Chapter 950 The Enchantment of Diane City!

Mu Yu has been watching the stunned, he hopes to see a wave of volatility from the eyes of the stunned, because the once-in-a-lifetime personality will not watch so many people die in front of her and remain indifferent.

The simple and kind girl, when she was suffocating the city, helped the innocent people who had not had time to escape because they helped to smash the array of the Yumeng Mozu, and they were extremely embarrassed afterwards.

But still, Gubo still looked at it all without fear, as if the death of these people had nothing to do with her.

Did the red dust door’s law really turn her into a person without emotion?

The wood feathers that were once slain have no emotion. When the killing is rampant, all emotions will not take the initiative, but this time, Mu Yu firmly controls the killing, because the figure in his mind is more than everything. All are important.

"I will definitely wake you up."The sound of Mu Yu is extremely determined.

He turned to the township, but the township He Guan had already turned his soul into a little sacred starlight, and fell to the remaining people who lived in the city of Chunan.

The self-cultivators watched these holy stars lingering around, not understanding what these stars meant, and even some people curiously reached out and touched them.

However, this is the touch, the face of that person changes instantly!

After all the holy stars were stained with the bodies of the self-cultivators and mortals, they invaded them and plated them all with a sacred radiance. This brilliance is extremely holy and seems to be through the body.




Everyone has blown up a group of blood fog, and the blood mist instantly dyes the holy white light spot into a demon bright red!

"what! Evil, demons! Run away! ”

I don't know who shouted, everyone moved in horror and quickly flew outside the city. The statue of Di'an City has been broken, and the moat is ineffective. Everyone is vacated and flees in a panic.

However, they could not escape. A sacred white mans emerged from the city of Chun'an City, forming an enchantment that enveloped everyone in the city of Chun'an. Those who flew in the front were directly smashed and smashed when they met the enchantment, turning into a blood fog!

The white starlight shuttled, everyone was frightened, and shouted to find obstacles to avoid, but more and more white stars caught up with them and killed them.

Mu Yu’s killing intention went to the township, and he must stop the township to kill these people. These people may be dying of death, but once they are turned into soul power, they will become the power of Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang, and the soul of the 70,000-year-old city will be terrible!

"Your opponent is me!"

Jiang Shangqiu laughed, his suspenders shot again, stopped in front of Muyu, wanting to swallow the woody feathers, but the wood feathers snorted, the mirror array of illusion came out, wrapped him The sword gas, the killing sword gas penetrated the hanging soul mirror toward the township He Guan continued to kill the past!


Jiang Shangqiu was furious. He originally wanted to re-apply his skills. Then he refining the sword of Mu Yu and turning it into his own. However, he did not expect that Mu Yu would not give him a chance at all, but instead went directly to kill the country. !

However, the township He Guan was cold, and all the self-cultivators who had been blown into the blood fog gathered on him. The ten white soul beads in front of him had also been turned into ten bright red blood beads. The bloody evil spirits smashed into the sky and formed a whirlpool, shrouded the sword of Mu Yu!


Sword and blood vortex are simultaneously turned into nothing. However, Jiang Shangqiu has already sacrificed his own sacred mirror on the side. This time, the sacred mirror morphs into a strong soul fluctuation, forming a horrible ruined light column, which is ejected and rushes toward the body of Mu Yu.

In front of Muyu, he once again turned out the golden pattern, and the array of martial arts was in front of him. The white soul light column slammed into the golden pattern, and kept moving forward, but he could not penetrate the pattern.

The sword in the hands of Mu Yu is once again mad, and the huge vortex above the sky is mad.

The great Tianwei is shocking and will fall from the sky, but at this moment, the enchantment of Chun'an City suddenly trembles fiercely, the red makes people look fascinating, and the strong enchantment suddenly makes the shadow of the wood feather The connection between the sky and the sky is cut off!


Mu Yu’s sword gas suddenly disappeared when he went to the township, and the Huanghuang Tianwei above the sky was also cut off, and could not be connected with the heavens and the earth!

"I heard that Tianjian can communicate with the world and play the supreme sword. Do you think we have not defended this?" Now we are separating this from the outside world. I see how you use Tianjian! ”Township He Guan sneer.

Hexiang has already killed countless people, about fifty or sixty thousand. After those people died, they have turned into countless soul forces. These souls are quite horrible, and the powerful souls come together to form. The enchantment even the wood feathers are helpless!

"By the way, tell you that in the enchantment we made, even the demon king field you have in your hands can't be used. This time we must catch you!"

Jiang Shangqiu laughed and stood together in the township He Guan, and the breath on them was ten times stronger than the one!

In a large number of places and people in the Triple Palace, they can kill other people and turn their power into dealing with Mu Yu. This is the power of the Mie Palace!

"How to do? Mu Yu, without the sword of the sky, we are very difficult to fight with these two guys! ”Xiaoshuai said softly.

At the time of the Dan Ding School, Qian Shange and Wan Shuiyu were trapped in the Dan Ding School by Mu Yu’s use of the opening of the market. This time, the situation was reversed, and the wooden feather was instead the knot of the Mie Palace. Encircled by the world!

Mu Yu’s true strength today is a combination of the nine heavens. After the integration of the killing power, his cultivation is probably comparable to the comprehension of the five-day robbing.

Jiang Shangqiu and Xianghe Guanbi are stronger than Qianshange and Wanshui, and now nearly 60,000 people in Chun'an City have become their soul force. At this time, two people have already rushed to the robbery. Eight heavens, far more than the wood feather!

Mu Yu is also aware that something is wrong, but now it is too late to retreat, because the entire city of Chun'an has been blocked, and more than 10,000 people are hidden in the building, horrified and shivering.

Most of these people are mortal, because they can not fly, so they are standing on the street, and the self-cultivators flying in the air are the first to be killed by the township.

But these mortals are also likely to become the killing power of Jiang Shangqiu and Xianghe, at any time, and they have nowhere to escape!

Mu Yu’s hands appeared in the field of the Siren King, but it was as Jiang Shangqiu said, the ability of the field was limited by a strange atmosphere, and it could not work!

"In order to deal with me, you have a lot of tricks."

He stared at Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang in the cold, and the two men now have the support of the soul. The repairs are far more than him, let alone the Yan Qingyun who is surrounded by the four heavens. The strength of the addition can not be underestimated!

It is unfavorable to fight these locusts in the Sanju Palace with people in many places, because they regard human life as a mustard, they can kill the surrounding comprehens at any time, and transform the comprehension into a soul to strengthen their strength. This time in Wanwan In the pool of people, it is even worse for Mu Yu.

The whole city of Chun'an is almost the source of strength for Jiang Shangqiu and Xianghe Guan!

"Killing so many of us, you should be shackled!"

Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang, two people in the countryside, have rushed over and surrounded the wood feathers, and Yan Qingyun also launched red dust lotus roots on the side, and a lotus flower rushed toward the wood feathers.

At the foot of Mu Yu’s feet, the singularity of the stars and the singularity of the singer’s singularity turned out, and they turned to Yan Qingyun. Yan Qingyun is the weakest of the three, and must be solved first!

However, the attack of Jiang Shangqiu firmly locked the wooden feathers, and there was no chance for Mu Yu to kill Yan Qingyun. At the moment when Mu Yu appeared, the soul beads in the hands of Jiang Shangqiu had already broken through the void, with a whistling The sound stopped the sword of Mu Yu.

At this time, the red dust lotus behind Yan Qingyun also bloomed. The sword gas spurred from the front to the wood feather. The shadow sword in the hand of Mu Yu blocked the soul of the river and the violent breath swept out. Yu felt that his hand had uploaded a huge force, just like being caught in a giant mountain, which made him very uncomfortable.

The strength of Jiang Shangqiu is far above him at this time!

However, Mu Yu had to be wary, UU read His left hand also drawn a gossip pattern, Tai Chi yin and yang illusion, and greeted Yan Qingyun's sword.

But after blocking the attack of these two people, there is still a hometown of this kind of person who is comparable to the eight-day-old man!

The township He Guan came to the back of Mu Yu, and the white soul beads turned out a ghost hand, and grabbed it against the back of Mu Yu!


The back of the wooden feather flashed a golden pattern, and the illusion of the world turned out to stop the ghost hand of the township. However, at this time, the repair of the township Heyuan was far more than the wood feather, and the palm of the hand was shot down, the power was strong, and the broken lines of "the world of the world" were broken and hit on the back of the wood feather!


Mu Yu's blood rushed, and he couldn't help but spit out a blood in his mouth. He screamed, and the left-handed gossip flashed a black and white dragon, and Yan Qingyun repulsed reluctantly, and he quickly fled and fell. Above a roof.

In the face of the three robbery period, Mu Yu could not use the sword of the sky, and had already suffered a big loss!

However, Jiang Shangqiu and Hexianguan did not give Muyu a chance to breathe. The white soul beads flew to the wind, and they became famous in the wind. They turned into giant balls of 100 feet and smashed toward Muyu. When Mu Yu was too late to hesitate, he jumped again and the huge soul beads rolled down!


The place where Muyu Fangcai stood has been smashed by a soulful sac, and all the houses within a square of the square have been razed to the ground and turned into nothing!

Mu Yu’s figure once again came out of the air. However, Jiang Shangqiu had already calculated the position of Mu Yu’s appearance. His speed was faster than that of Mu Yu. He shot directly on the palm of his hand and slammed on Mu Yu’s body. I was smashed into the house and pulled out a crack in the ground!

At this time, the huge red lotus shadow of Yan Qingyun also followed the figure of Mu Yu–(Po Xing Shi Shu Yuan https://)

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