Chapter 976 Soul Point

    Wuqiu City.

    Vuchu is a large repair city with more than 500,000 people, in the real world is very important, so there is a lot of guarding power, now has six of the master of the time of the robbery.

    The guardian looting over the entire city, all the self-cultivators will be severely inspected after entering the city, and they will go through two inspection procedures to prevent the invasion of the Yumeng Mozu.

    Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai have entered Wuqiu City, and Xiao Shuai is holding a kebab in his hand, and he is very happy.

    This time, the two of them came out, but they didn't keep up. It was unwise to take the plan that Mu Yu needed to implement. He and Zhuge Xiaosheng needed to wait for him to handle things properly and wait for the right time to shoot.

    There are many people coming and going on the streets of Wuqiu City. Most of them are interested in comprehension. Because the Yumeng Mozu was attacked by the eight-door man when they attacked Wuqiu City, nowadays The Terran has been a big boost.

    Walking down the street, Mu Yu can hear the comprehensions talking about the three masters of the Tianxingmen and the defeat of the Yumeng Mozu.

    "The weathered elders of Tianxingmen are really awesome. I am afraid that this person will have five days of robbing."

    "It is said that more than a long time, the weather elders are deeply cultivated. I heard that it is the power of the six heavens."

    "The Xuan Ling Men's Yu Guandao people are also very powerful. When the palms go down, the Yumeng Mozu even screams and disappears."

    "There are eight elders who exist today, and they don't need the nine sacred celestial singers."

    "Yes! I believe that as long as I find the opportunity, I have given birth to five Yumeng Lingzhu, and I can once again win the Yumeng Mozu! ”

    A group of people talked a lot at the side of the street, and they praised the superb strength of the eight-door catastrophe. In this era of people's heart, the eight doors were able to stand up and lead the struggle of the realm to really stabilize the military.

    "I heard that there is no. Recently, the elders of the Imperial Emperor took out a Nedean of the Seventh-order Wicked Beast as a reward, but if the number of killing the Yumeng Mozu reached 5,000, it would be enough to exchange for this seventh-order thousand red. Yin Dan's Nei Dan!"

    "How much have you killed?"

    "I killed fifty cockroaches! Last time I spent twenty soul points in exchange for a medium flying sword. ”

    "I only killed forty-two,

I really hope to find the nest of the Yumeng Mozu, I want to kill a few more! ”

    Several comprehensions of roadside tea stalls seem to be very eager to kill the Yumeng Mozu, and there is no such thing as the greed of death.

    Mu Yu listened for a while and found that everyone was discussing the so-called soul points. They were still comparing the number of Yumeng Mozus killed by each other, which made Mu Yu quite curious.

    “How do they determine the number of killings in the country?”Mu Yu pondered.

    "I just saw them comparing their palms in their own hands. What is the mark on the palm?"

    Xiaoshuai didn't know where to buy a few bunches of candied haws, but also to eat the candied haws and mutton skewers. He found that it was more sensational to eat. I don't know how this strange taste was cultivated.

    "Let's go see."

    Mu Yu quietly followed the two middle-aged people in front.

    According to the contents of their conversations, one of the two middle-aged monks was named Zhang Gan, another monk named Huang Wen, Zhang Ganxiu was Yuan Ying Er Tian, ​​and Wen Li Xiu was Yuan Ying San Tian.

    "Wen Li Shi, how many soul points have you got now?"Zhang Gan asked with a smile.

    Wen Li waved her hand and said with a slight smugness: "Brother, I have got 68 soul points, what about you?"

    "Haha, the older brother is more than you, there are already 80 soul points. By the way, this time, what are you going to exchange for? ”Zhang asked.

    Looking at the tone of these two people, the two seem to be the same martial art brothers.

    "Brother, I want to exchange the stun sword of the ghost doorman, but the sword needs a hundred soul points, and I need to kill a few more Yumeng. Brother, what do you have to exchange for? ”Wen Li shook her head and sighed.

    Zhang Qian smiled slightly: "I don't have anything to exchange for now. Don't worry about the younger brother. The next time the Yumeng Mozu comes back, I will help you to save the soul to one hundred. We both teamed up to Yumeng. You are responsible for killing them."

    Wen Li gratefully said: "Thank you brother, I know that my brother is the best for me on weekdays."

    "Don't be polite with the brothers, Master said that we have to take care of each other outside, let's go! Yes, the brothers will take you to see a person. ”Zhang Qian took a picture of Wen Li's shoulder.

    "Ok."Wen Li’s look is very relaxed. He always trusts his brother.

    Zhang Gan and Wen Li turned and entered an alley, then passed through the alley and came to a poplar forest in the city.

    "This brother is quite arrogant."Xiaoshuai said that he chewed the kebabs and candied haws.

    In the eyes of Mu Yu, there were no signs of ignorance. They didn’t say anything more. They just kept a distance from them and silently followed them. With his cultivation, they would not be discovered by these two people.

    "Okay, it's here."Zhang Gandong looked at Zhang Xi, and then said.

    "Brother, you just said that you want to take me to meet someone, who are you going to see?"Wen Li asked curiously.

    Zhang Qian said gently: "You don't worry, he will come soon, I am preparing to give you a surprise!"

    "Surprise? Is it the brother, the person you said is…"Wen Li suddenly excited.

    "You close your eyes first, and surprises can't be peeked."Zhang Qian took a picture of Wen Li's shoulder.

    Wen Li closed her eyes without any warning, and said excitedly: "Okay."

    Zhang Gan saw that Wen Li’s eyes were closed, and the smile on his face was still warm as spring, but his eyes became cold.

    "The one who the brothers want to let you see, you absolutely can't think of it."


    A sword stalked through, a cold sword tip pierced the heart of Wen Li, pierced from behind the gentle ceremony, the front chest pierced, the blood on the tip of the sword was dripping, and the blood fell on the grass and looked so shocking!

    Wen Li suddenly opened his eyes and turned his head in disbelief: "Brother, you, what are you doing?"

    The clothes on his chest have been stained with blood!

    "What the brothers want you to see is the king!"Zhang Ganpi smiled and said with a smile.

    "why?"Wen Li does not understand why the brothers who care for themselves on weekdays will suddenly be poisoned to their next!

    Zhang Gan’s eyes showed a hint of sorrow: "Teacher, don't blame the brothers for their anger!" Because I also need a hundred soul points to exchange for the stun sword! ”

    Wen Li asked inexplicably: "Why are you killing me?" You should kill the Yumeng Mozu! Only kill them to get the soul! ”

    Zhang Gan sneered aloud: "Teacher, you are wrong! It is not only the killing of the Yumeng Mozu to get the soul point, just killing people! Not only that, but as long as you kill you, I can still get all your soul points. You have 68 soul points now. If I kill you, I will have enough one hundred, and I can exchange for the sword! ”

    "But, but the ghost gates have 30 rewards for the rewards, why do you have to kill me!"The voice of Wen Li was shaking, and he almost broke out.

    Zhang Gan snorted: "I'm afraid you still don't know?" Now there are only two stun swords in the Fairy Pavilion. I can't wait any longer, because I am afraid that there will be no more, so the younger brother can only grieve you. You can rest assured that Master will tell you everything about him, and that you are greedy and dying, and you are in the hands of the Yumeng Mozu! ”

    The sword in Zhang Qian’s hand slammed into the air, and the powerful spiritual power was drawn out. He wanted to split Wen Li into two halves.


    The ceremony was not split in half, but it was broken into the lines of the sky, falling in the woods like autumn leaves.

    Zhang Qian was shocked and lost his voice: "How come?"

    Behind a birch tree, Wen Li has come out with a shocked face, while standing next to the silent wood feather.

    When Zhang Gan saw that he was clearly tempted by his own heart, his eyes fell on a strange wooden feather, and his pupils shrank, his face already showing a horrified look.

    "who are you?"Zhang Qianchao sneaked into the wood feathers.

    Mu Yu looked at Zhang Gan indifferently, his hand waved, and a pattern of violently rolled out, wrapped around Zhang Qian’s neck, pulled Zhang Qiang to his eyes, and took a palm to Zhang Dan’s Dantian. , will Zhang Gan directly abolished!

    Zhang Gan suddenly fell face, he was only the cultivation of the Yuan Ying period, how can he resist the wood feathers during the robbery period? In a twinkling, it was like a dead dog lying on the ground, his face full of painful look.

    "I have to deal with him, I have something to ask you."

    After Mu Yu said to Wen Li, he went to the side and leaned on the trunk. I don’t know why, there was a mysterious anger in his heart, and it was difficult to calm down.

    Perhaps Zhang Gan’s so-called brotherhood made him feel disgusted. He remembered his uncle’s uncles and felt awkward.

    He is going home, brother?

    Wen Li couldn't bear to look at Zhang Gan, who was abolished by Mu Yu. He still asked uncomfortably: "Brother, I always thought that you are a good person. I am also taking good care of me on weekdays. UU reading I am right. You are also very respectful, I don't understand, why do you want to kill me?"

    Zhang Qiang bit his teeth, remembered the past, his face full of sinister look, angry and said: "You don't understand? Do you respect me? fart! In Master’s eyes, only you, a polite disciple, don’t think that I don’t know that you are taking Master’s flattering! Before you got started, Master always used to focus on me. Since you started, Master has treated you like a treasure. Any good cultivation resources are given to you. ”

    Zhang Ganyue said that the more excited, like forgetting his own pain, continue to anger:

    "I used to be higher than you, so I can tolerate it, but you have now surpassed me. I also heard that Master has to give you the position of the head. I will never allow you to ride my head. On, as long as you get the stun sword, the strength will surpass me, and when you respect, it is fart! I will not allow such things to happen, so you must die! ”

    Wen Li whispered: "Brother, you know that I am not such a person, I said to Master, you are the successor of the head, I do not want to be the head, because I think you are more suitable than me, Master agrees But, but how can you treat me like this?"

    Mu Yu silently listened to the conversation between the two of them, and suddenly felt very unpleasant.

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