Chapter 958 Review of the old village chief of Xianshi

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    Early in the morning, the quiet Liushui Village has begun to be busy. The adults are carrying plows and preparing to go to the ground. Some hunters are preparing to go hunting. After the children have finished eating, they are happy to run towards the sunken valley in the village. &1t;/p>

    The head of the old cloth, who is full of white but spirited, has already smiled and waited for these children in the Sun Valley. He is too old to work, and he helps the villagers to bring children every day, teaching children to read and tell stories. &1t;/p>

    The most talked about here is naturally about the story of the most remarkable wood feather in his mind. &1t;/p>

    Today's wood feathers have appeared in a variety of stories, such as the three feathers of the white feathers, the sea dragon palace, the wrath of the mountain, the filling of the disaster-hit river, these are to set off the wooden feathers heroic fearless, big righteousness The righteousness for the benefit of the people. &1t;/p>

    And Xiaomu Yu let the pear, Mu Yu smell the chicken dance, the wooden feather cantilevered the thorns, and the wall pierced the light, or the wood feathers portrayed into a good child who began to work hard and self-improvement from an early age! &1t;/p>

    Although these things have nothing to do with the wooden feathers, for example, when Mu Yu was a child, because the cock screamed him to sleep every morning, he also thought about whether or not to kill the cock. Then I thought that the grandfather would be heartbroken, so Every day before going to bed, the cock's mouth is tangled with root grass. &1t;/p>

    Anyway, the old village chief does not care about this, Mu Yu is his pride in his heart, the most promising fairy teacher in Liushui Village, he is creating a new story for Mu Yu every day, and also specially wrote a biography of the character, named It is said that it will be used to show it to future generations. &1t;/p>

    He now tells the story of the good child Mu Yu every day, the version is changed, the most classic version is naturally -&1t;

    "When it was said that it was too late, our wood feathers rushed over in time, and fought the fairy teacher for three hundred rounds. It was called a dark day, and the sun and the moon were dull!" Mu Yu's two flying swords, such as the world-famous thunder, specialize in judging the good and evil in the world, the sword is out, the sand is flying, the lightning is thundering, and people can barely open their eyes! A sword stabbed, and suddenly the wind surged and the sky fell. The fairy teacher in Dadian Village was beaten by Mu Yu, vomiting blood and flying, the blood stained the dust, and the sky was dyed red…"&1t;/p>

    This is the first story that Mr. Laobu said every day. Because Mu Yu has been deified by the head of the old cloth, the story of the children is not to be overwhelmed, and Mu Yu has become the object of worship for all. &1t;/p>

    But occasionally there will be some clever little baby who will question the true and false story of the old village chief, especially the second volume about the story of "The Immortal Old Village Head".

There will always be a little doll that sucks the nose to question. &1t;/p>

    Immortality is a boundless presence in the upper mana. How can it be a mortal to the grandfather of the village chief? &1t;/p>

    But today's little dolls are shocked, and the things that are born before them make them no longer question the idea of ​​the village chief. &1t;/p>

    "Please help the elderly!"&1t;/p>

    Hundreds of imposing singers squatted in front of the village chief, the scene was spectacular, the scene was huge, and everyone was scared. &1t;/p>

    The Pu fan of the village chief of Laobu fell to the ground, his mouth was wide open, his beard was tilted up, and he could not believe what was in front of him. &1t;/p>

    "What are you doing?"&1t;/p>

    The old village chief looked incredibly at the hundreds of people who suddenly fell in front of him. They knew that the people who had fallen in front of him had just fallen from the sky, but the legendary fairy what! &1t;/p>

    The Fairy Master was the object of great admiration of the village chief, the last time the wood feather in order to give him a fair, lesson a little bit village home visit and insult his fairy division, but also let the fairy to kneel to him, this thing is enough for him to boast for more than 10 years, unexpectedly this time there are hundreds of fairy division inexplicably appeared in front of him, Give him the gift of a bow! &1t;/p>

    The head of the old cloth village did not turn around, how suddenly things would become so strange, in the end which roots are not right, these immortals are not cultivation to stupid, right? &1t;/p>

    However, the old village chief has already smirked in his heart, because he suddenly thought that there are so many immortals in front of him to kneel down, then the next step is how to continue to write it! &1t;/p>

    "The elders, Mu Yu must be resolved by you, please promise to take a trip with us."For the middle-aged immortal to look at the head of the old cloth, he seems to feel anxious because of certain things. &1t;/p>

    The village chief of Laobu was actually very excited, but he was also somewhat fearful. He fixed his mind. Although he did not understand what happened, he seemed to have the light of Mu Yu. &1t;/p>

    He bent over and picked up the fan that fell on the ground, and said carefully: "Okay, okay. You, you, you get up! ”&1t;/p>

    The village chief Laobu felt that he was like an emperor and let his people flatten. However, he did not have a repair at all, but he knew that no matter which of the hundreds of immortals, he had to play with it. &1t;/p>

    "Senior, please promise to take a trip with us!"Said to the middle-aged. &1t;/p>

    "That, can you ask, what happened to Mu Yu?"The head of the old cloth asked in awe. &1t;/p>

    The middle-aged man said with a serious face: "The elders, Mu Yu was confused by the Yumeng Mozu, and have lost their minds. Now they are leading the Yumeng Mozu and our Terran. We can no longer defeat him. You wake up and save the wood feathers!"&1t;/p>

    "what? Mu Yu and Mu Yu were confused by the Yumeng Mozu? ”&1t;/p>

    The village head was frightened, and he remembered a secret that he had buried in his heart for more than 10 years. That year Mu Plume 12 years old, the village head is ready to take him to the town of the university report, but do not want to meet a big grizzly bear, and at that time the young wooden feather to save him, exposed a let Brooks village of the ability of the head: control trees! &1t;/p>

    Controlling the trees is the skill of Mu Youmeng. At that time, the village chief Laobu chose to believe in Mu Yu, because he understood the heart of Mu Yu, and thought that Mu Yu could definitely be a good immortal teacher, using the ability of Mu Youmen to deal with these Yumeng. The Mozu, but never imagined that the immortal teacher in front of him would say such words! &1t;/p>

    "You said that Mu Yu was confused by the Yumeng Mozu, is this true?"&1t;/p>

    The old village chief is in a hurry, Mu Yu is a good boy in his mind, how can he be confused by the Yumeng Mozu? If you are confused by the Yumeng Mozu, how can you give other children an example? &1t;/p>

    The middle-aged man has a different light in his eyes, his face is very sad: "Yes! We heard that you are a grown-up person who raised the wood feathers. Mu Yu listens to you most, so now you can only wake up Mu Yu! ”&1t;/p>

    Mr. Laobu’s heart was anxious, and Mu Yu was the person he cares most. The most feared thing was that Mu Yu had an accident outside. &1t;/p>

    "Where is that Mu Yu now?" how should I do? ”The head of the old cloth said eagerly. &1t;/p>

    The middle-aged immortal immediately took out a piece of white jade from his pocket. This piece of jade permeated the sacred brilliance, and at first glance it seemed to come from the treasures of the gods. Even the village chief of the old cloth could not help but respect it. &1t;/p>

    The middle-aged man explained: "This piece of jade is specially designed to protect you, so that you can not be confused by the Yumeng Mozu, because we are worried that Mu Yu will also use the ability of the Yumeng Mozu to control You, so you have to hold it."&1t;/p>

    The head of the old cloth quickly nodded, and the jade of the sacred white mans was covered. When he saw it, he was not the god of the immortal. He didn't think about anything. He had to take over the jade when he reached out, but the middle-aged man shrank his hand back. &1t;/p>

    "Senior, you have to remember! When you hold this piece of jade, you will have some abnormal changes in your body, you may feel uncomfortable and repelled, but this is for your good. You have to empty yourself, don't resist the resilience brought by Yu Pei, because once you resist, this jade can't be used, understand? ”The middle-aged man shouted. &1t;/p>

    "I understand!"&1t;/p>

    The head of the old cloth nodded seriously, and it was related to the safety of Mu Yu. The old village chief would do everything. The requirements put forward by the middle-aged people are nothing. &1t;/p>

    The middle-aged man carefully handed Yu Pei to the village chief, and after the old village chief took over Yu Pei, he suddenly felt that Yu Pei had uploaded a strange adhesive force. It seemed to have turned into a streamer and wrapped him all over the package. live. &1t;/p>

    But at this moment, the village ground suddenly filled with a strong scent of breath, forcibly pulling the stream of light covering the surface of the body of the old cloth, like a tug-of-war, Yupei The stock looks very weak and will soon be swallowed up by the formation. &1t;/p>

    "Elderly, remember, you have to believe in the power of jade and resist other things. You have a way to resist the power to destroy Jade."The middle-aged man immediately said. &1t;/p>

    The head of the old cloth looked seriously in the body. He believed the words of the middle-aged people and felt the strange and powerful formations on the ground. He tried to accept the breath of Yu Pei. &1t;/p>

    Slowly, because of the resistance of the village chief, the formations scattered on the ground of the village were finally excreted, and the holy white light of Yu Pei San also smoothly entered the surface of the body of the old cloth. &1t;/p>

    The old village chief feels that he seems to have lost contact with the village. He even feels that he has been isolated from the outside world for a moment, and the village has always had a breath to reconnect him. UU reads but he is finally clothed. The village chief gave it a rejection. &1t;/p>

    "Okay, I did it."The village chief of Laobu was relieved. &1t;/p>

    The middle-aged man showed an imperceptible smile, but soon it was fleeting and earnestly said: "Time is too late, the elders have offended!"&1t;/p>

    The middle-aged man has appeared in the old cloth village, and then covered the body of the old cloth village chief, and rolled up the old cloth village chief, and disappeared into the flowing village. At the same time, hundreds of people under the shackles disappeared in an instant, leaving only a group of children who had not yet returned to the gods to marvel at the grandfather of the village chief. &1t;/p>

    "Xianshi really gave the grandfather of the village a slap!"&1t;/p>

    Many children are amazed, they are already convinced of the story told by the village chief grandfather! &1t;/p>


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