Chapter 929 wins the heavens

Different medicinal herbs invented by the same person will be connected together by a line of stencils. These three medicinal herbs respectively write “six-order medicinal medicinal dan dan” and “six-order medicinal herbs sacred bones huangdan” The order of the medicinal herbs is to make a fortune. The following is also a line:
– Sixth-order Yufeng Dan: It can make the speed of the action of the user who is not in distraction to reach the distraction period, and take it directly. . The Danli was created by the Eighth-order Alchemist and heard from the singer "The Original Name of He Liankong" in June 10,103.
– Sixth-order Tianming Bone Emperor Dan: After taking it, the body will produce a hernia, covering the surface of the human skin, which can make the body of the comprehension below the distraction period become extremely sturdy, and can persist in the hands of the distracting period. The clock is not hurt. The Danli was created in 1981 by the Eighth-order alchemy teacher and heard the singer "original name He Liankong".
—— Eight-order medicinal herbs to win the day: This dan is very effective against the sky. After taking it, your body will produce an incomparably powerful force. If this force is attached to any person, it will give the other party all the Repair all talents to yourself! The Danli was created by the Eighth-Order Alchemist and heard from the singer "The Original Name of He Liankong". Remarks: This medicinal herb is forbidden, it is detrimental to numerology, use with caution!
"Don't you want to prove my identity? Look! ”
When He Liankong waved his hand, he did not see any movements. The three medicinal herbs had already broken away from the blisters and flew to the front of Helian. He Lian's fingers tapped on the medicinal herbs, and a bloody glow in the medicinal herbs flowed around his fingertips.
"Any comments? You two little sisters! ”
Helian's fingers turned gently, and the three medicinal herbs wrap around between his fingers, full of spirituality.
The people who invented the medicinal herbs will inject the refining medicinal herbs into their own breath, and then use the array method to seal up them. This is to commemorate the inventor. Even if Heliankong is a soul now, it is closely related to the medicinal herbs. The drug recognized Helian.
"Are you really a predecessor? ”
The Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist were both excited, no matter how a person who died for more than 5,000 years appeared here, but He Liankong took out these three remedies, which is enough to prove his identity. Because they know that the ban on this ban is better than anyone else, there is no smell of alchemy on the medicinal herbs.
"Yes, about how the predecessors died and resurrected, you can think so, the people of the Mie Palace are sinister, and the soul is made into a magic weapon. Like the ghosts, I killed the thousand mountain songs, just to make He Liankong I am saved. ”Mu Yu explained.
The Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist are both ghosts of the Miegong Palace, and their faces are also angry. They are already abhorrent to the Miegong Palace, but they think that this time they will be able to return to the predecessors who have died for more than 5,000 years, even though it is a The soul, but also enough to have deterrence, Yundan Taoist people are also very happy.
"That's right, which bastard wrote the loss of numerology? I have created such an anti-day drug that you actually listed him as a banned Dan? ”He Liankong’s explanation of the quest for the creation of Dan, suddenly smashed.
Mu Yu looked at the introduction of this eighth-order medicinal herb, and it was shocked. This medicinal medicine is indeed powerful. It is equivalent to forcibly transferring all of a person's talents to himself. It is terrible!
Imagine if you have seized a rare genius in a hundred years, this person is very talented, and cultivation is simply the kind of bottleneck. Someone took this talented talent and took the medicinal medicine to repair the talent of the genius as a deprivation. He became a genius. How terrible it is!
"Seniors, this remedy you invented is a bit evil! ”Mu Yu couldn't help but say that he himself belonged to the kind of genius that has not been bottlenized so far, and he has improved his genius as a play, so he got a goosebump and felt that he was insecure in the face of this remedy. .
Fortunately, this is an eighth-order remedy.

There are basically no people like the Dan Ding faction who can refine now. Otherwise, there is no artificial person who can learn artificially without any skill.
"What is evil? At first, I originally intended to define the efficacy of the drug: in the battle, take this drug, as long as you touch the other party, you can take away the spiritual power of the other party and let the other party defeat without fighting! Later, I discovered that it would still have the effect of taking cultivation and talent. Anyway, it is probably an accident! It is not the same as my original intention. ”He Liankong said with some regrets.
Can be seen by the former Mie Palace, was recruited by the mysterious son of the realm of the Triple Palace, He Liankong is probably because of the invention of this seemingly evil. Of course, the two kinds of medicinal herbs, Tianming Guhuangdan and Yufengdan, are quite counter-attacks. It can be said that Heliankong is indeed a master of the alchemy class.
"Then, did you take this medicinal medicine for experimentation, and who else…"Mu Yu looked at He Liankong. After the invention of the drug, it is natural to experiment.
In general, the experimental subjects of the medicinal herbs are all the alchemists themselves, such as the talented anti-day medicinal drugs of Tian Tianhua, after using them on their own body, they must definitely take the talents of others to experiment.
"Ah, this is a long story. When this medicinal medicine was successfully refining, my apprentice volunteered to be the target of my experiment, because I told him that he would only take away all his spiritual power and let him I may be lying in bed for a day or two. As a result, after taking the medicinal medicine, the strength of the medicinal medicine not only took away all his cultivation, but even one of his talents was taken…”
“What talent did your apprentice have been taken away by you? ”
Everyone is quite curious about this.
"The ability to understand Dan Dao? ”
"Smart? ”
"Never forget? ”
Mu Yu, they have speculated that this Helian is also a big heart, actually experimenting on his apprentice.
"In fact, there is nothing, just to take away his singing talent. ”
He Liankong had a rare embarrassed smile.
"The talent to sing and sing? ”
Everyone is petrified!
He Liankong smiled and said: "Yes! All my talents are better than my apprentices. Only my apprentice, He Liantai, sings better than me. If I don’t move, I will come to help me. I often have to sing a song or two when I try to kill me. If not, I will watch him sing. Not bad, I have already blocked his mouth. After testing this latest remedy, I suddenly found myself like to sing, and then I sang a song that day. I didn't expect it, my God, what sound is that? Is it the sound of nature, ah! I am intoxicated myself…"
The words of Heliankong once again gave everyone the words of Reid.
"Old man, are you serious? I think that I am singing very well, or do we come to Bibi? ”Xiaoshuai jumped excitedly.
Mu Yu and others have three black lines on their foreheads. Everyone wants to take advantage of the talents of others to cultivate, the talents of alchemy, the talents of learning ability, etc. He Liankong is the talent to sing his apprentice. Take it away!
"Seniors, are you sure you really sing good, not narcissistic? ”Mu Yu could not help but ask.
He Liankong said with a dazzling dance, then said: "Do you not believe it? I still keep this talent and give you one! ”
"Don't don't…"Mu Yu immediately waved his hands and generally liked to sing. It was not so good. For example, Xiao Shuai, a guy who sang a cloud of lightning and thunder, was terrible.
However, He Liankong has sang himself: "Xiao Li, you know that I love you, I will take you, fly to heaven…"
This "Xiao Li" Mu Yu naturally knows that when He Liankong mentioned his sad past in the demon island, he once said that he had a deep affection for Xiao Li, confessed eighteen times, was rejected nineteen times, and finally found that Xiaoli liked it. Is a woman…
In short, it is a singular love story. Of course, there is a gentle and kind girl named Huahua who likes him. If it is not as long as the flower beard is longer than the chest, it should be a happy ending.
The Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist people felt extremely embarrassed, and they were made a big head by this unruly predecessor. I don’t know how to react. When Mu Yu was trying to block his ears, he suddenly found that He Liankong did sing quite well.
Then Xiao Shuai’s shameless face began to sing: "Little handsome, you know that I love you too…"
He sang more than Helen, but he still sang very hard, and he was very happy.
"How am I singing? ”
He even asked with smug face, he had expected the juniors to applaud something, and expressed respect for his voice.
"Ok, good, I am half good! ”
Only Xiaoshuai applauded desperately.
"What I care more about is how your apprentice is. ”
Mu Yu feels that there is such a master and his apprentice is also unlucky.
"My apprentice! He was okay, that was, when he was out of the shackles, he was lying in bed for a month. Later, when he sang, he began to go out of tune. Like a ghost, I warned him that if he sang again, he would He has a meal. ”
He Liankong does not seem to feel embarrassed at all.
"Former seniors, your apprentice He Lian Tai Xiu is gone, even the only singing talent has been taken away by you, you still threaten him, do not let him sing, where is your conscience? ”
Mu Yu almost wants to fight for He Liantai’s apprentice He Liantai.
He Liankong spread his hands and said helplessly: "What can I do?" He used to sing so nicely, and now he is like a ghost. You can’t always follow a person who likes to cry and wander around every day? Besides, when he was repaired, he was gone. In the end, wasn’t I looking for various medicinal herbs to repair him for recovery? Still not all kinds of ways to train him into a sixth-order alchemy teacher? ”
The sixth-order alchemy teacher is the cultivation of the distraction period. It is even higher than the original period of the Heliantai period. He Liankong is also doing the best.
"Is this why you sing yourself to the singer? ”Mu Yu asked.
"Yes! Yes! ”Heliankong proudly nodded.
"Wait, the seniors, you said that your apprentice is He Liantai? How do I seem to have heard of this name? ”Yundan Taoist suddenly said.
Yuanhua Dao people slap their heads: "Yes! That's right, the Heliantai predecessors are not only the sixth-order alchemy, but the seventh-order alchemy teacher! Heliantai seniors later gave themselves a slogan named Jiuyang Dao! Just a few years ago, I remember the sensation of the whole Dan Ding. ”
"Sensation of Dan Ding's medicinal herbs? what is that? ”Asked by Helian.
Mu Yu said: "How do you get so familiar with Jiuyang Dao?"
"Mu Yu, have you forgotten? Just here, come over and see! ”
Yundan Taoist pointed to a blisters not far from the edge. The strange thing is that there is no medicinal herb in the blisters, but there are still notes in the following:
——The seventh-order medicinal herbs are returned to the original Dan. This medicinal medicine can return a person who is seriously injured or has physical defects to the perfect state. Formerly a semi-chengdan, no one has successfully merged for more than 5,000 years. Later, it was merged by the apprentice Mu Yu of the sword shadow dust wind. The medicinal drug is taken by another master of Mu Yu, and the dead wood with stuttering symptoms is evergreen. It completely cured the wounds of the dead wood Evergreen and the defects of stuttering, and let the dead wood of life dying rejuvenate. This medicinal herb is close to the eighth-order medicinal herb. The original inventor was the Jiuyang Dao “formerly known as He Liantai”.
Return to the original Dan! Jiuyang Dao! Heliantai!
Not only Mu Yu, Lian Yundan Taoist and Yuanhua Dao were once again unable to speak by Red.
"So to say that Jiuyang Dao had spent all his life trying to invent the original Dan, is he wants to restore his talent for singing? ”Mu Yu asked incredibly.
He remembered the writings written by Jiuyang Dao when he was getting half of the original Yuan Dan:
– "Return to the original Dan, can make people return to their physical condition twenty years ago. The old man did his best to integrate the last step, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com is really unwilling! After the hope of life can be integrated with the old man's Dan Fang, to comfort the old man's spirit in the sky! ”
At that time, Mu Yu could still feel the deep unwillingness and resentment of Jiuyang Taoist people from the handwriting!
In this way, Jiuyang real people are stunned by the fact that their talent for singing has been taken away by their own masters. Therefore, they have painstakingly studied the talents that they want to study and return to singing. In the heart of Jiuyang, singing is a hurdle in his heart!
"probably? ”The Yundan Taoist swallowed, how do you feel that your martial art has done some wonderful things?
There is a wonderful master of He Liankong, who created the eight-step medicinal herb against the sky, and made experiments on his apprentice. What talents are not good enough to take away, but he took away the apprentice’s singing talent and then gave himself a The road number is the singer.
As a result, He Liankong cultivated the wonderful apprentice of Heliantai, and spent his life experience in researching the original Dan, just to restore his body back and re-own singing talent!
No one believes in this kind of thing going out!
However, the achievements of this wonderful teacher and apprentice are still not strong enough, a seventh-order alchemy teacher, an eighth-order alchemy teacher!
"Yeah! My family's small stage is a seven-stage alchemy teacher? Also give yourself a road number called Jiuyang real person, not bad, good for the teacher! When I left, I was still unwilling, worried that he would not take care of me and be bullied by others. ”
Heliankong really showed a smile of gratification and affection, and revealed the true color of the short-term protection, and did not feel anything at all!
Everyone stared at He Liankong and wanted to hit his heart.
"Note: Helen's Xiaoli, Chapter 654. Jiuyang Dao, Chapter 193. ")Download the free reader!!

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