Chapter 974 is hidden in the old village chief (below)

    Mu Yu thought of the things that He Liankong said about Xuan Xian. Once the first nine Xuan Xian were identified, these nine people could launch Jiu Xuantian Fighting and control the power of Tianheng. Dust K margins?Learning I network

    Mie Palace seems to be using some of the conspiracy to use Tianheng's power, but it seems that it is not ready yet. He Liankong speculates that this is why they delayed the battle of Xuanxian.

    "Mu Plume last time and I said that the final contest of Hyun-Xian is determined by the Triple Palace, so they can change at will, but if the real world again when the fear of the moment, as long as we find ways to release the news, said the mysterious war imminent, must be determined as soon as possible, call for the real world of all the very immortal war, will certainly get everyone's support, Then find a way to make the true circle of the extremely immortal all converge to the extremely immortal stele, open extremely immortal monument, I think Triple Palace also can't block. ”

    The old village chief said with confidence.

    "Yes, as long as two-thirds of the celestial signs can open the monument, when the three princes of the Mie Palace do not want to be present, they must also be present because they want to control the top nine."Mu Yu nodded.

    "Yes, the more the enemy does not want to face, the more we have to create conditions for them to face, so that they will let them chaos, and when Mu Yu is your time, I think not only you, you are not Is there still three brothers? If you four people can occupy the top nine of the immortal list, this is equivalent to adding trouble to the Mie Palace! The more trouble the enemy has, the more chance we have. It is like the story I told about 'Wu Yuzhi's White Tiger Pass'. Mu Yu, you were playing the guards at the time! ”

    The old cloth village chief looked excitedly at Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu once again blushes, he still does not know the "what is the white tiger off", what is the plot, all the old man made a hand, as the old village chief gave him the "Mu Yu Qi Xia Chuan", this The book Mu Yu is embarrassed to look over.

    He thought about waiting for a time to look at the book. Although most of the content was fictitious, watching him would make him feel ashamed, but the village chief felt unclear every time he gave an example. The so-called "Wu Yu Qi Xia Chuan" does not have to know, in order to take the old cloth village chief proud of the "small wood feather" to hold the old high, to fool the village's small baby.

    However, the head of the old cloth can tell a variety of stories, it is a kind of talent, the heart has a global, in order to tell the story.

    Mu Yu grew up listening to the story of the village chief from childhood, he also learned a lot of the head of the head of the many ways of thinking, know under what conditions how to fight to create favorable conditions for themselves, especially in the use of the array of the enemy, as long as the timing, even if it is a transit array can be more than the congenital array of skills.

    Mu Yu rarely suffers in the same level of battle because he has skills when fighting.

The control of the game is just right, and it can be said that it is inseparable from the influence of the village chief.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng praised the nod: "The old gentleman is a true talent, but the old man is blind."

    The old village chief smiled slyly: "No, no story, always a little ink, or how to flick…No, how else can the child be convinced? You said yes, Mu Yu? ”

    "Yeah, it’s the best for you."

    Mu Yu nodded. When he was a child, he listened to the village chief and told the story that he was half of the letter. Because the village chief likes to fool people, he must learn to distinguish true and false from these stories. However, when I heard the story of the war in the village, he also knew the story of the village chief and was far-sighted. It was indeed a talent.

    "The solid wood feather, you should go and see the autobiography I wrote for you, but I have used a hundred and eight ways to shape you into a brave and versatile genius. There are also many methods of arranging troops. You can be described as my pride!"

    The head of the old cloth patted the shoulder of Mu Yu happily. Now the wood feather is taller than him. He can't touch the head of Mu Yu.

    One hundred and eight kinds?

    Mu Yu is getting more and more guilty.

    Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at Mu Yu with surprise: "Mu Yu, do you still have an autobiography?"

    "Yes, the name is called "Mu Yu Qi Xia Chuan", and now there is only one copy of the revision of the real world! Do you want to watch it? I gave this book to Mu Yu a few days ago, you can find him to borrow, by the way, look at the growth experience of my family Mu Yu. ”Mr. Laobu said proudly.

    Not waiting for Zhu Xiaosheng to ask, Mu Yu has panicked and said: "No, no, Grandpa, this is my secret, let others know what I did, then I will not be exposed later?" What do others find about my weaknesses? ”

    What are you kidding? That’s all the things that are nothing, and Mu Yu’s own eyes have not been seen. In case there are some unspeakable stories, such as the anecdote of bare-chested peeing at the age of three, he has nothing to do. The first name of the Lord of the Gates was completely destroyed.

    The head of the old cloth bears a beard: "It seems that you are right, but you are not saying that the sovereign can be trusted?"

    "Mu Yu, do you believe in the old man?"Zhuge Xiaosheng asked like a smile, he has vaguely guessed what Mu Yu is scrupulous about, naturally it is not a so-called weakness, but something difficult to talk about.

    Mu Yu said with a smile: "Lord, don't come to me, this book is nine out of ten, and the only real thing is that the word 'mu Yu' is correct."

    Zhuge Xiaosheng laughed: "I understand, but with the talent of the old gentleman, Du Fu's story is also desirable, which really makes me curious."

    "Nothing, you want to see what I can say to you. I have seen it a few days ago. I have never forgotten my skills." The first volume is like this. The fairy priest is the old village chief. One of them is: When the time is late, our wood feathers rushed over in time, and the fairy teacher fought for 300 rounds. It was called a dark day. The sun and the moon are dull! Mu Yu's two flying swords, such as the world-famous thunder, specialize in judging the good and evil in the world, the sword is out, the sand is flying, the lightning is thundering, and people can barely open their eyes! A sword stabbed, and suddenly it was raging, and it was falling apart…"

    Xiaoshuai talks incessantly.

    Mu Yu's face was green, and he quickly pulled out a chicken leg and blocked Xiao Shuai's mouth.

    "The Sovereign, wait for me to see it again, show it to you!"Mu Yu fixed his mind and said that he must take a look at himself to make sure that the book has no place to see.

    "That's all to be said."

    Zhuge Xiaosheng was very curious about the books written by the village chief, and a mountain village mortal farmer could analyze the situation in the realm of cultivation so thoroughly, and the book he wrote must have merits.

    However, according to the analysis of the village chief, the next step is how to do it.


    Mu Yu, they have been in the battle for ten days. In the past ten days, as the village chief said, the realm of comprehension has started to be everywhere, and there are disputes. At the same time that the Yumeng Mozu was fighting against the city, the eight people began to fight back with the people. The Yumeng Mozu, as the head of the old cloth, said, began to continually collapse, and the realm of cultivation is already a morale!

    The self-cultivator has regained confidence in the eight-door, and the eight-doors have also unleashed tempting conditions, including killing many Yumeng Mozu, and making outstanding achievements, so that their martial art family can become an affiliate of the eight gates. Eternal life has been sheltered by eight gates, and future generations have the opportunity to enter the eight-door disciple.

    It is necessary to know that the eight gates are the power leaders in the realm of comprehension. If the descendants of some small families can learn from any of the eight sects, they will surely come out in the future. If the small sects can climb up to eight forces, it is also very beneficial to the development of the martial art.

    Not to mention that eight doors have also come up with very precious exercises and superior magic weapons as rewards. In order to obtain these magic weapons, and to cultivate the Yumeng Mozu, the comprehensions are also full of war and morale.

    The entire realm of comprehension seems to be re-twisted under the leadership of Bamen. At the same time, the comprehension community is also quite dissatisfied with the Danding and the sect of the sect, but the Danding faction was closed on the grounds of being hit by the Yumeng Mozu. The martial art, while the ancestor was seriously injured by Zhuge Xiaosheng by the Yumeng Mozu, and the whole martial art group refused to participate in the war because of the lack of a leader.

    Dan Ding and the sects at the same time, unless the three palaces let the nine Xuan Xian lead, they will never play.

    This time, the importance of the nine Xuan Xian was raised. It is always customary for the nine Xuan Xian to lead the leaders to fight against the Yumeng Mozu. Therefore, the choices of the Danding and the Buddhism are also understandable. Even if you want to say more, you can't find an excuse for rebuttal.

    At this time, Mu Yu has already planned to implement his plan to kill the door!

    "Mu Yu brother, must you kill the red dust door…"Asked hesitantly.

    Mu Yu knows what she is thinking. She grew up at the Red Dust Gate. She has framed her and her mother, but in her opinion, many sisters are innocent. They should not be so murdered.

    Mu Yu pondered for a moment: "Do you want the Red Dust Gate to appear more people like you in the future? For the so-called doorkeeper, UU reading has become ruthless and unscrupulous, and has become a tool of the Mie Palace, helping to abuse it? ”

    Shaking his head suddenly: "I hate the red-dusting elders of the robbery period. In order to pursue higher cultivation, they have cultivated the red dust and forget the feelings. In the past two years, they even forbid the female disciples in the door to talk about love. However, many of my former teachers and sisters had people who liked them. They were only forced to helpless. ”

    Mu Yu sighed: "What do you think you should do?" Don't forget, your mother is still in the red door. ”

    I thought about it and said: "It is better to do this. We only need to subdue the elders in the robbery period. I am still a nominal god. I can lead the Red Dust Gate and abolish the stereotypes of the Red Dust Gate. Let my sisters and sisters Can you really be with a man you like, can you?"

    Looking at Mu Yu with eagerness, Mu Yu’s heart was soft and nodded: “Well, then we will go to the Red Dust Gate and pick up all the elders who have been in the robbery period.”

    The elders of the robbery period were controlled by the Triple Palace. Mu Yu only needed to abolish the souls in their minds, which would cause them to lose their mind and forget who they are. If you don't kill them, this punishment will suffice.

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