Chapter NO. 975 Plan

"Thank you."I smiled happily.

"Silly girl."Mu Yu clenched his hand.

"How many elders do you have during the Red Dust Gate?"Xiaoshuai asked next to him.

"With Yan Qingyun, there are seven in total."Said awkwardly.

The red-dust door of the emperor is naturally more than the Dan Ding, because the alchemist wants to enter the robbery period is still more difficult.

"There are six left, and it is not enough to deal with six people. It is not enough to rely on us. We must go to find a few helpers in the robbery period."Mu Yu pondered.

Zhuge Xiaosheng said: "Mu Yu, I am willing to do my part."

Mu Yu thought for a moment, although Zhuge Xiaosheng had just entered the robbery period, but as a strategist, his strength was extremely strong, he nodded: "Okay, but three are not enough, because we need to face not only It is the elder of the Red Dust Gate, and you need to pay attention to the people of the Mie Palace."

If it is time to go to the Red Dust Gate and meet the Sangong Palace, then it will be very tricky. Zhuge Xiaosheng can be resisted. It’s just a good time to step into the robbery period and be able to fight with one of the other players. Even if Mu Yu can be an enemy, the number is not enough.

"Let Heliankong also be called!"Xiaoshuai proposed.

"He is an alchemy teacher, or a soul. If you really fight, you will probably lose money and you can't let him take risks."Mu Yu shook his head.

Lu Xianshi hurriedly walked in from outside the temple and said: "Mu Yu, I have already found out the specific news."

"Working hard, Lu Xianshi, talk about it."

Mu Yu asked Lu Xianshi to explore the current realm of comprehension, the extent to which the battle between the eight gates and the Yumeng Mozu was carried out, and the number of comprehensions in the eight gates.

Lu Xianshi wiped a sweat and said: "As far as we know, each of the eight sects has at least seven compradors who are in the robbery period, plus some martial art whose strength is only weaker than eight. Washing the Valley, Qi Muzong, etc. also have four or five masters of the robbery period, and now there are more than 50 people in the period of the robbery.

At this time, more than 50 people have been dispersed in different cities to defend against the Yumeng Mozu. Eight gates are the model. Each martial art has at least five compradors who have been robbed. The Yumeng Mozu is no longer their opponent. Now, the realm of comprehension is based on their vision. ”

The head of the old cloth gave him a cup of tea next to him, saying: "Lu Xianshi, come, sit."

"Thank you Mr. Bu Lao."Lu Xianshi said quickly. He already knows the identity of the village chief, and the hidden side of the village chief.

"You don't have to, you are your own."

The head of the old cloth waved his hand. He found that since he came to the ancestors, everyone was gracious to him. He was quite uncomfortable at first. After all, it was just a mortal. These people were all self-cultivators. However, because of Mu Yu's reason, and he also speculated on the intentions of the Mie Palace, he still guessed it all, so everyone is very admired for him.

"Right, how about the things I asked you to investigate?"

In front of the village chief, there was a map in front of it. It was painted with arrays. The landscape of the three continents and mountains and rivers was all available. At this time, the village chief of Laobu made some marks, all about the location of the Yumeng Mozu.

Lu Xianshi admired his face: "All the old Mr. Bu said, the nests of the Yumeng Mozu are indeed distributed in these ranges. I personally sneaked through the investigation and found the Jin Youmeng priest. The old nest, but I dare not rely too close, so there is no way to explain the specific situation."

Lu Xianshi has now entered a period of fitness, but facing the Jin Youmeng priest is still quite dangerous, so he dare not rely too close.

"Old flicker, how do you know where the Yumen Mozu is located?"Xiaoshuai curiously sat on the chair and licked the chicken legs.

The old cloth village chief smiled: "Guess what! You see, the Yumeng Mozu can quickly withdraw after the defeat, but it can't catch up. It can't be found in the area where they disappeared, but I guess as long as the location of the Yumeng Mozu is distributed,

Then, based on the analysis of the mountains and rivers, it is easy to launch their rough nests. ”

In the past few days, Zhuge Xiaosheng and others have really looked at the head of the old cloth. A rural old man without any cultivation can actually make things clear and eye-catching. The actions of the Mie Palace are predicted by him, and they are like a god. The whole picture is quite extraordinary.

Even Miao Yu had some accidents. He originally brought the village head to the sect to protect him, but he never thought that he could find a talent that could point the way and be buried.

"Grandpa, what do you think is the most likely place for the Muyou priest?"

Mu Yu promised that Mang was going to hold the blood lotus, and the blood lotus was taken as the body of Mang, so he wanted to know the hiding place of the blood lotus, and then tried to find it.

Mr. Laobu took a map and said: "Mu Youmen is not the main force of the battle, but they can be seen almost everywhere. In this battle, the Yumen priests did not participate in the war, so it is difficult to determine their specific position. I am currently skeptical that the four Youmen priests you mentioned should be restricted by the Triple Palace, otherwise they will be allowed to join the battlefield. It is difficult to defeat them in eight. Even if they have the strength of the robbery period. ”

"So can't find the whereabouts of the Yumun priest?"Mu Yu asked.

The head of the old cloth nodded: "This is the case. As long as we drop the base camp of Yumeng, they can't continue to pretend to be defeated. We must let the Yumeng priest come out to lead. So if you want to force the Yumen priests out, you have to go to their nests and let them really hurt their strengths so that they can't play, but…"

"But this will not be able to combat the confidence of the self-cultivator, and there is no way for the comprehension to focus on the fairy, right?"Mu Yu said.

"Yes, this time even if the priests came out to lead, their men have been greatly hurt, and they can't fight the Terran. The Mie Palace has more reason to not use the monument."The old village of Laobu.

"I understand, it is better for us to take the initiative to turn things around to the Triple Palace and not want to see."Mu Yu temporarily put down the blood lotus thing, because in the future there will definitely be a chance to face the Yumeng priest, not in a hurry.

"Grandfather, grandfather, where is the red door now?"Asked awkwardly.

"According to the guru," said the village chief, pointing to the map: you have sent five people of the Red gate, including one of the elders in Hugh Yangcheng, the city is just a star gate of the elders together, they have to go with the practitioners to search the sheep near the sheep of the Sheep mountain, to find the lair of the Demon clan, Of course it can't be found. The rest of the robbery period is distributed in other cities. ”

"Does that mean that the current Red Dust Gate has only one elder who is in the robbery period? After we go to the Red Dust Gate, should we be able to subdue? ”Surprisingly said.

Although she does not know which elder is now guarding the Red Dust Gate, but the three people deal with one person, especially the presence of Mu Yu, the odds are very large.

The old cloth village chief shook his head: "If you change to be me, you will not go to the red door."

"why?"Asked inexplicably.

"Because the Mie Palace knows that I will go to the Red Dust Gate to avenge."Mu Yu explained.

Mr. Laobu praised the nod: "Mu Yu is right. When you were in Chun'an City, you gave up the room for the wooden feathers. The Sangong Palace is easy to hear from the survivors. You are the careful liver of Mu Yu, the wood feathers must not be crazy? I will definitely find a chance to rush to the Red Dust Gate to revenge. At this time, the Red Dust Gate is not in the door. It seems to be a rare opportunity for revenge. I am sure that there will be powerful people in the Red Dust Gate waiting for the wood. Feather is delivered to the door! ”

Suddenly, her face was slightly red. She didn't think so much, especially because she was embarrassed by the "careful liver" of the old village chief.

"Grandpa, I am not his heart!" He has been heartless. ”Suddenly spit out my tongue.

Mu Yu scraped a stunned nose: "Of course you are not my careful liver."

"What am I that you are?"Asked curiously.

"Not telling you."Mu Yu spread his hands.

Suddenly snorted, his hands crossed his waist and said: "Grandfather grandfather, Mu Yu brother bullied me!"

The head of the old cloth knocked on the head of Mu Yu: "Mu Yu, not allowed to bully."

Mu Yu sighed reluctantly: "Okay, okay, you are my world."

"evil……"Xiaoshuai shook his whole body. "My goose bumps have fallen to the ground."

Mu Yu raised his hand and gave Xiao Shuai a thunder.

"In any case, the most likely thing is that the Red Dust Gate now has a Meekor period in the Mie Palace waiting for me, so I guess it will not work if I want to go to the Red Door for a moment."Mu Yu said.

He pondered for a moment, because compared to the ambush red dust door, Mu Yu is more confident in destroying the ghost gate and the star gate. The Tianxing Gate has seven god peaks. UU reading is using the array method to float in the air. in. As for the ghost gate, he once saw Meng Po and Meng Gong, experienced a double corpse, and had the means to clean up the ghost gate.

"The Sovereign, the star-studded array of methods should not be maintained in the past few years?"Mu Yu asked.

When Zhuge Xiaosheng remembered the Star Gate, he was annoyed in his heart and said: "The Star Gate has no face and no courage to come to us to maintain the formation."

When the Fuzong united with the Star Gate, he almost destroyed the ancestor. Now Fu Zong has been firmly in the hands of the sect, and the seven peaks of the Tianxing Gate are not maintained.

"This is simple."Mu Yu nodded.

The suspension method of the seven peaks of the Star Gate is required to be regularly maintained. Otherwise, there will be more or less embarrassment. This is an opportunity.

Mr. Laobu said: "Mu Yu, I suggest you go to the ghost gate, because according to the distribution of the current eight forces, the distribution of ghost gates is the most scattered. Almost every major city has ghosts, and they are dispatched three. The masters of the robbery are not concentrated in the same city, I think they are collecting souls everywhere. This means that once the door of the ghost door is out, these people outside can't go back to the rescue at the same time, and you have more opportunities. ”

Mu Yu remembered the "Mu Yu Qi Xia Chuan" that he had watched these days, showing a smile: "Grandpa, I have a better idea, remember? The story of 'winning the double demon city'. ”

The old village chief blinked and suddenly realized: "You mean…Wonderful! Not bad, Mu Yu, my brain turned faster than me! ”

"That is, I can't do it better than the wood feathers here."

Mu Yu waved his autobiographical cheats. To be honest, he was quite a self-reported "small wood feather" because everything in the story of "Little Wood Feather" was not going against the sky. (Tianjin novel network https://)

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