Chapter 965, Seiji, the old village chief, goes home!

    Gu Ke rushed from a distance, and Mu Yu’s swordsmanship began to stop the singer’s sacred seal, and was gradually collapsing. dust?缘→文↓学√网 He clenched his teeth and grabbed the village head. The huge sword in his hand was turned into a moment, and people rushed out to the side!

    The magic of the gods was covered in the moment, and the void seemed to be crushed. The speed of the wood feathers had already been quickly evaded, but it was swept by the fluctuations of the gods, and he firmly protected the village chief. The volatility of the Tianmo Yin slammed behind him, and he was thrown out heavily, and his mouth was overflowing with a blood.

    "Ah, Mu Yu, you are hurt! Blame me, blame me, I am useless, can't protect you, and drag you down. ”

    The excitement of Mr. Laobu’s village has just passed, and he saw the blood flowing from the corner of Mu Yu’s mouth. He was so distressed that he hurriedly reached out and wiped the blood on Mu Yu’s face. When I saw the wooden feather as my child, I saw that the child was injured, and he didn’t feel too sad.

    "Don't blame Grandpa, you just helped me scare the half of the ghosts, or our situation will be even worse."At the foot of Mu Yu's foot, he moved back and adjusted the direction with the impact of Tianmo, and fled quickly.

    At this time, Gu Ke’s thousand demon sacred beasts also screamed and screamed. He was scared away by the thunder of the eldest son of Laobu Village. Don’t mention too much anger at the moment, the thousand demon sacred beasted from the sky, a long The konjac swept over.

    "Little scorpion, Hugh to be crazy!"

    Xiaoshuai sipped and jumped over to mention Muyu. He didn’t have time to rush to cut off the tail. Obviously, Gu Ke had learned the lesson and squatted directly on Xiaoshuai, and Xiaoshu once again hit the back of Muyu. On the other hand, they once again used this powerful impact to open a distance with Yu Hongyi and Gu Kela.

    "It hurts me!"Xiaoshuai touched his ass and mourned on the shoulder of Mu Yu.

    "Small, you, you are amazing!"

    The village chief said that Xiao Shuai was actually swept by the horrible giant tail, but he only felt his ass screaming, but there was no wound, and he was shocked.

    Xiaoshuai was so praised, and immediately stood up in the chest, it seems that the buttocks are not hurting, and said: "I am an old man, of course I am amazing! We will come again once, and we will run fast with their impact! ”

    Saying that Xiaoshuai jumped out from the shoulder of Mu Yu this time, he turned to the past in the sunny mountain-like demon. It was thick and unbreakable, and it was specially used to fight against cockroaches.

    Mu Yu is also helpless. To be honest, Xiao Shuai hit him on the back, so that he almost didn't come up. It was not a joke to be hit, but in order not to worry the village chief, he gave the blood to him. Press down.

    "Grandpa, you hurry me!"

    Mu Yu turned and re-entered the village head. His hands swiftly crossed the blue lines on his chest and formed a gossip. When Xiaoshuai was once again hit by the Tianmo, the Xiaoshui hit the gossip array in front of Muyu. The chaotic yin and yang of the Eight Diagrams suddenly spun up, dissolving the huge impact force as the driving force for his escape. And Mu Yu does not need to be hit by the handsome coach so uncomfortable.

    This strange method is only small handsome and Mu Yu think to make, more only they two do get, because the little handsome this guy is bulletproof, so far nothing is able to leave wounds on him, this guy steamed braised in soy sauce to boil, everything is not afraid, what day Magic India thousand Demon Beast, small handsome even can't stop, Can never be defeated.

    The horrible attacks of the Tianmo and the thousands of monsters were absorbed by Xiaoshuai, and Mu Yu only needed to use the array to resolve the impact of Xiaoshuai. The speed of the two people escaped in this situation was bizarre. It’s almost an incredible degree.

    Then there was a weird phenomenon in the air. A little beast bravely shouted at the thousands of feet of the gods and thousands of monsters, and screamed and flew out to fall on Mu Yu, and then put them in the wood. Flying into a collision, like an invisible big hand has been helping Mu Yu escape, this phenomenon is very strange.

    "Small, don't you, are you still okay?"

    The head of the old cloth looked stunned and looked at the little handsome who was constantly photographed by the Tianmo and the thousands of monsters. He couldn’t help but ask.

    "No, the ass hurts!"Xiaoshuai cried and rushed out.

    Qi Hongyi and Gu Ke finally realized that something was wrong. Mu Yu just used the field ability, and he and Hong Yiyi hardened a blow. The spiritual power in the body has already been consumed seven hundred and eighty-eight. It should be faster than no. They are right, but how do they feel as if they are chasing, the faster Mu Yu runs.

    "Gu Ke, stop! They are swindling! ”

    Yan Hongyi said, he felt unbelievable in his heart. He has lived for so long. He has never seen such a strange phenomenon. A small beast that is not afraid of dead skin and thick anti-smashing is really rare in the world!

    Gu Ke quickly stopped his hand and the thousand monsters disappeared.

    Mu Yu wants to resolve the huge impact of Xiaoshuai, but it also takes a lot of energy. At this time, all the way to the rush, the spiritual power has been consumed, even the Eight Diagrams can not be maintained.

    Xiao Shuai hit him for the last time. He directly smashed the gossip array and smashed it into the chest of the wooden feather, and broke the ribs of the wooden feather chest.


    Mu Yu, like a sandbag, they slammed into a beautiful mountain, slammed into the ground, and Mu Yu also turned the village chief in time. When he was under the sandbag, he used the remaining spiritual power. The village chief, who protected the village head.

    The whole mountain shook a little and brought a piece of dust.

    "Mu Yu, are you okay? You stupid child, should let me paddle under you. ”The head of the old cloth climbed up from the ground with distress and quickly raised the wooden feather.

    Mu Yu gasped, and he couldn’t make any effort now, but he still barely smiled: "Grandpa, where did you get it, and when you touch the bones, you will fall apart."

    "You still laughed at this time, ah, your bones are broken."

    The head of the old cloth was so scared that it was earthy, but at this time, the whistling sound came from the air. Gu Ke and Qi Hongyi both stopped in the air and looked down at the wooden feathers that fell on the top of the mountain.

    "This time, you can't escape!"

    Yan Hongyi laughed, and Mu Yu had already been forced to go by them, and he couldn’t move any more.

    The old cloth village chief stopped in front of the wood feathers and yelled: "You are a group of white chickens, dare to move my house with a feather, I will fight with you!"

    Concerning the safety of Mu Yu, the old village chief has long since given his life.

    Mu Yu struggled to sit up, took the village chief's clothes, leaned on a stone, slowed down and said: "I didn't plan to run any more."

    In his hand, he stretched out a pattern, blended into the ground, and then the ground also drilled a quiet pattern, blended into the body of the old cloth, and he was relieved to do all this.

    "It's best not to run, but I have to scrap your legs!"

    Gu Ke’s own lower body was gone, and he hated Wood Yu’s heart. He said that two white soul beads had appeared in his hand, and the soul beads quickly fell down on Mu Yu’s legs.

    "Do not!"

    The old cloth village chief kept the wood feathers dead, but Mu Yu was not nervous at all, just watching Gu Ke in a playful manner.

    "I don't need to run anything! I think the two of you have not figured out exactly where it is. ”Mu Yu showed a smile and didn't worry about anything at all.

    When the soul beads were about to cut off the legs of the wood feathers, the whole mountain suddenly shook a bit, and then the soul beads that Gu Ke fell down were so directly disappeared into the void!

    Vanished out of nowhere, without any foresight, the two soul beads actually lost the contact with Gu Ke directly!

    "how come?"

    Gu Ke was shocked. The power of his own shot was extremely great. It was already expected that the state of Mu Yu could not be resisted at this time, but the two soul beads that were shot were inexplicably missing. What is going on?

    "No, it feels weird!"

    Yan Hongyi felt that something was wrong, because even the unusual high mountains could be intercepted by the waist like their terrible power. However, Mu Yu hit the ground heavily, but it was just a big pit on the soil. The whole mountain just shook a little, and it turned out to be peaceful, even the ground did not crack.

    Not to mention that Gu Ke’s two soul beads were actually missing in the face of Mu Yu!

    "Mu Yu, am I still alive?"

    The old village chief used to use the body to block the wooden feathers. He had to bear the blow for the wooden feathers. But after waiting for a long time, he didn’t feel the pain. He thought that the death came too fast, and he didn’t notice it!

    Mu Yu patted the head of the village chief and comforted him: "Grandpa don't have to worry, we live well, but this half-human ghost is not necessarily."

    "The two little white ghosts are dead!"

    Xiaoshuai climbed up from the ground and stood on the big stone, UU reading www. Uukanshu. Com small hands crossed the waist, shouted to Gu Ke and Yan Hongyi.

    "This is my home, I can't leave you in my house!"

    Mu Yu lay idly on the stone, and the ground was filled with countless mellow auras to gather in his body, and the black and white spirit also quickly repaired his wounds.

    The surrounding scene is still familiar, but the weeds grow a little more lush, the trees are very strong, the intimate breath rushes in, let the wood feathers sigh, as if returning to the once carefree time. ,

    The carefree and the time when the teachers and brothers practiced their playfulness.

    This is Fallout Mountain, Mu Yu has returned to Fallout Mountain! Going back to his second home!

    He was escaping and fleeing along the way, but the route of escape was very clear. If you can't go back to Liushui Village, then look at the entire Moyun Mountain Range. The safest place is the dusty mountain!

    There was a gust of wind in the dusty mountain. The air seemed to have something re-aggregated. All the leaves began to rust, and then the two disappearing soul beads began to appear!

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