Chapter 964: The Master of the Emperor’s squatting battle against the old village chief!

    Today's Mu Yu uses the "My Lord's Ups and Downs" ability of the Siren King. The spiritual power in the body is not enough to support him and cope with Gu Ke and Yi Hongyi, let alone an unarmed old village chief behind him to protect. He can't really let go of the two men. mLK text?WKW

    "Little handsome, help me protect my grandfather."

    The shadow sword has already appeared in the hands of Mu Yu, and the powerful swordsmanship has skyrocketed, stirring the winds over the sky, suddenly the whole sky is surging, and a horrible vortex is formed rapidly with the sword gas as the center. The sword of the overbearing and chilling Focusing on the sword gas, it seems that God will drop the punishment of anger and destroy everything!

    Mu Yu's body is also shrouded in a powerful sword. Xiao Shuai is not afraid of his own skin, but the village chief is just a mortal who can't bear this kind of sword, so Xiaoshuai quickly controls the aura and isolates the village head and Mu Yu. The contact allows Mu Yu to cope with Gu Ke and Yi Hongyi without any scruples.

    The sword of the sky is slamming in the air, and the arrogant atmosphere spreads throughout the sky, leaving both Gu Ke and Yi Hongyi not to be condensed by the ground. However, after all, they are powerful, and now they directly call out their own soul beads. The bloody soul beads are filled in the chest, and they are extremely demon.

    "The soul of the law, the magic of the gods!"

    The nine blood-colored soul beads in front of Qi Hongyi merged together in the air, forming a large seal of tall and tall, like a Qingtian Mountain, squeezing the surrounding space, as if the entire space could not withstand the mountain. collapse.

    The momentum of this mountain is not weaker than that of Mu Yu, because the strength and state of Yu Hongyi are better than that of Mu Yu. In a flash, Mu Jian’s swordsmanship was slammed from the sky, falling from above nine days, and slamming into the front of the 奚Hongyi.

    And the Shongyi above the sky, the magic print is also the blood of the sky above the sword air pressure up, as if to try high with the sky, the two just blink of an hand to hit together, immediately the whole Earth again shook the ground, the wave of terror to two people swept out of the center, the ground has been completely destroyed cracking, A nearby mountain range was razed directly to the ground!

    The noise had already attracted many of the practitioners of the desert mountains, but none of the practitioners dared come over, because the overall strength of the desert Yun Jiangyong Pulse repair is relatively low, even if now trapped immortal prison has been lifted, reiki recovery, but within a few years only less than 10 people entered the yuan infant period, the yuan in the face of this battle is not insignificant.

    Mu Yu’s swordsmanship and Qi Hongyi’s Tianmo Yin are colliding together. Obviously, Hongyin’s Tianmo print is still stronger. Mu Yu’s face is already very pale. After using the field ability, his body’s aura can’t maintain the power of Tianjian. .

    Worse, however, there is a Gu Ke behind him!

    "The soul of the law,"

Thousand demon holy beast! ”

    Gu Ke has long been hateful of Mu Yu, only when he faced the village chief’s “breaking thunder and dust” Thunder attack, he was smashed by the overbearing thunder and smashed half of his body, but his strength was greatly damaged. Can not be underestimated.

    Among the ten soul beads on his chest, suddenly there are countless soul forces. These soul forces quickly form a huge fierce monster in the air, up to hundreds of feet. This monster looks like it is made up of countless monsters, the brutal gale, the arrogant Qifeng eagle wings, the whole body covered with scales, and the growth of nine long tails of dozens of feet, each tail is not The same, there are six legs, each leg is composed of different monster claws.

    This fierce beast that is completely transformed by the soul force is more like a gathering of the most powerful body parts of the monster, which looks crazy and terrible.

    Thousands of demon sacred beasts attacked Muyu from behind, and the old village chief turned his head and saw the overwhelming monster, scared and scared, but he did not know where to courage. , shouted: "Do not hurt my family Mu Yu!"

    Then I let go of my hand and turned around and wanted to use my body to help the phoenix behemoth. However, his body is extremely small in front of the giant beast of several hundred feet tall. The claws of the thousand demon sacred beasts are several times larger than him.

    The sharp eagle claws bear the brunt and grabbed behind the wood feathers. The old cloth village chief scared his legs to be soft, but still like the wooden feathers leaving the village to go to the town to meet the grizzly bear, want to use his body to go Block this monster.

    At this time, he hoped that he had a Thunder and helped Mu Yu to block the blow. Unfortunately, no matter how he urged, there was no thunder reaction in the body. However, the young handsome on the shoulder of the old cloth village chief has already rushed out!

    "I hate what you say about the Holy Beast, and it is not disgusting!"

    Shian stretched out his little paw, his little paw thin as a cicada, not seriously looking at the words and even couldn't see, but small handsome figure is only in the air leaped over, turned into a glimpse, the size of the small slap handsome and hundred feet high demon beast is not enough, but it is because the body is small, just appear small handsome more advantages!

    "Cut your salty pig!"

    Xiaoshuai shouted, his figure has been passed over the front of the eagle claws, the small claws are extremely sharp, just a phantom, the indestructible eagle claws can not be cut off by the young master, directly annihilated in the air.

    However, the figure of Xiaoshuai has not slowed down. He continues to smash around the claws and tails of the Thousand Demon sacred beasts. In a blink of an eye, the thousands of demon sacred beasts that were originally very powerful and arrogant are actually cut directly by Xiaoshuai. The tail has no torso with hands and feet.


    Gu Ke was furious, and the physical strength of the powerful monsters he summoned was invincible. Even those who were in the robbery period could not be destroyed, but never imagined that there was no room for resistance in front of this insignificant little beast!

    "Small sample, compare with my claws, not self-reliant!"

    Xiaoshuai proudly laughed, but Gu Ke snorted, and the broken limbs cut off by Xiaoshuai grew out again from the fracture of the thousand demon sacred beasts, and re-created the overwhelming beasts, and this time Gu Ke's soul power has been swept away to the young master, and the little handsome will fly directly!

    Xiaoshue, in addition to the speed and the sharpness of the claws and the thick skin, there is no repair at all, and Gu Ke can't cope with the robbery period alone.

    "Oh, little, no matter where you are!" Be careful! ”

    The head of the old cloth shouted nervously. He couldn't see where Xiao Shuai was swept. At this time, the ferocious beast fell to Muyu again.

    The wind and the heart of the heart from the foot of Mu Yu illusion, and caught the small handsome, Xiao Shuai also appeared in the body of the overbearing sword.

    "God old man, cooperate with me!"

    Xiaoshuai did not know where it fell from the top of the head of the old cloth village, whispered.

    "Well, what should I do?"The village chief Laobu said quickly.

    "Raise your palms! Just like launching the Thunder just now! ”Xiaoshuai said.

    "But my fairy has cooled down!"The head of the old cloth said straight.

    "You just have to lift your palms and take out the skills of your flickering children, otherwise we will all be finished!"Xiaoshuai said quickly.

    The old village chief had to fake his palms like the one just before, and pointed his palm at Gu Ke. He felt a little stupid, but now there is no way to follow the command of Xiao Shuai.

    "The little handsome is Xuan Cang Lei Lei!"

    Xiaoshuai’s milk shouted with a scream of milk, and a giant sword with a hundred feet long suddenly rose to the sky. This thunder sword came out, and suddenly the thunder was flashing in the air, and it was integrated into the body of the old cloth, and the old cloth village The long shot turned into a blue flash.

    "God Flash, you should play!"Xiaoshuai said.

    Mr. Laobu’s heart was also stunned. Then he suddenly thought of something. He shouted loudly at Gu Ke: “You dare to move my little wood feather, the old man, I will give you your upper body today!”

    As for what is pretentious, because it is usually done in the village, it is also a slap in the face, the true color of the old god stick is exerted, and the inexplicable momentum comes, as if he really once again has the ruin "Fragment of thunder and dust".

    "how come? You can still launch the Thunder! ”

    Gu Ke saw the thunder in the hands of the old village chief, and suddenly he was so scared that the horrible thunder broke his lower body, which really left a deep shadow on him.

    At the moment, I saw the blue pattern in the hands of the old village chief. I thought that there was a thunder in the body of the old cloth, and the real thunder was turned away. The thousand demon sacred beasts in the air also went straight back, and they were protected. In front of him, he wants to block the thunder of the old village chief.

    Guco in a twinkling of a mile out of the place, far away from the village of Brooks, dare not again and Brooks Village "Thunder tactic" just front, but when he fled a large distance, only to find behind the destruction of the disbelief of the terror fluctuations, he can not change his head, but the thunder of the village body seems to be different from the original.

    The thunder is of course different.

    Xiaoshuai is just pretending to be a man, and the Thunder sword has no power at all, just to gather the thunder.

    The head of the old cloth also stretched out his hand, his face showed a smile on his face, and in his mind, how to organize the language after the construction of this disaster, UU reading to show off the little dolls in the village The fairy tales scared off the powerful fairy teacher with one person.

    Oh no, it should be repelling! Heroic and fearlessly repel!

    "Small, we don't cooperate, we are invincible!"The old village chief smiled slyly.

    "That is, I like to play with the old man."

    Xiaoshuai sat down on the shoulder of the old cloth village chief, and the small claws in his hand also stretched a huge lightning sword, and kept swinging in the air.

    However, Mu Yu shouted: "Little handsome, I can't keep going, you protect the grandfather of the village!"

    When Xiaoshuai used the wind and the heart, it was the spiritual power of Mu Yu. The wood feathers were not much in the body. At this time, some of them were extracted into thunder, which is even more difficult.

    "You actually play me!"

    The most troublesome thing is that Gu Ke, who fled to a distant place, has reacted and played himself, and screamed back in anger!

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