Chapter 952 Recalling the Illusion

At the foot of Mu Yu, a pattern of bursts emerged, and the smudges were instantly wrapped in illusions.

He must create a magical array to wake up suddenly, and as long as he re-experiences those past events, he will be able to remember who he is.

The formation began to flow, and they came to the Dragon Tiger Gorge, as a bystander, looking at the memory in front of them.

Ghost Xuan Yue wants to kill the wind and dust, and suddenly stood up at that time, blocking the sword for the wind and dust.

The act of stunnedness seemed so incomprehensible to Mu Yu, but finally I knew why I wanted to do this.

"You can forgive me for my master, for your own father, you can forget me, but why are you even forgetting him now?"Mu Yu trembled.

Mu Yu wants to let her know what it means to her. It is the person she can protect regardless of her own life. She is the father she thought of from a young age!

But utterly indifferent: "Let me go, I never do this kind of thing."

She desperately wants to get rid of the control of the wood feathers, but Mu Yu has tried the last bit of strength and will not let it break free.

"Have you forgotten?"

Mu Yu clenched his teeth.

Suddenly, the thousands of miles sneak out from the Red Dust Gate, because Miao Yu and her said that her father is in the Mogan Mountains, doing a great thing. She looked for so long, but found her father in that crisis and blocked the sword for her father.

But now that memories are reappearing, they say they will not do this!

"I do not believe."

Mu Yu does not give up.

The picture turned and his lines continued to surge.

It was the wedding of the promise, and that time, Mu Yu completely put down Lan Linger, but suddenly he was comforting Mu Yu with a variety of bulls and no words.

She didn't understand anything, but she had to pretend to know everything to comfort Mu Yu, and wanted to make Mu Yu happy in her own way.

"Do you forget what you said to me?"Mu Yu asked softly.

The brother's wedding was very happy to make a big room. Mu Yu wanted to find the warm and happy feeling through the atmosphere of the wedding, but there was a trace of anger in his eyes: "I never said this!"

Mu Yu clenched his fist.

The illusion turned again, returning to the day when Mu Yu and Suddenly left the dusty mountain. Both of them still look at familiar memories as bystanders.

Suddenly facing her father, she did everything. Her father was going to do something and live with the people of the entire Moyun Mountain. She didn't want to worry about Feng Haochen because of her unexpected daughter.

Suddenly, I dared not call the wind and dust, "She said that she knew that the person in front of her eyes was her father, but she called "Feng Bobo". She didn't want to interfere with what her father had to do. She finally hugged. When I was a father, I had been holding back tears until my tears fell.

"You were so desperate to recognize your father and get along with your father for a year. You dare not call that scream, but why would you forget him now?"Mu Yu asked.

Suddenly looking at the illusion in front of me, looking at the other words in front of her eyes, her clear and indifferent eyes suddenly fell like a stone, swaying.

This time she did not speak.

"I will let you know all the memories. You are not a ruthless person. You should be a simple girl. You should not cultivate the practice of extermination."

Mu Yu was shaking all over, and he did not believe that the simple girl would forget all the feelings.

The illusions flowed again and brought them to the village of Baicao.

From the perspective of the onlookers, they looked at the illusion in front of them. The words were clear and audible, as if everything happened yesterday.

"Yes, I just like Mu Yu's brother."

Suddenly, in the presence of so many people, bravely expressed his intentions for Mu Yu.

At that time, Mu Yu was crusted by the real world, but he always believed him and believed that he was innocent.

The indifferent eyes seem to have some flaws.

"I like Mu Yu brother? Mu Yu brother…"

Suddenly the lips squirmed, and the indifferent eyes seemed to melt, and they glowed with some strange light.

Mu Yuโ€™s heart suddenly seemed to have been stunned, and the familiar Mu Yuโ€™s brother let him see hope.

The surrounding formations surged again, bringing the two to the dusty mountain and bringing them to the tree under the dusty mountain.

Suddenly put the wooden feather on the trunk and personally teach the wooden feather how to use the tree to chase Lan Linger.

It was a simple ignorant teenager and a simple girl who didnโ€™t care about the world. The girl didnโ€™t have a love experience. She just listened to the teachers and sisters talking about things related to men, and then taught me how to chase girls.

But at that time, Mu Yu still stupidly believed.

This time they no longer look at the memory from the perspective of a bystander, but both of them are involved in the memory. At this point they seem to be back to that time, the place, Mu Yu back against the big tree, the hand on the trunk, the tree trunk made a tremor.

"Do you really forget all this? Have you forgotten to teach me to chase Lan Linger in the way of tree shrews? โ€

Mu Yuโ€™s eyes were filled with unbearable tenderness. He liked that moment. At that time they were very simple, and everything they did was so stupid and stupid.

But it is this stupid move that makes the feelings between them look so beautiful, without any extra work, because they are only fifteen or six-year-old children, they donโ€™t understand anything at all, what they think and what they do. Very pure.

"Tree ๅ’š…"

There was a wave of stunned eyes and even a trace of confusion. She didnโ€™t understand why she kept this position with Mu Yu. Why did she put the wood feather on the trunk? The two dared to stay so close, near to You can hear the other person's breathing.

"Yes, you said to teach me how to chase Lan Linger. This is the way you teach me. You said this is your killer."

Mu Yu said softly, he tried to make his voice sound no longer tremble.

"But I later discovered that you are the girl I like."Mu Yu continued.

When he first taught him, he couldnโ€™t learn it, and he didnโ€™t do it, but perhaps from that time, he had quietly entered the heart of Mu Yu. At that time, the eyes of the two men looked at each other in a flash. UU reading Two ignorant hearts have moved a bit.

Now that the two are also looking at each other, Mu Yu hopes to be able to regain the feeling of the time.

"you like me?"

Suddenly still maintaining that position, keeping the wooden feathers on the trunk, she seems to be reminiscing, but it seems that she can't recall it, all of which are both familiar and unfamiliar.

"You said, do this action to pay attention to the other's eyes, your eyes should be sharp, you must show a hint of scorpion, but also have a trace of easy-to-capture love, the impulse to possess each other."

Mu Yu squeezed a smile, but now he can no longer reveal the feeling of the silky scorpion, his gaze can not become much sharp, as if the person grows bigger and bigger, the years wash away the lead, he No longer a simple boy, can not deliberately pretend to be the youthful atmosphere.

But in his eyes, he was full of love. He never wanted to possess this girl. He just wanted to protect her. She watched her laughing purely every day, letting her be a carefree gimmick. When she was happy. Laugh, make faces when you are not happy.

"Think about it, you can think of it."

Mu Yu wants to reach out and touch the face, but at this moment, a huge force is coming!


All the illusions were shattered by Jiang Shangqiu, and Jiang Shangqiu once again hit the shoulders of Mu Yu and slammed the wooden feathers.

"Do not!"

Mu Yu roared, just give him some time, give him some time! He must be able to remember who he really is!

However, all of this was destroyed by Jiang Shangqiu, and all the magical arrays made by Mu Yu were fragmented and turned into nothing.

The blood fluttered from the wood feathers, splashed on the stunned face, warm and awkward. (Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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