Chapter 956: Rumors of Wuqiu City

    With regard to this shocking news, it is not a wise thing to discredit the Triple Palace in this era of being overwhelmed by the Yumeng Mozu. M√×文?W×W everyone will not easily listen to Liu San’s words and really believe his words. What they want to know is still about Mu Yu.

    "What the hell is this thing!"Some self-cultivators have begun to urge.

    Liu San didn't worry, and said a little: "I said it first, I just heard it, but I am not rumored!" Right or wrong, judge yourself, don't rely on me. ”

    "I know that I know, and I have to make it clear, what is Mu Yu?"

    The comprehensions in the restaurant are almost impatient.

    "Okay, then I will tell you everything I know!"

    Next, Liu San was eager to show how the people of the Mie Palace appeared, how to change, how to slaughter the comprehension to create the enchantment and the red dust doormen to encircle the wood feathers, and then the red-dusted door of the gods burned the life to save the wood feathers. The things are clearly said again.

    I have to say, this Liu Shan is really a talent, he just from the mouth of the survivors to ask, but speaking of this information as if it is personally experienced in general, the Sky Sword punishing evil of the magnificent scenes are described in great detail, all kinds of exaggerated expression plus movement and the explanation of the rich and sound, was to let everyone hear extremely shocked.

    "This is impossible! The Mie Palace will also lead us to kill the Yumeng Mozu! The Red Dust Gate is also an eight-door person. How can you start with the people in Chun'an City? ”A red-faced big man in a squatting period slaps the table and categorically denies it!

    "The words are like this, but don't you doubt one thing?" Why do we always know the existence of the Mie Palace, but never see the people of the Mie Palace look like? Where is it? Who have you seen the people of Sangong? ”An old man with white hair asked for a moment.

    His words had silenced the whole restaurant, and it was a strange thing to do, if the triple House is the hope of the real world, but so far, we have not heard of any of the Triple Palace, just because the real world has been circulating three palaces is in order to combat the Youmont Demon clan existence of things, so everyone to the Triple Palace firmly believe.

    Seeing that everyone is still in the letter of doubt, Liu San worried that he was in trouble, and quickly said: "Say again! This is not my Hu Hu, is it true? You can go to those survivors of Di'an City to inquire about it. As for whether it is a Sangonggong, I don't know anything. I am only responsible for telling some news. ”

    "I don't believe, where are the survivors? I personally went to ask. ”The red-faced man stood up and asked.

    "Now should be at the gate of the city, you will know as soon as you find out, and some survivors are said to have fled to other cities."Liu San said.

    "You better not lie, otherwise you will feel better!"

    The red-faced big man of Yuan Ying period seems to be very respectful to San Miyam. He can't accept the news of this hearsay. He had to confirm it himself in person, and then glanced at Liu San and strode away from the restaurant.

    Liu San was also helpless, but he did not care. He was originally employed by the shopkeeper to deliver the news to the comprehens for the restaurant. As for what was estimated, he could not find him.

    Soon the restaurant reminded me of all kinds of whispers, but the blue-shirted middle-aged man in the corner nodded thoughtfully, then greeted Xiao Erdao: "Small two, put these dishes into the food box. I am going to take it."

    "Good servant, please wait a moment! There is an additional 10 stone stones for the food box outside our restaurant. ”

    "no problem."

    Xiao Er quickly put the dishes in the dishes and put them in a wooden box. Then the middle-aged man in the blue shirt paid the money and left the restaurant with the little boy.

    The middle-aged man in the blue shirt was the first to stand in Dongsha City to support Mu Yu’s talk to Qingquan, and the little boy next to him was brave enough to ask all the fairy teachers’ Xiaoqingfan.

    "Master, do you say that it would really be done by Ermao brother?"Xiao Qingfan asked eagerly.

    His mouth of the ER Mao brother naturally refers to the Mu Yu, the original small handsome a blind fool, did not put their names out of three, only said that the big Mao er Mao and Sanmao just, but now repair the real world in the wood plume slaughter East sand, so xiaoqing sail already know that "Er Mao brother" identity, but still habitually did not change over.

    Talking about Qingquan slightly shaking his head: "I don't know for the time being, you don't have to worry too much. He seems to be okay at the moment."

    The two of them turned a small alley and came to a run-down courtyard. They opened the door and walked in. There were three people shivering together.

    These three people are the Xiaochen family who was sent by Mu Yu.

    "Morning sister, this is for you."Xiao Qingfan took the food box from his master and handed it to the Xiaochenyi family.

    "thanks, thanks!"

    Xiaochen’s family looked hungry, and now he was grateful and thankful, and began to gorge.

    The thing in Chun'an City happened yesterday. After the family was sent away, Xiaochen’s family was turned around and went out of the mountain range according to the instructions left by Mu Yu. They originally wanted to go back to Ancheng, but far away. I saw that the city of Chunan had been destroyed, so it was wise to come to Wuqiucheng.

    Only three people suddenly had a sudden incident, and they had no money, and they were hungry. Fortunately, at this time, they talked about Qingquan’s sudden appearance with Xiaoqingfan and brought them here.

    Xiaochen’s family of three quickly finished eating, and said Qingquan, “You told me what happened in Diane City yesterday.”

    "Okay, immortal."

    In the morning, she stood up and said that she had said things before yesterday’s departure. He said what happened before the destruction of the city, and Liu San said that there was a battle in the city of Chun’an. Together, the whole story is clear.

    In the morning, she said with gratitude and said: "I am a good person, thanks to your passing in time, otherwise our family does not know what to do now."

    "Well, it doesn't matter, you should settle down here first, and clean the house. Don't talk about the city of Chun'an. Do you understand?"Talking about Qingquan gently smiled.

    "we know."The morning's parents nodded quickly, and the two let the morning sun stay here and don't run around, and soon they walked toward the house to clean up the house.

    Xiao Qingfan has been entangled in Xiaochenxi and began to ask his Ermao brother. When he talked about Qingquan, he sat down in the chair in the yard and was thinking about something.

    "It’s still a late step, the girl has an accident, so where will Mu Yu go?"Tan Qingquan looked at Xiao Qingfan and Chenxi, and there was a blue light in his eyes.


    Sanchong Palace.

    The land of Qionglou Yuyu, the holy light shrouded the entire palace, like a fairyland, making people feel fascinated.

    In a temple, bright and majestic, a pillar of roots stands among them. These columns are thick and slender, and they are placed in a very weird posture, but they seem to form some patterns from above.

    At this time, the pillars emit white light, and these rays illuminate in the air, and the sky above the pillars reflects the entire landform of the triple continent!

    Among these illusions, mountains and rivers are all available, but the self-cultivators and mortals who have rushed to the road have become white spots.

    The white world is standing next to these pillars. He is frowning and seems to want to look for something from these white spots, but it has not been successful until now.

    A figure flew out of the hall and bowed respectfully to the ground: "The Lord, there is news of Mu Yu."

    "Say!"The white world responded indifferently.

    The figure hesitated for a moment, and some feared and said: "Back to the Lord, Mu Yu killed Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang."


    The whole body of Baijie suddenly exudes a very strong atmosphere. The white brilliance is shocked by him as the center. The whole temple seems to be swaying because of his anger.

    The people who came in to report the news all trembled a little, and they were scared by the breath of the white world.

    "where?"The gray voice of the white world is mixed with anger.

    "Chunan City, when the river on the autumn and township of the two people use the world of mortals door a calm girl to lure the wood plume, according to Chunan City survivors said, at that time the river on the autumn and township of two people have killed tens of thousands of people to create a strong knot bounded trapped in the wood plume, But did not think of the world, the name of the calm girl was used the red door of the forbidden to burn life to break the boundary, make the wood plume use the field of ability to kill the river on the autumn and township what off. ”

    The person who reported the news also braved the cold sweat, because they knew that their main owners did not like to hear such news, but they could not report it. Every time they came in, they were afraid.

    Sure enough, the anger of the white world swept out like a storm, and the crouching man fell directly on the ground, like being crushed by a mountain.

    "Is Jiang Shangqiu and Xiangheguan not killing all the people in Chun'an City?"Bai Jie asked.

    "They didn't kill them all, and there were more than 10,000 survivors in Di'an City. We have already intercepted these people after we heard the news, but…"

    "Jiang Shangqiu and Xianghe Guan have exposed their true colors?"White has thought of many things in a flash.

    "Back to the Lord, this is the case. Now we can't find more than 10,000 people completely, but things about our murder and soul-taking have spread. Now the comprehension seems to be questioning…"

    The white world is mixed with endless anger: "Go and handle this matter for me. No matter what means, you must cover up this news and understand it!"

    "Yes!"The person reporting the news, such as Meng Da, quickly left the temple.

    "The temple, is the news of the ninth eternal life?"Bai Jie asked aloud, and there was another figure standing by.

    "Back to the Lord, we have ruled out the people associated with Mu Yu step by step, and have already identified this person's identity."The figure known as the temple ambassador responded reverently.

    "So why not take him here?"The white world is cold. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

    The temple said quickly: "On the Lord, we can't do anything to him. This person has a thunder field guard against the real people, and a strong array of protection. According to this array, it should be Under the shadow of the sword, we can't crack his array…"

    The white world snorted: "Waste!"

    The temple did not dare to speak on the ground.

    He seemed to feel extremely angry because he remembered something, and then he yelled: "No matter what method is used, I will bring the ninth eternal life to me. The power of Tianheng cannot be controlled by them!"

    "Yes, Lord!"The temple made it immediately retreat.

    "The power of Tianheng, the battle of Xuanxian, I did not expect this time to give me a mess! Sword shadow dust, you are a good means! Limit me here, but it doesn't matter, I have found the ninth eternal life, you probably won't count this? ”

    The white world is like talking to himself, and then sneer.

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