Chapter 969 is the singer of the old village chief!

    "The old man of the gods is really weird!" The perfect five-line body can't be cultivated! ”Xiaoshuai shouted. dust?edge?Text × learning network

    "what? I thought that I would be such a powerful fairy sorcerer, and I would definitely be a fairy teacher. ”The village chief was very disappointed. His palm was caught in the void. "I began to like the feeling of releasing lightning and hitting people."

    He has been telling the little baby in the village about the ability of the immortal to fly all over the sky. He is also very eager to become a fairy teacher. Who does not like to have the ability to swing the cliffs and move mountains and reclamation?

    "Grandfather of the village, it is good to be a mortal who does not die forever."Mu Yu comforted.

    If the village head can cultivate, whether it is the sword shadow dust or the real thing, he will teach him that he does not need to worry about wood feathers at all, and they do not need to use various powerful arrays to protect the old cloth village chief.

    The reason why Rui Lei real people directed him to find the old village chief was mainly because the array of swords and dusts required maintenance, and the anti-Ray real people were not familiar with the game, so he gave this task to Mu Yu.

    Recalling all the eternal people of today, every cultivation is too high, but the old village chief is a very special example. It is impossible to practice, just as fate is joking with him.

    However, the head of the old cloth quickly laughed: "It doesn't matter, if you can't be a fairy, you can't be a fairy!" My biggest interest is to tell the story of my family Mu Yu to more dolls in the village. Imagine that hundreds of immortals gave me a slap on the day, haha! I can blow it some more…Oh no, you can tell inspirational stories. Well, yes, it’s an inspirational story. They are because I’m so eager to give me a slap. ”

    Although the old village chief said so, Mu Yu still saw a trace of disappointment at the bottom of the village chief. Everyone wants to be a fairy teacher. This is what mortals dream of. The old village chief is no exception.

    Mu Yu looked at the grandfather of the village, and my heart was not a taste. Every time there is a comprehension in the village to recruit children who meet the conditions of cultivation, the head of the old cloth is unassuming to those who are comprehensible. He is the most indispensable person in the world, but he still has to lift his head in front of others.

    "Grandpa, don't you be a fairy teacher? Wait, I will find a way! ”

    The bottom of Mu Yu’s heart suddenly gave birth to the idea of ​​helping the head of the old cloth to realize his wishes.

    "Can you make me a fairy teacher?"Mr. Laobu asked excitedly.

    "I can let you use various arrays."Mu Yu explained.

    He took out a powerful congenital formation and integrated a sword into the jade.

After using the array method to block, he spent more than half of the time to transform the formation, and also considered other unexpected situations, and counted the defects of the array.

    Just like the real people of the thunder and the shadow of the sword, the wind power is quietly sealed in the body of the old cloth, and the wood feather can also be realized by means of the array method.

    He pondered for a while and handed Yu Pei to the village chief.

    "Grandpa, you can try this piece of jade, as long as you hold this position of jade, there will be unexpected effects."Mu Yu said.

    The village chief of the old cloth will pinch the jade with suspiciousness. A powerful sword gas suddenly sent out from the jade in his hand. He took out the length of ten feet and brought a whistling sound. The stalks in front of the tree annihilated instantly!

    The power of this sword is not weaker than a comprehension of distraction!

    "what? This, is this OK? ”The old cloth village chief opened his mouth.

    Mu Yu took a look at the trunk, and the annihilated eucalyptus rose again, then smiled: "Grandpa, rest assured! Although you can't cultivate, but I can let you have countless magic weapons, it is better than everyone! ”

    The main door of the line of the door, the most lacking is the base, as long as the old cloth village head is willing, Mu Yu can even find thousands of bases, engraved with a variety of powerful arrays, used by the old cloth village chief play.

    "Then, can this sword be used only once?"

    The old cloth village chief pinched a jade, and Yu Pei once again uttered the same second sword. He suddenly smiled. "Can you use it many times?"

    "Yes, this sword is probably thinking that I should be able to make it about ten times, but after using it ten times, I need to let it slowly recover the aura, as you said last time, the magic has a cooling period, etc. I will modify the array to make it cool for three hours."Mu Yu explained.

    He can't arrange the perfection between the rushes, so it still takes time to perfect.

    In order to meet the minds of the elders of Laobu Village, Mu Yu has already planned to fight it out. His current array of techniques is now a thing of the past. In the realm of comprehension, Zhuge Xiaosheng cannot surpass him.

    He can force the use of the forces of nature to perform the array of techniques, the formation of the natural forces, combined with the transformation of the wood feathers, even an unarmed mortal can do a powerful array of martial arts, these are all wood feathers The inspiration of Master and the Thunder portrayed by the real people.

    I think that using the power of nature to arrange the array is just to give my grandfather a magic weapon to solve the boring problem. It is estimated that only Mu Yu can do it.

    "Wow! Is there anything else that is so powerful? ”

    The head of the old cloth shines in the eyes, not a fairy teacher, but can be an old flicker, he can take these things to marry a child.

    "Grandpa, what magic do you want, you can think of it, I can give you satisfaction."Wood feathers said in a straight line.

    "I think, can stealth surgery be?"


    "Transformation, the last time I told the village doll, Mu Yu, you will change in seventy-two."

    "Yes, let alone 72 changes, there is no problem with a thousand changes."

    The technique of change is equivalent to illusion, which is not a problem for Mu Yu.

    "Great! What about wall penetration? ”

    "This is a bit difficult, but it can be done. You can use teleportation to directly teleport to the back of the wall."

    Mu Yu remembered the Scorpio star array, and the big deal was to spend more time to move the Scorpio star array into the jade.

    "what? This is all right! awesome! I think, what magic weapon can make me run very fast? ”

    "The wind blast can do it. I think this battle is not expected to catch up with you."Mu Yu explained the division of the realm of the comprehension to the village chief.

    "Do you mean that the immortals that I have seen in the past to recruit people in various villages are all based on the foundation? Only the second realm? What is the realm of that wood feather? ”Asked the old village chief.

    "Thanks to Grandpa, I am already in the robbery period, and it is the eighth realm."Mu Yu explained.

    He did not show his strength in the robbery period, but he was always pressing, like a mortal, and did not let the grandfather of the village give any pressure.

    "Wow! Then, what kind of realm can you defeat the array that you just gave me? ”The old cloth village chief asked with amazement. UU reading

    "I think, the sixth realm of distraction should be no problem, the seventh realm of the fit period is a bit difficult, but if you are not enough for Grandpa, I can spend more time to get the battle, just beat the fit. The comprehension of the period is not a problem."Mu Yu said.

    "Enough, enough! You said that the most powerful of the Mouyun Mountain Range is the fourth realm of the Yuan Ying period. Then I have your magic weapon and you can walk across the Mou Mountain Range! Haha, I am the emperor of the Moyun Mountains! ”

    The village chief of Laobu was happy to wrinkle and stretched out.

    "It’s more than the emperor! God stick old man, you are the savior of the Three Heavens! Anyone can die, you can't die. ”Xiaoshuai reminded.

    "Yes, yes, I am the savior, hahaha! I can't think of my old cloth and I have such a great day. ”

    The head of the old cloth waved the jade in his hand, and another sword smashed out.

    He found that you can also launch a fairy if you don't practice yourself. This is not bad.

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