Chapter 968, Master of the Emperor, the Emperor of the Old Village!

    The Dust Mountain has not lived for a long time, and many places are full of weeds, but the thatched houses on the dusty mountains are still there, and even the furnishings inside have not changed. Dust √ margin × text → learning J network

    Mu Yu relied on the gathering of the dusty mountain and the metamorphosis of his own black and white spirit, and it took almost a day to recover.

    However, he can't leave the dusty mountain now, because once he leaves the protection of the Dust Mountain, he has to face the imperial palace. With the current cultivation of Mu Yu, he is impossible to defeat the temple.

    On the dusty cliff, Mu Yu and the old village chief sat under the old banyan tree and looked into the distance.

    "You slaughtered an entire city?"

    The old cloth village was shocked and the news scared him.

    "This is not true, is it?"

    It is difficult for Mr. Laobu to accept this fact. In the stories he told the past and other little dolls, Mu Yu is a hero who rescues and rescues people. How can such people make the terrible things of the city? ?

    "It is true, so I hope Grandpa can understand what kind of person I am, I don't want to stare at you."

    Mu Yu smiled a bit, and telling the truth is a very cruel thing, but he must do so.

    Only by telling the truth can he rob the heart.

    The old village chief looked a little confused: "But, but how can you do this kind of thing?" You promised me to be a good immortal against the Youmen Mozu. ”

    The village chief still does not believe that the kind child of the past will do such a terrible thing. That is a city man!

    In particular, the village chief Laobu heard the Yumeng Mozu attacked Dongsha City. Mu Yu did not choose to help Dongsha City, but when he slaughtered all the self-cultivators, he could hardly keep his mouth shut.

    Mu Yu was silent for a moment and said: "I can't do a good immortal teacher. It may be because I grew up and saw a lot of things, Grandpa, I am sorry."

    The longer a person grows, the more people look at the world, and many of his ideas will change. The childhood dreams will eventually be shattered by reality and embarked on another path.

    Xiaoshuai interjected in the side: "Old god stick, you don't want to think about it. If it wasn't too much for the comprehension in Dongsha City, how could Mu Yu kill them?" I want to say that they are self-defeating,

Do you think this is right in order to survive and want to let Mu Yu go out and die with the Yumeng Mozu? ”

    When the old village chief heard it, he clenched his fist and said with anger: "Do the people in Dongsha City want you to die? How can they have this idea? You can save them! ”

    Mu Yu calmly replied: "When I was young, I thought I could save the world. When I grew up, I realized that not everyone is worth saving. I can save only those who care about me. ”

    The cool breeze blows through the eucalyptus of the dusty cliffs, OO@@ sings, and the sun's rays pass through the branches and leaves, and the scattered light spots are sprinkled on the two people. It is natural and natural, and no one has spoken for a time.

    The old village chief looked at Mu Yu with uneasiness. He hesitated for a moment and then asked: "When you do anything, you will definitely consider whether you have done it right, right?"

    Mu Yu took a deep breath and then nodded: "I don't think it's wrong to kill them."

    The old cloth village chief closed his eyes. His face was slightly incomprehensible. He finally laughed and patted Mu Yu’s shoulder. He said: "Since you think it is right, then I will not take care of it because Xiaomu Yu does things. I am very relieved."

    Just as I knew the wood control ability of Mu Yu, the old village chief chose to believe in wood feathers. Today, the old cloth village chief also believes in wood feathers.

    A warm current spread in the bottom of Mu Yu, the long-lasting power in his body finally began to look around the veins of the body, and the atmosphere of the robbery period also spread, but was forcibly hidden by Mu Yu.

    He did not want to show his cultivation in front of the village chief, even if he is now a young man, he has a strong strength in the realm of cultivation, but he is a child in front of the village chief.

    "Thank you Grandpa."The troubles in Mu Yu’s heart finally disappeared.

    In the face of the enemy, Mu Yu has learned to kill and decisive, but in the face of close people, he is an optimistic child, even if he never grows up, it does not matter, he knows how to choose.

    "So you said that I am the ninth person who is eternal, can this mean that I can't die?"The old village chief said thoughtfully.

    "Yes, Grandpa, as long as you don't suffer fatal injuries, you can live forever, so everyone will try to protect you, and I will try to protect you."Mu Yu said seriously.

    Later, Mu Yu asked curiously: "Really, grandfather, how long have you lived?"

    The old village chief touched his beard and blinked. "I am one hundred and twenty-one years old. It is no wonder that I lived so long. I thought it was because my living habits were good!" You know, I go to bed early and get up early every day, life can be regular. When you ask me about my health tips, I still tell them that I have to get up every morning to do morning exercises. I am good at my health. When I was seventy years old, my body was No longer getting older, I have always believed that it is the reason for doing morning exercises…"

    The wood feather chi Chi A smile, before the childhood village head grandfather in gather everybody tells the story to let them do again morning exercises, stretch leg shake shake hand twist buttocks What, also shout slogan: "Do morning exercises, good health, bounce not to grow old", he also learned to have a model, other children also learn very seriously.

    Now think about it, it seems to have been fooled again.

    "In short, the eternal life is very important to the world. Those white chickens want to be against you, so you can't have any mistakes."Mu Yu seriously said.

    "Then why don't you tell me earlier? As long as you warn me earlier, I don't have to be deceived by them from Liushui Village. ”The old village chief said dissatisfied.

    "Grandpa, because this matter is very important, and you are a mortal, I am worried that you tell the story to the children every day, and you are forgotten to say that you have missed it. Usually, there are people who will go to each village to find someone who can practice spiritual roots. If it is passed to the ears of the comprehensible, will it be even more troublesome? So when I thought about it, I decided not to tell you. ”Mu Yu explained.

    The old cloth village chief turned red and smiled a little, and found that the fear of Mu Yu was not without reason. "And you are always in awe of the comprehension. Even if you knew these things at the time, the Sangong Palace sent people to deceive you and said that I had an accident. You must not hesitate to believe it? So I said that it is almost the same. ”Mu Yu smiled.


    "I am not worried about you!"The old village chief said.


    At that time, Mu Yu did not think too much, thinking that the Mie Palace absolutely could not think of the ninth eternal life in the Mouyun Mountain Range. Unfortunately, the people of the Mie Palace were too powerful and were perceived by the other party.

    "Of course I know that you are worried about me, and care is chaotic! 没事就好,以后我会好好保护你的。”木羽笑了起来,老布村长把木羽养大,木羽对老布村长心中也是万分尊敬。

    However, the village chief Laobu suddenly shouted: "Ah? 我死不了,那你不是会死吗? Then I am not a white-haired person to send a brunette? ”

    The head of the old cloth looked at Mu Yu with a sad look, as if Mu Yu was now lying in the coffin, and a heartbroken appearance, his mind appeared in his mind screaming on the wood feather coffin.

    Mu Yu was stared at the head of the village chief. He touched his head and felt a little headache: "Grandpa, I am still a living person. Don't be sad, this expression should wait until I die."


    "what? 原来木羽你也是永生之人啊! So clever! 太好了,这样我们两个老了之后,就可以坐在村子里轮流给小孩子讲故事了,每个月单日你讲,双日我来讲……”


    Mu Yu licked his temple and felt a little embarrassed.

    The thought of the old village chief spans too fast, and the loss is Mu Yu, and no one can keep up with the old-fashioned thinking of Laobu.

    "If there is that chance, I will accompany you to tell the story."Mu Yu smiled. He did not tell the village chief what he was going to do in the future.

    老布村长不知道木羽在想什么,但他露出了兴奋的神色:“对了,你刚才说我死不了,那我能不能像你一样,当一个仙师? I found that I liked the fight with those white chickens. ”

    老布村长又伸出了双手,就像是要释放雷诀一样,虽然昨天情况紧急,不过好歹也过了一把神仙瘾,UU看书 可惜的是,他体内的雷诀领域已经用完了。

    "Grandpa wants to be a fairy teacher?"木羽一愣。

    “是啊! I am a eternal person, can't a fairy teacher? This way I have a long time to become stronger like you, Grandpa can worship you as a teacher. ”



    When he first knew that the village head was the ninth eternal person, Mu Yu was also shocked. He thought that he would try to guide the village chief to practice, so that he could protect himself. However, when Mu Yu secretly looked at the body of the village chief, he found that the village chief could not cultivate.

    他虽然是永生之躯,身体达到了完美的五行平衡,可经脉的生长方式和凡人一样,无法承受灵力。 This is doomed to the village chief Laobu can live forever without disaster, but can only be a mortal.

    There must be some loss, this is probably the person who is the head of the old cloth.

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