Chapter 966, Seiji, the old village chief counterattack article!

    In the heart of Mu Yu, the falling dust mountain is a very important place for him. It carries many beautiful memories of him and is a holy place in his mind. Dust × edge?Text ← learning L network

    He is not living in an insidious sect. He is not living in a disciple where each disciple has to frame each other, to flatter each other, to squash each other, to repair high-level sorrows, to waste, and to find ways to set up the same brother. The sect of the dead, for the sake of a few magic stone magic weapons.

    On the contrary, Mu Yu lives in a paradise. There is no intrigue in this place. Only the easy-going master, the uncle who is very old-fashioned and unpretentious, the naughty and noisy brothers who live in harmony. Everyone helps each other, practice together, make trouble together, have fun, play and play, and wind the evening wind on the cliff, listening to Master telling all kinds of fun and interesting stories.

    Even after growing up, each of the brothers and sisters of the Dust Mountain has embarked on different paths because of their different beliefs, but they all have a concern in their hearts, and one of them belongs to the Dust Mountain.

    Falling Dust Mountain is their root. Even if they are deviant, they will not forget the brothers and sisters of Dust Mountain. They will not forget the Master and An Shu of Dust Mountain and try their best to protect everyone in Dust Mountain.

    The Dust Mountain is also protecting them. It not only carries the feelings of all people, but also has a very powerful guardianship method set by Master!

    After Gu Ke and Yan Hongyi entered the Dust Mountain in Muyu, the last thing they should do is to shoot at Muyu!

    The wind was gently scraped through the dusty mountains. The air seemed to condense a mysterious force. Numerous lines of formation appeared in the air, and the soul beads that Gu Ke had just smashed toward Mu Yu’s broken leg were re-emerged. The power and the use of Gu Kefang are exactly the same, completely copying the other party's attack.

    Hey! Hey!

    The soul beads crossed the two afterimages in the air, and they have already rushed over to Gu Ke!

    "How could this be?"

    Gu Ke was shocked. He thought that his attack would be bounced back. What made him more frightened was that the two soul beads were his own soul, but now they are smashing toward him uncontrollably. !


    Gu Ke promptly summoned the soul beads under his body, blocking the two soul beads that bounced back. After blocking, the two soul beads were again controlled by him.

    "What happened just now?"He Hongyi asked inexplicably.

    Whether it is Gu Ke or Yi Hongyi,

Neither of them has ever seen such a strange phenomenon. Why is Gu Ke’s soul beads getting out of control in a flash?

    "I don't know, this place gives me a very strange feeling."Gu Ke Shen Sheng.

    The two of them are not the squad, but they also see that it seems that the array is working, but in their impressions, the array has never been so strange.

    Of course, they will not understand that the dusty mountains are the places where the shadows of the swords and shadows live in seclusion, and they are so graceful that they are jumping in the wild!

    "Grandpa, sit down and rest, nothing."Mu Yu comforted.

    The head of the old cloth jumped up from the wooden feathers in amazement. He turned around and looked at Gu Ke and Yan Hongyi. He asked the letter to sit next to Mu Yu and asked: "Wu Yu, are we waiting to sit?"

    "No, it is sitting to watch a movie."Mu Yu laughed.

    The dust guardian's guardianship method is very powerful, but it is the master of his master's hand, with the eye of the aura as the base, complicated. Although Mu Yu couldn't arrange such a powerful array, he knew how to use this array. When he first came here, he also integrated the momentum of the village chief into the array. The village accepted the village chief.

    Xiaoshuai has jumped on the stone and screamed loudly: "You two little white ghosts, dirty and disgusting, have the ability to come over! Why don't you dare to do it? Was it not arrogant? How are you afraid now? It’s useless! If you are afraid to go home and look for your master, just rely on you two rotten sweet potato stinky eggs and dare to do it to us, find you dead…"

    Gu Ke and Yan Hongyi were both provoked by Xiao Shuai, and they had already had a stomach fire. They had been chasing for a long time and couldn’t catch up with the wood feathers that were already strong bows. Now they are pointed at the nose by Xiaoshuai. I’ve got a pass, don’t mention more resentment!

    "If you are looking for death, then you can't blame me!"

    Gu Ke's first one couldn't stand it. He had just been smashed by the Thunder in the lower body. He was challenged by Xiao Shuai, and the ten soul beads in front of him suddenly got together again.

    "The soul of the law, the thousand demon sacred beast!"

    The weird monsters up to a hundred feet once again emerged from the air, and they danced their claws over the dusty mountains. The huge claws seemed to tear the sky at once, and the entire dusty mountain was cut off by the tail of its tail.

    Thousands of monsters roared and roared, and all kinds of strange claw tails of the whole body fell over the wooden feathers of the dusty mountains. In order to revenge and hate, Gu Ke has already made a full effort. In his opinion, Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai are just bluffing.

    However, the tail of the demon's claws that ruined the earth was about to hit the wooden feathers, but there was a pattern of lines around the wooden feathers, and the formations were filled with a ripple, then the thousand demon The beast actually disappeared into the void again, leaving no traces!

    Gu Ke’s eyes widened incredibly, and he found that he once again lost control of the soul beads!

    "The soul of the law, the magic of the gods!"

    奚 Hongyi screamed, and the mountain-like celestial empire was so popular that it was much taller than the whole dusty mountain. This day, the magical scorpion would be crushed everywhere, and it would be strong in his eyes. Can't stop their own full blow!

    However, the sky above the dusty mountain once again swayed for a while, and the demon seal fell from the air, as if it had broken into a bottomless pit, was swallowed up, and no soul left!

    Yan Hongyi is also incredibly full of faces. The scene in front of him is too ridiculous. If an indestructible obstacle is found in the dusty mountain to block this blow, he may barely accept it, but now it is just a slap, his The attack has disappeared as much as you can!

    Gu Ke and Yan Hongyi have already started to panic. They have killed countless people in the realm of cultivation, and they have encountered any unexpected situation, but they have never encountered such a situation. Their attacks are quietly silent. It’s really impossible to say that it’s missing.

    But the more surprising they are still behind, because the two of them are firmly locked in by a familiar and dangerous atmosphere.

    It is dangerous because the power of this breath is comparable to that of themselves. It is said to be familiar, because this breath is the same as them!

    In front of Muyu, there was a gossip formation. The gossip array was centered on his hands and subtly moved. The formations around the dusty mountains swayed out and connected with the wooden scorpion's gossip array.

    "Before I was not a squad, I didn't know how to control this formation, but now it is different."Mu Yu looked at Gu Ke and Yan Hongyi faintly.

    Mu Yu learned the formation method, and the array here also sealed the atmosphere of Mu Yu, so Mu Yu did not have to go to the show, everything is like a natural thing, naturally know how to control this array.

    Although the spiritual power in his body did not recover much, but when he was in control of this formation, it was not his spiritual power. He only temporarily acted as a guardian of the mountain guards, and he could control the technique that was absorbed by the guardian mountain array!

    "We don't like the garbage from the dusty mountains, so it's better for you!"

    Mu Yu’s fingertips moved, and the eternal demon seals of Yu Hongyi and the thousands of monsters of Gu Ke suddenly emerged from the air, and at the same time locked their targets. The only difference is that Yu Hongyi’s Tianmo Yin locks Gu Ke, and Qian The monster is locked by Yu Hongyi!

    If the guardian big array was originally unmanned, it would only return the skill of the operator to the operator himself. However, under the deliberate control of Mu Yu, he adjusted the two men's techniques.

    Gu Ke looked at the Devil's Seal with horror. The magic of the day was exactly the same as that of Yu Hongyi. There was no more power and no less power. It was a real soul, from the hand of Yu Hongyi.

    "奚弘义, what are you doing!"

    Gu Ke roared, his repair is not as good as that of Hongyi, and he has been hit hard. He may be able to stop the sacred seal of Yu Hongyi. When he saw that Tianmo Yin was falling toward him, he immediately wanted to let Yu Hongyi Give it back.

    However, the soul surgery at this time has already left the scope of their control. He Hongyi has no ability to control the sky magic print that suddenly appears in the air. When he wants to resist his own soul, Gu Ke’s thousand monsters are rushing toward him. Come over!

    Even if Gu Ke’s thousand monsters are not his opponents, if he does not deal with this thousand monsters, he will inevitably suffer heavy losses. I don’t think too much at the moment, and waved a powerful soul to block the thousands of monsters. past.


    Yan Hongyi can block Gu Ke's thousand monsters, but Gu Ke is not so lucky.

    Guco Cold Sweat has fallen down, he bit tight jaws want to intercept Shongyi of the day, UU reading helpless day magic in his eyes is very powerful, far beyond his ability to withstand.

    Only listen to a cry of Guco, the upper half of the body was directly hit by the magic print, the whole person is like a crack general, the body up and down exposed the white soul force, it seems to be through the body, followed by a sound of Shinti, Guco directly blown into countless, even the soul is directly annihilated under the magic Print!

    When Shongyi wanted to help, it was too late, and he watched Guco die in his own magic print, then the Guco after the destruction of the magic, the remnants of the fluctuations of the flow out, in the distant mountains above, will fallout mountain outside the mountains directly to the ground, immediately after the day of the magic print again into the soul bead, Re-establish contact with the Shongyi.

    "How, how can this be!" ”

    Yan Hongyi was furious, even if he regained control of the Tianmo, but still could not calm down, Gu Ke's death caused him too much impact, he would think that this mountain would be so weird!

    "Commit my fallout Mountain, the evil will punish!" ”

    The voice of Xiao Shuai’s righteous words echoes in the dusty mountains!

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