Chapter 955 Trading

    The gossip pattern was morphed out at the foot of Mu Yu. His hands quickly depicted the formations. It is striking that every moment he draws a line of blood, it is composed of blood. mIJ 文√W?W

    "Mu Yu, you can't do this."Xiaoshuai said hesitantly.

    He knows what Mu Yu wants to do, and can save the sorrow, only blood protection!

    "I must save her."

    Mu Yu did not stop, his hands were still depicting the lines quickly, and the bright red blood was centered around.

    Xiaoshuai said: "But the life of the dead wood in your body, do you want to resurrect or resurrect the dead wood?"

    Mu Yu’s hand stopped in the air, and he suddenly realized that the life in his body belonged to the dead wood.

    The sudden death made him almost lose his reason, and he almost forgot such an important thing!

    "what should I do?"Mu Yu clenched his fist.

    His heart was tormenting, but he was in front of him, and he could not watch and die.

    "I can let her live."The sound of the sentence mang sounded in the mind of Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu slammed!

    "help me!"Mu Yu pleaded.

    "Save her, but what can you pay for me?"Sentence asked indifferently.

    "what do you want?"Mu Yu asked.

    "body!"The sentence mang said slowly.

    Mu Yu bit his teeth: "I can't give it to you now!"

    Shoumang chuckled: "Now I don't need it. You want to do a lot of things. I even want to save your dead woods. I have to say that I really don't have a long-lasting love."

    If the wood feathers were swallowed up by the dead, then even the mang could not break free, because the dead air was too strong, and the mans that were sealed at that time could not make any resistance.

    "And my life will be returned to the dead wood, and I will not give you my body until I resurrect the dead wood."Mu Yu said.

    "So we have to make a deal.

    "What transaction?"

    The sentence mang said slowly. "You need to understand one thing. We are inseparable. You are because of my reincarnation, there is no death, so when I leave your body, you will die. But I am also very vulnerable at the moment. I am leaving your body and can't live in this state for a long time, so you must find someone who can withstand my physical strength before I leave your body. ”

    "Where am I going to find?"Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

    "You have seen it, it is the blood lotus, it opens up the wisdom, then it means that it has the carrier to bear my strength. Now it is probably already controlled by the Triple Palace and become a tool for the Triple Palace, so I need you to pick it up. ”Sentence said.

    "Well, I will hold the blood lotus."Mu Yu said without hesitation.

    In order to be able to save the stunned and dead woods, he can do anything.

    "You have to think clearly, this is a deadly game, and your final result is to die! If you return your life to the dead wood, your body is useless to me. The two of us were originally one. It was originally impossible to separate. It was only the appearance of the blood lotus that made me see the possibility of separation. Therefore, before you resurrect the dead wood, you must hold the blood lotus, otherwise I will not let you Use the ability to live and die in the blink of an eye. ”Sentence said.


    Mu Yu has never been a person who is afraid of death. He was originally a dying person when he was born. It was only because of various causes and effects that he lived to the present. For him, death is not terrible. Many people in this world are against him. In fact, it can be exchanged for life.

    "You are saving!"Mu Yu eagerly said.

    "I need to control your body, don't resist, and don't use killing power."

    This body wood feather is dominant. Now the wood feathers have a strong will, so the sentence must be allowed by Mu Yu if you want to act.

    Mu Yu emptied his mind and gave up control of his body.

    A man waved his hand and waved from the air. An illusory airflow fell across his hand.

    "It didn't take long before she died. The soul didn't leave the body."Sentence said.

    The soul is invisible. Only some special methods can be used to make the soul visible. For example, the soul of the ghost gate people, such as the soul transformed by the town demon tower, can only be seen under certain conditions.

    "The girl just did something inadvertently. She used some of the fireworks of life to suppress the killing temper in your body and help you recover from the injury. This part of the life fireworks is still burning in your body."


    "I can re-extinguish the fireworks of this life and turn it into vitality and inject it into the body."

    With a wave of hand, a golden fireworks appeared in his hand, and the fireworks gradually extinguished, turning into a greenish vitality, flowing gently in his hands.

    Mu Yu looked at the humble vitality, and the heart was hurt again. Although the body had a strong vitality, it burned only because of him.

    "This is not enough vitality to keep her alive."Mu Yu stunned, his perception of life is very clear.

    "I know, so I need to rebuild this life fireworks and let it grow stronger."The mans hand was on the forehead, and the vitality slowly re-inflowed into her body.

    “How to cultivate?”

    "You are going to find the Bodhi tree now, you know where it is, the old tree will tell you how to do it."

    Shouman regained control of the body to Mu Yu. He did not make any extra plans because he understood that if Mu Yu wanted to resist in the present state, the control of the body would still be in the hands of Mu Yu.

    "it is good!"

    Mu Yu regained control of the body. Apart from anything else, the lines under his feet flashed. The whole person had already rushed out of Chun'an City and quickly rushed to the Mouyun Mountain Range.


    There are more than 10,000 people in Chun'an City who have survived. These people are lucky. They are on the other side of Chun'an City. They have not been affected by the sword of Mu Yu, and they have not been taken by Jiang Shangqiu and Xianghe. Kill.

    They are the rest of the life after the robbery, but the shock in the heart has been lingering for a long time, because the identity of several people who have been fighting in the air has been clear.

    One is the wood feathers that are now wanted in the realm world, two are red dust gates, and the other two are actually triple palace people!

    The most unacceptable thing for them was that they saw the true face of the Miegong people in this catastrophe. The man did not deceive the ghosts and scared the survivors, and the people of the Miegong Palace also brutally killed them. So many comprehensions are used to make enchantment siege wood feathers.

    This incident has subverted the cognition of the comprehension. Does the people of Sangonggong not lead everyone to fight against the Yumeng Mozu? Why do you make a move that is so horrible?

    "What are you waiting for? Get out of here! ”

    I don't know who shouted, all the survivors woke up and fled quickly away from Di'an City, and dared not stay in this right and wrong.

    One day after the happening in Chun'an City, this thing could not be hidden. Some survivors chose to escape to a relatively large Wuqiu city in the north of Chun'an City to take refuge.

    The survivors came to Wuqiu City, but it was only a short time. Soon, what happened in the city of Chunan was spread.

    A restaurant in Wuqiu City called "Xianke".

    "Is it heard? Chun'an City was slaughtered! ”A young man with a sharp-nosed monkey shouted in a shrill voice as he stepped into the restaurant.

    His voice is unique, like being innately appealing, and it spreads throughout the restaurant, bringing everyone's attention to himself.

    "Liu San, Chun'an City was slaughtered, what is going on? Where did you hear about it? ”The shopkeeper of the restaurant apparently knew the young man with this sharp-nosed monkey.

    The restaurant is generally a place where the comprehensibles stop to explore the news. People like Liu San are frequent visitors of the restaurant, specializing in various news, and then returning to the restaurant to spread. In the realm of comprehension, a well-informed restaurant will attract more customers.

    The young man, known as Liu San, said loudly: "Of course, I heard from the survivors of Chun'an City. Good guys, it is said that half of the city of Chun'an City was smashed by Mu Yu directly!"

    "what? Is this related to Mu Yu? ”

    "So the wood feather is the culprit in destroying the city of Chun'an?"

    The comprehensions of the rest of the restaurant began to talk about it. Now the words "Mu Yu" can be said to be taboos in the realm of comprehension. Many people have heard the words "Mu Yu" erect their ears, because the Fairy Pavilion is A huge reward was made to find the whereabouts of Mu Yu, and everyone was very interested in the ten million Lingshi.

    "Wrong is wrong, this time Mu Yu is not the culprit."Liu Shan said slowly.

    "Wood feather is not the culprit, who can it be?"

    The comprehension feels a little weird and can't wait to know more about the inside story, but Liu Sanda swayed to a table and sat down, deliberately sold a pass and said nothing, but greeted a small table with a table. .

    "You are going to say it!"A middle-aged monk in the Yuan Ying period shouted.

    Liu Sanxiu was only the Golden Dan period. He was drunk by the middle-aged monk in the Yuan Ying period. He also made a beggar and did not dare to sell it again. He quickly said: "This time the culprit is said to be the Mie and the Dust Gate. In order to trap the wooden feathers, the people of Miegong and Dust Gate slaughtered tens of thousands of people to deal with Mu Yu!"


    This is a major news, UU reading Liu San’s words shocked everyone.

    "Liu San, what are you talking about! The Triple Palace is our hope. If you dare to discredit the Triple Palace, are you afraid of cutting your tongue? ”The treasurer screamed. This kind of news is really shocking. How can the Miegong, who is admired by thousands of people, make a matter of slaughtering the comprehens?

    "Do you dare to marry the Triple Palace and find death?"

    "I think this kid is too long."

    Liu San saw other people hostile to him and quickly explained: "Is it nonsense, it is not my decision. You don't know. Just half an hour ago, there are thousands of comprehensions and mortals from Diane. When the city fled to this place, thousands of people were all dying, and the news came from them."

    Liu San emphasized it a bit and pushed the responsibility to the survivors of Chun'an City. What happened in the future has nothing to do with him, because he is not awkward.

    In the corner of the restaurant, a blue-shirted middle-aged man frowned slightly. Next to him was a little boy who looked like a two-year-old boy. The little boy also nervously aimed at Liu San, and he listened very seriously.

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