Chapter 923 is a waste!

    When Deng Tian listened to the people behind him, he knew that the general trend had gone. Now that Mu Yu’s killings appeared in front of him, he was sure to take his life. He also knew that he could not escape.

    "Mu Yu, I am planted today, but you remember, this account will be revenge for me sooner or later, you can not be against the Triple Palace!"

    When Deng Tiantian's palm is like a knife, he has already cut it toward his throat. He is at least more dead in his own hands, otherwise it may be better to die in the hands of Mu Yu!

    But his hand could not help but stay in front of his neck.

    "You will definitely die, but many of the accounts are not yet clear!"

    The soul of the wood feathers has already been controlled by the time, and the shadow sword in his hand has crossed a ray of light, and has already fallen into the dantian of the sky!

    "You – you actually -"

    When Deng Tian looked at Mu Yu with horror, he wanted to die without death, but instead he was abolished by Mu Yu, which made him feel desperate compared to death!

    A high-ranking alchemy teacher should have been in the realm of comprehension, but suddenly it became a mortal, equivalent to falling from the sky to the ground. This huge heart drop will make people die like death!

    "You owe me the old man's account, the account of the master of the medicine, the account of the Dan Ding, so many accounts are not clear, it is too cheap to die directly, it is easy to die, I will eventually fulfill you."

    Mu Plume looked at the disgust, when the heaven to refine the slave Dan, to the days not to control the dead wood Dad, indirectly killed the Deadwood father, then the drug master in order to the overall situation, now still seriously injured, unconscious, Dan Ding faction because thousand folk song and million water rumor relationship casualties countless, all this is the cause is to put the time to ascend hacked is difficult to erase his heart of hatred.

    "I want you to see how to be spurned by survivors!"

    Mu Yu glanced at the others with a cold eye, and then disappeared into the place with the time.

    At this time, in the opening of the market, Yundan Taoist and others are waiting anxiously. They don't know what happened outside, and they don't know if Mu Yu defeated Qianshange and Wanshui, and they were extremely anxious.

    The opening of the market was not big at first, but when everyone came in, the opening of the market seemed to expand independently, accommodating more than 800 people but not feeling crowded.

    "We are still entering the market for the first time. In the past, except for dead wood, it seems that no one has the ability to be accepted by the market.

It seems that Mu Yu really got the guidance of dead wood. ”

    The Yuanhua Taoist people looked at the inscriptions of various sizes and complicated mysteries around the Kai Ding Ding. Rao was the first time he came here and was shocked by the scene here, but he was not a singer and could not figure out these inscriptions. The specific meaning.

    "Yes! Like the dead wood brothers, Mu Yu has a relationship with Kai Shi Ding. ”Yundan’s eyes flashed a strange look. He shook his head, as if he was scrupulous.

    Yuanhuadao also remembered something and hesitated to say: "Yun Dan, you should be clear about that…About the dead wood thing. ”

    "Yes, I have already known."Yundan Taoist smiled bitterly.

    "Would you like to tell Mu Yu?"Yuanhuadao asked.

    The Yundandao portrait made a very big decision and nodded: "I will tell him."

    "But this means…"The Yuanhua Taoist people want to speak and stop.

    "The rules cannot be abolished. This is what I am sorry for the dead wood. I hope that Mu Yu can come back safely!"

    Yundan Taoist has no way at this time. He is the head of the Danding School, but at the time of Dan Ding’s life and death, it is Mu Yu who goes out and fights with the enemy.

    The Yuanhua Taoist people looked at the disciples and elders who had been watching the opening inscriptions. Although it was the place of the martial art, the Yuanhua Taoist and the Yundan Taoist people discussed it at the moment, and did not prevent others from visiting because no one came. Here, if you can find out what is best.

    "The two people in the Mie Palace are too terrible, I hope that Mu Yu can be saved, otherwise our Dan Ding is really finished…"

    In order to protect them, Mu Yu transferred them to this place. Although it is safe, these people are not sure how to leave the market. If Mu Yu is in trouble, then others will be trapped in the market. In, it is equivalent to death.

    "Wood feathers will be fine."Yundan Taoist Shen Shen.

    The singer was alone in the corner, and the master of medicine lay in front of him and fell into a coma. Fortunately, Mu Yu arrived in time, otherwise, one step later, the drug master will lose his life.

    "Master, I am sorry, it is me who is confused, I am confused…"The whispered, watching the pale face of the drug master, the heart was like a knife.

    He thought that Master had changed and became a person who was greedy and fearful of death. He also said something unsatisfactory to Master, but at the last minute, he only understood what his master was for, if Master left the world. He will live in self-blame for the rest of his life.

    Right now, he just wants to wait for his master to wake up, and then admit his mistake to Master and make up for his guilt.

    "Do not worry, both the master and the master have already seen it, and the pharmacist will not have an accident."Biewenxuan sat down and sighed and comforted.

    "hope so."She looked down and was very depressed.

    In the open market, the atmosphere is very depressed, everyone is waiting for Mu Yu, I hope Mu Yu can save it all.

    Now everyone knows that the two people sent by the Mie Palace are trying to control their Dandings, and they have almost destroyed the Danding School. The belief in the Mie Palace has also been shaken. They still don’t understand the Mie Palace. What is the real conspiracy, but no longer trusts the Triple Palace.

    Under the leadership of the open market, Xiaohei and Xiaobai are under the leadership of Xiaoshuai, instead of Dahei and Dabai, maintaining the operation of the market, but the three of them are more like playing in the air, chasing each other, not paying attention to the market. Those people below the tripod.

    "Who is that little child? Is it the guardian of the market? How can we control chaotic yin and yang? ”

    Yuanhua Dao people know from the ancient books left by Dan Ding that chaotic yin and yang represent what, but chaotic yin and yang are very magical, but even more amazing is that the child can actually ride on chaotic yin and yang.

    "Jiao Yu seems to call him Xiaoshuai just now. I remember that there was always a little beast around Mu Yu."Yundan Road is humane.

    "Or, let's go up and let the child go out and see the situation. He seems to be free to open the market."Yuanhuadao asked.

    However, Xiaoshuai suddenly fell on the side of Yuanhua Dao, riding a little white, and laughed and said: "Old man, I can hear what you are saying!"

    Yuanhua Dao said with hesitation: "Xiaodaoyou, what is your relationship with Muyu?"

    "I am the big brother of Mu Yu!"Xiaoshuai said happily.

    The Yuanhua Dao and the Yundan Taoist face each other, and they are not very convinced of this cute little baby.

    "So, do you know what Mu Yu is doing now?"Yundan Taoist asked.

    "I'm fine."

    The figure of Mu Yu flashed a line in the air and has already landed next to the Yundan Taoist.

    "Wood feather!"Yundan Dao’s face showed a relieved look.

    "But he has something."

    Mu Yu casually threw a dead dog, and threw the sky on the ground.

    "Time to heaven! You also have today! ”

    Yundan Taoist looked at the sky with resentment, and then his eyes shifted to Dantian on the sky, where the flesh and blood were blurred.

    All the elders and disciples of the Danding School came around and all of them put the hatred on the body when they were on the sky. When they were on the face, they had already had no blood, and at this time they were controlled by Mu Yu. Can't die.

    "Mu Yu, the two people outside -" Yuanhuadao asked.

    "I was killed!"Mu Yu said in an understatement.

    Both the Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Dao are a glimpse of the ecstasy: "Do you really kill them?"

    Others are also looking forward to seeing Mu Yu. For the killing of people, the cruel thousand songs and Wanshui, everyone wants them to be brought to justice.

    "Yes."Mu Yu nodded.


    "Good death!"

    All the elders and disciples of the Danding School cheered up. The people here are all dare to stand up and confront the time, and they are willing to die for Dan Ding. Everyone is interested in Qianshange and Wanshui. The two are enemies.

    The Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist are also delighted. The Qianshan Song and the Wanshuiyu are both in a hurry, and the Danding School has the hope of living.

    "How are you going to deal with this kind of person?"Mu Yu asked.

    When he looked at everyone desperately, he couldn’t bow his head, because Mu Yu wouldn’t let him bow his head. Mu Yu wanted to let the people accept the spit and scorn of these people and let him suffer humiliation!

    "kill him!"

    "Take the wolf into the room, almost subverting our Danding pie, damn it!"

    "Yes! Only killing him is enough to calm the public anger. ”

    All the elders and disciples shouted in anger, and it was already hateful when they ascended to heaven. They were more or less threatened by the obsolete, and this kind of rebellious person should not exist in the world.

    Everyone put their eyes on the Yundan Taoist, waiting for the Yundan Taoist to speak.

    Mu Yu is also watching him.

    "He is a pulse master. The rule of the Dan Ding faction is that the pulse of the Lord can only be imprisoned for life."Yundan Taoist said slowly.

    "The head can't!"

    "Yes! The cost of this mess is too small! ”

    Everyone else said eagerly.

    Yundan Taoist continued to say: "But when you go to the sky to collude with the thief, you will bully you, you will not be forgiven, and the sin will not be forgiven. He is no longer worthy of being a pulse master, sin can be a sin, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com to comfort Hong Yuan and Hong Yi two uncles in the spirit of heaven! ”

    Yundan Taoist eyes are full of killings.

    "it is good! Kill him now! ”

    "Correct! kill him! ”

    Mu Yu was silent for a moment and said: "The person who wants to kill when he wants to kill the sky should be a master of medicine. I believe that the master of medicine will be hands-on. He is just a waste person. He can't kill himself. When the master of medicine wakes up, let the medicine Masters wash their shame."

    He wanted to go to the sky when he wanted to kill, but he wanted to let the master of medicine avenge himself personally. The master of medicine had to bear the humiliation for the Danding party, and he would be willing to recover it.

    Mu Yu turned his eyes to the glamour in the corner, and found that the sorrow was also watching him in the distance.

    "Thank you."

    The eyes of the spirit are full of gratitude.

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