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Chapter 954 flowers bloom withered 0

The Golden Lotus is burning up, gold fireworks wrapped calm, reflecting the whole Chunan city, the light bloom, let Reiki are ignited.

The huge golden lotus at the foot of the moment was scattered, and each lotus flower was burning, turning into a golden stream of fireworks, and gathered it into the sword of the hand in the hands of the gods.

The Xianlu sword was instantly immersed in the golden flame, and the breath of life was blended into the sword. Color light reflects the calm, her expression so refuse, the whole person has been soaring up!

The fire lotus flutters, the sword is covered with flames, and the bright red soul enchantment goes over the city of Qian'an!

"Do not! Xiaoshuai, stop her! Stop her! โ€

Mu Yu said with anger and anger, his eyes became red, he did not allow, absolutely not allowed to accidentally!

However, Xiaoshuai just rushed out and was forced to retreat by the blazing flame. No one can get close to this time. She is using her own life to open a path for Mu Yu. She wants people she likes to live.

The power of terror swept the whole body of Mu Yu, and the black and white yin and yang in the body had been opened in an instant, and quickly circulated, breaking through the life fireworks. He resumed his action, chaotic yin and yang entangled his body, and took him to the gloom.

However, the golden lotus flower at the foot of the foot was once again shining, and the wood feather was forced to retreat, so that the wood feather did not have any ability to approach.

"Mu Yu brother, promise me, live well."

There was a tear in the corner of my eyes. But the tears burned in the air and turned into a golden flame. The Xianlu sword in her hand slammed into the soul enchantment with an invincible sword!


The invincible soul power enchantment is directly ignited in the encounter with the fireworks of life. The flame is like the most beautiful elegy in the world, burning the whole sky, and the entire sky of the city of Diane is illuminated by the flames of life, amazing and magnificent!

"Mu Yu brother, you can leave."

Suddenly the flame slowly faded down, her life has gradually burned to the end, but she does not regret it, because she put the wood feather into danger, can burn her life to save the wood feather, it is her biggest Wish.

"Do not…"

Mu Yuโ€™s heart was empty, and he looked at the burning girl in the sky, the flame gradually burned out, and the vitality of the body gradually disappeared. The passage of life was so clear, it was like a momentโ€™s The heart is hollowed out.

The stunned body fell from the air, like a broken kite, crossed an arc and fell into the arms of Mu Yu.

"No, I don't want you to die."Mu Yu looked down and muttered.

"But I hope you are alive, Mu Yu brother."The eyelids were so heavy that she reached out and went to the tears of Mu Yu and squeezed a smile.

"If you are dead, what is the meaning of my life?"Mu Yu was grief-stricken, he was shaking all over, his tears had soaked his eyes, his eyes became blood red.

"Mu Yu brother does not cry, you said that life is happy in the world, all tears are pretense."

I smiled and used the last bit of life in my body and smiled: "So I hope that Mu Yuโ€™s brother can live happily…"

The golden lotus flower will eventually wither, and the tenderness will go with the wind, and the golden lotus shadow will gradually disappear.

"No, don't leave me."Mu Yuโ€™s heart was torn apart and could not be healed.

But the blind eyes have slowly closed, and the hand has gradually fallen. She still has a smile on her face because she has protected the people she likes.

Mu Yu looked at the stunned, his brain was blank.

"why? Why are you doing this…"

He was shaking and his body was shaking. He hated and hated his incompetence. He hated that he could not protect anyone. He died of death for him, and he died for him. He was always someone else. And he is not willing to die, he is really not willing!

"I don't allow you to leave me!"

Mu Yu screamed wildly,

The sound is like a demon god, and the rolling waves spread throughout the entire city of Di'an. The smell of killing is violent, eroding the nine-day magic array in his body. He has long been able to break this battle, only because the soul of the dead wood has not been repaired, so he has not solved this array.

But now he has to go to save, no matter how to save it!

The awareness of Mu Yu has sunk into the body and found the sentence that broke free from the seal.

"Save her!"Mu Yu screamed wildly.

"There is only one time for everyone in life and death, and it has already been resurrected once. I can't resurrect her this time."

Speaking calmly, I was not happy because I broke free from the seal.

In the blink of an eye, there was only one time for everyone. In the Mouyun Mountain Range, she was able to block the sword of Ghost Xuan Yue for her. Wood Yu had already resurrected her in the blink of an eye, and she could no longer use it.

Mu Yu stunned!

"Do not! I do not believe! โ€

Mu Yuโ€™s consciousness returned to the body, and he angered, like a fierce beast, who wanted to forcibly borrow the power of Mang. The ability to use the sentence mang, if the sentence refuses, Mu Yu can not be used, but this time Mang has surprisingly refused Mu Yu.

In the left eye of Mu Yu, there has been a flash of white awns, and the vitality in the white awns is like a rushing river, pouring into the body.

However, when the white mans encountered the stunned body, they could not work any more. The ability of this anti-sky field could not be revived, and the stunned body was still dead and there was no sign of awakening.

"Why is this happening? why? โ€

Mu Yu firmly hugged the stunned, his heart was bleeding, the simple girl, using her own life to protect the person she likes, she can't control anything, she only knows that her Mu Yu brother can't because of her And died here.

However, she did not know that her death also caused Mu Yu to fall into despair.

Mu Yu jerked his head up and looked at Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang in the distance. His inner hatred was on the verge, and the whole person was already crazy.

"I want you to die!"

Mu Yuโ€™s right eye slammed out the strong black light, like the sigh of death. Wherever he went, there was no survival, death was filled, as if hell came to the world, despair was everywhere in the wilderness, and even the aura was surrounded by this powerful atmosphere. Crush!

However, Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang, two people in the township, have dispersed and escaped the black light of Mu Yuโ€™s right eye. Both of them are always guarding the wood feathers. The hand of the township has begun to seal, and the white soul has swept out. The wall of the city of Chun'an has started to rise again, and the enchantment will have to work again!


The dragon scales in the hands of Mu Yu were scattered, and the power of the field suddenly sprang up, covering the entire city of Chun'an.

This field of ability shattered everyone's courage, whether it was Jiang Shangqiu or Xianghe Guan, both of them looked at Mu Yu with horror. In their eyes, the wood feather at this time turned out to be very tall, like a giant mountain. Let them have no idea of โ€‹โ€‹any resistance.

The field of the Qinglong demon king, I am the only one!

In this field, Mu Yu seems to be the only sage in heaven and earth. Even if Jiang Shangqiu and Xianghe Guan got the soul of tens of thousands of people in Chun'an City, they could not resist the ability of this field.

They want to shoot, but the white soul beads float on the chest, but they can't get out of hand anyway. They have lost the idea of โ€‹โ€‹fighting Mu Yu in the field. Mu Yu is like an invincible kill. God, the whole person is standing there, and the whole world seems to be broken.

Jiang Shangqiu and Xianghe Guan were shocked by the field ability of Qinglong Yaowang, but they did not dare to shoot, but Mu Yuโ€™s shadow sword has already risen high!

The tens of thousands of swords spurred out of the shadow sword, and fell into the sky. The majestic sword gas stirred the whole sky, the wind and the clouds moved, and the sword was constantly rotating around the sky. The gas is gathered together and blended into the shadow sword of Mu Yu.

Between the sword and the sword, a sword squats, destroying the void, unstoppable!

The magnificent sword of the sky, with the smell of killing torn the void, the violent breath shocked out, let the whole land shake the mountain!

Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang, both of them, have widened their eyes in horror. They have already retired and want to leave, but the power of the field has made their beliefs of moving together seem to be suppressed. They want to resist this. The sword is angry, but the sword is like the wrath of heaven, so they can't avoid it!


Jianqi instantly drowned Jiang Shangqiu and Xianghe Guan, and even did not escape with Yan Qingyun. That sword ruined the earth, UU reading broke the hope of Jiang Shangqiu and the township He Guan escaped from them, but in a blink of an eye they were smashed into pieces by the sword, and even the soul did not break free!

Jianqi annihilated the three people, smashed the people of the Red Dust Gate, and squatted in the city of Chun'an. Half of the city of Chun'an was instantly turned into ashes, razed to the ground, nothing left, walls, houses, streets, All disappeared, leaving only a crack in the ground, so shocking!

The surviving people in the distance were shocked by this sword. It came from the swordsman of heaven, as if the heavens and the roads punish evil, no one can resist!

The swordsman gradually dissipated, but the domain that I only respected disappeared. The spiritual power in the wood feathers has already dried up, but his other hand is still firmly clinging to the hustle and bustle, clinging to this simple silly girl, holding this lover who burns his life to break the soul enchantment.

He looked at him with a sly look, and the person in his arms could no longer smile at him happily, and he could no longer open his mouth and call him "Mu Yu brother." He likes the "Mu Yu brother" because the sound of the sound is like the most pleasant song in the world, and his heart is full of joy.

But now there is nothing left. The dead woods are gone, and they are gone. Mu Yu can't do anything. They can only watch them leave for him.

"Awkward, you can think about it, what do you mean to me?"

He reached out to straighten his long hair and gently rubbed his hands across his cheeks. How much he hoped that the person in his arms would just fall asleep, and he would open his eyes at any time and happily call him a brother.

But the body of the person in the arms has gradually become cold, without any vitality, just like the heart of Mu Yu, cold and frosty.

"You are the stupid girl I am willing to guard with my life."

Mu Yu slowly lowered his head and kissed his forehead. (Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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