Chapter 944 Red Dust Gate

        Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai re-entered the city of Chun'an, and the city of Chun'an was in harmony, but some people were watching at the gate of the city to prevent the Yumeng Mozu from coming in. In the air, a group of comprehensions are on the tour. Once the Yumeng Mob is attacked, they will promptly touch the alarm. &1t;/p>

        "This Qi'an City is now gone even with the moat. Can they stop the Yumeng Mozu?"Xiaoshuai became a human figure, watching the comers who came and went, disdainfully said. &1t;/p>

        "I can't stop it, it's not our business."&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders indifferently. It has become a matter of peace for him. He doesn't want to be a casual, good person. Everyone needs to be responsible for the decisions they make. What Mu Yu can do is help those who do it right. The person chosen. &1t;/p>

        At the beginning, he left a streak on Xiaochen, and with this pattern, he can clearly sense the approximate position of Xiaochen. &1t;/p>

        They went to the remote rural courtyard in Chun'an City in an abundance, and saw the little morning squatting at the door of her house. She still held a palm-sized statue of the true god in her hand. &1t;/p>

        "Little morning, what are you thinking?"Mu Yu went to the side of Xiaochen and asked. &1t;/p>

        "Big brother, are you?"Xiaochen recognized the wood feather and stood up happily. &1t;/p>

        "You seem to have something to think about."Mu Yu sat next to Xiaochen, and asked. &1t;/p>

        Xiaochen sighed and said: "Big brother, are you a fairy teacher?" You like the true God, right? ”&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu snorted: "Why are you asking?"&1t;/p>


The fairy of the Red Dust Gate will come to Chun'an City. They said that they are recruiting the right children to cultivate the immortals. I also want to try it, but just now, I said to me, I definitely can't go because I still believe in the true God and the immortal. The teacher does not like the true God now. ”Xiao Chenxi was somewhat lost and looked at the small sculpture of the real god in his hand. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu touched the head of Xiaochen, and said softly: "What did you think about that morning?"&1t;/p>

        "I want to be a fairy teacher, and I have the ability to play the bad guys, but I believe that the true God is a good person, so they will not let me in."Xiaochen said. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu touched the head of Xiao Chenxi: "It doesn't matter, I will go with you tomorrow, help you drum up, and the sister of Red Dust Gate may let you enter."&1t;/p>

        No matter whether the red dust door is controlled or not, if a child like Xiao Chenxi is just getting started, there is no need to worry about it. If Xiaochen wants to enter Xianmen, it is naturally excellent. &1t;/p>

        "Okay, thank you big brother!"Xiao Chenxi smiled happily. &1t;/p>

        It was a pure and kind smile, like a warm flower blooming, making the whole world clear. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu likes Xiao Chen’s smile. &1t;/p>

        "I will pick you up tomorrow morning."Mu Yu said. &1t;/p>

        "Then tell me about this thing right away!"Xiaochen stood up and ran to the house. &1t;/p>

        The feathers of the wooden feathers are rushing into the mind of Xiao Chen’s mind: “Remember, this piece of jade can only be broken when you encounter a threat to life. It is usually necessary to protect this piece of jade and not be damaged. do not tell anyone."&1t;/p>

        Xiao Chen’s pure eyes flashed a trace of confusion, then nodded. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu smiled and left here. &1t;/p>

        "Why do you want to use the soul to control the little morning?"Xiaoshuai asked. &1t;/p>

        "This jade is a life-saving thing. Xiaochen is a child after all. I am worried that Xiaochen can't keep the secret, let some people who are afraid of death know that they have robbed, so they used her soul to tamper with her memory."Mu Yu explained. &1t;/p>

        The soul of the soul he controls is complete, does not harm people, and can modify a person's memory in an instant. With his deliberate help, Xiaochen will cherish this jade, but I don't know what this jade means, only know that this jade can save lives. &1t;/p>

        "Then we have to go to Diane City to eat something delicious?"Xiaoshuai came out and turned into a little urchin. Just eating a pheasant in the woods is not enough to fill his stomach. &1t;/p>

        "By the way, I’d like to hear about the news. The people at the Red Dust Gate will come here to collect people. It’s really rare!”Mu Yu thought about it, this is also an opportunity. If you can follow the people of Red Dust Gate to find it, it would be better. &1t;/p>

        They strolled around the city of Chun'an, and the little handsome boy was stuffed with all kinds of food. The wooden feathers also came to the ground and heard why the red dust door came here. &1t;/p>

        Red Dust Gate's apprenticeship is very strict. They only accept female disciples, and they only recruit for two years. They usually don't accept people at will. This year is not the year of collecting people. But this time it is said that the goddess of the Red Dust Gate has a good cultivation, the Holy Light Huize, and the Yumeng Mozu, who cultivated the elite for the human race, only recently recruited girls who were five years old at various cities to send them to the Red Dust Gate to practice. &1t;/p>

        They have already been to several cities, this time just happened to be the turn of the city. &1t;/p>

        "The goddess has a good cultivation, and the light is shining, how does it sound like brainwashing?"Xiaoshuai said. &1t;/p>

        "What should the goddess mean is stunned? So, will you come here? ”&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu was extremely unexpected. He came here only to help Xiaochen’s family, but he was beaten to learn about the news that he will come here tomorrow. If you come to Chun'an City, he doesn't have to bother to go to the Red Gate. &1t;/p>

        "Great, I want to hug my sister."Xiaoshuai said with a greasy little claw. &1t;/p>

        "First wash your hands and say it!"&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu dismissed the head of Xiao Shuai and found an inn and stayed. &1t;/p>

        The next day, the entire city of Chun'an was boiling. &1t;/p>

        Because the goddess of the Red Dust Gate will visit the city of Chun'an, open the door to accept the apprenticeship, test the roots of the girl who is five years old. The red dust door is one of the eight doors. The people in the door are all fairies, and they are graceful and admirable. &1t;/p>

        As the heir to the next generation, the Red Dust Gate is the honorary name of the next generation. It is impossible to see it casually. This time, I went to Chun'an City and many of the comprehensions came here. In many men. From the perspective of the comprehensible person, if you can see the side of the goddess, there is no regret in this life! &1t;/p>

        Early in the morning, the entire city of Chun'an became very lively, like a celebration, on the street, on the roof, everywhere filled with comprehensions, shouting, waiting for the appearance of the Red Dust Gate. Mu Yu inquired about the news, and also confirmed that the red girl's goddess is indeed called 恬然! &1t;/p>

        "Awkward, I didn't expect that I was going to find you, but you came."Mu Yu’s heart is full of expectations. I haven’t seen it for years, and I don’t know how this simple girl is doing now. &1t;/p>

        Recalling the experience of so many years, Mu Yu is very worried about it. He wants to explain things clearly and make up for her as much as possible. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu was mixed in the crowd, pulling the hand of Xiao Chenxi, and fell on a roof. Xiaoshuai kindly stuffed a meat packet to Xiaochen. &1t;/p>

        The side of the roof is also crowded with many self-cultivators. At this time, the comprehensions are discussing the things about the Red Dust Gate. &1t;/p>

        "The goddess of the Red Dust Gate came to our city in Chun'an and was able to see the goddess. It was really a good fortune!"&1t;/p>

        "Yeah, the goddess is the heir to the Red Dust Gate in the future. I heard that it looks like a fairy in the painting. I really want to see it."&1t;/p>

        "It's a pity that my family is a male baby, otherwise I will send him to the Red Dust Gate."&1t;/p>

        "Every fairy of the Red Dust Gate looks like a fairy, and the disciples who are recruited naturally have to look good. Your baby is estimated to be innocent."&1t;/p>

        "If you can find the fairy of the Red Dust Gate, it is really a blessing on the ancestors."&1t;/p>

        "Come on! As for your mung bean eyes, you still want to smash the red door fairy, don't dream. ”&1t;/p>

        Many comprehensions are joking with each other, their eyes are full of envy, talking about the red dust door fairy in their eyes, and they are in awe of the red dust door. Every woman who comes out there can make people talk about it. &1t;/p>

        Xiao Chenxi was very happy to have eaten buns, but after eating, he suddenly got a little nervous. &1t;/p>

        "what happened? Morning sister, isn’t it good? Would you like a chicken leg? ”Xiaoshuai asked for a greasy chicken leg. &1t;/p>

        Xiao Chenxi shook his head: "No, little handsome brother. Just now those immortals said that the red dust gates recruited disciples to look good, then I, I am not looking good? ”&1t;/p>

        In fact, Xiaoshuai seems to be smaller than Xiaochen, but Xiaoshuai is deceiving Xiaochen, who is already ten years old and can be a big brother. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu squatted down and said with a smile: "The little morning owl looks good, don't have confidence in yourself. Xiaochen has a grateful heart, and those who know how to be grateful are the most beautiful. ”&1t;/p>

        Xiao Chenxi also held a small sculpture of a true god in his hand and asked, "Would I like to put this up first?" If I was seen by the fairy sister of the Red Dust Gate, what would I do if I didn’t like it? I can't buy a small sculpture of the true god now. ”&1t;/p>

        The small god sculpture in the hands of Xiaochen’s hand is standing with his hands on his back. His sword is behind his back, and his clothes are fluttering in the green clothes, and he is free and easy. &1t;/p>

        This kind of statue used to be bought by a lot of children as amulets, but now the Mie Palace has released rumors, and the swords and shadows have been smashed. Nowadays, the craftsmen who make the statues of true gods don’t dare to sell them again. Many children are under the guidance of parents. They also gave the statue that was originally cherished. &1t;/p>

        Xiao Chenxi has been preserved because the parents of Xiaochenyi believe in the true God. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu shook his head: "No, you are who, what people do, do not deliberately hide yourself, do yourself." Maybe it will give you extra points because of this little sculpture! ”&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu remembered the sorrow, but it was Master's daughter. If she saw this small sculpture, she would be happy. &1t;/p>

        Xiaochen is seven years old this year. The cultivation talent is good. It can be cultivated. When UU read, it was in the Moyun Mountain. Because of the aura relationship, Mu Yu started to cultivate at the age of twelve. Now I want to It’s really a waste of so many years. &1t;/p>

        "Well, thank you big brother."Xiaochen nodded. &1t;/p>

        "It’s kidding again."Xiaoshuai shouted. &1t;/p>

        "Have you been cheated by me?"Mu Yu took a look at Xiao Shuai. &1t;/p>

        "I am not a child."Xiaoshuai took a bite of chicken legs. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu ignored Xiao Shuai and turned to look at the gate of the city. He said in a silent voice: "Oh, what happened to you now?"&1t;/p>…


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