Chapter 963, Seiji, the old village chief escaped!

    The seven white snakes, which are as high as 100 feet, immediately scared the old village chief. After living for so long, he had seen such terrible things, and even forgot that there was thunder in his hands. m↓I text KW?W

    The ability of the Mahayana field has already been blocked in the direction of the village. Muyu can only retreat with the head of the village, so that it is impossible for the village chief to get protection from the village.

    The whole piece of void has been blocked by the power of the field, and at this time the temple made a wave, and a huge snake head has roared and quickly bite the wood feathers. This snake head covers the sky, and its body seems to be integrated with the void. When it is bitten, it disappears into the void, and it is already behind them after it appears!

    The ability of the field is mad.

    In the field, these seven white snakes are everywhere. They only have their heads, and they are stored in the field, and they are visible everywhere!

    The attack speed of the snake head is very fast, and there is a ripple in the void. When the wood feathers react, the stinking snake letter has already bitten. Mu Yu immediately took the village head and went out, but when he just emerged, the snake head would bite down like a shadow. If you don't escape the scope of this field, you will be entangled by this ghostly white snake. Can't get away!

    "Grandpa, listen to my instructions, I will let you release the Thunder and you will release!"

    At this time, the power of the field was entangled by the temple, and the speed of the wood feather could not be broken at all, but his speed was extremely fast, and the formations were covered all around. Because the temple also feared the village chief’s thunder, he did not dare to rely on it. Too close, otherwise Mu Yu is unlikely to have the opportunity to work with the temple.

    "it is good."The head of the old cloth responded nervously, and there was sweat on his forehead. He was the first time to fight against others. He had no experience at all and could only listen to the command of Mu Yu.

    The blue pattern suddenly spread out and covered the villagers' hands. The thunder light blended into the formations, which seemed strange, but also brought together all the thunder, which invisibly concentrated the power of the Thunder. .

    Mu Yu kept evading the white snake head. He had already flashed the angle with the head of the village. This angle just happened to bring the temple to Yu Hongyi and Gu Ke to a line.

    "It's now!"

    Mu Yu shouted.

    "I fight with you!"

    The old cloth village chief also shouted, closed his eyes, his hand trembled, and the horrible thunder gathered again in his hand, and he was guided out from his hand. This thunder ruined the earth, the white snake head just The manifestation is annihilated in the Thunder,

The power of the Thunder even smashed the field of the temple, and the whole piece of emptiness broke out again with a shouting sound, and countless thunder flashes, heading towards the forefront of Gu Keyong!

    This is a gathering of swords and shadows, and the Thunder's power in the realm of anti-thundering is huge. Only Gu Ke, who was in the robbery period, couldn't stop it. He wanted to escape, and the temple was roaring. Lived in Gu Ke and Yu Hongyi, and his body quickly retreated –


    The whole area was shaken again, and it was bombarded again within a hundred miles. All the dust was covered by lightning, just like a thunderstorm, which made people feel terrified!

    The temple made Gu Ke and Yan Hongyi appear out from the air, but Gu Ke’s face was distorted by pain. His lower body was already scorched by lightning, leaving only half of the body. If it was not the temple, he would save him. This horrible Thunder may have killed his life!


    Gu Ke was not willing to roar, he said eagerly: "I need to kill some people to supplement the soul!"

    "No, all the people in the Mou Mountain Range can't produce soul power after killing. The sword shadow dust has long protected the people in the Moyun Mountain Range, and then leave the Mou Mountain Range to kill!"The temple made Shen Sheng.

    "The temple made the adults, they fled in that direction!"Yan Hongyi pointed to the east and said.

    "They can't escape!"The temple made the cold road.

    The direction of Liushui Village is on the west side, and they flee to the east. Obviously, they will run counter to the guardianship method of Liushui Village. The temple will make the Mahayana period a repair, and they want to catch up with Mu Yu.


    The temple made two people step out and chased in the direction of Mu Yu and the village.


    The village chief of the old cloth had been frightened, and he used the thunder that remained in his body. At this time, he changed back to an ordinary person. He was shaking on the back of Mu Yu. Mu Yu was carrying him and used the power of killing. Running all the way.

    "Wu Yu, how are you so cold in your body?"The head of the old cloth played a shackle, and the killing power of Mu Yu made him feel a guilty heart.

    "Little handsome, help."Mu Yu shouted.

    Xiaoshuai has fallen on the shoulder of the old village chief, and a spiritual force wraps the body of the old cloth, and isolates the killing atmosphere of the wooden feather. The old cloth village chief feels better.

    The speed of Mu Yu has risen to the limit. However, the horror of the temple behind him has become closer and closer. The temple is a man of the Mahayana period. The speed is far faster than that of Mu Yu. I am afraid that it will be half a quarter of an hour later. Will catch the wood feathers for them.

    "Not good, so we will be caught up with the three damn little white faces sooner or later!"Xiaoshuai shouted.

    "I know, I am thinking of a way!"

    Mu Yu’s mind is full of thoughts. He can’t go in the direction of Fulong Mountain. Because Fulong Mountain has a group of Yumeng who does not like war, it will drag them down, but now the village chief has used the last guarded Thunder. They have lost the most beneficial killer.

    "Wood feathers, if I drag you down, you will quickly put me down and run away, Grandpa can't let you go wrong."Mr. Laobu said with concern.

    "Don't say stupid grandfather, you didn't abandon me when you were young. How can I leave you alone now?"Mu Yu said without thinking.

    The head of the old cloth comfortably tightened the neck of Mu Yu, and moved and said: "My family Xiaomu Yu said so, Grandpa is very happy."

    Although Mu Yu is a good young man, in the eyes of the old village chief, Mu Yu is still the little wood feather that needs his protection.

    "Don't be happy, they are catching up!"Xiaoshuai shouted.

    The void behind the turmoil, the figure of the temple has appeared after them a few kilometers, and the field ability of the Mahayana period once again covered.

    "There was no Thunder this time, I see where you are still going!"The temple made a mad smile, and his field ability swept over again, trying to catch the wood feather!

    The white snake head screamed and screamed, as if to swallow the wood feathers and the old cloth village chief.

    Mu Yu has injected spiritual power into the magic weapon of the King of the Sea King, and opened the domain ability of the Siren King!

    My Lord is ups and downs!

    In the field of the Siren King, everyone will be driving in the sea of ​​wind and waves like the same leaf, and you can't control the direction accurately!

    Mu Yu has used three field abilities and is familiar with how to control the ability of this field. He used this experience of the King of the Sea Kings very well, and he covered the field ability to cover less than ten meters around him.

    When the huge snake head bites down, it is like biting in the sea, the resistance of the sea water will sway the snake head and make it bite. On his flight, he left a path for the King of the Sea King. As long as the three people passed through this way to chase the wood feathers, they will be affected by the field ability of the Siren King and slow down!

    Sure enough, Mu Yu once again opened the temple, but this is not the field ability of Mu Yu, and this field will be able to escape at least a quarter of an hour.

    "I see what else you have to escape!"

    The temple also discovered the field ability that Mu Yu left in the escape route. These areas also added some trouble to him, but he quickly broke free of the area of ​​the Siren King and did not chase in the direction of Mu Yu escape. It is a direct detour.

    However, even if the temple makes a detour, the speed is already quite fast, and a blink of an eye is 100 meters behind the wooden feather!

    "The little white face that is not scattered is coming again!"Xiaoshuai shouted again.

    Mu Yu estimates the distance, he knows where he wants to run!

    "It's now!"

    Mu Yu felt that the distance was almost the same, and then a bite, desperately used the remaining areas of the Kraken King, and suddenly there was a huge wall of waves behind him. After the giant wall is at least 100 meters away, it is specially covered by the temple. The temple made it into the huge wall of the waves, just like swimming, the speed was directly slowed down by the sea.

    "My Lord is ups and downs but there is another ability! Don't underestimate the Kraken King! ”

    Mu Yu had seen the Sea Kings use this field twice, so he also knows how to make the "I am up and down" field perfect. The temple was entangled in this wave, but it was also annoyed. Although the wooden feather could not hurt him, the ability in this field was also the real thing of the King of the Sea, which not only limited his speed, but also formed a blisters. Make the package go in!

    However, Mu Yu used the ability of the field to deal with the temple, and Gu Ke and Yan Hongyi both caught up smoothly.

    Gu Kefang was cut off by the Thunder for half of the body, extremely angry, his repair is higher than Mu Yu, UU reading At this time, Mu Yu used the domain ability of the Siren King, the body Spirituality has already consumed seven seven eight eight, and the two of them have joined forces to deal with Mu Yu.

    "This time I see where you are still running!"Gu Ke said with anger.

    Even if you lose half of your body, you won't lose much if you repair it. The people in the Triple Palace can survive if they have the soul.

    And the repair of Yu Hongyi is a martial art, and it is more powerful than Gu Ke. When the wood feathers are exhausted, he stepped out and intercepted Mu Yu!

    "What should I do? Mu Yu, can you beat them both? ”The head of the old cloth asked nervously.

    "I try my best."

    Mu Yu gasped, and he was not sure about the two men, but at least these two were not the Jiang Shangqiu and the township He Guan who met in the city of Chun'an, killing the whole city to gain the soul to trap him.

    The strength of the Kraken King is much higher than that of the temple. Mu Yu estimates that the "My Lord's Ups and Downs" field can limit the time of the Siren King for at least half an hour, and the wood feather must be before the temple makes it possible to break free of the Kraken King's field ability. Down with these two people!

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