Chapter 930 Dan Jinge Book

In other words, thanks to Herren’s apprentice He Liantai, in order to restore his singing talent, he tried to study the original Dan. Although he did not succeed, but let Mu Yu give success, there have been some changes. At that time, he saved his life.
This world is a variety of coincidences, who can say what kind of things they will encounter?
It’s also a smattering of the singer’s singer’s talent. It’s because Helian’s singer’s singer’s talent is a person who once had a triple palace, and his talents are top-notch, so he only He took away his apprentice's singing talent, but the efficacy was confirmed.
If you refine and refine the sacred sacred sacred sects, you will be able to set off a storm! If it can be mass-produced, the genius of the entire comprehension community will be concentrated on the people who have the money and can afford to collect the medicinal herbs. Everyone will spare no effort to find genius everywhere, and even the family may have black hands. It’s terrible to capture each other’s talents.
However, it is the eighth-order medicinal medicine. Nowadays, the eight-stage alchemy division of the Danding squadron is only the Yuande Dao of the amnesia and the Heliankong of the soul state. It is estimated that it is difficult to refine it.
"Ok, what are your opinions about these two nephews about my identity? ”He Liankong returned to the gods and shouted to the Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist.
Yundan Taoist and Yuanhua Taoist immediately crouched on the ground, Christine said: "The disciple is dull, the ancestors forgive sins."
"It is very dull, get up! Get up! Look at it. ”Helian empty road.
The Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist stood up and stood on the side and dared not speak, but the eyes were full of excitement. He Liankong is a master of the robbery period, and he is an eighth-order alchemy teacher. As long as he is there, the Dan Ding faction will have the hope of rising in the future.
He Liankong said to Mu Yu: "Is it true that Mu Yu really does not consider the head of the Dan Ding faction? I just thought about it, even if you have that identity, in fact, it is still possible to be a Danding leader. After all, your dead wood is also our Danding party, isn't it? I don't think this kid will disagree, right? ”
He Liankong turned to the Yundan Taoist.
Yundan Taoist said solemnly: "Returning to the founder, the disciple will not pass the position of the head to the kind of wolf-hearted dog, but pass it to Mu Yu, the disciple has no regrets."
Mu Yu shook his head and said: "There is no need to mention this matter. The predecessors, when I was dead, I believe that Yundan Shibo will voluntarily leave the Dan Ding, I respect the wishes of the old man, and I also believe that the Dan Ding can Under the leadership of Yundan Shibo, we will regroup."
He Liankong said: "Wu Yu, you don't always call my predecessor, you are the disciple of the sword shadow dust, called a predecessor, my heart is full of panic, or you call me Helian big brother forget ?"
He Liankong blinked and his expression was quite serious.
Mu Yu feels a big head: "Predecessors, what are you thinking about?" I am a dead wood, but you are a junior! I call you big brother, I will kill my old lady. ”
Helian smashed his beard and said thoughtfully: "Yes, that's it, whatever you call." However, the ambitions of Mie Palace have already been known to us. They will soon realize that there are two incidents of Qianshange and Wanshuiyu, and they will find Danding, Muyu. What do you think? ”
Mu Yu pondered for a moment and said: "I have been thinking about this for a few days. Nowadays, the comprehension of the realm has been chaotic because of the three palaces indulging in the Yumeng Mozu, and the Danding has suffered such a huge blow. Now, only Danding can be closed to recuperate and avoid the triple palace."
"Closed? But how can our Danding party stop the invasion of Sangong Palace? ”Yundan Taoist said with concern.
"Open the market! This ancient god of Kai Ding can block the soul of the Triple Palace. The Dan Ding faction has a very strong array of methods.

Connected with the open market. The owner of the market Ding was my old man, but after my father's turn, the opening of the market tripod was no longer open so thousand folk songs and million water rumors will come in, now I have fully used to open the market tripod to enable the Dan Ding faction of the Matrix, don't say is thousand folk songs and million water ballad two people, even if the master of the Triple Palace can not enter the white world. ”Mu Yu said.
"Really? ”
The Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist people were overjoyed. They were not sure that the opening of the market was so powerful. If they could withstand the people of the Mie Palace, it would be a big deal for the current Danding School!
In fact, it’s not just the two of them. The power of the open market is rarely known.
There are also things like chaotic yin and yang in the open market, and there are also chaotic yin and yang in the array of the ruins. There must be some relationship between the two. At the beginning of the temple in the hands of Mu Yu can block the white world, then the opening of the market is bound to do!
"Do not worry! I can do it. I am now the owner of the open market. I have a way to keep the open market running. ”Mu Yu explained.
"Mu Yu, the safety of our Dan Ding faction will be handed over to you. ”Yundan Taoist said gratefully.
"Then, can I study the use of the ancient transmission array, I don’t know Shibo, this time I came to Dandan to study the transmission array. ”Mu Yu said.
Yuanhuadao people are thinking of what is next to them, saying: “Mu Yu, you said that you want to study the transmission array. This reminds me that in the past, our Danding School was indeed a combination of alchemy and array technology. The things that the alchemist must master, but then we gradually abandoned the array, but there are still countless books in the collection, there should be a record of this ancient transmission matrix.”
“where? ”Mu Yu immediately asked.
If you can get the explanations of the previous books left by the previous generations, it is much simpler than the research and development of this mysterious complex.
In the past, the Dan Ding faction was a combination of the Dan and the Dan, the alchemy division had a low combat power, and the strategist had the highest combat power. The two complement each other and did not go to extremes. It was only later that alchemy was able to gain fame and status, so that the formation was gradually lost, but the most important books of the law would certainly not be lost.
"Come with me. ”Yuanhuadao people lead the way in front.
He Liankong waved his hand and threw the three medicinal herbs back into the blisters. This medicinal medicine is of no use to him. Proving identity is enough. As for the quest for the creation of Dan, it is still not rumored to go out so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.
They came to an inconspicuous wooden door on the second floor. The door looked very old, and it was quite old. The door paint peeled off and it was crumbling. It seemed that it would fall apart when pushed. But what makes Mu Yu feel strange is that although this is a wooden door, he can't be controlled by him. There is a very strong and restrained atmosphere inside, which isolates his control of the trees.
The Yundan Taoist stepped forward and formed a shackle in his hand, which was injected into the wooden door. The wooden door gave a quaint brown light, and then “Oh,” it opened like an ordinary broken wooden door.
"This door is still not falling apart? I always wanted to give it a new one. ”He Liankong said with some regrets.
The Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist people showed a helpless look. Although this wooden door looks ragged, is it so simple on the surface? Of course, they also know that He Liankong is just a joke, not taking it seriously.
They pushed the wooden door open, and a scent of dust that had been dusty for a long time came to see a wooden ladder that led to the next level.
"On the third floor, there is a set of books, but we have not studied it. In the past, the dead wood brothers often came here, and we don’t know how much he learned. ”Yundan Taoist smiled bitterly.
Dan Ding sent no one to learn the array, so for so many years, only dead wood has come.
Mu Yu listened to the words of Yundan Taoist, and his heart was not a taste. A deadly old man is so powerful, but he is always being shackled. The comprehension world hardly knows what the dead woods have in the end, even if Yundan is not clear.
Mu Yu thinks that it is necessary for everyone to popularize what the dead woods have.
"My old man's array is very strong. My master said that my old man's battle is similar to him. My master should be regarded as the first person in the practice of comprehension. ”Mu Yu calmly replied.
"Sword shadow dust…What are you talking about? ”
Yundan Taoist and others were shocked. The sword and the dust are the people. They are all clear, and they are not a class of people. Mu Yu said that Jianfeng dust is the first person in the practice of comprehension. They will not question. However, the dead wood array is actually able to get the approval of the sword shadow dust, it is a great honor!
He Liankong is also amazed. As a former Mie Gong people, he is more aware of the identity of the sword shadow dust than the Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist, but even the person who has to bow his head to the real machine, actually recognizes the dead wood. Evergreen.
He Liankong once again angered: "You two little sister-in-law, look at the good things you have done! The genius of the dead wood, the everlasting swords and the wind and dust, all praised you, and forced the people away, let the Danding party lose such a genius, what crime should you sin? ”
"Disciples should die for sin. ”The Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist people are not daring to refute, and they are also remorseful.
"OK, don't blame them, let's go up! ”Mu Yu shook his head, the dead wood old man did not show the mountains and did not reveal water. In the past, even the wooden feathers did not know his past. Now it is really necessary to slowly discover how powerful this hidden genius is.
"Alder's head. ”
Helian snorted in the air, the first one went to the third floor, or floated to the third floor.
When I came to the third floor of the Tibetan Classical Court, the light was very dark. Only the faint light from the outside came in. I could see a row of books, but the books here were only randomly discharged, without any rules. Not as arranged in the same order as the first floor.
Fortunately, there are also arrays on each shelf that protect these books, otherwise they will not withstand the ravages of the years.
"In addition to the dead wood brothers, no one in the Dan Ding faction has talent in the array, so no one will come here. The ancient transmission array had invited the Tiandao predecessors to maintain it many years ago. However, at that time, the predecessors of the Tiandao Road refused. He said that he would not be able to take the lead. Danteng sent himself to maintain this formation. We asked him who the man was, but he I don't want to say it, now I think it should be the dead wood brother. ”Yundan Taoist sighed.
Mu Yu nodded: "You don't think too much. I think that the dead wood old man should have secretly come back to maintain the ancient transmission array, you just don't know."
The Yundan Taoist and the Yuanhua Taoist people looked at each other and saw the look of remorse from the other's eyes. Originally, they had a Mahayana genius sitting in the town, enough to force the eight gates to become the first martial art in the realm of comprehension. However, they did not know until the dead wood died for several years to know, but it was too late.
If there are regrets in the world that can be refining, they will definitely go to the basket to eat! The deadly genius of the dead wood, leaving the Dan Ding faction, is really a huge loss for the Dan Ding.
Especially the Yundan Taoist, he actually wanted to give the head to the dead wood at the beginning, but at that time, the dead wood first made a choice. He wanted to be able to retain the dead wood at the beginning, and now the Danding faction will not fall here. To the point, there is the existence of dead wood, Dan Ding faction can be safely become the first martial art in the realm of cultivation!
The group came to the third floor, UU reading The third floor is not big, the space here is separated, not the whole floor of the third floor, but the light on the third floor is very dark, can not see clearly.
"Hello, little scorpion, take the Dan Flint out and illuminate. ”He Liankong shouted at the Yundan Taoist.
"No, there is a method of making light. ”
The wooden feathers were placed on the wall and the structure of the building was quickly detected. The lines in his hands rushed out and fell into the wall, and then the darkness of the attic suddenly gave off a white light that illumined the entire attic.
Yundan Taoist smiled slyly. Although he is the head of the house, he is not sure how to make it shine here.
Yundan Taoist said: "Mu Yu, don't hesitate to say that we have recorded in the Dan Dingpai ancient book, the Dan Ding faction is protected by a force of law, no matter what it is destroyed, as long as the formation of the array, all The mountain terrain will return to its original state."
Yun Dan Taoist said here a little helpless: "Unfortunately, this array of years too long, we Dan Ding faction abandoned the array of surgery, plus once thought that by virtue of the prestige of the Dan Ding faction will not happen to the destruction of this kind of thing, so also lost the method of starting the array, if you can help us find, then our Dan Ding faction destroyed mountains will be restored, It will be more convenient to rebuild. ”
He Liankong nodded: "I have heard of this incident, but this array was not remembered in my time. If you have a way to activate this array, then these little scorpions do not need to rebuild. The mountains are out."
Mu Yu was slightly surprised: "Is there such a battle?"
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