Chapter 949 kills God and God!

Jiang Shangqiu showed his body, and the body of the holy stalwart made all the comprehensions of Di'an City marvel!

"Is this person really a god?"

"My God, there is a god in this world!"

"It is the god! It’s really a god! ”

For the first time, all the comprehensions saw the brilliance of Jiang Weiqiu’s stalwart. They were extremely honorable and awe-inspiring. They never knew that there were such people in the world!

However, the expression of Jiang Shangqiu was very angry. He did not seem to want to reveal his body shape.

"Mu Yu, do you know that these people in Di'an City will die because of you?"Jiang Shangqiu yelled.

Even if he is angry, he seems to be just as it is, just as it is the anger of justice, which is taken for granted.

"because I? Humph! The people of your Mie Palace always like to hide their heads and tails, dare to launch the war of comprehension, why not dare to reveal their true colors? Still thinking about killing all those who saw your true face? This is the style of your triple palace? ”

The sound of Mu Yu is like a rolling thunder, spread throughout the whole of Chun'an City. His words are true to both the self-cultivator and the mortal!

All the comprehensions are a glimpse. They heard that Mu Yu said that the purpose of revealing the true face was that the Sangong Palace, who was not seen at the end of the dragon, was extremely unexpected, because no one had ever seen the true face of Sanju Palace, the meaning of Mu Yu at the moment. This person is the person of the Triple Palace?

It is like a stone thrown into the calm lake. The original quiet city of Di'an is once again full of people. Everyone thinks of the greatness of Sangong Palace today, and then sees Jiang Shangqiu, who is like a god, actually believes in Muyu!

"It turned out that this is the adult of the Mie Palace!"

"No wonder they look so tall and stalwart, it is really God who sent us to save us!"

"Yes! This is the true God! The sword shadow dust wind is a hair! ”

The comprehensions all talked up, and they looked at Jiang Shangqiu of Sangong Palace with amazement. They ignored the fact that Mu Yu said that Sangong Palace would kill them.

In their eyes, Mu Yu is like killing God, and it is like a devil. And Jiang Shangqiu is a tall and stalwart, and his body is very holy. It is a real god. It is even a savior-like triple palace. How could it kill them?

Killing God and God are squatting in the air, everyone chooses to believe in the gods!

Mu Yu must be just licking this great god!

“Where is the township, we don’t have time to hide our identity now!”Jiang Shangqiu looked at the township.

Hexiang hesitated for a moment, and then a holy white light appeared on his body.


The black robes of the township Heguan suddenly broke down, revealing the true face. This is another god of the stalwart. Standing in the air so strong, it is even more exciting for the entire city of Chun'an!

"Two gods, killing Mu Yu!"

"Great! The god of the Mie Palace came to save us! Quickly catch the traitor of Muyu, a human race! ”

The comprehensions shouted excitedly.

Their shouts were inextricably excited and resounded through the clouds.

"Mu Yu, look at it! These comprehensions! ”Xiaoshuai exclaimed.

All the comprehensions are full of blood, and there is an inexplicable breath that emerges from the crowd. This breath is endless, but it symbolizes the vitality of the vitality. It seems to be the holy atmosphere of Jiang Shangqiu and Hexianguan. Traction only appeared.

There are tens of thousands of people in Chun'an City, and tens of thousands of people shout at the same time, and the breath is rising!

What is strange is that this breath exudes from the passionate crowd, but it rejects the white light of Jiang Shangqiu and the township He Guan. The white light that seems to be sacred is actually from this comprehension. The exuberant air force forced to retreat, as if the mouse had seen a cat, it was gradually being torn apart.

The holy white awns of Jiang Shangqiu and Heguan, who were gradually fascinated by the temptations of tens of thousands of people, gradually dried up.

The ears also began to grow longer and sharper, the nose was sunken, and the skin on the body was like boiling water, rough and rough, and the eyes turned brown!

The original two incomparably sacred sacred gods instantly turned into two ugly monsters who are not ghosts or ghosts!

The self-cultivating people with high emotions suddenly stopped!

I was scared by the changes in Jiang Shangqiu and Xianghe Guan!

"What about the two gods?"

"How, how can it be like this?"

"This, who are these two monsters?"

The comprehensions were all in amazed manner when they looked at Jiang Shangqiu and Xianghe, who had a look of appearance. Who could have thought that when everyone cheered, it turned out to be a look of disgusting appearance. !

"It turns out that you are a dirty bug, don't you dare to show your nature in the eyes of the public?"Wood feathers snorted.

The soul is taken from the dead, and the people of the Mie Palace are pretending to be very holy, but the things of the dead are the most taboo. When more than 70,000 people in the city of Shrine are shouting loudly, the vitality that emerges from them will form. A terrible force, repelling the soul of the Triple Palace, and returning them to their original shape!

Once the original form is revealed, how can such an ugly Mie Palace be a leader in the realm of comprehension?

This is why the Mie Palace people dare not expose the true face in front of all the self-cultivators!

Yan Qingyun and Hao Ran did not show any accidents. It seems that they have known this situation for two years.

"It’s disgusting. When I was in the Danding School, Qianshange and Wanshuiyi did not reveal the original shape!"Xiaoshuai said disgustingly.

"That is because no one in the Danding party cheers."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

At that time, Qianshange and Wanshui were just using the original source to directly use the reverse source blood. They did not need to wait for the cheers of the Dan Ding disciples to change their appearance. Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang Heguan are It is forced to show the original shape by the vitality of so many people.

Jiang Shangqiu did not care about the eyes of other people. The ugly face smirked: "It doesn't matter, Diane City is a dead city!"

The crowd became dead, lacking high cheers, and without the high enthusiasm, the soul gradually returned and returned to Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang, who once again lit up the white holy brilliance. It became the two gods of the stalwart!

However, this time no one has ever cheered loudly. They have already doubted the two great Miegong gods in their hearts. They can't accept it. Why do the two gods become so ugly?

"Dirty bugs!"

The black and white brilliance of the wood feathers flashed, and the sword of the sky suddenly fell to the river and fell down. The black and white dragon coiled in the air of the sword, and the rotation opened again, and the rushed to the river and the countryside and Heguan!

"The soul of the law, the soul mirror!"

On the river on the autumn body of the 10 white beads flashing luster, illuminated for four weeks, 10 beads of soul to each other in a circle, suddenly become big, block in the river in front of the autumn, then each bead shoots out a white soul force toward the center, the soul Lipanthyl paved together, like a white round mirror, this mirror diameter has 10 feet long, The Sword of the sky against the wood feather to go!


The savage swordsmanship descended from the sky, and the black and white dragons intertwined and rushed into the sacred mirror. However, the sacred mirror was only a smashing, and the black and white dragon was directly sucked into the sacred mirror. Like the sword of Mu Yu, it is swallowed up!

The sacred mirror began to tremble. It swallowed the sword on the sky. It looked unstable. However, Jiang Shangqiu did not panic, but turned the sneak mirror in one direction, aiming at the dense distance of the city. Crowd –


Mu Yu’s sword is entwined with a black and white dragon, which is re-drilled from the sacred mirror, and the comprehension of the 淳安安城 strangles the past!

All the comprehensions looked at the hanging mirrors of Jiang Shangqiu, and the swords that had originally hit the river and the autumn were actually swallowed by the ghost mirror of Jiang Shangqiu, pointing them at them!

The sacred Mie Palace people actually took the attack of Mu Yu and then transferred to them!

"how come? How can the god of Mie Palace treat us like this? ”

This is the thought of circling in the minds of all the self-cultivators in Chun'an City, and it is their last thought! Because this sword can't stop it!


The tens of thousands of swords and black dragons drowned all the comprehensions in an instant. The killing swords smashed the body of all the onlookers and smashed the possibility of their survival. The huge murder was centered on this sword. Opened, destroyed countless houses in the city of Chun'an, and harvested nearly half of the life of the self-cultivator!

Just a blink of an eye, about 30,000 of the self-cultivators of Chun'an City died under this sword and turned into countless souls. UU read the book and the township He Guan did not deal with Mu Yu, the ten soul beads on his body were made into tens of drops of water, the soul of the 30,000-year-old comprehenator Force all swallowed away!

Mu Yu’s sword gas was always with killing. The person killed by the sword gas did not have any soul power, but this time his sword gas was absorbed by the ghost mirror, and when it was released, it was cut off. Mu Yu couldn't control this sword, and Jiang Shangqiu killed more than 30,000 people in Chun'an City by his sword!

"Haha! The people in Chun'an City are all dead under your sword! These people will blame you for blaming! ”Jiang Shangqiu laughed wildly!

Today, the goddess of the Red Dust Gate is coming, and countless self-cultivators come here to join in the fun, but never thought that they would step into the hell on earth!

The remaining 30,000 people in the city of Chun'an have been scared! On the other side, they were not affected by this sword. Although the murderous swordsman killed more than 30,000 people, these people are not fools. They understand that they really killed more than 30,000. Who is the person?

It’s not like the traitor Mu Yu, who is like a god who killed the gods, but this is the tributary of the Ming Dynasty from the Mie Palace!

Such a huge contrast completely overturned their cognition, and Miegong actually ignored the life of the comprehension.

Mu Yu watched all this with cold eyes. He would not be embarrassed by this sword. The death of those in Di'an City is only inevitable.

At first, these people also arrogantly attacked Mu Yu, wanted to kill Mu Yu, and resent the true spirit. They were excited to hope that the Three Palaces could save them from the heat and help them escape from the bitter sea, but they did not expect their beliefs to kill. They are!

They have been blinded for so long, reviling the people who really want to save them, and when they wake up, the god of death has come! (Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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