Chapter 962, Master of the Emperor, the old village chief!

    Mu Yu bit his teeth, looked up, met the head of the village, hesitated for a moment, his eyes faintly said: "I did not do it. m↓I text KW?W"

    He didn't want to deceive his grandfather with his conscience, because this trip came back to tell the village chief about all the truth, and he didn't want to look at him with his conscience.

    "Mu Yu, how can you say that the village manager of the gods can believe us?"Xiaoshuai reminded.

    But Mu Yu shook his head. He didn't want to rely on lying to gain the trust of the village chief.

    "You didn't do it?"The old cloth village chief looked at Mu Yu with surprise.

    "Not all of the immortals are good people, and not all of the Yumeng Mozu are bad people. I just grew up, seeing farther, and understanding more."Mu Yu said calmly.

    The Miegong people couldn’t hear what Mu Yu and the old cloth village chief were saying, because the wood feathers at this time were invisible to them. Gu Kesheng was afraid of the extra-budget, let Mu Yu persuade the old man and immediately said: “I said Now, he is disguised!"

    The temple has become a little impatient at the side: "Do not talk nonsense, don't use your thunder, let's hold this person first!"

    The temple made him a master of the Mahayana period, and he did not have much time to say anything to the village chief.

    "Hold me? Then you try it! ”Mu Yu looked at the three people without fear. He had blood on his body and was not afraid of the three.

    However, the temple has already revealed two white soul beads in front of him. For the people of Sangong Palace, the less the soul beads, the stronger the strength. The temple makes only two soul beads, obviously it is quite powerful!

    There is already a scarlet blood in the white soul beads, which is integrated into the eyes of the temple. His eyes suddenly become a demon blood red. These movements are not seen by the old village chief!

    The Soul of the Triple Palace, reversed the source of blood, specifically used to deal with the soul of Mu Yu.

    Obviously, when the temple was used to reverse the blood, it was much more powerful than the thousands of songs and Wanshui, and it controlled the changed soul force lightly, but did not break the original disguise on him.

    "Now I can pack you up!"

    The temple has already seen the wood feathers, and the white awns in his hands flashed. In order not to let the old cloth village chief doubt, his blood red soul power is mixed in the white soul force, and no abnormalities can be seen.

    Mu Yu’s heart is also a glimpse.

The temple ambassador is the most powerful one of the three people he has ever seen. The cultivation of the Mahayana period is far from what he can handle today.

    In his hands, he immediately appeared in the field of the Siren King. He originally had four fields. Now he has used three. Now, only the area of ​​the "My Lord's Ups and Downs" of the Siren King is not used. He is not clear about the temple. What is the ability of the field, but he knows that if it is really fighting, it is definitely not an opponent of the real Mahayana period.

    "This time, you can't fly in your wings!"

    The temple made a cold look at Mu Yu, and the body of the body had already been released.

    But at this time, the village chief Laobu suddenly ran two steps in the air and stood in front of Muyu: "You are not allowed to move my house Muyu!"

    "grandfather……"Mu Yu was amazed.

    The head of the village trembling stretched out the hands of thunder, and aimed at the temple and other people, he actually has no bottom in mind, because in addition to this last thunder tactic, he is a mortal, but he still summon up the courage to say: "I certainly believe that my home mu plume, because I watched you grow up, your mistaken eyes are not to come out, I have not old confused!" ”

    Mu Yu laughed: "I know that my grandfather knows the eye."

    "That is, don't look at who I am!"

    The village chief snorted and then said: "Mu Yu, are they really three bad guys?" How does it look less like? ”

    "Grandpa, look at the person who wants to do it to me. Is his eyes still a good person?"Mu Yu reminded.

    The head of the old cloth saw the temple and made the blood-red eyes shocked. Even though the temple had tried to disguise the soul, but the eyes could not be disguised anyway, it was a pair of bloody eyes. It is especially scary.

    "The original three are white chicken! Rest assured, Mu Yu, when you were a child, you were most afraid of lightning. This time I protect you! Kill these three white chickens! ”The thunder in the hands of the village chief Laobu braved the light, and his suffocation was also a lot.

    "White chicken?"

    After a glimpse of Mu Yu, he then remembered the story of the "Mu Yu Sanda White Chicken" that Mr. Laobu had made for him:

    The white chicken in the inside is also very versatile. The change has become a family of three to make a mess with Mu Yu and the village head. The person who was deceived in the story is the old village chief himself. Finally, the village chief noticed that the white chicken was not right, and he understood the wood feather. It is a good boy, and then assists Mu Yu to kill the white chicken spirit together.

    Although it is Hu Yu, it is no different to the village head.

    "Yes, Mu Yu, rest assured, I will not be blinded like in the story!"Mr. Laobu said vowedly.

    Mu Yu stood helplessly next to the village head and said: "Grandpa, don't mess with this thunder, listen to my command, otherwise you will waste this thunder. Once you waste, we are very dangerous."

    The temple made a frowning. When he saw that the old cloth village chief chose to believe in Mu Yu, he did not act rashly. The thunder of the old cloth village chief was definitely not a joke, and he was stronger than his field ability. too much!

    That is the Thunder that combines the anti-Ray real person and the sword shadow dust wind, far from being able to resist him alone.

    "The temple makes the adults, the old man does not believe us, what do we do now?"Gu Ke asked.

    "Since the plan has failed, there is no need to disguise it. If you directly grab Mu Yu and the old man, they can only threaten us with this thunder. As for the other areas of Mu Yu, there is no need to fear anything. As long as you avoid this thunder, they are the best!"The temple made a cold channel.


    There are also white soul beads in front of Yu Hongyi and Gu Ke. There are ten Gu Ke, and there are only nine in Hongyi! The soul of the two exudes scarlet blood, which is the killing of the self-cultivator before they, the refined person into a blood gas, specifically used to deal with Mu Yu.

    Now every Sangong people who perform tasks outside will be prepared to reverse the source of blood to correspond to Mu Yu.

    Yin Hong’s blood fog drifted out of the white soul beads. The use of the reverse source blood by Qi Hongyi and Gu Ke was not as skilled as the temple. After they used this soul technique, the original holy light was suddenly covered by blood. It's like a bloody demon!

    "what! White chicken is out of shape! ”

    Mr. Laobu’s heart began to be scared again, because he knew that his thunder could only be used for the last time. Once he did not hit anyone, he could only be slaughtered.

    "Grandpa, don't panic."

    The pattern of the foot of Mu Yu has already emerged, connected to the body of the old cloth, and enveloped him in his own array.

    "Mu Yu, I may not be able to control the Thunder, what if you are hurt by me?"The head of the old cloth worriedly said that he had just given the middle-aged immortal to the electricity. Now he is still a little scared, and he is afraid that he will not have his own small wooden feathers.

    "You just listen to my instructions and won't hurt me."

    Mu Yu’s gossip array has stepped back step by step with the old cloth village chief. At this time, the temple ambassador and the 奚Hongyi and Gu Ke are also surrounded, but they dare not rely too close, they are carefully watching the old cloth village head. The hands of the hands, as long as you escape this thunder, the rest of the things are much easier to do.

    "Good, good…"

    The old baker’s forehead smashed out the fine sweat. Usually, he and the small baby in the village boasted how powerful the singer was, and ruined the sky and shook his sleeves. He was quite envious, but when he found out that he had this After the ability, I was afraid that I couldn’t control it.

    "Grandpa, believe me, I will definitely protect you from leaving."Mu Yu said firmly.

    The head of the old cloth set a certain god, nodded and said: "I know that Mu Yu is amazing! Grandpa is not afraid. ”

    Mu Yu looks very dignified, the village chief's Thunder can only be launched once again, and the opposite three people do not dare to rely too close because of the jealousy of this thunder, at this time there is also a long distance, they must guarantee When the village chief Laobu launched the Thunder, he had time to escape.

    "Grandpa, as long as you don't leave the village, you won't be in the future, so I must take you close to the village."

    Mu Yu directly took the village head and rushed in the original direction. As long as he reached the protection scope of the Liushui Village, the village chief himself was at least safe and would not be forcibly taken away, and Mu Yu would find a way to cope with these three. personal.

    "how about you? You don't want to do stupid things, I am not afraid of death, I can still protect you. ”The head of the old cloth said seriously.

    Mu Yu knew that the words of the village chief were true. When he met the grizzly bear, the grandfather of the village was willing to give up the grizzly bear. At this time, he said that he could do it.

    However, it is impossible for Mu Yu to let the village chief accident again. UU reading The village head is the ninth eternal life. It is impossible to have any accidents, let alone for Mu Yu, the village head is A loved one.

    "I won't be stupid, I have a measure."

    Mu Yu calculated the distance in his heart. He estimated the current position. The Mie Palace sent people to the village chief. This place is quite far from the Liushui Village. He must weigh how to break through.

    However, the temple has also anticipated the intention of Mu Yu, a powerful field of horror swept out, and will directly block the direction of the village!

    "It's not that easy to go back!"

    The temple did not hesitate, and waved his hand, the white soul beads suddenly turned into starlight, just like a cockroach spread out, and instantly rushed toward Muyu. The two people, Yu Hongyi and Gu Ke, have already seen the opportunity and stayed away from this area!

    "The soul of the Faro, the madness is seven!"

    A light drink, the white starlight was suddenly covered by blood gas. These blood gasified seven white snakes up to a hundred feet, arranged in a row. The huge snake head swallowed the scarlet vicious snake letter, and stopped the wood feather and the old village. long!

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