Chapter 970, the return of the old village chief of the immortal!

    Mu Yu looked at the excitement of the old village chief, and he was quite emotional. The former village chief was always in front of the immortals of other villages. Now there is Mu Yu, and the entire comprehension of the comprehension must be in Laobu Village. Look down in front of you!

    "Grandpa, rest assured, if you want to be, you must be a fairy who no one dares to provoke!"Mu Yu said. M√×文?W×W

    He has a lot of resources in his hand, and he can tailor a powerful array of techniques for the old cloth village chief as a means of body protection.

    "OK! Tomu Yu’s blessing, grandfather is going to be a fairy who can’t dare to provoke! ”The head of the old cloth laughed happily.

    Mu Yu said again: "Grandpa, if we can safely leave here this time, I will not leave you alone in the village, I will take you to other places, it is no longer safe."

    The temple was still watching the outside of the dusty mountain. Since it was found by the people of the Mie Palace, it is not wise for the old village chief to stay in the Moyun Mountain.

    "That is to say that I can no longer tell the story to the children?"The head of the old cloth is a glimpse.

    "Nothing, Mu Yu intends to send you to the sect, you can go to the squad, they are all under the hands of Mu Yu."Xiaoshuai said awkwardly.

    "Can I? Wood feather. ”Mr. Laobu asked excitedly that he always likes an old urchin and likes to fool people.

    "Well, yes."Mu Yu nodded with a smile.

    The array is now the safest place, and Zhuge Xiaosheng protects the village head, and Mu Yu is also assured.

    "Great, then I have to record this adventure once and for all, this time I have to modify the story of three dozen white chicken."

    The head of the old cloth waved another jade, and it was a sword to go out, no need to care about anything.

    "Right, these swords are hurting, so be careful when you are fooling people."Mu Yu reminded.

    "I know, I know, I have a measure."The old village chief nodded.

    Mu Yu looked at the old cloth village chief to play with seven or eight of his newly set up jade, and he also flew in the air with jade, and his heart was helpless.

    Xiaoshuai is idle and has nothing to do. He ran to Houshan and said that he was going to pick some fruits to eat back. When he came back, he has turned into a child, and he was shocked by the old village chief!

    "Where are you, where did you come out?"The village chief Laobu asked quickly.

    "Oh, yes, he is…"

    Mu Yu remembered that he hadn’t talked to the village head about the change of Xiaoshuai. Xiaoshuai’s guy was a little beast at first, and the old village chief did not see the handsome man’s appearance.

    The wood feathers have not finished yet, and the old village chief screamed with joy: "He is your son?" God! Do you have children? You didn't tell me about it, it's still so big, it's so cute, come and give it to Grandpa. ”

    The village chief Laobu likes children very much. Xiaoshuai is the kind of guy who is cute and has nothing to say. The old village chief did not consider the question of how Muyu wants to have a son.

    "Pooh! What a grandfather, don't take me cheap! I am the young man who saved you. ”Shouted handsomely.

    "Then you are a monster that will turn into a human form?"The head of the old cloth remembered the demons and ghosts in his own story and asked with vigilance.

    Little handsome and gnashing his teeth: "I am a beast!"

    "I do not believe."The head of the old cloth said.

    Mu Yu laughed: "Grandpa, he is my brother, very special, this is his other kind, you are used to it."

    The old cloth village chief saw Mu Yu say so, and the young handsome is really cute, then he walked over and smiled and said: "It is the younger brother of Mu Yu, that makes Grandpa hug."

    "You are not my grandfather."Xiaoshuai bitterly bit a fairy fruit, but did not refuse the old cloth village head, was held in the arms of the old cloth village head.

    Mu Yu now needs to really consider a problem. The temple of the Three Palaces is still outside. How can they leave the Dust Mountain?

    "Little handsome, do you have a way to get out of here?"

    Mu Yu has just been familiar with the formation of the Dust Mountain. The array of the Dust Mountain is far beyond his imagination. Master's array is still much more powerful than Mu Yu. Unfortunately, there is no similar array of transmissions. You can take them away from this place.

    "No, it would be nice if we had a good biography before we came."Xiaoshuai said.

    They have arranged a pass-through array until now, or in the vicinity of Chun'an City, it is too far away. This small array is not the ancient transmission array of the Dan Ding, so they can't send them to the past. .

    "The transmission distance of our transmission array is only about a thousand miles. A thousand miles is not too far. For the outside guy, a few breaths can catch up. We must find another way."Mu Yu said.

    The temple made the party 奚Hongyi back to find the white world. If the white world came here personally, maybe things would be troublesome, because the white world’s array of rumors is not as good as the sword shadow, but it is quite powerful. He must know how to Deal with the guardian array of the Dust Mountain.

    Mu Yu had no idea, and he could only sit on the dusty cliff and watch the old cloth village chief play with the array. The temple has been lingering around the dusty mountain, and dare not easily approach the dusty mountain. At this time, the dusty mountain over the sky suddenly disappeared and there was a whole set of world-famous arrays. The temple was isolated from the outside, and the scene inside the dusty mountain could not be seen clearly.

    Mu Yu stepped away from the dust cliff and came to the medicine garden planted by Master. The medicine garden was full of weeds. In the corner, he saw the gray heavens returning to the grass.

    Tianxin turned back to the grass and was still growing vigorously. Mu Yu looked at Tianxin and turned back to the grass.

    When a person is not lost, touching the heavens and turning back to the grass is golden. When a person loses himself, touching the heavens and turning back to the grass is blue.

    When he first admitted that he wanted him to go home, he is now back, but he does not know if he is the original one.

    Mu Yu did not touch the strain of Tianxin and turned back to the grass.

    "what happened? Wood feather? ”The head of the old cloth came over and asked curiously.


    Mu Yu shook his head and responded.

    Xiaoshuai has already smashed the past, his eyes turned a little, and smiled and said: "The old man, I will give you a trick."

    He reached out and touched the heart and turned back to the grass. The gray heavenly heart turned back to the grass and suddenly burst into a golden brilliance. It looked like a bright sun, and it was particularly eye-catching.

    "Amazing! Is this also a fairy? ”The old cloth village chief asked with amazement.

    Xiaoshuai said in a serious way: "This grass, only the handsome person touches it to become golden, not handsome enough to touch, it can only be blue, old man, you can come and try."

    The old cloth village chief touched the wrinkles on his forehead and shook his head: "Forget it, then I may not be able to change color."

    Xiaoshuai laughed: "I have a little confidence in myself! As long as you tell yourself that you are handsome, you will be able to become golden! ”

    Mr. Laobu’s headman will walk over in disbelief and carefully reach out and then mutter: “I was handsome when I was young, how can I be handsome now?”

    That being said, when his fingers touched the heart and turned back to the grass, Tianxin’s returning to the grass suddenly turned into gold, just like the golden sunshine bloomed. He suddenly smiled and said: “It’s still so handsome when I am old. Haha!"

    The old flicker was flickered by the little flicker, and he was still complacent.

    "Wu Yu, when you touch it, it must be golden, right?" I have always felt that Mu Yu is very handsome and should be pleased with the girl. ”

    The head of the old cloth touched the other plants and turned back to the grass. Each of the plants was turned into a golden color. After a while, the heart will return to the grass and return to the inconspicuous gray.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "When I touch it, it is blue."

    "How can it be? You are not handsome? ”The old village chief asked in surprise.

    Mu Yu reluctantly explained: "You don't be fooled by Xiaoshuai. It doesn't matter if the grass is handsome and handsome. Is it related to yourself?"

    "Is it yourself?"

    Mr. Laobu vaguely understood something. He remembered the terrible things that Mu Yu told him. The thing about the killing of the killer, the wood feather that can do that kind of thing seems to have changed.

    "I always believe that you are a good boy."

    The head of the old cloth took off the leaves of the heart and turned back to the grass. The leaves turned golden, shook in the hands, went to the wooden feathers, picked up the hands of the wooden feathers, and then placed the golden leaves in the hands of the wooden feathers. Let Mu Yu hold the leaf: "You can tell me the truth, that you are still the wood feather."

    "Old god stick, come and see, there is a kind of grass here, it can also change."Xiaoshuai ran to the other end of the medicine garden and shouted, "This clever person will make it bloom!"

    Mr. Laobu smiled and patted Mu Yu’s shoulder, then ran to Xiao Shuai and shouted: “I don’t want you to look at it, then I can definitely make it full of gardens!”

    Mu Yu holds the leaf in his hand and has a lot of thoughts. Did he find himself back?

    After a moment of silence, Mu Yu slowly spread out the palm of his hand, watching the palm of his heart return to the color of the grass, a slight glimpse.

    It’s like holding a bright sun, and the heart is turning back to the color of the grass leaves as if he had touched it for the first time.


    In the evening breeze, the Sangong Palace outside the dusty mountain was watching, but the three people in the Dust Mountain were sitting leisurely on the dusty cliff and roasting a pheasant.

    In the past, because of the unpalatable cooking of An Shu, everyone went to catch pheasants to eat. In the woods of the dusty mountains, the traces of pheasants were almost extinct. But since everyone has left the Dust Mountain, the ecological balance of the pheasant has recovered a lot.

    "If you say that Mu Yu, you think about it, how can you leave?"Xiaoshuai was full of mouthfuls of oil.

    Mu Yu also took a chicken wing and shook his head: "I don't know, the method of falling dust mountain is very strong, and there is a reiki eye as a support. UU reading don't worry about failure."

    "First eat, eat enough to escape!"

    The old village chief is also indifferent. For him, the outside people come to arrest him. He can’t run, and he goes with the flow. Besides, with Wood Yu, he is not afraid of anything.

    The three were very leisurely, and even if they were trapped here, they are still laughing. For Mu Yu, the Dust Mountain is his home. He is like going home. The Dust Mountain will shield him from the wind and rain.

    Although other family members are still wandering outside, but Mu Yu has found himself, he will not be lost again.

    The night is deep, and the old cloth village chief is lying on the big wooden bed on the dusty cliff. The young handsome is resting on the arm of the old cloth village chief. The small hand is holding the old cloth village head. The little feet are placed on the belly of the old cloth village chief, and the mouth remains. With a slobber, the old and the young are screaming.

    Mu Yu found a quilt, and the spirits dispelled the musty smell, baked it and covered them.

    He also lay on one side, looking at the starry sky in the sky, and looked at the village head and Xiaoshuai to sleep, he liked this leisurely feeling.

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