Chapter 941 The Origin of the Great Monument

    Cold ice and snow hesitated for a moment, when Deng Tian was dead, there was no regret in her heart, watching her father who had lost consciousness, she walked silently. &1t;p>

    "I didn't expect you to be like this."Cold and snowy eyes are complicated. After all, it is my father. It is impossible for her heart to really blame him for a lifetime. &1t;p>

    "Sister…"The master of medicine wants to stop. &1t;p>

    "I will take care of him and try to remind him of the previous things."Cold and snow said. &1t;p>

    The master of medicine stunned, and then revealed a smile that was relieved. This is obviously the best result. Today, the Danding party cannot be without the Yuande. &1t;p>

    Cold and snow forgive her father, but even so, the Yuande Dao people still did not fully recover, but in the calm and chilling he would not talk again, the state began to slowly improve. &1t;p>

    The valley has been destroyed a bit seriously, Mu Yu does not worry that the two of them stay here again, they took the others back to the Dan Ding. &1t;p>

    For the Yuan Tak Taoist, medicine Master and the return of cold ice and snow, Yun Dan Taoist extremely excited, now Dan Ding Pie lost the Hong-yuan and Hong-yi two uncle, then only left the Yuan de Taoist one still alive, the return of the Yuan de Taoist is to give Dan Ding pie hope, and cold snow is also six-order alchemist, to the Dan Ding faction important. &1t;p>

    "You can rest assured that we all will find a way to help Shibo restore his mind. Shibo can't have an accident."Yundan Taoist said firmly. &1t;p>

    Then he saw the master of medicine and said with apologetic: "Pharmaceutical brother, sorry, the thing on that day is that I am not right…" &1t;p>

    The master of medicine said with a smile: "The master of the department is heavy, let the past pass in the past!"&1t;p>

    "You can rest assured that I have already spoken to the entire Danding people. They all know what you were doing and no one dared to talk about anything about you."Yundan Tao said seriously. &1t;p>

    The master of medicine smiled and patted the shoulders: "No matter, this child is more important to me than everyone else."&1t;p>

    Grate and grin: "Reassured Master, I will protect you later! Who can dare to chew the tongue, I can't spare him. ”&1t;p>

    The master of medicine is pleased to nod,

He at least understands that the spirit can already be his own. &1t;p>

    Mu Yu transferred the remains of the Old City Lord to the Dan Ding School and was properly placed. And Mu Yu came to Kaixing Ding with the dead wood old man. &1t;p>

    He thought about it, no matter what happened, only the opening of the market is the safest place, because the opening of the market can block the people of the Mie Palace. &1t;p>

    "Daddy, you are here waiting for me."Mu Yu looked at the body of the dead wood in the open market, and his heart was extremely embarrassing. &1t;p>

    The two guys, Dahei and Dabai, squatted in the open market, and suddenly jumped to the body of the dead wood. It seemed that they found their own master and wanted to wake up their masters. But the dead woods did not move, no reaction. &1t;p>

    "I will return."When Mu Yu was about to leave the opening of the market, suddenly the big black and the big white rushed over and stopped the road of Mu Yu. &1t;p>

    "what happened?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably. &1t;p>

    Xiaoshuai came out and jumped to the big black head. Suddenly he said with amazement: "Wood feathers, big black and big white let you leave the soul of dead wood."&1t;p>

    "No, I have to guard the soul of the soul at all times."Mu Yu shook his head. &1t;p>

    Big black and big white jumped up and down in the air and swayed. &1t;p>

    Xiaoshuai continued: "Dahei and Dabai said that they can help them, because the soul of the soul is the reason why the dead wood is still the big black and the big white master. As long as the soul and the body are there, they will be in you. Continue to maintain the market when you are not there."&1t;p>

    "Why?"Mu Yu is puzzled. &1t;p>

    "Actually, Mu Yu, you think, the yin and yang of chaos has its own spirituality, if the previous master died, then Chaos Yin and Yang will be easy to the Lord, but the last time we came back here, the chaos of yin and yang but still identify with the dead wood as the owner, it should be due to this set of the soul of the cause of the set of the soul array Let dead wood is not really ”Xiaoshuai said. &1t;p>

    When Mu Yu’s heart moved, he immediately asked: “So can black and white be able to protect the soul?”&1t;p>

    Big black and big white are spinning again. &1t;p>

    Xiaoshuai nodded: "They can say it can be done."&1t;p>

    Mu Yu pondered for a moment, the two black and white guys have already recognized the dead wood, and Mu Yu knows that they will not be targeted, and Yu Pei is really safe here. &1t;p>

    "it is good! I will continue to look for real people. Dad, you are waiting for me! ”&1t;p>

    Mu Yu put Yu Pei in the hands of the dead wood, looking at the serene appearance of the dead wood, the belief in his heart has never changed. &1t;p>

    Mu Yu stood up and stepped out. He had already left the market with Xiao Shuai. &1t;p>

    Just after Mu Yu left the open market ding, big black and white suddenly whirled into the jade, then the damaged soul began to shine, and his body and soul seemed to have some strange rhythm, and the inscription in the open market tripod began to appear as if cheering for the return of the dead wood, Then a baguazhen appears beneath his body ……&1t;p>


    During the days when Mu Yu left, basically everyone in the Danding School was refining the fifth-order Rotary, and barely reached the number needed for Mu Yu. At this time, Mu Yu could finally move the Rotary. . &1t;p>

    Everyone jumped into the air and looked at Mu Yu with great tension. Now that the Dan Ding faction can be rebuilt, it looks at Mu Yu. Today, Mu Yu has done a lot of things for the Danding School, and he has become the center of everyone. &1t;p>

    "Be sure to succeed!"Yundan Taoist mourned in his heart. &1t;p>

    Mu Yu stood on the open market, and the lines in his hands rushed out. Nearly 100,000 yuan of Xuan Dan was injected into the corner of the Dan Ding School, and it was integrated into the depths of the earth. Melt into one. &1t;p>

    A powerful and mysterious pattern emerged from the hands of Mu Yu, and a colorful light was drilled from the opening of the market. It was like a shower of gold and was injected into every inch of the Ding Ding. &1t;p>

    Everyone in the Danding School was watching and was shocked by the appearance of Mu Yu. They were never alchemists who knew that there would be such a powerful technique in their martial art. &1t;p>

    Then the land of the Danding School began to surge, and the sand and stones began to gather together. The ground quickly rose and formed a mountain. The clear water of Ganzi also sprang from the depths of the ground, forming a waterfall of springs, dotted with mountains, trees seem to begin to regenerate, and branches are also buds…&1t;p>

    These mountains are slowly recovering, but they are not restored to the terrain a few months ago, but the terrain recorded by the Cyclone Reunion thousands of years ago. However, Rao is so excited that Yundan people are excited. They never thought about the time when the Danding School was recast. &1t;p>

    "Okay, the rest of the things need to be up to you. Those buildings and the like can't be restored. Dan Hall is all destroyed. But Dan Ding sends those ancient temples and Danjing. The pavilion has been moved back to my place."Mu Yu fell to the side of Yundan Taoist. &1t;p>

    "No problem, no problem, the rest we will build it ourselves, Mu Yu, I really don't know how to thank you…"Yundan Taoist people are very emotional. &1t;p>

    "No, I should leave the Dan Ding School. You should try to close the Dan Ding School. No matter how the outside world spreads, you don't need to manage it. Now the Sanchong Palace in the realm of the realm wants to fight the war. Your alchemists should not interfere and recuperate. In the future, we need to face the Triple Palace together."Mu Yu said. &1t;p>

    He Liankong floated to the side of Mu Yu and said: "You can rest assured that in the future, our Danding party will definitely stand with you."&1t;p>

    He Liankong is a member of the Mie Palace. He is now the person with the deepest qualifications of Dan Ding, and naturally knows how to put Dan Ding in his hands. Yundan Taoist and others have already known the conspiracy of the Mie Palace. Now they can only rely on the leadership of Heliankong, so if they are even connected, they dare not listen. &1t;p>

    "Mu Yu, I need to tell you something about the Mie Palace alone."Helian empty road. &1t;p>

    "Predecessors please say that I will be cautious about anything about the Mie Palace now."Mu Yu said. &1t;p>

    He Liankong shoved everyone away, and then said seriously: "Mu Yu, you are not here these days, I deliberately let people investigate, now one thing."&1t;p>

    "what's up?"&1t;p>

    "Great fairy list! The significance of my current fairy list is still the same as that of my time. ”Heliankong said. &1t;p>

    "Isn't the Fairy List not a self-entertainment for the Mie Palace?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably. &1t;p>

    He Liankong shook his head: "You are wrong, the immortal list is not that simple thing!"&1t;p>

    Mu Yu looked at the serious look of He Liankong. He felt that He Liankong was not joking. He said: "Predecessors, now, you have something to say!"&1t;p>

    "Then I said it. The celestial list is very powerful. In the early days, the celestial list was not only used against the Yumeng Mozu, but against the aliens! ”Heliankong said. &1t;p>

    "Anti-independence?"Mu Yu is puzzled. &1t;p>

    "Have you seen some other repressed races in the town demon tower? For example, the moon family? ”Asked by Helian. &1t;p>

    Mu Yu nodded: "I have seen it."&1t;p>

    "The moon family is an alien, they are not from the triple heaven, but from other worlds!"Helen said seriously. &1t;p>

    Mu Yu looked at him and didn't talk. &1t;p>

    "You shouldn't have heard of this?"&1t;p>

    When He Liankong last time said that he was a member of the Mie Palace, he did not get the shock of Mu Yu’s shock. This time he did not give up his heart and thought that Mu Yu had never heard of other world aliens. &1t;p>

    "what? what? Are they from other worlds? I am so scared! ”&1t;p>

    Xiaoshuai bitten an apple and made a fuss with it, and then chewed it if nothing had happened. &1t;p>

    Mu Yu felt a little headache, and he and Xiao Shuai had already made it clear. Other things, the moon people of the town demon tower have become his killing power. &1t;p>

    He Liankong nodded with satisfaction. "Yes, the purpose of our Mie Palace was to protect the triple sky and not to invade other worlds." The significance of the existence of the immortal list is to select nine Xuan Xian, control the immortal monument, and fight against the aliens. But later, because of the turmoil of the Yumeng Mozu, the Great Monument was also used as a thing to fight against the Yumeng Mozu. ”&1t;p>

    "Jiu Xuantian fights, what is the formation?"Mu Yu asked. &1t;p>

    He Liankong touched his beard, UU read the book said: "Jiu Xuantian fights, is a very powerful ancient array, is said to be based on the strength of Tianheng, the formation of the law The power depends on the strength of the nine Xuan Xian."&1t;p>

    "With the strength of Tianheng as the base?"Mu Yu exclaimed. &1t;p>

    "Yes! The power of Tianheng…Wait, you shouldn’t know what Tianheng’s power is this time? ”He Liankong looked suspiciously at Mu Yu, and every time he said something shocking, Mu Yu was clear, making him very faceless. &1t;p>

    nonsense! Mu Yu certainly knows! &1t;p>

    "Oh, yes, I don't know."&1t;p>

    Mu Yu nodded and nodded, to meet the spirit of He Liankong as a predecessor who wants to show high standards. &1t;p>


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