Chapter 973 is hidden in the old village chief (on)

    The head of the old cloth, a beard, said in a serious way: "I want to be a member of the Mie Palace!" At this time, the reputation was hit, and I must first stabilize the military. m??Wen KW → W Anyway, and the Yumeng Mozu are controlled by them in their hands, they can play a play. I will send the Yumeng Mozu to attack some cities, first break through the city, and let the eight people enter the battle when the comprehension is extremely desperate. At this time, the Yumeng Mozu pretends to be defeated and is eight. Killing the flowers and water, invigorating the military, let the self-cultivator temporarily put the hope on the eight-door body! ”

    Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably: "Why should you pin your hopes on the eight doors?" Shouldn’t you pin your hopes on Sangong Palace? ”

    "Small flicker, ask me why your flicker is not in the heat!" Mie Palace did not dare to show up, they naturally could not show up in person. The eight gates are supernatural in the realm of comprehension. The comprehensions also believed in them. At this time, they defeated the Yumeng Mozu, and they naturally attracted the unanimous respect of the comprehension. The eight-door is the spokesperson of the Mie Palace. What is the difference between the practice of the eight-door and the belief in the Mie Palace? If some people don't believe in Sangong, they will at least believe in eight at this time? ”

    In the past two months, Mr. Laobu learned a lot of common sense in the realm of comprehension in order to be a qualified self-cultivator. Mu Yu told him the basic situation. He did not expect that the old village chief just knew the situation of the comprehension and could say Come out with these insights.

    Mu Yu asked quietly: "What action will there be in the next Mie Palace?"

    Mr. Laobu pondered for a moment and continued to sing: "Because the Yumeng Mozu and the Eight Gates are all obeying the orders of the Sangong Palace, the Sangong Palace can first let the Yumeng Mozu retreat and pretend to be defeated by eight people. And the eight doors took everyone to gradually win, so that the comprehensions saw hope. Let everyone know that the Yumeng Mozu is not invincible. Then they will win the battle and go to the several nests of the Yumeng Mozu to consolidate the leading position of the Eight Gates. In this way, the comprehension community will begin to believe in the strength of the eight doors and willing to listen to the eight-door dispatch. ”

    The village chief of Laobu paused and said again: "In the face of the Yumeng Mozu, there are only two choices, one is sitting still and the other is fighting hard. When the Yumeng Mozu is too powerful, the self-cultivators will be self-interested, and they will protect themselves and think about letting people die and save themselves. But once they find that eight can take them to defeat the Yumeng Mozu, then they will not choose to sit still, but will follow the eight to fight!

    When the Yumeng Mozu is being beaten more and more vulnerable, the comprehension will understand that the Yumun Mozu is just like this, so more and more comprehensions will join the war to kill Yumeng. The Mozu, the purpose of the Triple Palace at this time is reached, the war has already started, and the soul will naturally come. ”

    The old village chief analyzed the pass and spoke from the beginning to the end.

    Then the eye bones turned around, and the old cloth village chief said: "These conspiracy theories, I mentioned in the thirty-eighth chapter of the second volume of Muyu Qixia Chuan,

It belongs to the theory of combat that throws bricks and leads jade, and Ming Xiu Road passes through Chen Cang. The Miegong Palace allows the comprehensions to believe in the Eight Doors. It is a plan to save the Zhao from the Wei, and to avoid the more serious losses caused by the majesty of the Mie Palace. At the beginning, Xiao Muyu handled the two major events of Zhao Guo and Wei Guo. ”

    Mu Yu's face was red and hot. He really hoped that the village chief did not say the last sentence because there was Zhuge Xiaosheng present.

    Xiaoshuai said: "But I feel that the self-cultivation is not so desperate."

    The head of the old cloth shook his head: "You are wrong, the world is bustling, all are profitable, the world is awkward, all for profit. You told me that the comprehensions are actually very mortal, and they will have the essence of mortals. Among the eight gates, there are many resources for cultivation. As long as they come up with some precious magic medicines, the rewards of the martial arts are rewarded. Many self-cultivators see the benefits and will fight for these things.

    Most of the self-cultivators will not do whatever they want for peace in the world, but they will definitely take risks for these magical exercises. The word of the word is enough to drive a thousand troops. Since the self-cultivator is not a selfless immortal, then they will do anything for the sake of their interests. ”

    Mu Yu is really more and more admired for the village head. Because of the chaotic era, there is a person who can have an insight into the enemy's plan. It is very necessary to deal with the behemoth of the Triple Palace.

    The head of the old cloth saw a pot of tea on the chair next to him, and then he came over and took the teapot mouth and drank the tea to run the throat. He continued:

    "According to the current situation, according to my analysis, in addition to the eight-door cultivation, there are two big sects that are not controlled by the Triple Palace. That is the Dan Ding and the sect. These two positions are important in the real world, and they want to control these two-door factions, but have been my home very incomparable wooden feather to disturb, if I am the three Palace of the chief strategist, I can not personally under the Black Hand, on the real world to launch all the practitioners to the public opinion siege you, push you to the cusp, become everyone Crusade object, control, I let it be destroyed, we are busy dealing with the Demon tribe, you two of the door to stand idly by, it is too unreasonable, so do not use the Triple Palace, relying on the crusade is enough to make you unable to move.

    The old cloth village chief slammed his mouth, because he remembered that Zhuge Xiaosheng was the lord of the ancestor. He quickly lost his smile: "I'm sorry, sorry, I am not saying that your sect is not good. I mean if I am a triple palace. If, if ah…Don't blame sin! ”

    Zhuge Xiaosheng also bowed his hand and said: "The old gentleman is polite, the old gentleman is as good as God, admire underneath. Don't worry about the old gentleman, some of the words you just said have actually happened. For example, Tianxingmen has already taken their people to defeat the Yumeng Mozu in the whole Yanggang. At this time, the realm of cultivation has already risen. This is the news I just received. I haven’t had time to tell you, I didn’t expect to be all over you. Said it. ”

    "Luck, luck, I am awkward, Hu Wei."The head of the old cloth quickly waved his hand.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng smiled and said: "The old gentleman has to be modest. Two months ago, the sect and the Dan Ding faction closed the martial art at the same time. They did not participate in the major affairs of the realm of cultivation. Now many comprehensions are already quite vocal. You have the world in your heart, you must be a senior, dare to ask the old man. ”

    "Dow number? No, I am a rural old man who likes to tell books to tell stories to children. Two months ago, I knew nothing about the realm of comprehension! ”The old village chief said with a smile.

    "Yes, I have proved that I forced him to instill knowledge in the realm of cultivation in these two months!"Xiaoshuai climbed to the shoulder of the old village chief and said awkwardly.

    “The old man in the countryside?”

    Zhuge Xiaosheng was shocked and looked at it carefully. It was discovered that there was no cultivation in the village of Laobu, and he could not even cultivate. He was a mortal.

    But how can the rural old man have the ability to guide this? The old village chief was able to analyze the next steps of the Mie Palace, and even several of them have already been fulfilled.

    "Mu Yu, the old gentleman you brought is really rural…"Zhuge Xiaosheng couldn't help but ask.

    Mu Yu admired the village head and nodded. "Yes, he raised me from a young age to a big rural grandfather. Two months ago, he didn't know anything about the realm of cultivation. He didn't know anything."

    The old village chief smiled awkwardly and looked a little embarrassed.

    "Two months to understand the entire realm of the real world, you can analyze things to this point? It’s really a good man in the dust! ”Zhuge Xiaosheng could not help but admire.

    Mr. Laobu often likes to tell stories and gives the children in the village a variety of things about wood feathers. Mu Yu did not find that his grandfather, who likes to be a fool, has this kind of strategic vision. The small mountain village was really buried.

    If you want to come, how can people who like storytelling have no big picture?

    "Grandpa, you just say, it doesn't matter, Zhuge Zong is his own person, I don't mind what you say."Mu Yu said.

    "Yeah, Mu Yu is the door owner. They all have to listen to Mu Yu, so there is no need to worry about anything."Xiaoshuai said.

    "Oh, yes, I forgot the charm of Mu Yu."The head of the old cloth proudly stood tall and seemed to be less cautious.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng asked: "What do the old gentlemen think we have to deal with the Triple Palace?"

    "The Triple Palace just wants to start a war, then we can make him unable to launch this war."The head of the old cloth said.

    "How do we stop this?"

    "Mu Yu, are you not saying that you want to kill three sects?" If you can kill them, it is naturally best to break them. ”The head of the old cloth said.

    Mu Yu pondered for a moment, he is now a self-cultivator of the robbery period, and there are still sorrows and Zhuge Xiaosheng around, together to destroy the star of the stars.

    Xiaoshuai said: "But there are five martial art schools!" Do you want to destroy together? ”

    "The point is not to kill the door, the focus is on combating the confidence of the self-cultivator. The comprehension believes in eight doors. Under the control of the Mie Palace, the eight doors are invincible. The Yumeng Mozu is defeated, so the comprehensions will be more engaged in the battle. The more people die, the more happy the Mie Palace is. But if three sects are destroyed, the comprehensions will be shocked and they will begin to feel guilty. ”The village chief Laobu took Xiaoshuu from his shoulder to his arms, and UU read the book pinching the face of Xiaoshuai: "Little flicker, you follow me, I will have a good future."

    Xiaoshuai snorted: "The future will become old and flickering."

    "and then?"Zhuge Xiaosheng asked.

    "With the mind of the self-cultivator, this time I found that eight of the eight lost three, and their promised benefits could not be realized, they would begin to shrink, once again lost the desire to fight, choose to avoid the war. So next, the polar list must be raised! ”

    The head of the old cloth has a pair of chests.

    “Extremely popular?”Mu Yu nodded slightly.

    "Yes, Mu Yu, you said last time that Mie Palace deliberately delayed the battle of Xuan Xian. Although I don't know why Mie Palace did this, the more they don't want to face it, the more we must force them to go. Correct! In the eyes of the self-cultivators, the extremely popular list is for the purpose of fighting against the Yumeng Mozu, so when they see that the eight doors have fallen three times and the military is in chaos, this time will naturally associate with the top nine Xuanxian! Turn hope to the top nine Xuan Xian. ”

    The head of the old cloth has reached the point.

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