Chapter 972 3 The crisis of the palace

    "Sudden sister, I want to die of you. mLK text?WKW"

    Xiaoshuai happily rides on the neck of the old cloth village chief, and wants to pounce into the arms of the abrupt, but the old village chief holds him in a deadly manner, and does not let Xiaoshuai destroy the two.

    But suddenly he looked up and looked at Xiaoshuai curiously: "Little brother, who are you?"

    "I am a handsome boy! Very handsome little handsome! ”Xiaoshuai shouted, then twisted his butt into the original appearance, and then squatted on the shoulder of the village chief, and changed back to the child's appearance.

    "Little handsome, can you still become a person? So cute! Let the sister hug. ”

    With a happy hand, Xiaoshuai plunged into the arms of his arms, his head smashed in a soft place, his face full of happiness.

    Mu Yu can't wait to kill Xiao Shuai, a shameless girl killer.

    The old tree grows strangely to the village head and asks: "Mu Yu, how do you bring the Terran here?"

    "Right, I almost forgot. This is the grandfather of the village chief who raised me from childhood, grandfather, this is the old tree, this is awe. ”Mu Yu quickly introduced.

    The old village chief looked at the old tree and said: "Mu Yu, have you just said that this is a Yumeng Mozu? How do you look like it? ”

    "Do you need to believe this?"

    The long hand of the old tree stretched out the branches, and the old village chief changed his face. He quickly hid behind the wooden feathers, holding a piece of jade in his hand and probed the brain behind the wooden feather.

    "The old village chief is still afraid of the old tree, haha! God stick you should give the old tree a long time. ”Xiaoshuai laughed.

    "Grandpa, he won't hurt us. Have you forgotten what I said to you? ”Mu Yu had told the village chief the initiator of the war between the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran.

    The head of the old cloth grinned, because when he used to tell stories in the village, the Yumeng Mozu was fierce, but he still said hello to the old tree, and he was a passing.

    Then Mr. Laobu looked at him with satisfaction: "Lang Cai looks, it's not bad, Mu Yu is better than Grandpa."

    Greetings politely: "The grandfather of the village is good."

    "Oh, good, good!"The old cloth village chief laughed happily, full of joy, and the more satisfied he was.

    "Turn away the goddess of the Red Dust Gate,

My family Mu Yu really has a good time! ”The old village chief is happy.

    My face was slightly red, and I didn’t say anything.

    Mu Yu walked to the side of the old tree and asked: "Predecessors, I would like to ask, is there anything happening in the comprehension outside the Mou Mountain Range?"

    Mu Yu knows that although the old tree chief has been hiding in this place, there are some spies in the outside world who are collecting intelligence for them to cope with some unexpected situations, so the old tree chief should know something.

    "Yes, I heard some rumors about the indiscriminate killing of the Mie Palace in the realm of comprehension. Now the entire realm of cultivation is like a heart, and the belief in Miegong seems to have been shaken a little. It is reported that this incident was transmitted from Chun'an City. ”The old tree nodded.


    Mu Yu remembered, when the Jiang Shangqiu and the township He Guan both trapped him, blocked the entire city of Chun'an, and wanted to kill everyone, but later he was saved by Mu Yu by more than 10,000. People, these people witnessed the sacredness and ugliness, cruelty and hypocrisy of those in the Sangong Palace.

    Jiang Shangqiu and Hexiang in the countryside were killed by Mu Yu. These survivors will naturally spread what they have seen. As for how things are passed down, how does the current comprehension view this matter, even the old tree? The length is not very clear.

    "Does the temple leave the day to prevent the spread of this news?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    "How can he stop it? Find a way to find all these survivors to kill? ”Mu Yu is quite puzzled.

    Suddenly, I said with anger: "No matter what they do, I will go to the Miegong with the brother of Mu Yu!" They are a group of people who annihilate humanity, just like the Red Dust Gate! ”

    Mu Yu has never seen these words in vain, and he will not arbitrarily say who is going to kill him. He hesitated for a moment and asked: "Awkward, is your mother still at the red door?"

    I bite my teeth: "Well, when Yan Qingyun used them to threaten me to practice the red dust, I also discovered that the red dust door was actually controlled by the Triple Palace, from the door to the elders, all People have become the shackles of the Triple Palace."

    Mu Yu couldn't forgive the Red Dust Gate for everything he did and the Miao language. He had a savage killing in his eyes, but he still touched his face and said: "Reassured, I will go to your mother from the red dust door. Saved back."

    He went to the Red Dust Gate not only to save people, but he also wanted to kill the Red Dust Gate. Whether they were controlled or not, Mu Yu did not allow them to do such extinct things to them. It will continue to exist.

    Now that he has really stepped into the robbery period, he is going to get those accounts back one by one, first of all to destroy the ghost gate, the star gate and the red dust gate.

    The Star Gate and the Ghost Gate are the helpers of the Mie Palace. The Red Dust Gate has made unforgivable things for the Miao and Miaoyu. These three sects will not be easily let go.

    The elders of the remaining sects will go there and let them get rid of the soul.

    "Wu Yu, what are we going to do next?"Asked the old village chief.

    "Go to the battle to protect your safety."Mu Yu said.

    "No, I have to go to the demon!"

    The old cloth village chief swayed in countless pieces full of pockets and portrayed the jade of the array, and said with great enthusiasm.

    Mu Yu feels a little headache, how can he run around with the village head? Those who admire the distraction period may be enough, and it is not enough to deal with the above period.

    However, he did not want to interrupt the enthusiasm of the village head, he said: "Grandpa, you will recharge your batteries in the sect. You will need to rely on you when you play the Triple Palace in the future. You are an indispensable part."

    The head of the old cloth thought for a moment, and it sounded like he was still very important, and he reluctantly agreed.

    Mu Yu carefully examined the awkward body and found that the vitality of life seemed to be stronger than before, and this was relieved.

    Suddenly, it only burned vitality, and the vitality was exhausted. The Bodhi tree helped her to restore her vitality. Unfortunately, if the body and soul of the dead wood are not damaged, this method can also be used to recover.

    Soon, Mu Yu said goodbye to the old tree, and the group left the Mouyun Mountain Range and went to the Zongfei.


    In the realm of comprehension, the news of the Three Palaces and the city of Angkor was circulated. This news made many self-cultivators suspicious.

    At this time, if the belief of the Mie Palace collapses, then the words of the Mie Palace will be difficult to persuade, and even all the comprehensions will join hands to fight against the Mie, and refuse to become a tool for the Mie Palace to kill each other.

    But at this time, the eight gates all stood up and began to clarify this matter. The general idea was that the old woman who had fascinated the red dust door in the past, slaughtered the city of Di'an, and at the same time used the magic array to wash herself and deceived Diane. Survivor of the city.

    Among them, the Star Gate and the Ghost Gate and the Red Dust Gate, as the leaders of the comprehension community, stood up and blamed. Three of the eight sects stood out, and the persuasiveness was quite large. Those survivors were also secretly killed by the people of the Mie.

    Many insiders chose silence and dared not tell the truth of the day. However, after this incident, the realm of doubts about the Three Palaces is growing more and more, because after so long, they have never seen the true face of the Sangong Palace.

    If, as those survivors say, the people of Mie Palace have an ugly appearance, then no one wants to let this ugly person lead the self-cultivator.

    Many self-cultivators have begun to appeal to those who want to be in the Mie Palace to stand up and prove their identity. After all, for three years, the Mie Palace only heard its voice, and no one else, plus the things of Chun'an City, they should have to take their own Identity is open.

    It is impossible for Sangong Palace to openly identify itself. They cultivated the soul force, and they were destined to not manifest themselves in places where there are many people. Otherwise, the soul power will be dispelled by the vitality. It is impossible to pretend it.

    Mu Yu and others have returned to the array.

    The array, the temple.

    "Now the Yumeng Mozu has begun to attack the city of the Terran, and there is news of the city that has been broken."Zhuge Xiaosheng said seriously.

    "Does the Mie Palace not intend to hide itself? They have such a powerful ability anyway, it is better to let the Yumeng Mozu directly destroy the entire realm of the realm. It is more than enough to kill the comprehension by their means. Why do you want to hide it? ”Xiaoshuai said disgustedly. UU reading

    Mu Yu explained: "The purpose of their war is only because the people in the comprehension community die less, but it is impossible for everyone to die, otherwise people will die, and where will there be soul power to provide them in the future? The Mie Palace is only intended to let some people die, and certainly save most people's lives. ”

    For the Mie Palace nowadays, the comprehensions are like captive animals. Without soul power, they will launch war to slaughter some to supplement. But if these animals are killed, and where will the souls be warned again, where are they going to find livestock?

    So they have the ability to destroy the entire realm of cultivation, but they dare not completely destroy. Not only that, but also pretend to be a savvy look, to obtain the conviction of the comprehensible, otherwise if the comprehension of the group rebellious, the triple palace's captive plan will fail.

    "Little flicker, how can you not even figure this out?" You have to consider one more thing, there are many hidden energy in the practice of the real world, enough to cope with the Triple Palace, not to mention the immortal people can also deal with them, they are not invincible in the repair of the real world, they dare not blatantly expose their true colors, or lose the support of the practitioners, they will be unable to do anything, who will give them work? ”The head of the old cloth was interjected next to him.

    Xiaoshuai said: "Old flicker, then what are you doing?"

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