Chapter 935, the drug master is missing

Heart robbing is the hurdle that a person can't get through.

Mu Yu is worried about many people, just like the death of the dead old wood, the death of the old man and the Xuan Zhengtang family, and the disappearance of the master, but Mu Yu has been working hard to resurrect these people. I have never slacked off, so these are not his heart robbing.

When I was in Qingshuicheng, Wood Folding Star let Mu Yu find herself back. He understood that he had to be a "living to himself" and he knew that what he was doing was what Master often said. ". Therefore, he did not think that he had lived up to Master’s expectations. Because he was a master, he would not blame him, so he could pass Master’s robbery.

But what he doesn't know is that the village chief and Mu Hao will see him. He needs to tell the truth to the two people and let them know what kind of person Muyu is today. Only in this way can they Two of my own heart robbing.

But for the sake of ignorance, Mu Yu has been unable to make it clear that he has long wanted to look for stunned, but he is afraid that he can't forgive him. He and Qiao Xue's unclear relationship, but ignored the ignorance, and even did not even understand what happened to him in the past few years, Mu Yu did not understand what it is like now, all this is plaguing Mu Yu.

If you want to get through the heart, you have to face up to your heart and see what kind of person you are. Mu Yu has the power to kill, but this is not what he wants, so he can't fully play the killing power. He needs to let those who don't want to face understand who he really is. What kind of person is it? The power of oneself, not purely relying on the excluded killing power.

"So next you have to go to the village head of the old god stick, find a sister, look for a stupid girl?"Xiao Shuai asked Mu Yu’s words.

Mu Yu nodded.

"Oh my God! Are you not guilty of me? Take me to do experiments every day, when I am blocking the shield, I still dislike me. Is it not important to you? Isn't it even enough to be a robber in your heart? You make me feel very sad, I treat you as a person, but you don't pay attention to me, or people? It’s not as good as a beast…"Xiaoshuai said indignantly.

"Don't make trouble, go out and buy you a candied fruit and roast duck."

"This is almost the same, well, then when I have been robbed."

Mu Yu left the opening of the market and found the Yundan Taoist. The Yundan Taoist had ordered people to buy a lot of jade for the wood feathers in the past few days, and also called for the three-stage alchemy division of the Danding School. The fifth-order Rotary, everyone dare not slack off.

"You want to leave the Dan Ding party? When can I come back? ”Yundan Taoist immediately asked.

"I will be back in two or three days. You will refine the Rotary here. I have calculated that at least a few million Rotary will be needed because this method is very large."Mu Yu explained.

Yundan Taoist is very worried about the departure of Muyu, because he is very worried that the Triple Palace will once again invade the Danding School. Today, Muyu is the backbone of the Sangong Palace.

However, Mu Yu told him that the opening of the market was in operation and protected the entire Danding faction. Therefore, the people of the Mie Palace could not come in again. It is necessary to pay attention to those other masters who were controlled by the Mie Palace.

"Reassure, our Dan Ding faction has been closed, even if the disciples who go out to purchase alchemy materials come back, they must go through the identity of the uncle Yuan."Yundan Taoist said.

But at this moment, a panicking voice suddenly came.

"Master, Bo Yu, not good, my master is gone!"Run in with anxiety.

"The pharmacist is gone? Haven't you been watching him all the time? ”

Yundan Taoist was also amazed. They all know that the Japanese medicine's Promise is all done for Dan Ding, so he has been waiting for the medicine to wake up and apologize to the medicine, but he did not expect that the medicine will suddenly disappear.

"In the past few days, I have seen everyone refining the Rotary, so I went to refine the system while taking care of Master. I never thought that I would leave for a while.

When I came back, Master disappeared. ”

In the heart of the grief, he repented. On the same day, he said to his master that he was so ruthless and rebellious. He said that his master was a person who was greedy and fearful of death. In the end, he realized what his master was doing. He has always been with Master, and he hopes that when he wakes up, his master will regret it for Master.

But now the master of medicine has disappeared.

"Mu Yu, you will help me find Master."Said eagerly.

"Don't worry, let me go and see."

Mu Yu went to Kai Ding Ding, searched the entire Dan Ding faction with the breath of the open market, and then shook his head: "The master of medicine is not in the Dan Ding."

"Not in Danding? how come! ”It’s anxious.

Mu Yu was silent for a moment and said: "I think the drug master should not want to face you…"

"I don't want to face me?"I took a sigh of relief.

"You said in front of everyone that the words of grace and decisiveness were made, and made a very different decision from the master of medicine. You choose to die as if you are dead, and his choice seems to everyone to be an incompetent person who is afraid of death. He told me before he was in a coma. He is proud of you. I am afraid that you will despise him, so Not willing to face you. ”Mu Yu said slowly.

Master and apprentice made the opposite choice. The apprentice was heroic and righteous, but the master was greedy and fearful of death. The impression that the master of medicine left in front of everyone was weak and incompetent. He was afraid that he would be cast aside and even more afraid of being unable to face. To your own apprentice.

He bears the burden of humiliation and bears the nickname. However, in the end, nothing has been done and he can't clean himself in front of others. He feels that he will only be stabbed in the bones of the Dan Ding, and he is even more afraid to bring unnecessary The trouble, so I chose to leave.

"Do not! Do not! I am sorry Master, I am an ignorant bastard! I didn't face him! ”I slap my own slap in the face, "No, I have to find Master, I must find Master!" I want to tell Master that he is not a person who is afraid of death, I am a bastard! What did I do that day! ”

The spirit has been chaotic, and he is eager to go to the Dan Ding's exit, want to find his own master, and apologize to his master.

"Let's take it, you wait, do you know where the pharmacist will go?"Yundan Taoist quickly stopped the blame.

The whole body was shaking, his eyes were red, and the tears had flowed down: "I don't know, but I must find Master, no matter the ends of the earth, I will find him and apologize to him. He is the greatest in the world. People, and I am just a bastard, it’s me, not him…not him……"

The clenched fist, the nails have been deeply embedded in the flesh, and there is endless remorse in his heart. When he thinks of the ignorance of his master, he feels that he is the biggest fool in the world, even My master’s good intentions don’t understand, when can he be alone?

"Don't worry, the Danding faction is now heavily guarded. There is only one gate, guarded by Yuanhua Shishu, ask him."Yundan Taoist said.

Everyone immediately went to the exit. The Yuanhua Dao people personally took the exit and were checking the identity of the disciples.

"what? Promise he left? I didn't pay attention. I only paid attention to the people who came in and didn't pay attention to the disciples who went out. ”Yuanhuadao people are also shocked.

In order to refine the Rotary in the past few days, many disciples will be arranged to go out and purchase the materials for the refining of the fifth-order Xuan Dan. Because the people who sent out from Dan Ding must be their own people, so the Yuanhua Dao people will not pay attention.

"You little sister-in-law, let you see the door, where did you see it?"He Liankong also knew that the drug was the most promising thing, and suddenly broke his mouth.

Yuanhua Dao is also full of faces: "The ancestors are angry, I am dereliction of duty."

"Isn't it time to send someone out to find out?"Helian repudiated.

"Yes, yes, I will send someone to find it."Yuanhuadao said quickly.

"Jing Lie, you are thinking about it, where is the pharmacist usually going outside? The size of the comprehension is so big, we need to refine the fifth-order circadian, and there are not enough people. We can't find a needle in the haystack. You think about where your master will go, we have a purpose to look for. ”Yundan Taoist did not mess up, but said patiently.

"No, if the pharmacist doesn't want to see the sorrow, then it won't let the sorcerer find it. UU reading will not go to those places where the singer knows."Mu Yu opens the way.

"What should I do?"Asked by Helian.

He also raised his head and looked at Mu Yu eagerly: "Mu Yu, I beg you, you must have a way to find my master, isn't it?"

"You go to the sky and bring it to the sky."Mu Yu said.

"When you bring it to the sky?"

Everyone is a glimpse. The decision of Mu Yu is not very clear. What do you do when you take this position?

When he remembered the time when he rose to the sky, his face was distorted. In the past few days, he has resisted himself when he did not kill. He did not kill the initiator who was humiliated by the master of medicine. He wanted his father’s hand. When he was killed, he went to heaven and washed his humiliation, but the master of medicine chose not to say goodbye.

"What are you looking for?"Asked with resentment.

When Deng Tiantian was abolished by Mu Yu, he was controlled by the soul of the soul. If he wanted to die, he could not find death. He sent someone to guard.

"Do you want to let the master of medicine swear by the enemy?"Mu Yu asked.

In fact, the most want to kill when the sky is the wood feather, because the old dead wood was because of the control of the slaves to commit the rules of the Triple Palace, and the Dan Ding faction can refine the slaves, not many people, this slave It is time to refine the system and give it to the sky, which is all interrogated by Mu Yu from the time.

But Mu Yu thought of the Master of Medicine, the first drug master in order to act as a "control" of the people, he was in front of the time to grovel, very humiliating, doing and medicine Master original character does not match things, medicine master in the mind is also full of hatred, mu Feather admire the medicine master of the person, would like to wash his own shame medicine master.

"Hands and enemies? Mu Yu, do you know where my master is? ”Raised his head in surprise.

"I know that he will definitely go there."Mu Yu nodded.

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