long time, He Liankong was so sad that he asked: "So, is that all the people in Dan Ding died?"

"Oh yes, I forgot about it."

At least the head of the Dan Ding faction and the core disciples are still there, and the remaining estimates are killed by thousands of songs by no less than 2,000 people. ”Mu Yu said.

He Liankong touched his forehead and shook his head. He said: "The younger generations are still good. I can say how I feel so painful at the head, like what was stabbed, what happened?"

Mu Yu hesitated and said: "Predecessors, this thing is actually…It’s actually me…"

"I know, it must be the one that you said, the grandson of the tortoise!"He even said with a gnashing tooth.

"Yes, yes, that's what he did!" I have taken revenge for you! ”

Mu Yu immediately nodded to the road, the expression is quite serious, anyway, thousands of songs are dead, just back the pot.

He Liankong saw the Horcrux in the hands of Mu Yu and said, "No, I have to take a break and sleep in my advanced Horcrux."


Mu Yu knows that there are still some things to be dealt with. Heliankong has just got rid of the control of Qianshan song. At this moment, it still takes time to slowly recover. As for whether he can survive in this form in the future, Mu Yu does not know.

Although the body of He Liankong seems to be touchable, he can still be free to be a streamer and disappear into the soul of the wood feather.

When He was connected to the Horcrux, Mu Yu took up his smile and re-emerged.

"I said, kill three people today!"

His gaze fell on the sky when he went to the distance. When he went to heaven, he desperately wanted to leave the Danding party. However, Mu Yu had already blocked the Danding party just now, and he was trapped in Qianshange and Wanshui. Live, no one can leave!

Mu Yu recovered a little bit of spiritual power, and then his body flashed and disappeared.


When Deng Tian had already panicked, he was forced to force the Yundan Taoist to abdicate with the help of the two elders, Hong Yuan and Hong Yi, to support him as the head of the Dan Ding faction.

However, I never imagined that I would kill a wooden feather, not only to make all his plans, but now the two emperors of the Danding School also died in the hands of the Mie, not to mention the two who were once The gods of thousands of mountains and Wanshui are also killed by Mu Yu!

He has already scared the gall, and has turned fear of hatred into hatred.

When Dengtian had already arrived at the entrance and exit of the Danding School, at the entrance of the Danding School, there were many disciples and elders who survived the catastrophe. Everyone seemed panicked and could not wait to get from Danding. The exit left, but the export has already been sealed up.

"The head is coming!"

I don't know who shouted, everyone immediately set their sights on the sky, as if they had caught the last straw.

"Hey, let us go out!"

"Yes! When you said that you can follow your life, we can only count on you now. ”

When Deng Tiantian did not have time to pay attention to these people, he is now difficult to protect himself, how can he manage these disciples. He walked to the entrance, took out a piece of jade, and pressed it at the entrance, but the entrance did not move, and nothing happened.

"How could this be!"

When Deng Tian was pale, desperation spread from his heart, he immediately flew in another direction without hesitation. As a maiden of the Dan Ding School, Deng Tiantian is very familiar with the Dan Ding School. He knows that there is still an exit!

"Where are you going?"

β€œDo you know another exit?”

When the day went to the sky, the rest of the people immediately followed him. Many of these disciples went to heaven because they were afraid of death or were threatened by the time when they were threatened by the sky. Now, apart from a battle, Dan Ding has no place to be intact. What they can count on is also Only when you are in the sky.

"Stop following me!"When the sky angered and shouted.

Now that the disaster is coming, they are following each other. These people follow him and want to let Mu Yu know where he is. This is not what he wants to see.

However, at this moment, a voice of murder appeared in the crowd.

"When you go to heaven, don't you always want to kill me?" Why are you rushing to leave now? ”

The pattern flashed, and Mu Yu had already appeared in front of everyone.

A wisp of sunshine from above the clouds broke, irradiation on Mu Yu body, uu read put him on a layer of gold on the bright, looks like an invincible God, three feet Qingfeng in the hands, Tsing Yi flying, black hair fluttering, disdain for the warlords.

Screen as if fixed at that moment, that is a dare to love to hate young people, a sword break treacherous, as if the world has no evil.

Everyone saw the moment when Mu Yu appeared, and the heart had already sunk into the bottom. They know that the wood plume appears here, it means that the Triple Palace of the two people have been defeated, when the Heaven has been defeated!

When he was scared to face pale, he looked at the mighty of the wood plume, said a word.

"Do you guys still believe that your time can lead the Dan Ding faction to glory?"Mu Yu glanced down at everyone, and his eyes fell on the sky, his eyes filled with endless killing!

This killing almost penetrated the soul of the day, let him back a few dozen steps!

"No, no, we are only forced by the time!" He said that he would not support him. In the future, there will be no place in the Danding School. ”

"Yes! When I went to heaven, my family threatened me. ”

"We are tempted by the time, we are not willing to admit his head!"

The disciples and elders of the Dan Dingpa suddenly panicked out, especially those elders, because the decision of the Dan Ding faction was elected to all elders. These elders can’t wait to treat themselves as victims. The role, accused of being framed by the time to support the sky will support the sky.

Mu Yu looked disdainfully at these wall grasses. These people could hardly take on the heavy responsibility. In normal times, he had already killed things. But now that he has sealed his own killing power, his heart has already changed back. The Danding party is not his master. He will not kill anyone.

The three people he wants to kill are already dead!

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