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Chapter 971 is the end of the old village chief of the immortal!

    The bird's light humming disturbed the morning dream, and the old cloth village chief climbed up in a sleepy manner, carefully placed the little handsome lying in his arms and put the quilt on the young handsome. m←↑文JW?W

    Mu Yu was not in the dust cliff. He thought about going to the vegetable garden on the mountain to see if he could find some wild vegetables to cook. But when he looked up, there seemed to be smoke rising in the distance.

    He curiously left the dust cliff, saw the kitchen, and found that the wood feather was burning in the kitchen.

    "Grandpa, are you awake?"

    Mu Yu Shen quietly added firewood to the hearth, just as his master was cooking on it, he burned the fire below.

    "Mu Yu, you are a fairy teacher, how can you cook for yourself? Let me do it! ”The old village chief said with a smile.

    "No, I will be fine." My master said that life is practiced everywhere, so cooking is also a practice. ”Mu Yu said.

    When he first came to the dusty mountain, Feng Haochen was like an ordinary farmer's old man. He personally planted vegetables and cooked vegetables. There was no such thing as a high-level person. At that time, Mu Yu did not understand Master's practice, but now he finally understands Master's mentality.

    It is a kind of practice to understand the true meaning of life in ordinary things.

    He does not need to use spiritual power to do things, start from the most basic things, get along with each other, level the mind, and the whole person will enter an easy-going tranquility, and the spiritual flow in the body will be more rounded.

    The heart of the dust is to be quiet, to do the little things of life, and to make people feel calm, so that they can more deeply understand the mystery of the dusty mind.

    After stepping into the realm of comprehension, facing the intrigues of the various parties, calculating each other and killing each other, it seems that the whole world is full of inexplicable impetuousness.

    However, after returning to the dusty mountain, Mu Yu discovered that it was a pure land, as if everything had returned to the original, so that he could find his original self.

    "My family Mu Yu will cook, I don't know, I thought the immortal teacher is going to fight!"The old cloth village chief opened the lid and mixed the porridge with a spoon. Then he asked: "Where are these rice coming from?"

    "Grandfather, do you forget my ability?"Mu Yu smiled.

    The ability to control wood will never be without food.

    "Oh yes, I almost forgot."The head of the old cloth suddenly realized, and then said,

"Then I am going to fry two side dishes. I remember there are carrots in the garden. I have never seen such a big carrot."

    The old cloth village head and Mu Yu were busy half an hour, made a pot of porridge, fried two dishes, and some chicken, was last night fortune from the small handsome mouth. The three people were having breakfast, joking, and forgot to sit in the empty sky and sit in the temple of the Triple Palace.

    But at noon, Yu Hongyi, who went to find a rescue, came back and broke this rare quiet time.

    Mu Yu stared at the sky and stood up again, because if the white world also appeared here, then things would be very tricky.

    But what surprised him was that Qi Hongyi was just returning alone, without bringing other people, and the White World was not present.

    However, Yu Hongyi whispered a few words next to the temple, and then the temple made his face slightly change, and he glanced at the wooden feathers unwillingly. He did not say a word, and then directly broke the void with Qi Hongyi and disappeared into the dusty mountain!

    "what? gone? Don't catch us? ”Xiaoshuai asked strangely.

    Mu Yu is also very surprised. Whether he is the village head or not, it is a very important person for the people of Sangong Palace. Can the temple and Yu Hongyi leave without saying a word? This is too much to say.

    "I think they may be tempted to take the opportunity to look at the situation and then take the shot."The old village chief guessed.

    "It's possible."

    Mu Yu nodded, but he thought that the most likely, perhaps what happened in the comprehension world, so that the temple had to take the lead. This is nothing new. What else can't the Triple Palace solve?

    He remembered the fact that the battle of Xuan Xian was delayed. Could it be that the incident is far from simple?

    "No matter, anyway, they are gone, we will stay here for a while, here is safe and comfortable, how good!"Xiaoshuai said awkwardly.

    Mu Yu thinks the same way. Now he has stepped into the robbery period by his own ability. He really has the strength of the robbery period, and the killing power is sealed by him. He no longer needs to rely on this force forcibly.

    The next day was very leisurely. Mu Yu had already entered the state of cultivation and returned to the dusty mountain. His mood became extraordinarily dull. Whether it was the understanding of Tianjian’s nine-lead or the dusty mind, it was even higher.

    The old village chief and the young handsome stayed in the dusty mountain, an old flicker and a small flicker, and things were done every day. Xiaoshuai wants to teach the village chief how to use the wood feathers to describe the array of techniques, how to use self-defense to defend themselves, defend the enemy, and fool.

    The head of the old cloth is very yearning for the things of Chengxian, so he also learned very seriously. Xiaoshuai also told the village chief Mr. Laobu in detail about the various things in the repairing world. Sometimes, Mu Yu was needed to correct it.

    Xiaoshuai is also a master of flickering. Most of the words he said are exaggerated. If it isn’t for Mu Yu’s warning that he wants to know the real situation of the comprehension, he will know the old man, and Xiaoshuai will definitely blow the cowhide.

    At present, the village chief Laobu will at least not describe the comprehension as a fairy teacher, and also know the eight-door and the three-fold palace. His concept has also changed. When he talked about the terrible conspiracy of the Mie Palace and tried every means to persecute Mu Yu, he was filled with indignation and pinched Yu Pei to fight with others.

    In the end, Xiao Shuai kindly told him that these arrays of jade are only tickle to the people of Sangong Palace, and the old village chief is not willing to give up.

    Mu Yu practiced for two months in the Dust Mountain with a peaceful attitude. In the past two months, no one has bothered him, and his heart has never been swayed. His cultivation has reached a thousand miles, and he has reached the strength of the three days of the robbery. Now, even if he does not need to rely on the killing power, he is sure to fight against the people like Hongyi!

    Two months later, he suddenly got a strange induction in his heart.

    This induction was very abrupt, but it was conveyed to him by the Bodhi tree.

    "That screamed."This sentence has not talked to Mu Yu for a while, but has been recovering himself. When Mu Yu and Bodhi have sensed, he is out.

    "Well up?"

    Mu Yu’s unsettled heart seemed to be smashed into a stone, and the whole person trembled and stood up.

    The infatuated girl who burned his life to help him escape from the Mie Palace, can finally hear her touching "Mu Yu brother" again?

    "I have already helped you this, then you need to help me."The linden tree is actually a sensory sensation, but the sentence mang and the wood feather are integrated, so Mu Yu also knows.

    "Reassured, I will do it."

    Mu Yu did not hesitate to leave the cliff, find the old cloth village head and Xiaoshuai, and rushed to Fulong Mountain.

    Halfway, Mr. Laobu knew what happened at the beginning.

    "Do you mean that you used your secret technique to sacrifice yourself and save you?"The old village chief was amazed. He listened to Xiaoshuai and talked about the day. "Then you have to treat people well, there are not many girls."

    "But Mu Yu also likes another Joe Snow! The heart of the radish, like I like to eat, the most special. ”Xiaoshuai rode an apple road on the neck of the old cloth village chief.

    The old cloth village chief looked at Mu Yu seriously: "Wu Yu, how do you still care about it?"

    Mu Yu had no choice but to spread his hand. He didn't know what to explain. It was complicated.

    But the old village chief laughed again: "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, Grandpa doesn't care if you like a few girls. It's best to come back. My family is a wooden dragon, and it is a matter of course." Hurry and have more fat ones, I will bring you children! You said that both of us can live long live, then your children and grandchildren can look at growing up, and there will be several small wooden feathers in the future. It is really a good thing to think about it, haha! ”

    Mu Yu was quite ashamed, and the village chief thought about it so much, so that he was somewhat helpless.

    "I have thought about it. In the future, your first child, the real name you take, the name of the milk." It’s a girl, it’s called 囡囡, it’s a boy, it’s called a small cloth, is it good? ”

    The head of the old cloth said with joy.

    Mu Yu opened his mouth and said with a smile: "Little cloth, my God…Forget it, Xiaobubu is a small cloth, Grandpa, you are happy. ”

    The head of the old cloth pulled the wood feather from a young age. If there is a child, it is understandable that the old village chief can be named. Mu Yu would not mind anything.

    It was only Mu Yu who remembered his own dead wood, and he sighed in his heart. He did not have the heart to tell the old village chief.

    When Mu Yu went to resurrect the dead wood old man, he would die, and Mu Yu had already prepared for death, so he never considered these strange things.

    Mu Yu couldn't wait to take them to Fulong Mountain. On the way, they didn't meet the people of Sangong. It seems that they were really entangled in something.

    Mu Yu also saved the fight. He stepped into the waters of Yumeng. This time, the water did not stop him. His foot flashes and falls on the edge of the Bodhi tree.

    "Mu Yu brother. UU reading ”

    A shadow flashed, and there was already a girl in her arms.

    Mu Yu held tightly in the arms of the girl who was dreaming, and the last time she almost became a screening, so that he was very embarrassed, he vowed that this life will never let this girl hurt.

    "Promise me, don't do stupid things for me anymore, okay?"Mu Yu’s fingertips crossed the sleek hair and bowed his head to kiss his forehead.

    "Mu Yu brother is fine, I am very happy."Suddenly looked up and looked at Mu Yu, her eyes were as pure as water, not mixed with impurities, or so simple, people's heart.

    Simple girls are willing to give everything to the people they like, even if they sacrifice their lives.

    But how can the young man be willing to hurt her?

    "Sorry, stunned."

    Mu Yu embraced the hustle and bustle, as if embracing the whole world.

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