Chapter 959, Master Seiji, the old village chief conspiracy article!

    Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai have already landed outside the Liushui Village, but Mu Yu has stopped. dust?缘→文↓学√网

    "what happened? Mu Yu, still thinking about how to explain with the god stick grandfather? ”Xiaoshuai asked awkwardly.

    Mu Yu nodded. "At the beginning, I promised the grandfather of the village to be a good immortal teacher to fight against the Yumeng Mozu. Unfortunately, I have already reneged."

    He did not fight against the Yumeng Mozu, but instead slaughtered countless immortals.

    The childhood promise made him unable to let go of his heart, because the grandfather of the village was a reliance of his childhood. When he was young, he was not ignorant, and was bullied and bullied by other children. The grandfather of the village is protecting him, so he has been I listened to the words of the grandfather of the village.

    Nowadays, he has embarked on a road that contradicts the wishes of the village chief's grandfather. He is very uncomfortable in his heart and can't really face the grandfather of the village chief.

    "But after all, you have to face yourself, let's go! I still like the gods grandfather. ”Xiaoshuai said.

    After a moment of ignorance, Mu Yu finally entered the Liushui Village quietly and did not alarm anyone.

    He appeared in the village chief's house, but did not see the village chief.

    "Grandpa Grandpa is sure to tell the story of my battle Fuxianyu in the Sun Valley and the children, let's go and listen!"Xiaoshuai said with joy.

    Mu Yu turned around and appeared in the sun drying field, but his brows were slightly wrinkled, because there was no figure of the grandfather of the village chief, and only a group of children were whispering and talking.

    "what happened?"

    Mu Yu felt a little uneasy in his heart. He pressed his hands on the ground, and a gossip appeared in the palm of his hand. The village's ground suddenly appeared innumerable patterns, and then his face changed slightly.

    "what happened? God stick grandfather? ”Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

    "He is not in the village!"Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

    Mu Yu suddenly moved his ears because he had heard the voices of the children.

    "The grandfather of the village is so good!"

    "Yes! So many great immortals have given him a squat, and the grandfather of the village is like a leader of a fairy teacher, so good. ”

    "This is much worse than Mu Yu's brother! The truth saw the woode brother.

    "The grandfather of the village said that Mu Yu’s brother is fighting outside with the Yumeng Mozu. Unfortunately, we are too young to be a master."

    The group of children were talking about the grandfather of the village chief, and the young man had already ran over. He looked only three or four years old, and he was about the same age as other children.

    "Hey, what did the fairy teacher you just said to the village chief?" What about the village chief? ”Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

    "who are you? Have we never seen you before? ”Asked the children of Liushui Village.

    Xiaoshuai said seriously: "I am the admirer of the village chief, come to the village chief to sign, the village chief?"

    "The village head was just taken away by a group of immortals."

    "It was taken? Where did you take it? ”Xiaoshuai immediately asked.

    "I don't know, we only heard those sorcerers who said that Mu Yu's brother, Yumeng Mozu, asked the grandfather of the village to do something big, and then the group of immortals took him away."Said a little boy.

    Mu Yu's face changed greatly!

    "Where did they take the grandfather of the village to where?"Mu Yu came to the group of children and asked eagerly.

    "Big brother, who are you?"The other children asked curiously.

    "Who is not important to me, do you quickly tell me who the grandfather of the village was taken away? The details are detailed in detail. ”Mu Yu did not bother to explain his identity.

    The children were very excited about the fact that hundreds of immortals had kneeled on the grandfather’s grandfather, and they couldn’t wait to tell Mu Yu about what happened just now.

    The more Yu Yu listened to his face, the more pale, he quickly asked: "Where did they go in the direction?"

    "Of course it is going to heaven!"

    "That's right! The immortals are all in the clouds. ”

    "Little handsome, go!"

    Mu Yu found that there was no way to get more news, and immediately stepped out and turned around in the village.

    "what! This brother is also a fairy teacher? ”


    The child opened his eyes again and shouted excitedly.

    Mu Yu’s heart became extremely heavy, and his figure quickly circled the village chief.

    "There are traces of many chaotic practitioners."Mu Yu squatted in Liushui Village, and there was a faint wave of ripples over the village, covering the entire village.

    "You didn't come here last time, didn't you let him not go out of the village?"Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

    "When I secretly came back to the village chief to show his skills, I didn't dare to face him, so I didn't show up in front of him. I only gave the entire village chief a guardianship."Mu Yu said.

    "Then you never thought about it. Is it dangerous to leave the village?"Xiaoshuai said.

    "The grandfather of the village is generally not going to leave the village, but the farthest will only go to the school in Qingshou City. The scope of protection of this array will cover the farthest places where the village chief will go. As long as he does not leave this area, there will be no danger to his life. Even no one can force him to take him. Master has already given him a guardian. The array method is enough to ensure that the people of the Mie Palace cannot enter this area. ”

    Mu Yu clenched his fist, and the people of the Mie Palace could not enter, but the eight-door man was able to come in!

    "Can't force him to take him away? Not even the white world? ”Xiaoshuai asked.

    "Yes, the white world is not good! Because the chief of the village chief not only has the thunder guard, I also found Master's array of skills. Master has already known this thing. I am afraid that after the failure of the imprisonment, Master has already given him a protective array. Master's array will not restrict any comprehension to enter the village, but whoever wants to take him away will be blocked directly by the guardianship, and the white world is no exception! ”Mu Yu explained.

    This kind of array is laid out by the force of nature, because no one is regularly maintained, so the array cannot be attacked. However, if you lose your aggression, you will have a strong protective ability. As long as the old village chief stays in the protection of the array, no one can take him.

    In the past years, many comprehensions went to various villages to recruit disciples, so the array of techniques could not deliberately restrict the entry of the self-cultivators. Otherwise, a village where the comprehension can not enter is very easy to cause others to doubt!

    "How can he be taken away now?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    "There must be some people using the means. The guardian array has a flaw. The protected person can resist the formation. If I don't think wrong, it must be that these people deceive him with rhetoric, and then use some means to isolate it. The connection between the formation and the grandfather of the village chief, we must stop them immediately!"

    Mu Yu is very anxious in his heart. He must not let the grandfather of the village have an accident, because the village chief is not only the person who raised him from childhood, but also the ninth eternal life!


    Hundreds of cents left the village of Liushui with the head of the old cloth, and they quickly went in one direction.

    At this time, the distance to the village is no more than ten thousand miles. The old village chief never left the village to such a long distance, and it has already exceeded the protection scope of the array!

    The old village chief only felt that his eyes were dark, and he was afraid of being anxious. He did not know where he was taken.

    Suddenly, there was a tremor around him, and then his eyes could see the light again. He found himself on a plain and thought he had reached his destination, but the surrounding was agitated, but the middle-aged immortal looked anxiously behind him. .

    "Oh! This old man must die! ”

    There were a few strange voices in front, and it seemed that someone had stopped the road of these hundreds of immortals. The head of the old cloth poked his head from the shoulders of the middle-aged immortal. He wanted to know who was so bold and dared to fight against these hundreds of immortals.

    It doesn't matter if he looks at it, he almost scared him!

    It is the Yumeng Mozu!

    "what! How did the Yumeng Mozu come? ”

    The village chief of the old cloth was frightened and frightened. The legendary Yumeng Mozu burned and looted, and there was no evil. I did not expect it to appear in this place!

    "Give me up! Be sure to protect the elders. ”

    The middle-aged immortal waved a hand, and hundreds of comprehensions behind him all went to the Yumeng Mozu, and fought with the Yumeng Mozu!

    The head of the old cloth clung tightly to the clothes of the middle-aged immortal. At this time, he was relieved that this is a good-looking immortal teacher. I believe that this great immortal master can protect his integrity.


    Above the clouds of the battlefield, the figures of the three stalwarts stand in the void, one of them is the imperial power, powerful! He stood there as if he was integrated into the heavens and the earth, like a god, awe.

    And the two people around him are the people on the list.

    Gu Ke, the top ten is ranked!

    奚Hongyi, the most famous in the eighth!

    "The temple makes the adult, the old man is the ninth eternal life!"Gu Ke said respectfully.

    The temple made a slight nod: "I didn't expect it, I really didn't expect it!" The sword shadow dust wind has already laid this hand long ago, hiding this person so deep! It is also so well protected that this protection array is probably less than a bloody cover. ”

    奚 Hongyi respectfully asked: "The temple makes an adult, and he has a powerful guardian thunder in his body. It is the real ability of the real person against the thunder. Do you have to deal with this thunder yourself?"

    The temple shook his head: "This thunder is too powerful. The sword and the dust and the real people have been against us. No one can remove this thunder except the Lord."

    "Then let us take this Thunder to the Triple Palace?" The thunder is very terrible. If the Thunder is detonated, our place may be razed to the ground. The thunder of the real thunder is with the help of the sword and the dust. The power is very powerful. An eternal life is in our hands, and he will definitely launch the Thunder directly…"Gu Ke hesitated.

    The temple made a smile on the chest and said: "No hurry, everything is under control!"


    The pit buried in the prologue, UU reading to nearly a thousand chapters began to fill.

    The mood in these two days is very bad, the more I write, the more irritable. The book is reserved for the main station.Reading too bad, the editor suggested that I close the end. Closing now means rotten tail or eunuch, or order.Read the question. I haven't finished a lot of plots. I'm not willing to do it in a hurry. But my novels don't get the fee in other channels. I don't give it here, only the subscription of the main station, so whether it is an artifact. I can't receive any money you spend on a certain bear reading. It’s hard to write down without paying back. This book is probably…Ugh! It’s not that I can’t write the eunuch, and the plot outline is in my mind, but the editor thinks that there is no need to write it down. I suggest that I open a new book, so I am very lost, really lost…I want to finish this story, but I don't have enough motivation to let me go. It may be that I did not write well, I should reflect on it. I am not very clear about how to close it, because there are too many things to be explained. Do you think it should be written down?

    I have been confused for these two days. I have written more than three million words and only a few dozen subscriptions. What am I insisting on? For the return of a few dollars for that day? I like this story very much, but the reality spilled my cold water, and I slapped me, making me a little embarrassed…Subscription is a standard for measuring a novel, and obviously I am not up to standard.


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