Chapter 932 Ancient Transmission Matrix

"where?"Xiaoshuai asked.

Mu Yu stretched out two fingers, and his fingertips flowed out of the road, then said: "In my hands."

"In your hands?"Xiaoshuai jumped to the window sill and licked the hand of Yumu Yu. "No!"

Mu Yu smiled and touched Xiao Shuai’s head and said, β€œI mean, I need to personally portray these three battle marks.”

Xiaoshuai suddenly realized, and then dissatisfied and said: "Who did it? Have to let people do it yourself, where is the puzzle? Simply toss! ”

Mu Yu shook his head: "This is a kind of deductive ability. It should be to protect certain secrets. It is impossible to find without a certain array of techniques."

He once again carefully tried to figure out the six imprints that had been portrayed. The patterns in his mind were recorded in his mind, and it took another hour to deduct it. Then he said: "The way of combinating the array should be It is to perfect the missing patterns, and these six arrays are incomplete."

Mu Yu went to the imprint of the window sill. This imprint seems to have many complicated spiritual engravings, but in fact there are still a few missing ones. Only these outlines can be used to activate the imprint.

This is hard to beat Mu Yu, he quickly calculated that the spiritual engraving on the window sill is less than a total of twelve, and then use his own spiritual power to outline the lack.

After perfecting the missing spiritual engravings, the entire imprint of the array suddenly gave off a white light, and then the imprint was transformed into a gossip. The Taiji yin and yang in the gossip were slowly rotating.

"effective."Xiaoshuai said with amazement.

Mu Yu then puts the remaining five imprints into perfection. The different engravings lack the spiritual engravings, some are missing one, and some are missing one hundred and twenty! It is impossible for a person who has no ambiguity to make a perfect imprint.

After the six well-formed imprints have been perfected, you need to consider the remaining three, and at this time Mu Yu already knows how the remaining three imprints should be portrayed.

He removed the messy shelves. Unlike the previous six imprints, the remaining three imprints were not portrayed on the ground corner ceiling, but in the void!

Mu Yu determined the precise orientation of the three arrays in the air. This position cannot be sloppy. A difference of one millimeter will result in the inability of the array to be activated.

He has already known the shape of the pattern of the remaining three imprints, but even then, after he has carved an imprint, it has already passed three hours.

"It’s really a hard thing. Is there any secret that needs to be covered up with this complicated array of imprints?"After Muyu finished the first battle, it was also a little tired, and this way did toss people.

Xiaoshuai was lying on the window sill, swaying the little Erlang legs, eating something in his mouth, boring through a broken book and saying: "Maybe there is a lot of food hidden inside!"

"Whoever wants to spend so much effort to eat is to hide, I must be desperate with him."After resting for a while, Mu Yu continued to portray the second imprint.

"I can do these things to protect food."Xiaoshuai said indifferently.

"Do you think everyone is the same as you?"Mu Yu said with no anger.

After the third array of imprints was portrayed, it took a day, but the tossing for so long was not in vain, and a total of nine innumerable imprints emitted white light.

When Mu Yu activated the last imprint, the nine imprints suddenly sent a light from their place, as if something couldn't wait to break free from the imprint. Then the light was tilted at an angle, and the light gathered in the center of the house, and then there was a plaque in the center, and a shadow of the tree emerged.

"The demon tree! Actually it is the array of the old man! ”

Mu Yu was surprised to see the demon tree that suddenly appeared in the middle of the house. The sky demon tree was covered with white sky demon.

Slightly shaking, there is a door on the trunk, exactly the same as the demon tree in the valley!

"The old man of the dead wood is really boring, and his own things have to be so troublesome."Xiaoshuai shouted.

"Less nonsense, the old man must have his own reasons to do this, hurry up."

Mu Yu walked over and pushed open the door of the Tian Yao tree. Inside was a world of white mans, and Mu Yu stepped in step by step.

This time he came to a bright space, there is nothing here, only the ancient transmission array is here!

Then a voice echoes in this space.

"I don't know who you are, but since you have found it, it means that your talent is enough to take over the ancient transmission line. The Danding team has a decent junior and has not let me down."

The young look of dead wood slowly emerged from the ancient transmission array.

"My God, I saw the old man again."

Mu Yu quickly rushed to the past, although she knew that this was just the image left by the dead wood, but she still felt very cordial.

It is a pity that the dead wood standing in the ancient transmission array does not seem to appreciate. It is just cold and cold looking at Mu Yu. He never smiles at strangers. Even if he comes here, the outstanding descendants of Danding are useless. .

"No food, a little disappointing."Xiaoshuai looked around and yawned.

The dead wood continued: "I thought about it again and again and decided to save the inheritance knowledge of the ancient transmission array in this way, because if you can't solve my array, you are not qualified to study the ancient transmission array."

Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders. Although it took him a lot of time to complete the nine imprints, he did not refute anything about the old man.

Because the complexity of the ancient transmission array is certainly much more complicated than the combination of the outside, if there is no way to solve the combination of the array, then it is impossible to understand the ancient things that are so difficult.

This is also a test and test, but it is hard to beat the wood feather.

"I will teach you all the knowledge I have studied. You can learn how much you can learn." The Danding School's inheritance is a very high-level study. It is not the same as the battle of the Fumen Gate. The array of battles is all-encompassing, but most of the arrays studied by the strategists tend to attack. The main function of the Dan Ding faction is not the attack, but the defensive, which is caused by the different cultivation concepts of the two identities. ”

Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, and the array of squadrons, except for some guardian arrays, mostly focused on offenses, whether it was Lu Xianshi’s β€œSharp Remnant Snake Shadow” or Zhuge Xiaosheng. The "drying from the sacred seal" is quite powerful, and it is difficult for the comprehensions in the same realm to resist. This is also the characteristic of the array of the array.

After all, the alchemy teacher only refines the medicinal herbs and takes the medicinal herbs to achieve various purposes. The alchemy division is not suitable for combat, and the combat power is low. The former alchemists need to use the array to protect themselves, so the tactics tend to defend. .

Unfortunately, there are so few people in the Danding School who can take care of Dan Dao and the martial arts. In a sense, they have become the specific talents of the alchemists, and then the use of herbal medicines and their ability to distinguish them. And the ability to control the fire, these conditions are very demanding.

To become a squad, what is needed is a brain with a very strong logic and savvy ability. The hardest arrays are all derived from a small gossip, which can be transformed into different effects. These must be in mind. In the rapid deduction, people who do not have the ability to deduct can not become a division.

The Danding people must have the talents of the alchemists and the powerful deductive ability of the strategists. This kind of person has so far been too few. The dead wood and the wood feathers are rare, but even the dead wood and the wood feathers. They are not pure alchemists.

Dead wood is intentionally not wanting to be an alchemy teacher, while Mu Yu is not interested in alchemy by the influence of dead wood, but is more interested in extruding alchemists.

The dead wood slowly descended from the ancient transmission line, and the transmission array around it quickly shrank, floating in the air, moving to the front of the dead wood, the above-mentioned formations quickly lit up, and the transmission array seen by Mu Yu in the cave. The same.

"Because the postoperative surgery is incapable of being criticized, and alchemy can quickly gain benefits, the Danding school's alchemists are more willing to spend their energy on how to refine the medicinal herbs. This is very sad for the Danding party, you can come here, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Description You have the characteristics of an alchemy division and a squad, and you are barely qualified. ”The dead wood said indifferently.

Mu Yu has nothing to do with it. When he came here, he was only "satisfied" in the eyes of dead wood. Anyway, the more powerful genius is not worth mentioning in the eyes of dead wood, because dead wood itself is a genius, such a genius like dead wood is not Will praise other geniuses.

"The ancient transmission array used the power of nature. If you don't understand what is the power of nature, then go back and think about it again. The ancient transmission array has a name: virtual array. The formation of the void array is also based on the gossip as the prototype. It will be the most complicated array you have ever seen. I don't expect you to learn it all at once. If you can't keep up with my explanation, then you need to go back. Learn the book again. ”

The look of dead wood is very impatient, and his character does not waste time explaining what seems to be very simple.

"Oh my God, teach your younger generation with your temper, those alchemists will learn it!"

Mu Yu shook his head, and the Dan Ding School's alchemy teacher couldn't even have basic arrays. Where can I expect to understand the power of nature? When he learned the power of nature, he was full of fog. With the power of nature as the base, even the innate sects of the sects are not necessarily able to do it, let alone other alchemists.

He suddenly found himself able to learn the complicated arrays of dead wood, and it was a miracle!

The dead wood waved slowly, and the void array on the chest changed again, giving a golden glow, followed by:

"You can come here, then you are qualified to know a secret of the void array. I am afraid that anyone will feel incredible. Even if I knew this secret, it was quite shocking. This secret is the key to the ancient transmission matrix! "Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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