No. 953 Chapter Calm’s heart robbery

Suddenly stretched out the fingertips and licked the blood on his face, staring at the blood, the drops of blood that made her heart tremble.

"Mu Yu brother…Sword shadow dust…father……"

Suddenly, I uttered these words in my mouth.

Suddenly watching the figure that flew out, it was like a string in the mind was touched, familiar and strange.

The dusty memories flashed quickly, forming a warm picture in the mind, a stone breaking into the original unsettled lake, splashing countless memories.

After practicing the highest level of red lotus roots and turning into a person who has no desire, she even forgot that she still has a mother, a father exists, and a person who likes her and her likes. exist.

Jiang Shangqiu has once again called out the ghost mirror, and wants to give Mu Yu the last blow, but it has already started.


A blue yarn crossed the sky, and it was already in front of the wooden feathers, and raised the wooden feathers.

Mu Yu looked at the stunned, and looked at Mu Yu, and the familiar emotions seemed to have returned to their respective eyes. The eyes were like water, connecting the two people together.

"Do you know how to get through your heart?"Mu Yu squeezed a smile.

In the eyes of the eyes, there are glittering teardrops, as if all the emotions have returned to her heart.

"Mu Yu brother."

Suddenly holding on to Mu Yu, that claiming seems to have settled for many years, all of which poured out at this moment, simple and beautiful, as if returning to the simple girl who was like an elf.

Mu Yu is also stunned by the hustle and bustle, he thought, I really want to hug this simple girl, no longer let go.

"Sorry, I should go to see you soon."

There are countless embarrassments in Mu Yu’s heart. He had a lot of words to say to him, but when he replied with emotion, he seemed to be unable to say anything.

However, Yan Qingyun has changed her face!

"Awkward, what are you doing? Kill him, only then can you spend your time and enter the robbery period! ”Yan Qing Yun angered.

Calm loose The wood plume, turned to see Yan Qing Yun, pure eyes but exposed the anger.

"It's you, you forced me to practice the red dust with my mother!" I think of everything, you let me forget my family, I forgot the person I like, just to make me a ruthless person. ”

In the hands of the Xianlu sword, there is a clear light, pointing to Yan Qingyun.

"We are for you! You can only inherit the position of the door of the Red Dust Gate by practicing the red dust and forgetting the feelings! Your mother has made a mistake once. Do you still have to make a mistake? You are not rushing to kill this man now, have you passed the heart? ”Yan Qingyun shouted.

Suddenly said slowly: "Do you know how I will spend my time?"

After she reached the nine-day match, she only said the word "mu Yu" after sorting out her heart. Yan Qingyun took her in the name of the sect of the sect, and went to various cities in a big way. She joined the three men of the Mie Palace and wanted to lead the wooden feathers out, seized them to the stunned, cut off the love, and passed the heart!

"If you kill him, you can get through the robbery, and the name justifiably becomes the first heir to the Red Dust Gate. This is the way you spend your heart!"Yan Qingyun shouted.

Shaking his head suddenly: "I passed the heart of the robbery, not killing him, but finding him, listening to him saying a word to me, that sentence I always wanted to hear."

Suddenly looking at Mu Yu again, she boldly said in front of everyone that she likes Mu Yu, but Mu Yu has never responded to her, she wants to know the meaning of Mu Yu.

Mu Yu knows that he wants to get him a reply. A few years ago, he should say something to him in the village of Baicao.

"Do you like me?"Asked with clear eyes shining.

Mu Yu laughed, his smile was very sunny, as if he could melt ice and snow.

"I like you, I should have told you long ago, I always like you."Mu Yu said softly.

I also showed a pure smile, this is the answer she wants to hear.

She closed her eyes, and the breath of her body kept swaying, as if something that had been blocked for a long time began to slowly sway and began to wander around her, widening her meridians and bringing her The whole person brought a wonderful state.

A red dust lotus flower appeared behind the stunned, pure and pure, will set off against the dust.

"this is……"Yan Qingyun suddenly stopped.

She did not expect that after hearing the words of Mu Yu, she began to break through the robbery and began to realize the real body of the robbery period. However, after these things happened on the body, Yan Qingyun was not happy at all, because he remembered the dusty feelings and re-does a normal person, and the person who is not cut off can not take the red door. The Lord’s great responsibility.

"No, I have to wait for the success to take her back after the robbery period, let her re-cultivate the red dust and forget it!"Yan Qingyun's face is very ugly.

"When we suddenly robbery, we still hold Mu Yu directly."Xiang Heguan said.

Jiang Shangqiu and Xianghe Guan have gone to Mu Yu.

However, at this moment, the huge golden lotus bloomed, forming a thick barrier, wrapping the wood feathers into it, and the atmosphere of a robbery period has spread out from the lotus shadow, blocking the river and autumn. In front of the two people in the township.

"Oh, what are you doing?"Yan Qing Yun angered.

Among the lotus shadows, she looked at Mu Yu with a happy look. She seemed to return to the old days of pure worry-free, fingertips, and a gorgeous Guanghua did not enter the wood feather body. This brilliance is incomparably pure, with a strong spiritual power, quickly repairing the wounds on Mu Yu.

"Mu Yu brother, I am very happy, very happy to see you."

Suddenly stretched out another hand, stroking the face of Mu Yu, only the figure of Mu Yu was left in her eyes. The boy who was dreaming of the dream faded away and became a mature young man, but still let I am so happy.

"Oh, if we can escape from the city of Chun'an, I swear, I must go to the red door to help you get this account back. The red dust door ruined your mother, I can't let the red dust door ruin you again. ”

Mu Yu looked at the stunned, feeling the temperature of the fingertips, and the gentle spiritual power swam in the body of Mu Yu, dispelling his killing atmosphere.

"You will definitely escape."

The eyes are full of water mist, elegant and elegant.

"Because I will help you escape."I laughed.

Mu Yu’s heart glimpsed, and he vaguely felt that something was wrong, but at this moment, the sudden spiritual power suddenly spread all over the wood feather body, and the wood feathers were banned.

"Oh, what are you doing!"Mu Yu said eagerly.

I shook my head stunnedly: "I'm sorry, Mu Yu, this is the only way I can help you escape."

"Oh, sister, don't!"Xiaoshuai suddenly exclaimed.

The next moment, Mu Yu has already understood what he wants to do.

Suddenly the whole body exudes a golden light, and the lotus shadow rises out of the ground. For a time, the momentum of the whole person suddenly becomes very strong. It is actually faintly overshadowed Jiang Shangqiu and Hexianguan. She looks like a golden body. The flame is burning, she is burning her own life!

Mu Yu looked at the stunned anger, roaring: "Don't! Don't do this! We must have a way to go out, you don't do stupid things! ”

He looked at the golden flame on his body, and he was already panicked. He wanted to stop the stunned, but he was very hurt, and his spiritual power bound him, so that he could not move at all.

My eyes are full of tenderness: "Mu Yu brother, I brought you here, I want to make sure you leave here. Because I know that you still have a lot to do. Promise me, save me, and save my mother, they should be together. ”

In the illusion that Mu Yu gave her, she already knew everything and knew that her father was in the hands of the Triple Palace.

"No, no, no! You can't go wrong, you can't have an accident! I don't allow you to have an accident! ”Mu Yu roared, the power of killing was all over the place, all over the body, and against the fascinating spiritual power, wanting to break away from the awesome spiritual power, he wants to stop doing this!

"Mu Yu brother, I can see you on the last side, I am very happy."

I suddenly picked up my toes and kissed me on the lips of the wood.

That touch of tenderness is touching. UU reading

"No, I don't want to watch you die!"

Mu Yu’s eyes were red, but the golden flames on his body were so strong that the wood feathers were firmly suppressed. Not only that, but the golden flames made a little bit of pure vitality, which filled the past with the body of Mu Yu. The killing power in his body is suppressed.

"I am not dead, I will live in your heart."

The hand that slipped into the chest of the wooden feathers, smiled sweetly, then turned around, and the golden lotus flower of the whole body ignited a golden flame, which was the burning essence of life burning. These golden flames are incomparably powerful, and they are so inconspicuous in everyone's eyes.

Yan Qingyun shouted: "No, stunned! Stop! ”

She has already rushed to the past and wants to stop the awkward practice. She knows what it means to burn the golden flames. It is the ban of red dust lotus roots, burning its own life, igniting Jinlian, and repairing itself to forcibly to the nine days of the robbery!

However, it was just a wave of hand, and Yan Qingyun was given the opportunity to quit. She faced Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang in the countryside. The golden flame burning on her body was such that Jiang Shangqiu and Hexianguan did not dare to approach.

They looked at the shock with horror, that is, life is burning, the flame of life is the nemesis of the soul, and their nemesis, their soul power is taken from the dead, it is impossible to resist the flame of this life!

"Mu Yu brother, I want to protect you."

Suddenly turned around and glanced at Mu Yu, his eyes were full of disappointment. She wanted to stay with her Mu Yu brother forever, play happily together, carefree, but she can't, she wants to protect. Brother Mu Yu, to protect his beloved.

"Fire Lotus Moon!"

Smiled happily, the smile seemed to fill the world with sunshine. (Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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