Chapter 933 The Secret of the Ancient Transmission

"The secret of the ancient transmission array?"
Mu Yu suddenly came to the interest, he specializes in the ancient transmission array, if you can know the secrets of the ancient transmission array is naturally best.
The ancient transmission line, which was shrunk in front of the dead wood, trembled a little, and made eight rays of light, which were directed in eight directions. These eight lights were illusory, and then another eight identical voids appeared in the air.
"The Danding Schoolโ€™s ancient transmission matrix was laid out at the beginning of the creation. The specific history canโ€™t even be studied, but what I can tell you is that this is a powerful space transmission array, the power is beyond our imagination, with it. You can go to other worlds, no longer limited to triple heavens, you can go from one heaven to nine heavens!โ€
โ€œwhat? โ€
Mu Yu stunned.
The Dandan Schoolโ€™s ancient transmission array can go from one heavy day to nine heavens?
Mu Yu has so far visited another world, the double heaven that was once ruled by the White Dragon Monster. At that time, through this ancient transmission array, he thought that this transmission array was dedicated to the Double Heaven, but did not expect The dead wood gave him a secret to tell him!
Dan Ding sent this ancient transmission array actually has this ability?
The news was so shocking that even Wu Yu did not think of it.
Mu Yuโ€™s heart suddenly became hot. He is still only staying in the triple heaven, then the four heavens, the five heavens and even the nine heavens. What are these worlds like?
The nine void arrays in front of the dead wood began to rotate and connected with each other. It was like mutual induction. The chaotic yin and yang suddenly appeared in the air, and they plunged into one of the void arrays, and then disappeared without a shadow. Drilled out in a void array, back and forth, and repeated.
"I know that you will be unbelievable. When I first studied this ancient transmission matrix, I was shocked when I found out that it had this ability, because it meant that our cognition was no longer limited to triple heaven. โ€
There was a hint of dignity in the dead wood eyes. He waved his hand again, and the chaotic yin and yang turned around his fingertips. This is the big black and white of the open market, but it is the phantom created by the dead wood.
"The world we live in is a triple heaven. There are actually many secrets in this world that have not yet been discovered. Whether you are in the triple palace of your impression, or the eight gates, or the end of the mainland where the Yaozu is located, it is just the iceberg of this world. a corner. Therefore, the comprehension is small, and the alchemy teacher is the most vulnerable existence of the comprehension. If you are a Dan Ding, you must always remember this. Don't think that there will be no one dare to provoke the world, and many times life is the most important. โ€
The eyes of the dead wood fell on the wooden feathers, and there was a trace of disdain in his eyes. He regarded the wood feathers as the alchemy master of the Danding School, and he was quite dissatisfied with the situation of the alchemy.
Mu Yu was stared at himself and snorted: "I am not a weak alchemist."
The alchemist walks through the real world, and the comprehensions of the parties will give three points, so the alchemy itself will breed an inexplicable sense of superiority. This superiority is the most inferior to the dead wood, because the alchemist's life-saving means is too weak.
"I think you should have been to Double Heaven, and Double Sky and Triple Sky used to be similar worlds. However, the double heaven was destroyed more than 5,000 years ago. What you need to understand is that the double heaven is not weaker than the triple heaven, but there is a strong existence that erases the world and makes it a wild place. place. And these powerful existences can erase the double heavens, and naturally can also erase the triple heavens. Therefore, as an alchemy teacher, you should not be complacent because you can get temporary benefits. Once the triple heaven encounters the same dilemma as the double heaven, The alchemy master is no good at all. โ€
When Lumu talked about the status quo of the alchemists today, he was very dissatisfied.
Only when one looks at the long-term, can one feel how small and ridiculous the circle is.

"The powerful existence that erases the double heaven is from other worlds. The races of other worlds are far more powerful than our triple heavens. I tell you this, I hope that you should not be blinded, and the eyes should not be confined to the triple heaven. The power of other world races is far from what you can imagine. You will not necessarily encounter races in other worlds in your lifetime, but you will definitely encounter sinister comprehensions. Some comprehensions will not control your identity. Let the killers grab your things and say. What you can do is to work hard to learn the array, so that you have the ability to protect yourself, the big waves will wash the sand, and only the stones with enough weight can stand firmer. โ€
It is rare for the dead wood to have a strong tone of mind. He wants to let the descendants of the Danding faction realize his own smallness through the powerful existence of other worlds, and thus understand the necessity of learning to practice. Don't always have a strong sense of strength, but there is no sense of superiority.
"Dad, I can still hear your teachings. Itโ€™s an accident! โ€Mu Yu smiled. The dead wood ancestors used to teach that Mu Yu was mainly based on ้ช‚, and would not tell him what is the reason. This is the first time that Mu Yu heard the philosophical words of dead wood.
However, it turns out that the view of dead wood is correct.
The Danding faction is respected, and everyone in the realm of worship is admired, but Rao is a powerful alchemy teacher. The Sangong Palace wants to destroy the Danding School, and it is only a matter of words. The alchemy division has insufficient self-protection ability, let alone the Sangong Palace. I am afraid that it is the eight-door random martial art who wants to attack the Dan Ding faction. The Dan Ding faction cannot resist.
The dead wood continued: "More than three thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Danding School also agreed to explore the secrets of the Double Heaven by other sects. Therefore, every few times, the void array will be opened, and the Yuan Ying period comprehenators of each sect will be transmitted. To the second day. The void array is the channel for communicating with each world, so there are more than one void array, but there are nine! There is one in every world, and different patterns can be used to travel to different worlds. โ€
A void array can make people feel free to travel in any world. The secret of Dan Ding is really hidden by snow.
"Of course, the Yaozu also has a transmission array, but the transmission line of the Yaozu is to help the seniors of our Danding School at the expense of a certain condition thousands of years ago. They can only shuttle between the Double Heaven and the Triple Sky, and have no ability to go to other places. The world, and the drawbacks are very large. โ€
The dead wood talked about the transmission line of the Yaozu, and his face was obviously disdainful.
"But don't be too happy, our Danding sentimental transmission array was old because of the age, and the talents of the array were withered, no maintenance, no missing patterns, and there were problems with the transmission arrays going to other worlds, so now we can only go to two. World. โ€
The dead wood did not surprise Mu Yu, he knew that things were not that simple.
"The void array can now go, one is the double heaven, this needless to say that you should be clear, the other is to the four heavens. โ€
The dead Wood said here with a dignified look, frowning: "The way to four days was originally by me to fix, start the pattern of the FA I also grope out, but then I found four days there is too dangerous, and that the world is quite strange, something too strong, if those races came to our triple-day, the consequences of unimaginable, So it was sealed off so that the transmit array was not connected. Don't think about how to get to Quadruple before you have the power of the Mahayana period. โ€
Xiaoshuai asked in surprise: "So, the dead wood has been to the four heavens?"
Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, and the dead wood old man was really a hidden person. He suddenly remembered those meat-winged horns, who claimed to be from the moon, isnโ€™t the moon or the four-day race?
"Nothing, anyway, I am not going to play in other worlds now. I havenโ€™t knocked down the Triple Palace yet, and I havenโ€™t revived the old lady. โ€
Mu Yu gave up his thoughts about the Moon in his mind, and there was nothing to regret about the passage of the Four Heavens. There are still a lot of things in the triple heaven. How can I have to manage the four heavens?
Besides, the purpose of his coming here to learn to transfer the array is to learn how to use the method of the Ding Ding to break away the jade, in order to save those who Mu Yu thinks are worth saving.
The dead wood said: "If you have been to open the space of the market, you should understand that UU reading is an independent space, similar to the simple array of sleeves. Itโ€™s just that the sleeves in the sleeves are easy to be opened by others, and they canโ€™t accommodate living things, but the space created by the void array is ok. Then I will explain to you about the various patterns of the void array. Can you learn it? Your ability to comprehend. โ€
Deadwood began to explain the structure of the void array and the principle of each of his formations. The layout of the void array is too different from the present, and it is impossible to understand it with the current knowledge of the array. In particular, it also contains 80 inscriptions that need to be understood by itself, and the inscriptions are used to fuse the formations. complex.
As it turns out, the ordinary person who wants to keep up with the dead wood can't do it, because the dead wood is a genius, so he always explains what he is doing. Many of the things he thinks are very simple are too much trouble.
Just like when the dead wood was writing the book "Xuanzhen", many of the arrays in "Xuanzhen" at the beginning, Mu Yu did not understand at all, not suitable for novices to learn. Mu Yu also went to a sequel to systematically complete the basic array, only to slowly understand the meaning of "Xuan Zhen".
"Dad, itโ€™s also a loss for me. There is no one in this world who can keep up with your thinking. โ€
Mu Yuโ€™s heart has been lingering, but fortunately, Mu Yuโ€™s talent for deducting comprehension is not weaker than dead wood, so itโ€™s not too much effort. Mu Yu was less than dead wood when he was on the ladder, and it was the first time he had climbed the ladder without learning the innate array.
What is certain is that after the dead wood was definitely a success, it was only going to find the ladder of the heavenly study hall. Otherwise, the heavens would not let an outsider try the ladder. )Download the free reader!!

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