Chapter 960, Master of the Emperor, the old village chief Thunder!

    The old village chief looked at it all the time. He was always guarded by the middle-aged immortal, but the middle-aged sorcerer could not seem to take him to escape the encirclement of the Yumeng Mozu. He could only watch the hands-on attack and destroy the heavens. The land of the immortal and the five attributes of the Yumeng Mozu battle together. m←↑文JW?W

    The fire is full of trees, the forests are thick, the soil thorns are everywhere, the swords are flashing, and the ice cones are cold.

    The imposing priests were vulnerable in the face of the self-cultivation. They were all killed by the Yumeng Mozu, but only Tiankaifeng was still protecting the village chief.

    "How could this be?"The head of the old cloth panicked behind the middle-aged immortal.

    “Is this all related to Mu Yu?”The old village chief swallowed a sip and asked.

    The middle-aged fairy teacher nodded: "Wu Yu can only solve the problem, the elder, you must live."

    The spiritual power of the middle-aged fairy teacher suddenly skyrocketed. He spit out a blood, and then rushed to the sky with the old village chief.

    "Wood feathers…"

    The head of the old cloth whispered, what happened to the kind child?

    His thoughts drifted many years ago. He remembered that the year of Mu Yu was twelve years old. Everything started from that time.

    But he didn't have time to think more and then he was interrupted. The middle-aged immortal with the old cloth village chief did not go far, because at this time countless Yumeng Mozu once again surrounded up, will be the old cloth village chief and middle-aged immortal The division is firmly surrounded, and the two of them are already flying wings!

    "Imperial Master, what should we do now?"

    The old village chief was completely frightened.

    The middle-aged immortal was full of injuries and his body was covered with blood. He said with anxiety: "Elderly, we can only eliminate these Yumeng Mozus if we want to escape now, but I can't beat them with my strength. These Yumeng Mozus can only rely on you now!"

    "rely on me? what! Do you want me to hand over to the Yumeng Mozu? ”

    The old village chief was shocked!

    "You are misunderstood by the elders! I am desperate to protect your safety, but you have a very powerful thunder, but it was originally an expert who stayed to protect you. As long as you trigger this thunder, you can kill these in an instant. Monsters! ”The middle-aged immortal said anxiously.

    "I……What's on my body? ”Mr. Laobu asked in surprise,

He never knew that there were any powerful sorcerers in his body that could kill these Yumeng Mozus in an instant.

    The middle-aged immortal nodded. "You feel it carefully. Near your heart, when you are in danger of life, the Thunder will automatically trigger protection." But for now, you can trigger yourself! As long as you can trigger the Thunder, we can escape. Now Muyu can only be saved by you. He is the hope of our Terran, absolutely can't have an accident! ”

    The old cloth village chief remembered the wood feather. Compared with the situation in front of him, he was more worried about the danger of the wood feather. The middle-aged fairy teacher in front of him was so arrogant that the old village chief had no doubts about his words.

    "Good, for the wood feather! Immortal Master, what should I do? ”The village chief Laobu said quickly.

    "Elderly, you only need to feel the chest, you will feel the thunder, it can not only automatically detect the danger, but also can be controlled by you!"The middle-aged immortal said eagerly.

    At this time, the Yumeng Mozu once again laughed wildly in the air, and countless flames, earth and stone, and ice cones fell down here. However, the middle-aged immortalist sacrificed a magic weapon and turned it into a white barrier. All the flying sands were stoned, and the swords and swords were all blocked out.

    Only after each attack of the Yumeng Mozu, the entire barrier will tremble fiercely, and it will be in jeopardy. It seems that the next time it will break, the flames will then drown them.

    The old cloth village chief is getting more and more nervous, because the middle-aged immortal's face is pale and not a trace of blood, it seems that it has not been able to last for a long time. He quickly put his hand on his chest and lived in the village for so many years. He has never heard of any powerful fairy technique hidden in his body. He is also suspicious.

    But when he touched his chest and carefully sensed it, there was a feeling of paralysis around the heart. This feeling is very strange. When he noticed, there was a very clear concept in his mind, just like someone suddenly told him how to use this kind of fairy.

    He already knows how to pull the Thunder in his mind, and even how to use this Thunder to destroy the enemy. This sudden immortality is also very unbelievable to the head of the old cloth.

    The blue electro-optic light gathered in the hand of the old cloth village, and every meridian below the skin was reflected in blue. Numerous streams of light kept rushing toward the arm of the old cloth village chief. He felt that there was a hidden body on his body. The volcano will be sprayed out, full of explosive power.

    This power is extremely terrifying. When the blue electric light is out, a powerful field capability will roll out and cover a few hundred miles. The head of the old cloth is full of blue light, and it looks extremely fierce in the air. It is like Raytheon's coming to the world. Standing there and waving a hand seems to be a great change, destroying the earth!

    "My God, can I actually use this kind of fairy?"The village chief of the old cloth was amazed.

    This Thunder is naturally the ability of the real person to seal the body of the old cloth to the body of the old cloth, "breaking thunder and dust". Unlike the wood feather, the old cloth village chief does not have any spiritual power when using the dust and dust. The consumption is like the cost of the real thing, and all the worries of the future help him solve it.

    The middle-aged immortal face also showed a horrified look. Under the cover of this field, even if he did not have any possibility of escape. Thunder's field ability also shocked the middle-aged immortal, so that he could not help but feel a sense of powerlessness!

    The old man of the old cloth has already flown up, and the whole body is flashing and flashing. His eyes are covered by blue thunder, and the white barrier that originally protected them is also directly shattered by lightning, and the flames and sands are flying. The swords and swords suddenly shrouded them!

    However, the thunder of the old cloth village chief, all the five elements of the law rushed over and was directly destroyed by the thunder and light in the void, and even the residue was not left!

    "You are a group of Yumeng Mozu! Dare to confuse my little wood feather, I am fighting with you! ”

    The village chief Laobu did not know where the courage came from. Suddenly he raised his hand directly. The thunder of the palm of his hand was like a slap in the face, and the violent thunder creaked, as if to wipe out all the evil atmosphere in the world.

    These thunder light blasted from the head of the old cloth, and they fell into the void. Even the dust became the pull of the thunder. The dense thunder was like a spider web. It was intertwined in the air, extending infinitely, connecting all the Yumeng people. Body.

    All the Youmont demons who were still in their claws and swagger suddenly opened their eyes in horror, covered with fire Youmont, spar composed of the Earth Youmont, Blue Water watering Youmont, branches all over the wood Youmont, the whole body suffused with the Kim Yumong of the cold, all the Youmont demon tribe are densely covered with Reiguang.

    These thunders emerged from the old cloth, disappeared into the void, and came out of the air around each of the Yumeng Mozu, invading them, and then every spider of the Yumeng had a spider web-like thunder. Everyone’s movements are also strangely stopped in midair –




    A slight cracking sound was uploaded from each of the Yumeng Mozu. The vitality of each of these Yumeng Mozus was like a moment of being squeezed out, turning into a fragile piece of porcelain, and finally blasting it!

    All the Youmont demons were Reiguang by electricity in a flash. But the fragments of their bodies did not spread out to how far it was the other Reiguang in the sky, and a time the whole piece of heaven as if covered by the Blue Lightning, everywhere thunder and lightning, raging Reiguang pouring out, to the head of the Brooks as the center scattered, All of a sudden will be within a radius of hundreds of everything in the electricity into nothingness!

    The field of anti-real realism: broken thunder dust!

    "Good powerful field ability!"

    Gu Kexin of the void array sighed with sighs, and the ability in this field far surpassed him, even if he wanted to survive in this horrible thunderbolt.

    The temple made a cold sigh at the side: "Reverse thunder real people really have a real effort for this old man, and he will not hesitate to spend this life to lay this kind of thunder, let alone his body also assists the sword shadow dust Although the scope of action is only a hundred miles, even if I dare not pick up this Thunder easily!"

    "Those of the Yumeng Mozu and the Terrans are dead."Yu Hongyi said.

    "They were originally insignificant guys, they died better, and they can be our soul!"

    The temple made a sneer, only the battle between the comprehensible and the Yumeng Mozu was not a play, but a real struggle between life and death. Only in this way can the old village chief lead the thunder in the body!

    Mr. Brooks, gasping for breath, looked at him with horror and uncertainty for four weeks, all the Youmont are not alive under his thunder, not only that, the whole area is like being taken away by what has been the general, a radius of hundreds of trees and stone gravel, forest mountains and rivers, have been destroyed into a barren, Even the ground blew out a huge pit of deep thyme!

    When the village chief saw that he had launched a strange fairy technique, he wiped out all the Yumeng Mozus. He suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and said quickly: "I am a good master, I have already put these Yumeng Mozu as you said. All are wiped out!"

    But when he looks back, UU reads Where is there any immortal master? The middle-aged fairy teacher has long been killed in his terrible thunder field!

    The old village chief was shocked: "Imperial Master?" what! I also killed the immortal master? Then, then, what about now? Where should I go to find the child of Mu Yu? ”

    At the moment, the old village chief had a residual thunder in the body, and he was carried in the air, but there was only one person left within a hundred miles. He felt extremely fearful and jealous because he still believed in the talent. Middle-aged immortal.

    The void was surging, and a figure had already stepped out. His whole body was covered with sacred white awns, which looked very stalwart and awesome.

    "Elder, are you okay? I am here to take charge of the fairy teacher who will meet you to see Mu Yu. ”

    Gu Ke smiled slightly, his smile was very sacred in the eyes of Mr. Laobu.


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