Chapter 961 is the separation of the old village chief of the immortal!

    There is no one in this area at all, so Gu Ke dare to show up in his true face. No matter who you change, when you see their stalwart body, they will be awe and treat them as gods. m??Text?W?W

    "You, you…God! ”

    The old village chief was also confused by the white light of Gu Ke, but he still had a powerful thunder on his body. He worried that he would hurt the gods and quickly said: "Don't you, don't come over, I can't control the fairy who doesn't know where to come. Surgery."

    The old cloth village chief is also quite a headache. He has such a horrible fairy technique inexplicably. Although he can destroy the earth and destroy the land, this is the ability he has always dreamed of, and he killed all the Yumeng Mozu, but I didn't expect to accidentally kill the immortal teacher who came to him. This would be worth the loss.

    Gu Ke pondered for a moment, he could see that in order to protect this old man, it was really bloody. Now the old village chief still has residual thunder in his body. These thunders are enough to make a broken thunder dust again, although the power It’s more than the horror, but it’s never a joke.

    "Nothing, I can teach you how to lead the rest of the Thunder, so you won't hurt."

    At this time, Gu Ke naturally appeared to solve the remaining Thunder in the body of the old cloth, because the people brought by the Star Gate and the Yumeng Mozu were dead, and now there is no Yumeng Mozu to give the old cloth to the village. So, he only appeared in person.

    No one is instructing, and the old village chief does not know how to control such a powerful force. He can only use it casually and kill everyone around him, but Gu Ke can teach him how to lead the rest of the Thunder to a place.

    When the old village chief listened to Gu Ke, he could guide the fairy sorcerer on his body and quickly said: "Oh, good, good! Hurry and tell me how to get this, it’s terrible! I just want to kill the Yumeng Mozu, I didn't think about killing the immortal! ”

    For Gu Ke, the death of the Yumeng Mozu and the people of the Star Gate will not lose anything. After all, they are dying when they start a war. There is nothing to regret. However, the simple and kind person of the old village chief is naturally reluctant to see the fairy teacher’s accident, but it is the one who fights the Yumeng Mozu!

    "You just want to bring all the lightning to your palms and hit them in one direction. The Thunder will be under your control. You will understand."Ke put on a very patient look.

    If it wasn’t for the old cloth village chief who had been laid out for the illusion, Gu Ke only needed to display some illusions that the Yumeng Mozu had invaded. Unfortunately, the sword shadow dust had long considered this possibility, let They can't use illusion in front of the village chief.

    "Is that right?"

    The old cloth village chief has raised his hand.

On the palm of your hand, a powerful Thunder was gathered again, and the thunder was stunned. For the thunder, real people for him, even the use of the method is engraved in the head of the old cloth village chief, and Gu Ke so mentions, the old cloth village chief also understands what to do.

    "Yes, that's it. Next, you just need to point your hand in the other direction, and the Thunder will be led out by you."Gu Ke followed the path of good deeds.

    "I know."

    The head of the old cloth is still smashing because of killing the immortal teacher. There is no doubt at the moment. I can’t wait to get rid of the singularity that made him blame himself. The hand has been lifted in one direction.


    However, at this moment, Mu Yu’s voice came from afar. He looked at the Gu Ke around the grandfather’s grandfather in amazement, and he had already fallen to the side of the old village chief.

    "Grandpa, don't mess with the Thunder!"Mu Yu shouted, but it was specially used to protect the old cloth village chief, and this thunder assisted the sword shadow dust wind, even the white world can only avoid and can not resist.

    "You, are you a wooden feather?"

    The head of the old cloth looked at the wood feather suddenly appearing in front of him. It was also a glimpse. He had not seen the wood feather for several years. When Mu Yu sneaked back to Liushui Village to set up a guardianship, he was stunned by the slaughter. It did not appear in front of him, so now the village chief Laobu only recognized the wood feather with his impression.

    Mu Yu said eagerly: "Grandpa, don't be fooled by this bad guy!"

    "Wood feather?"

    At this moment, there was another wave of volatility in the void, and the temple had already stepped out. His appearance was like a huge mountain, and the earth trembled as if the whole star was turning around him. The focus of this area!

    Mahayana people!

    At the same time, Yu Hongyi also showed his body shape. The atmosphere of the two robbing periods spread all over the whole piece of the void, and the whole piece of emptiness was firmly blocked. Because of the blood protection, they could not see the wood feathers, nor could they hear them. Mu Yu speaks.

    But when the village chief Laobu made a sound, the three of them already knew that Mu Yu was coming!

    "Dirty bugs!"

    Mu Yu’s heart was also full of anger, but he did not expect that the Mie Palace had sent a man of the Mahayana period!

    "Wu Yu, is it really you?"

    The head of the old cloth screamed excitedly, and quickly put his hand with thunder and lightning on his chest, for fear that he would accidentally let the thunder and lightning take pride in his small wooden feathers.

    Gu Ke said with grief: "The elderly, he is not your family's wood feather, I have already said, Mu Yu was confused by the Yumeng Mozu, this person is disguised, no matter what he said, don't believe, because He understands the past of you and Mu Yu!"

    Because the blood guarded the sky, he didn't see the wood feather, and he couldn't hear what Mu Yu was saying, but he directly slammed it.

    "what? Are you fake wood feathers camouflaged by the Yumeng Mozu? ”The old cloth village was shocked!

    Mu Yu’s people in the Mie Palace have already hated the bone marrow. At this time, they even provoked distraction and quickly said: “Grandpa, I am not a camouflage wood feather, I am really wood feather!”

    奚Hongyi is also on the side of the road: "Elderly, this person does not believe anything, no matter what!" He is disguised by the Yumeng Mozu, the real wood feather has been confused by the Yumeng Mozu, you have to believe us, we are here to take you to save the real wood feather! This fake wood feather is specially sent to assassinate you! ”

    "what? Assassinate me? ”

    Brooks Village Chine, even if he has a through the illusion of the Matrix, but he did not know this, plus the triple House of three people, like the gods, holy incomparable, the tone is just awe-inspiring, look very convincing, not to mention the village is such an old man, even if the real people will be deceived by their appearance.

    "Yes, he is here, waiting to assassinate you. As long as you die, no one can wake up the wood feathers. When the Yumeng Mozu will lead the whole repairing world under the leadership of Mu Yu, you can Think twice!"Gu Ke said.

    Whether it is Gu Ke or Yu Hongyi, or the temple ambassador who is very powerful and terrifying, they are very jealous of the thunder of the old village chief, and they are not sure to directly hold the village chief, so they dare not act rashly, otherwise they will It will not waste your tongue.

    "You, are you really disguised by the Yumeng Mozu?"

    The village chief Laobu has begun to gradually believe that the god-like Miegong people have spoken. He gnashed his teeth and his hands flashed with thunder and re-aligned with Mu Yu. "You are a group of hateful Yumeng demons. What happened to my family Mu Yu?"

    Mu Yu’s heart is also flustered, and even the thunder of the temple is jealous. He naturally can’t easily resist it. If the old village chief really uses the Thunder to him, I am afraid he is also fierce! The people of the Mie Palace were too embarrassed, and the rhetoric and the disguise of justice were used to deceive the old village chief.

    "Grandpa, I am really Mu Yu, the child who was raised by you since childhood. You forgot that when I was a child, I was afraid to go to your bed." I am not a disguised person, nor are I confused by the Yumeng Mozu, they are the ones who want to confuse you! ”Mu Yu said eagerly.

    The village chief of Laobu still believes in the hypocrisy of the Miegong people, but if the person in front of him is really Mu Yu, he does not dare to use this Thunder, only when he first uses the Thunder, it is destroyed. Everyone, the power that frightened himself, for fear of getting it wrong, gave the wood feathers.

    "You said that you are Mu Yu, then, how do you prove it?"The head of the old cloth said in amazement.

    "Grandpa, I was an orphan from childhood, you brought up, someone bullied me, are you to protect me, you send me to educate the time, found that I can control the trees, or I used to kill the grizzly bear to save you, you were afraid but still choose to believe me, you said let me be a good person to fight against the Mongol devils, have you forgotten? ”Mu Yu said.

    Mu Yu can't wait to kill the Mie Palace people in front of him. The Mie Gong people have an ugly face, but they pretend to be so noble. At this time, they are also arrogant, which is really disgusting!

    The old village chief hesitated, he was also undecided, and then continued to ask: "What did I do at the time, what did I say?"

    "Is it scared to be scared by the grizzly bear?"Mu Yu asked helplessly.

    The old village chief’s face suddenly became red, and he quickly defended: “What is scared to pee, that is, that is…”

    "I know, you said that if you didn't dare to scare the grizzly at the time, I couldn't get it to kill it, right?"Mu Yu said. UU reading

    The head of the old cloth nodded hard and said seriously: "Yes, that's the truth!"

    "Then I went back to the village once, and you were insulted by the fairy in the village, and I was going to waste that guy's you gave me a mess of heroic deeds, what three dozen white chicken essence, Ching What, no one is reliable, I have only done a thing, is to save you, you should not question me now, but should believe me, They are trying to alienate us, so they can catch you and threaten me! They are afraid of the lightning in your hands, and none of us can hold your lightning. ”

    Mu Yu quickly explained the matter.

    Mr. Laobu’s heart began to waver, but the next Gu Ke said: “Elderly, just to save you, we have been killed by the Yumeng Mozu, so you still don’t understand? He said that everything can be inquired because the real wood feathers have been controlled by them! ”

    What did the old village chief think of, and then asked: "I originally said that you would be a good immortal teacher to fight the Yumeng Mozu, have you done it?"

    Miki Yu, I did not expect the village chief to ask this question at this time.

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