Chapter 97 Uninformed Rich 2 Generation

Mu Yu has been practicing in the Dust Mountain for two years. He has never heard of a formation in the Dust Mountain. I don’t know that the Dust Cliff is a gathering of the spirits. Not only him, I am afraid no one knows this.

In this way, it seems that every disciple's cultivation speed can be explained quickly. Although this is related to talent, but the talent is higher, if the surrounding aura is too thin, the speed of refining and transformation will be slowed down. Naturally it will not increase as fast.

The talents of each disciple of the Dust School are one of the best. Together with the Gathering, they can also improve the repair to a higher level more quickly.

This seems to be the intention of Feng Hurchen, but why is he never mentioning the law?

"Looking for the old, what are you looking for?"

Mu Yu and Lan Linger will be suspicious. The two of them took the old man to fly over the entire dusty mountain, and let the old man explore the place where there is a law. The two of them did not know anything about the law. They couldn't tell if there was a formation. If the old man said it was true or false, there was no way to determine it.

Looking for the old altogether pointed out four places under the fallout, one is the cliff, it is also the most common place for everyone to practice; one is the open space where we usually practise swords, and the wind-dust often asks them to practise swords in that field; one is halfway to the stone, and every time we have nothing to do will sit there chatting, the last one is the foot of the waterfall, Here is the place where we cultivate fallout.

These four places can be said that everyone must go to the place, they are all pointed out by the old man!

Mu Yu and Lan Linger have begun to believe in the old words, because only they themselves know what these four places mean.

When the old man just came here, he could not know where everyone usually cultivated. They just went to many places with the old man, and it was no coincidence that the old man pointed out these four places alone!

"That said, Master has already laid out a gathering of spirits, providing a good environment for our cultivation and speeding up the improvement of cultivation. But these Masters did not tell us, just let us practice in these places, what is going on? ”

Everyone usually follows the instructions of Master, where to practice and where to practice, plus the supervision of An Shu, so I didn’t think much about it. It’s just that I practiced hard work.

Now looking for the old to point this out, it makes Mu Yu feel a little ridiculous, and their cultivation speed is actually because there is external force to help. If this situation is passed on to other people in the real world, I know that the dust party has already become other What's in the sect of the sect?

"Why is Master going to take advantage of us to gather together?"

Lan Linger always thought that Master did not teach them the formation because Master was unfamiliar with the law. In fact, Master’s understanding of the law was quite brilliant. He was not unfamiliar, but hidden, just as he hid himself. The past is like.

The amiable masters of the past seem to be becoming more and more strange at the moment. Master knows each of them well, but they don’t understand the other side of Master.

Mu Yu shook his head: "It is not necessarily the method of the master's arrangement. Maybe the master only accidentally discovered that the mountain is hidden in the cluster, so it is here to open the mountain."

"No, it can't be discovered by chance. Poly-matrix needs regular maintenance and reconstruction. It needs to be maintained once a month. It is impossible for people who are unfamiliar with the law to complete the maintenance of this array. I feel that these several formations have not been repaired for at least two months, and the aura that it gathers is somewhat unstable. ”

Looking for the old and moving a stone, looked at the underground situation of the stone, and then excavated from the soil a piece of Lingshi depleted Lingshi!

More than two months ago, it happened to be the time when Master was missing!

Mu Yu no longer doubts the words of the old man, these four arrays of legal and master can not get away with the relationship. Looking for the old man until now, he did not know that the wind was missing. He speculated that the time when the Gathering of the Ghost was not maintained was in line with the time when the Master was not in the dusty mountains. This means that the Ming Gathering of the Spiritual Circle is maintained by the Master in secret.

Master knows how to practice law. I don't know why he didn't teach these to his disciples. Is he hiding in private?

If neither Lan Linger nor Mu Yu knew that Master could not be the kind of deliberately hidden person, they might think so. Is it not good to teach such things to the disciples? Why do you want to keep one hand? What is he scruping about?

Master secretly built a squad for them to help them practice faster, but did not tell them about the existence of the squad, which really makes people wonder.

"When you look for the old, can you fix it?"Mu Yu asked.

"I try first, it should be."

Looking for the old man walking up and down the stone on the mountainside, here are a few stones, a few grasses are pulled over there, and the sun is looked at again, the position is determined, four steps are taken to the left, and then eight Step, his strange movements saw Mu Yu and Lan Linger glimpse.

"This gathering is using ordinary Lingshi, and the arrangement is much better than me. No wonder you will not notice the difference between Aura and other places. Only when you practice, when you pull the aura of the whole body, The aura of Gathering will gather."

Looking for the old man and dug out a few pieces of Lingshi from the ground, these Lingshi have the size of a fist, I really did not expect to be buried on the ground, and Mu Yu and others did not notice it.

"The effect of ordinary Lingshi is not as good as that of Zijin Lingshi, but with this array method, it can achieve twice the result with half the effort. I roughly calculated that it is necessary to spend five hundred Lingshis per month to maintain this array. The method of falling cliffs is relatively large, and it requires a thousand Lingshi. There are four formations in the dusty mountain. One month is two thousand five. Hundreds of Lingshi, that is to say…God! ”

Looking for the old man said that here suddenly can not say, the dusty faction has always been known for poverty, think about it, a martial art with only four or five disciples will be rich where? They did not get the path of Lingshi at all, and the number of people must be poor.

However, these gatherings will cost 2,500 stones in a month. Where do the poor dust-fallers get so many spiritual stones?

Lingshi is the currency in the realm of cultivation, an ordinary martial art, and the monthly income of a thousand Lingshi is not bad. Every martial art disciple wants to get a spiritual stone to contribute to the martial art, or to go to Lingshi mining, or to go hunting.

Lingshi mining is too difficult. Some Lingshi mining will not mine 2,000 a year, and the number of Lingshi mines is still limited. The good veins are controlled by the two groups of Qingsong and Jiuhua. The veins occupied by other small sects are small Lingshi mines, which are not enough to plug the teeth.

Many people prefer to hunt the monsters for the Lingshi. Although hunting the monsters is very risky, it is very likely that they will become a picnic for the monsters, but once they are hunted, they can be sold. A good price.

The benefits of Lingshi are unquestionable. The aura contained in Lingshi can be directly absorbed by the comprehens, but most comprehensions will not choose to absorb directly. Why should you absorb from the spirit stone when you can absorb the aura from heaven and earth? Lingshi can trade more materials for refining magic weapons in exchange for herbs.

"Two thousand five hundred spiritual stones, so many Lingshi really got it?"

Looking for the old man is shocked and can't be added. It costs 2,500 stones a month. Isn't this Qingsong faction so luxurious? Although the Qingsong School is extremely affluent, the disciples under the door do not lack the Lingshi, but the number of Lingshi is also limited. It is not the extravagant place of the Qingsong School that it is impossible to spend two thousand spiritual stones for the disciples one month.

Mu Yu did not expect that there were thousands of Lingshi buried in the place where he had been practicing for so many years, but they did not know it as a benefit, but it seemed to be speechless.

Mu Yu explored his pocket in his pocket, and he had three ordinary Lingshi on his body. He was so poor that he would never be more than ten.

Master often puts Lingshi in the hall, and whoever wants to take it. But basically everyone will not go down the mountain, they are going to kill the monsters for the Lingshi.

It turns out that their Master has always been a rich man, and they are all rich second generation, but they are so poor, they go out and even robbed are not willing to waste time on the disciples, because they are too poor, the big brother who robbed I feel that it is not worth the candle. UU reading

Mu Yu looked at Lan Linger and they immediately figured it out. Master used to be the sword dust of the famous comprehension world. He used to be so powerful. The spirit stone on his body should be countless.

It is a pity that Master has always been bleak and the money is not exposed. If it is not for the old man to say it, I am afraid they have neglected this point.

"Master is so rich, we are still so shabby, I want to buy a skin care medicine for a long time."Lan Linger laughs and laughs, the girls are all beautiful, but she does not dare to go to the city to buy expensive skin care products.

β€œIs it not enough for Master to spend two thousand five hundred stones a month for us? If we let us squander at will, then it is not enough to spend money. ”

Mu Yu Heart is very calm, no matter what master do is to have his intentions, Mu Yu never doubt master, he will never shoot, "perhaps the master is afraid to give us, we go out wasteful will become not enterprising, more likely will be observant, It would be easier for people like red clothes to come to the door. ”

Master has always been relatively low-key and does not want to be concerned by the outside world. This is why he hid the Lingshi. It is also the reason why he did not teach others the knowledge of the Fa. Master did not want to explain why he had so many Lingshi. I don't want everyone to know his past.

Someone once asked, what is your biggest wish when you have no money?

The answer is that my biggest wish is to find me when I am poor and tell me that he is actually a billionaire. It has only been to hone me for so many years.

Mu Yu, they are the people who are being honed.

Sudden happiness moments surrounded them, but new problems came. Where did they go to make such a spiritual repair?

The spiritual stone of more than 2,000 a month, Master is keeping it by himself. Now that Master is missing, how can these Lingshi get it?

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