Chapter 967 is the stalemate of the old village chief of the immortal!

    The old village chief was also scared for a long time and couldn't close his mouth. He took two beards and determined that it was not a dream. Then he screamed in disguise: "You two white chickens are still fighting, and they are dead. !"

    Although the old village chief is only a mortal, he also knows who the mountain big seal and the scorpion monster belong to. Gu Ke died on the mountain seal of Yu Hongyi. He is not clear about the mystery of this mountain. The two men fought in order to grab the credit. m→←文IW×W

    Yan Hongyi’s face has been distorted. He looked at Mu Yu with resentment, but he did not dare to shoot again.

    However, at this time, the horror of the atmosphere shrouded in the entire dusty mountain, and the temple of the Mahayana period has already appeared in the side of Yu Hongyi!


    The face of the temple was very unsightly. He was entangled in the field ability of the Kraken King for a while. When he came over, he saw that the celestial goddess of 奚Hongyi destroyed Gu Ke and obliterated himself.

    "Adult, this is not me…"Yu Hongyi explained quickly.

    Gu Ke’s death is not false in his Tianmo print, but the Tianmo seal was not controlled by him!

    The temple did not know the mystery of the dusty mountain. To tell the truth, this powerful mountain guardian of the Dust Mountain is not even clear about the white world. He only saw that the celestial gods of 奚Hongyi killed Gu Ke, but did not see the previous occurrence. Things.

    The temple made his face sullenly screamed: "I want you to catch both of them, not letting you kill yourself. If you don't have enough people now, I will never spare you!"

    Yan Hongyi felt a hundred words of arguing. He could only swallow this anger with resentment, staring at the wood feathers with gaze, as if to give up the wooden feathers.

    In the heart of Mu Yu, there are some guilty consciences. The guardian mountain array can block the robbery period, but he does not know whether he can block the Mahayana period. After all, the people in the Mahayana period have the ability to carry the field, but he is not clear. Whether the Guardian Array can simulate the characteristics of the field, if it can't, then it will be tricky.

    The temple was furious at the sight of the two men sitting by the stone, looking at the vultures. Originally thought he came personally, also brought two of the extreme fairy, even if there is wood plume appeared is also bag things, but never thought, Mu Yu means always endless, just more rely on the sea Demon King's field ability forcibly blocked him for a while.

    "This time, I see what else you have!"The temple made a cold voice, and he could see that Mu Yu had already been a strong bow, and could not do anything else.

    Yan Hongyi said quickly: "Adult,

This place is weird, there are weird arrays here, it will absorb…"

    "To shut up! Don't make excuses for your own failure! ”

    The temple did not want to listen to Hongyi.Explain that he was very annoyed by Mu Yu today. In any case, he was a comprehension of the Mahayana period. He personally dispatched the man. He did not catch the ninth eternal life. He was also beaten by Mu Yu three times and five times. position.

    Now that Mu Yu and the ninth eternal life have been forced to retreat to a desperate situation, the patience in his heart has reached the limit, just thinking of grabbing Mu Yu and the ninth eternal life, so that they can go back to the cross.

    He Hongyi was overwhelmed by the chaos. He wanted to remind the temple that there was a swindle in the array. The helpless temple was already dissatisfied, so he closed his mouth with interest, and he thought that the strength of the Mahayana period would not be Limited by Mu Yu's array.

    "Are you two of you guys or are you hands-on?"The temple made a cold channel.

    "Idiot, where are you confident to say these words, do you not feel ridiculous when you say this? Can you say something fresh, you have to talk nonsense, don't bother! ”Xiao Shuai shouted unceremoniously.

    The temple made a face smear, the power of the field exploded, the space seemed to be crushed, and the entire dusty mountain trembled slightly, seemingly under great oppression. Mu Yu's face is awe-inspiring. Although the guardian's guardian mountain array can barely control it, the overall situation of the guardian mountain array is not fully familiar. It is not very clear, so it is not clear whether it can withstand the attack of the Mahayana period.

    At this time, the madness of the temple was utterly blasted out. Seven huge white snakes poked their heads out of the air, surrounded the dusty mountains from all sides, and then they bite together toward the wooden feathers, wanting to drop the whole dusty mountain. All are removed.

    The sound of the buzzing sound in the air, the aura became arrogant, and the dusty mountain was like an earthquake. The pressure of the Mahayana period was already in a precarious situation. Mu Yu couldn't move, and he couldn't escape even if he moved.


    Under the whole mountain, the golden pattern was rushed out, and the golden pattern shrouded the dusty mountain. It was like putting a film on the dusty mountain. Then he was happy, he already understood the golden color. What does the formation represent?

    Array surgery, a long way to go!

    Unexpectedly, Master still hides this kind of battle in this place. This kind of array is at the bottom of the dusty mountain, even if it was not noticed at the beginning.

    The madness of the temple made it to the dusty mountain in different directions. The seven huge snake heads covered half of the sky. They kept biting down, and the downward trend did not weaken, but they could not break through the golden pattern. It is clear that the distance between the feet is only the difference between the ends of the world.

    At this time, the mountain guardian of the Dust Mountain flashed out again. This time, the wood feathers did not control, because the world was launched by the array, and the ability to protect the mountains was beyond the scope of the wood feathers. After a road, it was integrated into the golden pattern, and then the temple’s madness was swallowed up!


    The temple was also deeply shocked. However, at this time, the guardian mountain array once again moved, and the madness has already been transferred. The seven huge snakeheads that originally surrounded the dusty mountain appeared in the whole body of the temple. This time, the target of the seven snakeheads Was changed to make a temple!


    The temple was almost taken by surprise, but he was, after all, a master of the Mahayana period, and also very understanding of their own method of operation, is to know how to escape the crazy Qijue, stretched out his hand to tear the void, the side of the Shongyi also to pull away, then seven of huge snake head in the air suddenly collided together, issued an earth-shattering roar.

    The rolling waves swept out, and the fluctuations swept out. The outer periphery of the dusty mountain was already turned into nothingness. However, the interior of the dusty mountain was intact, and the turbulent array of obstacles blocked all the violent fluctuations.

    The temple ambassador and the 奚弘义 appeared in the distance, and the temple ambassador finally understood what 奚弘义 was going to say.

    Mu Yu breathed a sigh of relief again. I didn’t expect Master to lay down so many powerful guardian arrays in order to protect everyone in the dusty mountains. He was so touched that even if it was a human being, it was still a harbor, waiting for them to go home at any time, sheltering them from the wind and rain.

    "The temple made the adults, just Gu Ke was killed like this!"

    Yan Hongyi saw the temple and made him almost lose money. Finally, he had the opportunity to explain the reason. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to explain why Gu Ke died in his gods.

    The temple made the face cloudy and uncertain. The strength of this mountain guard was far beyond his imagination. Before the coming, the white world warned him that the Moushan Mountain is not a simple place. Now think about it, it is not simple. It's just a tough bone!

    The water village was under the cloth, blocking the entrance of the Triple Palace, the Nineth Immortal man has a powerful minefield of protection, and the entire desert allows the mountains to be killed by them can not produce the soul force for their use, let alone there is such a very strange mountain can be his Mahayana period of domain ability to intercept down!

    "Small sample, what my old white beard left behind, what is your group of white chickens who can make an idea?" Hurry and go back to me! ”Xiaoshuai was in the waist and screamed arrogantly.

    "That is, you are a group of white chickens, you are too wicked, too much. Do you really think we are so bullied?"

    The head of the old cloth also stood up straight and waisted, and together with Xiaoshuai pointed to the temple and 奚弘义. The two men had not been injured, and the old village chief was only frightened. The young handsome was not thick, so the two men began to provoke vigorously and vented the suffocating suffocation.

    Compared to the two of them, Mu Yu did not have the mood to provoke the mites of the Sangong Palace. He sat in the same place, quickly grabbed the spiritual power of the surroundings and began to repair the wounds in the body. There are many gatherings in the Dust Mountain, which can be used. Mu Yu knows how to mobilize the Gathering.

    Both the temple and the 奚Hongyi were very angry, but they did not dare to act rashly. With the lessons of the previous car, they also knew that Mu Yu and the ninth eternal life had entered the safe area and could not start again.

    The temple made a meditation for a moment, and it was impossible for the swords and shadows to be thoroughly studied. UU read the book and then he said to Hongyi: "Go back and ask the Lord, let the Lord tell us the end. How to crack this array of methods, tell the Lord about the situation here, let the Lord decide."

    "Yes, adults."Yu Hongyi took the lead and didn't ask much anything. He just glanced at the old and small beast that smashed in the dusty mountain, and then left the Dust Mountain.

    "It doesn't matter, I have time and you are spending it. I can't start with you, but you can't escape! ”The temple made a cold cry, sitting directly in the void array, watching the movement of Mu Yu.

    The temple has been prepared to wait for the rabbit, as long as Mu Yu and the ninth eternal life leave the dusty mountain, absolutely can not escape his palm.

    Xiaoshuai "yeah" and asked: "Wu Yu, if the white world comes in person, can our law still be kept?"

    "Not clear."

    Mu Yu was too lazy to pay attention to the temple. The temple did not dare to enter the dusty mountain at random. He also fell clean. Now that he has the protection of the mountain guard, he still needs to recover his injury first. As for how to leave the dusty mountain. That is what happened after he recovered his injury.

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