Chapter 951 Have you ever robbed your heart?

Just as Yan Hongyun's red lotus shadow fell into a dust, there were countless branches on the ground. These branches swayed a wave of waves, and the leaves of the sky surrounded the red lotus shadow. The figure of Mu Yu also jumped to the sky again.

Only this time, he has been seriously injured and almost stood unsteadily.

Mu Yu wiped the blood from his mouth.

In the face of the three people's pincers, relying on his own strength is still too reluctant.

"What about us? Crush the jade and escape? ”Xiaoshuai asked eagerly. In the battle of the robbery period, Xiaoshuai could not help with the wind and the heart, because the opponent is too strong.

"If you can't escape, the pattern produced by Yu Pei will have a delay in breathing, enough to be broken by the three of them, and stop us!"Mu Yu shook his head.

Today's situation is not optimistic. Although Yan Qingyun's strength is not as good as him, it is extremely difficult for Jiang Yuqiu and Jianghe to play alone. It is extremely difficult for Mu Yu to deal with, let alone the three people.

"How can my sister become like this!"

Xiaoshuai looked angrily and anxiously. He was anxious. Although he liked to eat all day, he also liked it awkwardly. He didn't want to become a person without feelings.

"She shouldn't be like this, I must let her recover herself!"

Mu Yu looked at the stunned, even though his body was full of killing, but his heart was still awkward. Suddenly, I used to lure Mu Yu to show up, and also put Mu Yu into this predicament, but Mu Yu would not blame the girl, because everything the girl did was forced by the people of the Triple Palace and the Red Dust Gate.

"I still don't believe you lost your emotions."

Mu Yu is very worried, but now he is difficult to protect himself, but the stunned thing is more touching his heart.

"It doesn't matter if you don't believe it!"

The river on the autumn and township of the two people are laughing has again surrounded up, the white spirit of the crisscross, echoed in the entire Chunan city, destroyed everything, let the whole Chunan city all slightly quiver, all the survivors are horrified to look at the two people, their soul force too overbearing, together will all the wood plume of the posterior to seal the dead!

At the foot of Mu Yu, the gossip pattern flashed again, and the pattern became a straight line. The wind and the heart burst into a illusion. The river and the autumn and the town of He Guan were entangled in the past and wanted to bring them into their own array. .

"How can your current array of weapons get us?"

Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang, two of them were just a shock, and they directly broke away from his array. Their repairs at this time were much higher than the wooden feathers, and the wind and the heart could not restrict their actions.


After the two in tandem, the powerful soul beads fell to the wood feather again, and the wood feathers could barely resist it, then they flew out and the blood splashed again in the air. His breath has become weaker and weaker.

After jumping for a while, Mu Yu stopped slowly, stood in the void, and kept breathing. At this time, he was trapped in the city of Chun'an by the powerful soul enchantment. The help of the temple can not use the sword, only a killing atmosphere, can not block the attack of these three people.

Xiaoshuai desperately danced aura around, helping Mu Yu repair the wounds, and the black and white spirit in the wood feathers began to frantically surge. However, the damage caused by Mu Yu is too heavy, and it takes a certain amount of time to fully recover.

"This time, I see who can still save you!"

Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang of the town gave him the next set. The people in the whole city turned into the soul to help Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang in the countryside. His sword was cut off, and one person was already alone!

"Let's get it!"Jiang Shangqiu laughed and gradually approached Mu Yu, trying to give Mu Yu the final blow.

But at this moment, the crisp sound is heard.


It has already floated out of the way, blocking the front of the river.

Mu Yu looked up and stood in front of his own eyes, but suddenly still faceless, and some just a faint killing, so that Mu Yu felt a strange.

"His life is mine."

The sound does not have any fluctuations.

Mu Yu’s eyes dimmed, and he smiled a bit. He couldn’t escape today. If he could die in his hands, it would be an excellent thing.

It’s just that he is still very reluctant. Why did the innocent girl in the past become what it is today?

Jiang Shangqiu stopped, and he looked at him indifferently, then nodded.

"The red dust lotus root of the red dust gate is the highest state, almost forgot about it. Ok, now he can't do anything. If you kill him, you can cut off all the feelings, get through the robbery, and achieve the red dust. In the future, we will do our best to do things for us! ”

Jiang Shangqiu agreed to the awesome request.

Suddenly, I walked slowly to the front of Mu Yu, and the Xianlu sword in my hand had been pulled out.

The sword is as light as water, and it is absolutely cold.

"You are controlled by the soul, isn't it?"

Mu Yu looked at it and wanted to see something from his eyes.

The smell of killing slowly dissipated from him. He wanted to face himself with his true face. He didn't want to be cold and looked unappealing. He tried to restore himself to his former appearance and breath. Hope Can wake up at this time.

"Haha! Mu Yu, you are wrong, you don't need to be controlled by the soul of the soul, as long as she cultivates the red dust lotus root, it will be centered on the red dust door, everything will start from the red dust door, as long as it is for the red dust door, even if you kill your parents Nothing is wrong! ”

Yan Qingyun gave a sneer.

"If I can live today, I will definitely kill the red door."

The anger burned in the heart of Mu Yu, shattering the most primitive emotions of human beings, turning a simple girl into a six-parent, and even being able to forget even parents. What is the significance of such a sect?

"I won't give you the chance to live. UU reading ”

Looking at the wood feathers, the Xianlu sword in his hand has been stabbed.

That sword, the thorns are very determined, without any hesitation.

Just as the young man in front of him is a heinous person, he should be killed under her sword!


Blood flower splash, Xian Lu sword has penetrated the chest of the wooden feather, stabbed the heart.

Mu Yu did not hide, he could not hide.

His face was very embarrassing, and he did not expect that he really stabbed this sword.

In order to get through her heart robbing, she stabbed a sword that must be killed.

"So have you ever robbed your heart now?"

Mu Yu smiled a bit, gasping, looking at the eyes.

The bright red blood dripped down the Xianlu sword, and the reflection seemed so shocking in the eyes.


Suddenly pulled out the Xianlu sword, she frowned slightly.

Mu Yu’s face is paler.

"why? I should have spent this heart! ”

There was a trace of confusion in the blank eyes. She stabbed the heart of Mu Yu. The sword gas had already invaded the wood feather body, and the wood feather could not survive. She should have had this heart robbery.

However, I did not feel any epiphany, nor did I step into the robbery period.

"Because killing me is not the way to get through your heart."

The figure of Mu Yu suddenly turned into a fragment of the road in the same place. When it appeared again, it was already behind him. The surrounding area suddenly appeared again and the mirror and the mirror array. At the same time, it was already controlled by the power of killing.

"Array phantom! Damn, how come? ”

Both Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang in the town were furious. They did not expect that Mu Yu could still use the magic array at this time to deceive everyone.

"I want to wake you up."Mu Yu whispered in the ear. (Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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