The past of the No. 957 chapters Mans

    The first rays of the morning sun shone in the woods, and the birds in the forest were singing merrily and at ease. m??Text?W?W

    Mu Yu sat on the branch next to the Bodhi tree and stared at the Bodhi tree.

    The trunk of the linden tree became crystal clear, like a huge emerald spar, which was lying in the trunk of the linden tree at this time, and it looked like it was asleep. The whole linden tree leaves are gently rhythmic, exuding a vigorous life, and lingering around.

    He has been in the Bodhi tree for ten days.

    Ten days ago, he rushed to the Mouyun Mountain Range from the city of Chun'an, and slammed into the watery area of ​​Yumeng. He was surrounded by a group of waters. If the old tree tree did not notice the smell of wood feathers, When I arrive in time, I am afraid that there will be a lot of water in the hands of the impetuous Mu Yu.

    The old tree chief’s request for Mu Yu is also very difficult, because the Bodhi tree is a holy tree for Muyou, and it has a strong vitality. Fortunately, the mang’s face directly solved the trouble and ignited the Bodhi tree. Suddenly sent into the Bodhi tree.

    "Reassured, I can feel the vitality of my sister is slowly recovering."Xiaoshuai stretched out in the treetops.


    Mu Yu has been worried about this for a few days, but this Bodhi tree is really powerful. It is able to transform the essence of his life into the vitality of human beings into the body, helping the recovery to be burned out. The vitality is just that the process is very slow.

    The body and soul are not injured. According to the old tree, the time to wake up is not certain. Maybe a few days, maybe a month, maybe a few years, it depends on your own creation.

    This time, Mang rarely speaks, because he just broke away from the nine-day magic array and needs time to slowly recover himself. Mu Yu did not bother him.

    Strictly speaking, they are one, but they have two independent consciousnesses, but they can also combine two consciousnesses into one person. It’s just that Mu Yu doesn’t want to integrate, so they deal with their own ideas and don’t interfere with each other.

    But at this moment, the voice of Jing Mang sounded in Mu Yu’s mind: "Do you know why I want to help you?"

    Mu Yu was silent for a moment and said: "I don't know, but I still want to thank you."

    "I am just in the dead wood, because if there is no long-lasting blood, I will be swallowed up by death."The sentence is indifferent.

    "I thought you were a sorrowful Yumeng,

Sorry, I am misunderstood. ”Mu Yu said sincerely.

    Sentence snorted: "I was really not willing to live in the body of your little boy, but I am now changing my mind. Some of your qualities are like your master, I admire."

    Mu Yu did not speak. He didn't want to know what qualities he had. Now he just wants to wake up.

    "Do you know what this tree means to us?"The sentence is out of the channel.

    "do not know."

    "This tree is called the tree of life. The tree of life is very strange. It is the god tree that survived in ancient times. It has a very strong vitality. Because of its existence, we can continue to the present. The wood Eumundine Lord was born in this tree."Sentence said.

    Mu Yu was amazed: "Everything is the wood of the Lord? I thought that you are the only wood Eumundine Lord. ”

    "Of course not. Although we are the body of eternal life, we will also be killed. If we die of a tree of life, we will have one more." Do you think that the shadow of the sword shadows us to the Mongolian mountains, is it to protect the human race? ”Speaking indifferently.

    "Is not it?"Mu Yu asked.

    "To tell you the truth, we Muyou was doing the same thing as the Yaozu, not because of fighting the Terran, threatening your race or something, it is all your own people think out."Sentence said.

    Mu Yu brows slightly wrinkled: "Do the same thing with the Yaozu? Are you also stared by the so-called stalwart? ”

    For the existence of the singer, Mu Yu is still only a vague concept, and it is not clear what the singer means.

    "Yes, the reason that Jianying Dust Feng and you explained before is only one-sided. What Terran can't beat the Yumeng Mozu, he only beat us and trapped the Yumeng Mou in the Mouyun Mountain Range. It was just a Just a word. He does not want to attract the attention of the heavenly person. He actually sent us into reincarnation, which is protecting us. ”The sentence is reluctant to say.

    Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully: "Why can't you seal the five Youmeng spirits like the Ten Demon Kings?"

    "Because our breath is different from that of the demon king, we are single-attribute. Even the seal is easy to find by the heavenly person, so we can only hide our breath by the human body. The reason why the sword shadow dust wind set the nine-day magic circle to seal us again is that we will control the five people, and the breath will be noticed by the heavenly person. I think he should have realized that he has no ability to deal with it. The celestial person, after all, the heaven and earth array exhausted his cultivation. ”

    The sentence of Mang Mang is very strange, it seems very playful, and it seems very unwilling.

    The five Uyghur spirits were the immortal beings. At that time, the eternal life of this world was not enough, so the sword shadow dust winds let them survive in another way.

    "Then what did you do in the end, how could it be targeted by the heavenly person? Is it also for the so-called control of their own destiny? ”Mu Yu is still puzzled.

    When he asked the King of the Seas, the explanation given by the King of the Seas was this, but he refused to make it clearer. Mu Yu was also a half-baked one. He always felt that this kind of thing was too ridiculous.

    Shou Mang said: "When you reach the Mahayana period in the future, you will understand after the initial understanding of the rules of Heaven. It is useless to explain too much to you now."

    "Then why do you suddenly want to mention this to me?"Mu Yu said.

    "Because I haven't talked to people for a long time, I want to solve my boring, and I have been observing you for a few years. I found that you can't make me sneak. I am familiar with life, but you don't want others. So paying attention to your own life, is this person really worthy of doing this?"The sentence asked indifferently.

    "He deserves me to do anything for him. You should have no human emotions. You won't understand."Mu Yu said.

    "You are wrong, emotions are there in any conscious race, we also have. It’s just that I don’t think that no one can do this as you do, of course not only you, whether it’s a sword, or a dead wood, or a girl, you don’t have your life. , is rare in any race. ”Sentence said.

    The sword shadow dust wind sacrificed his own repair to save everyone in the triple heaven, the dead wood Evergreen sacrificed his life to the wood feather, Mu Yu wants to return his life to the dead wood, and burns life to protect the wood feather…Life seems to be very cheap in their eyes, and you can squander at will.

    But Mu Yu shook his head: "We don't take life seriously, but take life seriously, so we want to use life where we think it is."

    Because they value life, they will take life seriously and they will not be able to let the people they care about leave.

    "I understand."Sentences are thinking about what, then said: "I still want to remind you that after you return your life to the dead wood, I left your body, your body will become five lines of incompleteness, when Bodhi The tree can't save you. Don't be lucky. ”

    "I have no luck."

    Mu Yu said simply.

    There was no further voice after the sentence.

    Wood feathers lay on the treetops and looked at the sky.

    In the past ten days, he did not know what happened to the rest of the city, but he hoped that the family would be safe and sound. Because he was eager to save people, he forgot the family of Xiaochen, but thought that the three of them should be able to walk out there alone, just hope that they should not go back to Ancheng.

    "Wu Yu, we are all back to the Mouyun Mountain Range. Are you going to find the old god stick village chief?"Xiaoshuai didn't know where to pick up a lot of bananas and he was very happy.

    Mu Yu glanced at the botany that was still recovering from the Bodhi tree. I didn’t know when I could wake up, but I knew that it would be safe and sound, and Mu Yu would be enough to feel at ease. Now that he has seen the sorrow, the second heart robbing in his heart has also passed. Now that people are just in the Mouyun Mountain Range, it is indeed time to go to the village chief.

    When he left Liushui Village, Mu Yu vowed to tell the grandfather that he wanted to be a person who fought the Yumeng Mozu, but what he did now did not match what he promised. He wants to tell the truth to the village chief. Only then will he not feel embarrassed. The grandfather of the village is one of the most important people in his life. He does not want to take advantage of the grandfather.

    "Ok."Mu Yu nodded.

    The old tree grows slowly from the distance to the tree. UU reads and laughs: "You can do it yourself!" This girl will not have an accident. ”

    Mu Yu jumped from the tree and fell in front of the old tree. He was grateful: "Thank you for the old tree."

    The old tree grows up and waved: "No, I want you to help me, I will help you. I believe you like the man." By the way, there is another point. The water priest said that there are some waters in the outside world that have chosen to rely on the Mie Palace, so you must be careful. ”

    Mu Yu nodded: "Then I will leave, I will come back soon."

    Their current location is in the Moyun Mountain Range. Although there is a distance from the Liushui Village, it is not too far away, and the speed of the wood feather can be reached very quickly.

    Mu Yu finally glanced at it and said: "Shantou, you are here to wait for me to come back."

    Xiaoshuai went to the shoulder of Mu Yu, and the two men left the place under the guidance of the old tree leader and went in the direction of Liushui Village.

    What Mu Yu didn't know was that a group of people also quietly entered the Mouyun Mountain Range.

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